Class of '93

December 2012

20-Year Reunion ― September 27-28, 2013

Dear Classmates,

Reunion Plans have begun for the Class of 1993.  Hard to believe 20 years have already come and gone since we were on campus.  If you’d like to join us in the planning, we’ve just started and would love to have you join us as well.  Here are the reasons we came together to help plan the 20th:

From Beth Robelia Napton:  I am involved with reunion planning first and foremost to reconnect with friends from Gustavus.  I am so intrigued with how the campus has grown in the last 20 years.  With my own children getting closer to college age, I am excited to hear of the programming and possibilities Gustavus could offer them.  Reunions are a great avenue to celebrate how our life has grown from young adult to now.  Please consider joining us for a great Homecoming weekend for our 20-year reunion.

From Barb Larson Taylor:  Even though I work at Gustavus, I don’t live in nostalgia.  A lot has happened in life since we graduated and it may be hard to believe since I am here on campus, but my memories of our days as students are very distant and sometimes hard to conjure up.  It seems keeping up with daily life means I don’t keep up with personal friendships, even though I greatly cherish my friends from Gustavus.  I am looking forward to take this time to connect with those people I was closest with during college.  What I also know is that our class was filled with other amazing people who perhaps I did not know as well.  I also look forward to connecting with you and to hear about and learn from the life journey that you have been on.  I hope that many of you will also take this time to connect.

From Molly Dueber:  Not nearly as much as Barb, I often find myself on campus, working with students.  They are as energized about the future as they are terrified.  Do you remember how that feels?  Our 20th is a great chance to talk about how we thought things would be and how much better it all really turned out.

From Paul Schiminsky:

I started my involvement when we planned our 15th reunion in 2008.  Being back at Gustavus is very enjoyable, especially when you have a chance to interact with the students, faculty and staff.  It reminds me that I once felt like anything was possible.  I have been able to bring that enthusiasm and pride into my everyday life.

From Rachel Vagts:  My job as the college archivist at Luther College includes a lot of time helping our alumni plan their class reunions, so it’s a lot of fun to get to actually spend some time thinking about my own reunion and what we might do next fall during Homecoming!  I'm excited to be back on campus and to see the changes that have happened over the years to campus and St. Peter.  See you all in September!

From Kris Robelia Oppegard:  My time at Gustavus really shaped my life to realize the importance of community, whatever community you are a part of...your neighborhood, your church, your work team, your child's school, etc.  From that foundation, I feel it is vital to give back to a college that gave so much to me.  So, when it was time to start planning our 1993, 20-year reunion, I felt it was necessary to join the reunion committee.  I am very excited to reconnect with my classmates and see the beautiful campus!

From Laura Grow:  Currently I live in Seattle, WA and am raising almost 4-year old twin boys.  I joined the Reunion Committee because even though I have not been on campus since graduation, as our 20th reunion approaches I realize I am looking forward to seeing old friends and acquaintances.  I am wondering what the arboretum looks like, which of my professors are still around, and how campus looks and functions these days.

From Stacey Schrock Simonett:  When I went to our last reunion, I left feeling a little disappointed – wished there could have been more interaction, more people there, etc - then didn’t even attend in St. Peter the next day.  I am hoping that with our upcoming reunion that changes for everyone.  Our group is working to put together a great event for the Saturday evening in St. Peter.  I will be leading the 'Facebook' interaction with our class – search GAC Class of 1993 to find us.  I will be posting sporadic questions on our reunion page that we might use to put some memorabilia together for the reunion, as well as possibly polling people to see what they might want to do.  How fun to go down memory lane, hear the stories and possibly see some great pictures.  Check out our reunion page and see if you find any 'lost' friends that you didn’t stay in touch with, but might want to reconnect with.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in September of 2013.  Go Gusties!

All of us on the Reunion Planning Committee are excited about seeing you at the 20 Year Reunion on September 28, 2013!  Please mark it on your calendar, make plans to attend, and join us for a fun day!  If you’d like to join in the planning, contact the college at

Your current reunion planning team,

Craig Anderson, Tammy Betzing-Vossen, Molly Dueber, Laura Grow, Beth Robelia Napton, Kris Robelia Oppegard, Paul Schiminsky, Brad and Chris Gomez Schmidt, Stacy Schrock Simonett, Barb Larson Taylor, and Rachel Vagts.

Next month our class letter will focus on J-Term, since it will be in January.  Send Molly your favorite J-Term experience at: or post it on our class facebook page and we’ll share it next month!

Did you know we had a Class of 1993 Facebook Page?  If you are one of the many that play in the social media world, please join us in catching up with each others and post something prior to the reunion!

There are almost 150 of us already in – so jump in and join the group!

