Class of '94
November 1999

Dear 1994 Classmates:

Thanks to all who were a part of our five-year reunion! We had a great turn out at the Fine Line on Friday night despite the cold and the rain outside. The place was packed!!! Billy Johnson (class of ’92) and his band, the Hillcats, rocked the house! Apparently on Friday night, October 1 it not only got cold in St. Peter but snowed two to three inches. There were traces of snow every where the day of the game that still had not melted. It remained a chilly but fun day!

Jesper, this one’s for you!

The Single Most Important Person We Must Mention In This Letter

  • Jesper Goransson informed us that we have never–ever-ever included him in a class letter. We agreed it was about time! If you fall into this category, do not hesitate to let us know. Jesper is currently working in advertising for a Twin Cities newspaper.

Most Changed

  • Brian Stanley walked into the reunion and we wondered if he was an outsider crashing our party. Brian is nearly unrecognizable as the Brian we knew in the Reds sweatshirt in college. He said he’s gotten into shape, he’s sporting a fashion forward pair of glasses and his haircut makes him look like someone off the page of a Tommy Hilfiger ad!!! Brian you look great!!!

Those That Traveled Furthest To The Reunion

  • Janelle Olson flew in from Orlando, Florida. She has great reasons to be living in that area apart from the weather. Janelle told us that her job allows her to ride a carousel everyday if she wants! She is working for a company that provides the vacations for the Make A Wish Foundation children.
  • Donny Walsh flew in from Boston, Massachusetts. He took an extended weekend over homecoming in the Minneapolis and St. Peter area with his girlfriend of about a year. He told us he was looking forward to spending some time with his Grandpa Hollingsworth (of Hollingsworth Field notoriety) who still lives in St. Peter. If he’s bringing "home" someone to meet grandpa, it must be getting serious.
  • Mollie Meyer flew in from San Francisco. She had formerly been in the Houston area and has again moved. She has been a moving target these last five years, although I have found that you can always find her by calling 1-800-GUSTIES. She keeps Gustavus well informed as to her whereabouts. Think of it as a Find Mollie Service.
  • Stephanie Nagy flew in from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anyone who knows Steph also knows that she makes herself very at home in Minnesota. It’s just that darn east coast accent that gives her away.

Those That Traveled Furthest From The Reunion

  • Shortly before our reunion Dan Currell and his wife, Sara Tollefson Currell (class of ’95), moved away from the Minneapolis area to the Washington D.C. area. Dan was instrumental in the planning of our reunion and could not be there. We missed him and Sarah very much during the weekend. We wish you the best as you settle into your new jobs and your new home!!!

The Most Interesting Career Path

  • Eric O’Denius reported to us that he works for the INS. Yes, that’s the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the United States. He even showed us his badge. When asked what it is he actually does, he simply replied "I return people to their country of origin."

Those That Are Expecting

  • Mark Petersen and his wife, Karen, are approximately three months pregnant. Amazing isn’t it!
  • Judd Schetnan and his wife are approximately four months pregnant. Judd, your gonna be a great dad!

Those Who Made A Debut At The Reunion And Are Back In The Twin Cities Permanently

  • Mary Crippen recently finished her master's program work at Iowa State in Iowa City. She has been back in Minneapolis since May and is currently living in the Highland area in St. Paul. Mary, we’re glad your back!!!
  • Scott and Jennifer Anderson Warwick were formerly in Cincinnati, Ohio. In fact, they were alumni agents for the Ohio area. Job opportunities have brought them back to Minnesota and Jennifer gave me confirmation that they are glad to be back!
  • Ben Markve has been traveling the globe. He said he still has plans to continue traveling but his home is out of Minneapolis.

Those Who Never Left Minnesota

  • Kris Koehler is still working in the field of fitness training and instruction and has recently moved to the Eden Prairie area.
  • Michael Bolsoni is teaching at Sobriety High in Bloomington.
  • Doug and Kristin Fischer Lamoureux are happily married and living in Bloomington. Both work for a company called Business Incentives.

Cameron and I are still living in Eden Prairie. Cameron is Manager of Merchandise Planning in the buying offices at Target’s corporate office in downtown Minneapolis and I work for a property management company as the Marketing Director of Knollwood Mall in St. Louis Park.

