Class of '96
February 2004

Dear Class of 1996,

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!  Thank you so much for your support with this year's Alumni Fund.  We know that you have other places you'd rather spend your money (like on sex, drugs and rock and roll - Shawn didn't want me to write that, but I thought it was funny), so we appreciate your support.  Despite what you might think, Gustavus needs us!  To date, over 25% of our class has given, which is great for us young alums.  We still have a long way to go though, so keep those dollars rolling in.  We need 25% more for a total of 50%.  Remember, anything you donate is enough (OK, so maybe more than a penny).  The fact that you donate at all helps us secure money from other sources and helps us to beat the other MIAC schools in terms of percentage of alumni giving.  Also - don't forget that your donation is tax deductible.  Shawn and I win a trip to Disneyworld if we have the largest number of donors - we're almost there.  Just kidding.

Holy crap - we're 30.  How did we go from Togas to diapers in only 8 years?  Was there a sale on Viagra in 2003?  From the class notes we received from the Alumni Office, babies seem to be dropping from the sky.  We have decided that now that we're old folgies, we'd write a section on how to stay young (or at least pretend to).

Top 10 List

10.      Go back to school and take out more student loans to get that "broke" feeling.

9.      Get married; hopefully not for the third time!

8.      Buy a toga and walk around your neighborhood at night.

7.      Change your job, like your major, every month.

6.      Dust off those Birkenstocks and wear them to dinner.

5.      Find a swimming pool with no water and invite your friends to a dance.

4.      Make ramen.

3.      Buy a case of beer, drink the whole thing in one day, and go to a hockey game.

2.   Take your backpack to work with you instead of your briefcase.

1.   Change it up on your partner - suspend your bed with four 4x4's, complete with chains, to capture the look and feel of a loft.

Campus News:

Building a Greater Gustavus Reaches Target

Gustavus celebrates reaching the $100 million target for the Building a Greater Gustavus capital campaign.  The campaign includes reconstruction projects following the 1998 tornados, the creation of the Center for Vocational Reflection, growth of the Christ Chapel Endowment, the C. Charles Jackson Campus Center, the Curtis and Arleen Carlson International Center, the Barbro Osher Svenska Huset (Swedish House), the new soccer and track complex, and more than 100 new scholarships.  Efforts continue to raise funds for campaign projects, such as Old Main renovation, Gustavus Alumni Fund, and further endowment growth.  Special thanks! goes to the volunteers and donors who contributed their resources to assist current and future Gusties. 

New Gustavus Video

Have you been to campus lately?  Can you remember your first time seeing Gustavus? The Admission Office has created a new video/DVD for prospective students to take a look at the College. Take a look online if you wish at <>.

Fine Arts

The Gustavus Symphonic Orchestra took a 16-day concert tour to China performing in such places as Beijing, the Great Wall, and Tianjin.  The Gustavus Choir took a 10-day concert tour to selected cities in North Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, and Minnesota and the Gustavus Wind Orchestra, formerly the Gustavus Band, also toured during Spring Break.

Extraordinary Place

Gustavus is among leaders in Academic All-Americans.  The College Sports Information Directors of America have recently released a list of institutions with the highest number of Academic All-Americans over the past three years. Gustavus ranks 14th out of all programs competing at the NCAA Divisions I, II, and III, and NAIA levels.

Extraordinary People

Peter Krause '87 returned to Gustavus in November to meet and conduct workshops with students.  Krause has been nominated for Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Emmy awards for his role as Nate Fisher in the critically and commercially acclaimed HBO drama, "Six Feet Under."  With the hope that the day would focus more on the students than on his newfound fame, Krause spent the afternoon doing acting work with classes and theatre and dance majors.

Great Teaching

In case you missed the note in the Fall 2003 issue of the Gustavus Quarterly, we are asking alumni to send in short reminiscences, tributes, and anecdotes about professors who made a difference in their education -"the teachers and mentors who have made a lasting impression, who have imparted life lessons, whom you remember for their wit, or their mastery, or their encouragement, or their exacting standards . . . or their idiosyncrasies." We are planning to focus an upcoming issue of the Quarterly on "great teaching" and would like to hear from those who experienced the classes of those great professors.  Send your paragraphs and stories to either Randall Stuckey '83, director of alumni relations (, or Steve Waldhauser '70 (, managing editor of the Quarterly, or in the mail to the College.

