Class of ’95
September 2010

15-Year Reunion ― September 24 & 25, 2010

Dear Class of 1995,

1995… yeesh.  That seems like a million years ago.  It was a year that was late grunge, post mullet and pre Boy Band.  Cell phones were bricks, internet was dial up and Ross and Rachel were still somewhat relevant.  In 1995 we obviously graduated and set off in 500-some different directions.  I moved across the country to Washington DC with grand ambitions of meeting lots of people, dating lots of women, and—I do quote myself in that by-gone era— “playing the field.”

Not proud.  Just honest!

The very first person I met at my point of destination in our nation’s capital was my wife, Robyn.  She didn’t know that she was to be my wife at the time.  Strangely enough I did.

So much for playing the field.

So I set about the next year doing my very best at convincing her that she was in love with me and really oughta consider swapping nuptials.  Perhaps it was my witty repartee, charm, or pathetic begging, but one way or another she finally gave up and said yes.

The year 1995 was a long time ago, but to graduate AND meet your lifelong partner makes it a pretty damn good year.

In the time since we have lived in four time zones over five years, earned one master’s degree respectively (me–a master in divinity from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and Robyn–master’s in social work from the University of Illinois at Chicago), did service work in Honduras, toured Africa and worked with homeless families in Washington DC.

In 1996, I ate tofu for the very first time and liked it.

We camped in a rainforest, road tripped across the country, I became a pastor, she became a social worker, we moved back to Minnesota, bought a hundred pound singing poodle and reveled in the birth of our two girls, Miya (8) and Annika (4).

Funny how things work, isn’t it?  In 1995 I probably would have said I wanted to live in a house full of women.  Today, it’s me, my wife Robyn, my girls and a neutered poodle named Mojo.

I am living the dream!

A few days ago I was eating breakfast and talking with my eight year old girl, Miya.  She informed me that my wife and I were really, really old.  She wasn’t being rude or obnoxious… she was actually very matter-of-fact about her statement.  I laughed and asked her why she thinks we are really old.  She replied, “Cuz you were born in the 19’s.”

Well, I guess we graduated in the “19’s” too… maybe Miya is right.  We’re all old.

But MAN we’ve got some stories to tell.

Today, we live in Rochester, Minnesota.  We run in a hundred different directions, raise our kids, work, travel if we can and find time for friends whenever we’re able.  I still eat tofu sometimes, but also bacon.  Life is pretty good.  When I look back at my time at Gustavus I laugh at what an idiot I was, I am proud of what I was able to accomplish and amazed at the friendships and the memories.

I am thankful that I was there.  It was the right place and the right time.

We hope to be at the reunion at the end of September—I’ll be the “old guy” nursing a drink, spinning a yarn, talking about the glory days and amazing myself at how the older I get, the better I was.

But I guess that’s just the way things work!


Dave Berg

1995 Guest Letter Writer

Campus News

Athletics Hall of Fame

Gustavus will induct new members into its Athletics Hall of Fame at a banquet at 6 p.m. on Sat., Oct. 9.  The Hall of Fame Moment is the 1990 women’s tennis team’s national championship.  Team members are invited to return to revisit this memorable sports moment.  Inductees for 2010 are:  Evie Cieslar Erdman ’73, benefactor; Duke Paluch ’84, tennis; Erik Allen ’92, basketball; Peter Anderson ’92, golf; Leigh Stocker Berger ’92, volleyball; Angela White Vick ’92, track and field; Heidi Rostberg Carlson ’93, tennis; Erik Hendrikson ’94, hockey, football; Paige Tierney Sullivan ’95, soccer; 1990 Women’s Tennis National Championship―Hall of Fame Moment.

Nobel Conference

What is Good Food?  Join us on October 5 & 6, 2010, for Nobel Conference® 46, Making Food Good, as we explore the many levels of this question and hear answers from our seven distinguished panelists.  We will consider the ways in which varied and various conceptions of goodness intersect with, challenge, and are challenged by each other.  We will consider contemporary food issues like community food security; the local foods movement; food crops as fuel crops; school lunches; genetic modification of food plants and animals; molecular gastronomy; and protecting genetic diversity of plants and animals.  You can order tickets online at

Ad Campaign Launched

Late this summer and into fall, Gustavus launched a statewide advertising campaign for recruitment.  Targeted to reach Minnesota high school students and their parents, the ad campaign includes radio, newspaper, magazine, outdoor/billboard, and social media outlets in and around the Twin Cities, Rochester, St. Cloud, Duluth, and Mankato.  Some places you will see or hear ads include the Minnesota edition of the U.S. News & World Report‘s annual college ranking guide in September, the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Metro Lutheran newspaper, 101.3 FM, some high school newspapers, Facebook, and more.

150th Anniversary Commemorative Alumni Directory

The Gustavus Alumni Association is bringing together about 25,000 Gusties to celebrate the College’s 150th anniversary.  In partnership with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI), Gustavus will produce the 150th Anniversary Commemorative Alumni Directory.  Over the next couple of months, PCI will be contacting Gustavus alumni via phone, mail, and e-mail to request that you update your information.  We know you don’t want to provide your information to just anyone, so we want you to be aware of this project and encourage your participation.  For more information, call the Office of Alumni Relations at 800-487-8437.

“Come on You Gusties” Breakfast

Once a month, Gusties gather for coffee, breakfast, and great conversation along with a campus speaker.  All Gusties are welcomed and invited to the breakfast, third Wednesday of the month, 8-9:30 a.m. at the Doubletree Hotel, Minneapolis-Park Place, 1500 Park Place Boulevard.  Cost is $10 at the door.  September’s speaker is President Jack Ohle.

Upcoming Events

  • Sept. 15 – Gustie Breakfast – President Jack Ohle, speaker
  • Sept. 25 – Homecoming – St. Olaf
  • Oct. 4-5 – Nobel Conference
  • Oct. 8-9 – Family Weekend
  • Oct. 9 – Hall of Fame