Others who were at the weekend events included: Mark and Heather Lucken Domschot, Christina Potthoff, Marty Koolen, Cynthia Belt, Ted Anderson, Tammy Dunderi, Todd Winter, Abby Lamp, Chrissy Eilertson, Jessica O’Conner, Trish Madden, Karen Nisius, Amy Durand, Emily Hegener, Knute Nelson, Mark Ensrud, Chris Munson, Kim Lindell, Liisa Maki, Kerri Whipple, Sarah Boehlke, Heidi Thelen, Jason Tatge, Pete and Jen Bisek Otterness, Kim Wabner Noll, Joel and Emily Dyer Ludtke, Anita Stockwell Ripkin, Dora Haugen, Travis Monson, Jenny Heintz, Rob Crowell, Eric Kulke, Rick Brama, Carrie Wagner, Laurie Anderson, Bonnie Allen, Diane Schlipper, Matt Mosiman, Brent Lackas, Kelly Kispert, Becky Greene, Jay Knaus, Heidi Jo Miller, Matt Miller, and Todd Schwanke.

Forgive us as this and the above categories are most definitely not complete lists, however, we thought we’d try to mention as many as possible. Thanks to everyone who attended and made our five-year reunion a memorable and successful event!

As a an update for our reunion year matching funds program (recall that Amy and I matched one dollar for each gift given), beginning October of 1998 through the end of Gustavus' fiscal year in May, our class had a total of 148 gifts and gave a total of $7,436.97. Thanks to all who participated! It means a great deal to Gustavus!

Campus News:

The 1999-2000 academic year opened with a record enrollment of 2,492 full-time students (compared with the previous record of 2,474 set last year), including 660 first-year students. Students returned to the new Campus Center housing the Evelyn Young Dining Room, the new Book Mark, post office, health service, and printing service. Renovation of the old dining service building will continue with expected completion in February. The renovation project will provide office space for student organizations, Office of Admission, specialty dining areas, Dean of Students office, and a faculty and staff center. Summer construction also included the landscaping of parking lots on the north end of campus. The landscaping provides a welcoming appearance to the College and helps breakup the "frozen tundra" between Norelius Hall and the Campus Center.

Gustavus Adolphus College Ranked Among the Best Liberal Arts Colleges

Gustavus Adolphus College is once again ranked among the best of all national liberal arts colleges in U.S. News and World Report's 13th annual "America's Best Colleges" rankings. Gustavus is again in the top 80 of the overall quality listings for national liberal arts colleges. Ranked again in the second tier in the national liberal arts college category, Gustavus is one of only two Minnesota colleges included in the 38-college tier two listing and one of four Minnesota colleges ranked in the top 80. Gustavus is also included in the Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine list of "100 great values" among the nation's 1,600 private schools. The "Private Colleges Worth the Price" article appears in the September 1999 magazine. Gustavus is one of only four Minnesota colleges named a Top 100 Value in Private Colleges. The list is based on academic and financial measures.

Christmas in Christ Chapel, Even so, come, Lord Jesus, is December 3-5. Tickets only available for Sunday evenings. Contact Office of Public Affairs, 507-933-7520.

Alumni Chapters will be meeting again this year so mark your calendars today: Washington, DC, November 5; Boston, November 6; Chicago, December 11; Atlanta, January 31; Marco Island, February 5; Tucson, February 7; Phoenix, February 8; Sun City, February 9; Seattle, March 3; Bay Area, March 4; Los Angeles, March 5; San Diego, March 6; Denver, March 7.

ALUMNILLENNIUM 2000 - The Gustavus Artist Series -- For 30 years, the Artist Series has brought world-class artists to campus for performances, exhibitions and residencies. This year the tables turn as the Series features and celebrates the accomplishments of our alumni artists as they enter the new millennium, ALUMNILLENNIUM 2000. The Fall Series opened September 18 with the jazz trio October, featuring Andrew Benson ’95, Brian Rowe ’95 and Nik Lindell ’95; followed by the music of Steve Heitzeg ’82, on September 25. David Esbjornson ’75 directed a one-woman Virginia Woolf play on October 8; organist Timothy Strand ’82 presents his recital on November 14; and tenor Mark Thomsen ’78 will present a vocal recital on November 21. Spring semester events include an alumni art exhibiton in February; a concert by Neal Hagberg ’81 and Leandra Peak ’83 on February 19; pianist Stephen Carlson ’92 on March 4; and Peter Krause ’87, better known as Casey McCall on ABC's SPORTS NIGHT, will be in residency in April. Other events may be scheduled through the fall of 2000 as well. Ticket information and complete schedule will be posted to the Fine Arts Calendar on the Gustavus website.

SMARTERsource is a new Web-based resume service exclusively for the students and alumni of Minnesota Private Colleges. The site is a job-searching tool for current students seeking internships or part-time employment, new or recent graduates launching a career, or alumni seeking new positions or career changes. The service lists resumes in more than a dozen categories. Check out this site at

 Until our next class letter, take care!

 Cameron and Amy (Zenk) James

1994 Class Agents