Upcoming Chapter Events

  • Atlanta, Georgia, Gustavus gathering - February 26
  • Tampa Bay, Florida, Gustavus gathering - February 27
  • Naples, Florida, Gustavus gathering - February 28
  • Vero Beach, Florida, Gustavus gathering - February 29
  • Sun City, Arizona, Gustavus gathering - March 19
  • Phoenix, Arizona, Gustavus gathering - March 20
  • Tucson, Arizona, Gustavus gathering - March 21

What's happening with the Class of 2003:

During Phonorama we heard from many of you regarding updates you wanted submitted to the Quarterly.  All of your requests were submitted; however due to space, the Alumni Office has final editing authority over these requests.  We're sorry L.  We also apologize that not everyone who donated to the Alumni Fund is listed in the updates below - we will include it with the next letter!  We promise!

And now, here is an update on what your classmates have been up to lately.  If you would like to update your e-mail addresses, please inform the Alumni Office at the Gustavus homepage at:

  • Ryan Elton is a chiropractor in Wayzata, MN - can you believe that?  We always knew he was crooked (kidding).  He also celebrated the birth of his second daughter, Jillian Faith, on July 12.
  • Rob Sammelson is an assistant professor of chemistry at Ball State University.
  • Julie Tako Conzemius just gave birth to Michael Stephen on August 3, 2003 - we heard he has a great pair of lungs!
  • Jeff Olberding (a.k.a. O-B-1-KANOBEE) just got married on September 20, 2003.
  • Maureen Reid Wosepka had a baby girl, Erin Megan, on September 20, 2003 - I wonder if the labor was as much fun as Jeff's wedding?
  • Dana Peterson Nordberg had her second child, Caden Michael, on September 15, 2003.
  • Jess Langerud decided it would be fun to go back to school and began his executive MBA at the Carlson School of Management.
  • Kristen Paap Genet finished her Ph.D in ecology from Michigan State University.  She is now teaching at Anoka Ramsey Community College and paying off her 5+ years of graduate school.
  • Colin Enssle is working as a project manager for Glacier Water, Inc. in Vista, CA.  We expect him to provide the next day beverages for our 10-year reunion.
  • Pilar Gimenez Stone is a state trooper in Minneapolis.  She agrees to give "warnings" to all 1996 alums.
  • Deanna Kozitza Mason celebrated the birth of her first son, Aidan Joseph June 16, 2003.
  • Ed Sbertoli's son, Jimmy, was a frog for Halloween!
  • Mark Haglin celebrated the birth of their new son, Trevor - we don't know when, but it was recently!
  • John Gunderson is teaching in Buffalo and recently received his MA from St. Mary's - who would have thought?  Did we mention he also had a baby, Luke?  Start saving money now for his Gustavus education.
  • Julie Breeden Fryer got married to Ray on August 31, 2003.
  • Amanda Holland Rose had a baby boy, John Miles, on April 24, 2003.
  • Steve Berg started a new job as the vice president/branch manager at Voyageur Bank in Eden Prairie.
  • Dave Kamper received his Ph.D. in history from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, and is now an organizer with the American Federation of Teachers.
  • Diedre (Carlson) and Joel Johnson had a baby boy, Alexander Dennis, on July 15, 2003.
  • Aaron Willis is a child protection worker with Ramsey County.
  • Abra Holtzer Houchin celebrated the birth of Tobin Olivia Irene on October 10, 2003.
  • Steve and Vikki (Larson) Davis are the proud parents of Katharine Viktoria, born September 14, 2003.
  • Lindsey Anderson Carlson is a pediatric physical therapist for the Minnesota Valley Education District.
  • Jennifer Elmer completed her master's in nursing from Winona State - Congratulations!
  • Rachel Frojen Parrinello has a baby boy, Nathan Philip, on September 14, 2003 - September was a busy month for many 1996 alumni!
  • Heidi Jacobsen is currently a grades 6-12 district mentor for the Bloomington Public Schools.
  • Paul Jeffries is a key account sales representative for Johnson Brother's Liquor Company - we expect him to provide the day of beverages for our 10-year reunion!
  • Angela Nelson is a registered nurse at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.
  • Chris Speake is the owner of a Tires Plus store in Rogers, MN.
  • Laura LeVander Peters got married September 6, 2003 to Mark from River Falls, WI - she looked beautiful in her dress.
  • Ryan Johnson is an attorney at Fredrickson & Byron.  He is also the proud papa of a new son, Forrest.
  • Shawn and Sara Mattson Mayfield had a big baby boy, Logan Christopher, on December 23, 2003.
  • Gregg Sainsbury and Jon Kokoschke co-authored a new book, Shoot I Don't Remember the Title, available at bookstores everywhere.

Congrats to each of you on your personal and professional accomplishments!  We encourage each of you to keep us informed of your accomplishments in life - after all, it's the only reason you keep reading these letters.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Shawn Mayfield                                                Allie Vogt Newman