We are looking for the following classmates who have become “Lost.”  Do you know where they are?  Help us make sure we are sharing communications with all of our classmates and encourage them to update Gustavus with their address or send the information to and the information will be updated.  Thanks!

Lilian R. Abboud                    Tobias Abrahamsson                                   Tia Albers-Grunst

Jamie D. Arnold                     Gib Bendell                                        Cliff Berg

Steve Dahlk                            Jessica Rogich Deakin                       Matthew R. Doeringsfeld

Jacinto dos Santos Rocha     Scott Foss                                           Stephanie Graves

Peter J. Griffith                       Sheryl Gstalder-Chaney                    Tom E. Hanka

Scott Hanson                         Takao Hashida                                  Lynn Stacy Hedin

Kirsten Lipke Johnson          Matthew R. Johnson                          Gina Negri Klebanoff

Corinne Johnson Lee                        Andy Leider                                       Jonathan M. Lemke

Peter L. Liljengren                Mohammad Masudazzaman                        Ritsuko Morishita

Benetus T. Nangombe          Sara Sammelson O'Reilly                  Asa Otterstrom

Nicole Taylor                         Jen Lehman Tews                             Kris Odegaard Tlapa

Lisa Turnham                                    Greg VonRuden                                 Stephanie A. Walsh

Susan Mundt West                Regina D. Wiggins

Think about making a gift in honor of our reunion next year.  Give what you can, give to where your passion is and think of the difference our cumulative gift makes to the current students at Gustavus!  Tuition is over $37,000 this year!  Together we can make a difference.  Did you know our class has given over $240,000 together since we left campus?  Now that’s something to be proud of!  Keep it up – all 493 of us!

Remember to SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, September 28, 2013 and plan to join us on the hill!

Campus News

The Royal Visit

On Friday, October 5, their Majesties King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden visited Gustavus in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the College by Swedish immigrants in 1862.  Look for photos in the next issue of the Quarterly.

Hall of Fame

On September 29, the Gustavus Athletics Department inducted nine new individuals into its Athletics Hall of Fame.  The 2012 class of inductees included:  Rhonda Gorseth Alberts ’93 (Gymnastics), Brian Brekke ’95 (Football), Kara Bloomquist Drekonja ’96 (Cross Country), Brett Gross ’96 (Track & Field), Brock Guettler ’92 (Basketball), Mark Kruger ’86 (Tennis), Jason Lesteberg ’96 (Hockey), Scott Stoneking ’96 (Soccer), and Donald Swanson ’55 (Benefactor).

Alumni Travel Opportunities

2013 Friends of Music Salzburg Choral Tour

Gustavus Friends of Music has arranged for a Gustavus Alumni choir tour to Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague June 23 – July 5, 2013.  Singers and non-singers alike are welcome.  Once in Salzburg, the singers will join the Mozart International Choral Festival and perform Mozart’s Coronation Mass in the Salzburg Cathedral on June 29.  Not a singer?  There is space available for non-performers as well.  For more information contact Jackie Neeck Peterson ’77 at or 800-726-6192.

2013 Pearls of Central Europe

Experience Central Europe with Gustavus professor emeritus of history Dr. Tom Emmert from September 10—21, 2013.  This 12-day Gustavus study tour combines learning, exploring, leisure, lecture, food, and arts with special touches, all led by a faculty expert.  The journey is focused around three showpiece cities of Central Europe:  Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.  For more information, contact Tom Emmert at

Gustie Breakfasts - Twin Cities – New time and place

Engage with other alumni and learn something new about your alma mater at the monthly Twin Cities Gustavus alumni breakfast.  Please join us at the American Swedish Institute (2600 Park Ave, Minneapolis), on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 a.m.  Cost is $10.  Gustie breakfasts are also being held on campus the second Wednesday of each month.

December 19 – Terry Morrow – Minnesota Vikings stadium

January 16 – Kathy Lund Dean – Distinguished chair of Leadership and Ethics

February 20 – Philip Brunelle – Artistic Director, VocalEssence

Upcoming Chapter Gatherings

National Chapter events for alumni, parents and friends are scheduled for the 2012-13 academic year and will focus on the College’s pillar of “Teaching and Learning.”  Please save the date for the event in your area.  Time and location details will be forthcoming

Jan. 29 – Phoenix

Jan. 31 – Tucson

Feb. 3 – Los Angeles

Feb. 4 - Palm Springs

Feb 13 – Tampa

Feb. 15 – Naples

Feb. 28 – Seattle

Mar. 2 – San Francisco

Mar. 9 – Madison

Mar. 12 – Denver

Mar. 14 – Chicago

Apr. 4 – Atlanta