Class of '93
December 2005

Happy Holidays Class of 1993!

Your class agents regret to inform you that they are extremely forgetful and for that reason you are getting your fall letter a bit later than usual.  In our defense, we are very busy and important and certainly cannot be expected to be responsible all the time (alright, we are just kidding with that one).  We do apologize and hope that you enjoy the letter in spite of our tardiness.  We would also like to thank Barb Larson Taylor for covering for us and sending you all the campus news this past week.  Barb, we promise our next letter will be on time!

We know, you want all the news on everyone, but first we would like to let you all know that the Class of 1993 contributed $12,880.38 to the Gustavus Alumni Fund for the Fund Year 2005 (6-1-04 through 5-31-05).  This is a participation rate of 28.3%, and we would like to thank those of you who contributed.  Of course, we always strive to do better, and would like to increase our participation rate for the current year.  We know many of you would like to contribute but haven’t because your budget may not allow it, or you simply forget to do it (kind of like we did with writing this letter).  Any gift is greatly appreciated regardless of the amount, and we will try and help with reminding you to make a gift.  Many of you will receive calls from the Alumni Office, and we are planning to implement an email campaign this spring as well.  Some of you may recall that we did this a few years back, and we had our highest participation rate during that fiscal year.  You may also use this letter as your reminder, and if you would like to make your contribution now you may do so online at, or call 800-487-8437.  Remember, we are more interested in the number of donors versus the amount donated, so anything you can give is appreciated.

Without further ado, here is all the class news:


  • Tia Albers-Grunst and husband Ed welcomed third daughter, Madison Grace, on 4-8-05.
  • Brenda Bennett Weyhrauch and husband Chad, welcomed daughter, Nora, on 4-29-05.
  • Ryan Berger and Leigh Stocker Berger ’92 welcomed twins Adam James and Cameron Jo on 3-23-05.  They join big sister Makenna.
  • Jennifer Bowden Brickley welcomed daughter, Katherine Christine, on 5-27-05.
  • Dan Hagen welcomed son, Darby Lynn Hagen, born 3-14-05.  He joins brother DJ and sister Erika.
  • Heather Hoglund Elliott and husband, Douglas, welcomed daughter, Meg, on 2-28-05.
  • Kai Johnson and wife, Tricia, welcomed son, Jake, on 6-16-05.
  • Jill Krautkremer Keddy and husband, Mathew, welcomed son, Alexander, on 8-17-05.
  • Michelle Lind Potratz and husband, Rick, welcomed son, Hayden, born 4-1-05.
  • Natalie Lind Rasmussen and husband, Philip, welcomed son, Alexander, on 2-16-05.
  • Jeff Miller and wife, Mary, welcomed son Charles Grant on 7-15-05.
  • Kara Moller Russo and husband, Matt, welcomed son Alexander John on 11-22-05.
  • Jane Moore Staehle and husband, Bill, welcomed their second daughter, Emma, on 2-21-05.
  • Kate (Metzger) and Eric Ronning welcomed son, William Richard, on 1-15-05.
  • Nicole Krueger Ruhland and husband, Christopher, welcomed daughter, Lillian Grace, born on 4-3-05.  She joins brother, Blake and sister, McKenzie.
  • Boni Olsen Berndt and husband, Yuri ’92 welcomed son, Liam on 8-26-05.  He joins sisters Lauren and Linnea.
  • Carrie Schafer and Jason Barnett welcomed son, Gavin Rowan, on 3-30-05.
  • Matyas Sundheim and wife, Jessica, welcomed daughter Ella May on 1-9-05.
  • Matt Thompson and wife, Anne, welcomed son, Braden on 6-3-05.


  • Jason Barnett is a self-employed sculptor.
  • Nikka Deskin is a graduate student in human resource and change leadership/organizational development at the University of St. Thomas and is director of online marketing at Deskin Leadership Communications.
  • Mike Finstad is a Realtor with Prudential Metrowide Realty, is a four-time Gold Chairman Circle winner and a one-time Platinum Chairman’s Circle award winner.
  • Andrew Gilbert is dean at Pioneer Ridge Freshman Center, Chaska School District and coaches track and football.
  • Andrew Goodger is the band director for the Zumbrota-Mazeppa Public Schools.
  • Bethany Johnson Nissen received her master’s degree in human development from St. Mary’s University.
  • Nicole Krueger Ruhland teaches science at St. Clair High School.
  • Angela Mattison Shanks is an auditor in order processing for Gateway Computers.
  • Missy Schlagel Kiefer is a part-time processor for Toshiba Business Solutions, Inc., is CFO for St. Croix Tool Sales and is also a stay-at-home mom.
  • Kate Walker completed her Ph.D. in educational psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • John Yarwood and his business partner have expanded their residential real estate business to include commercial real estate.


  • Andrea Dunderi is engaged to marry Jon Haack on May 1, 2006.  She is also part of the reason this letter is late, she took me (Kristen) to Paris with her in November while she was there on business and we had such a wonderful time that I forgot all about the letter.  I promise that next time I am offered a luxurious European vacation I will make sure to get the class letter out before I go!
  • Bethany Johnson married Brian Nissen on August 6, 2005.

That’s all we have for now, folks.  If you have any news to share, please contact the Gustavus Alumni Office at:, or one of your class agents at or  Have a wonderful and safe holiday season and don’t forget to send your donations to the Alumni Fund!


Craig Anderson and Kristen Lamont

1993 Co-class Agents