Class of '89
November 2007

Hey Class of ’89ers,

This is your newest Class Agent, Duebs (aka Mike Dueber).  Since you’re getting this letter during the festive holiday season, I’ll start my first-ever class letter with the following:

(Sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)


Classmates of ’89, nineteen years have passed

Now we’re in our 40’s, my gosh it sure went fast (FAST).

Gustie of ’89, dignified alum,

I don’t want to sound sappy, but look how far we’ve come

Verse (e.g.”Dashing through the snow”)

The years can’t be beat

While we were at GAC

What great times in St. Pete

With the Gold and Black (ACK ACK ACK)

We’ve all “grown up” somehow

Now we wish and yearn,

That we knew then, what we know now, and that we could return



To the class of ’89, let me be sincere,

I hope this latest letter, finds you in good cheer (EER)

The Class Agents of ’89 would like to say right here

Please have a Merry Christmas, and a great New Year!

I thought I’d try to spice up the class letter―let me know what you think.  Please don’t stop reading just because the rest of the letter is not in song and doesn’t rhyme.

I’m new to this so I figured I’d better find out exactly what the role of a Class Agent entails.  I learned from the Gustavus website and from some other sources that the purpose of a class agent is to:

·        Develop class unity

·        Serve as a liaison between the class and the College

·        Facilitate among former students lifelong relationships with Gustavus and each other

·        Enable alumni to actively advance and participate in the mission of the College

·        Promote the annual alumni fund (unrestricted donations used solely for education)

So, the way I see it, the job Scotty, Francie, and I volunteered for is to try to keep YOU connected to the class of 1989 and to Gustavus itself.  This will, of course, include helping to organize all of you to help with our upcoming reunion on October 16-18, 2009―mark your calendars now!!!

Now, my next question is just how do we do this?  How can we keep you connected to each other and to the school?  Obviously, we all have a ton of things going on in our lives (spouses, kids, school, home improvements, family, church, etc.).  Here are a few things that ran through my mind:

·        Class Letters – Agents are supposed to write one of these three times each year.  Like me, I’m sure your favorite part is the list of updates.  If you have anything to share, send a note to Gustavus and we’ll be sure to include it.  Also, if anybody wants to be a guest writer, just let us know.  You’re very welcome to share your thoughts with our classmates.

·        Reunions – We have our 20-year coming up next.  It’s scheduled for October 16-18, 2009 – mark your calendars now!  (Yes, I know I’m repeating this info and it’s two years away – mark your calendar and I’ll leave you alone)

·        GAC Website – check out and click around.  There’s a link to the alumni page which has a ton of stuff on it.  I even read the Weekly online (  It’s amazing both how much and how little things have changed since we were students.

·        Talk to Us – you can always contact somebody down at Gustavus at or email me if you want some info or just want to catch up.  I can be reached at and can happily provide contact info for Scotty and Francie.

·        Other suggestions – what else can we do to help keep our class in touch?  Lunches?  Happy hours?  Anybody have a blog we should read?  Should we all volunteer somewhere?  Any and all suggestions are welcome!

Finally (I bet you knew this was coming) I want to talk about the Alumni Fund.  This isn’t something the Alumni office requires or even requested me to include in this letter.  Because I was a major recipient of financial aid at Gustavus, it is something I feel very strongly about.  Many of us wouldn’t have been able to experience Gustavus without financial aid.  I know I wouldn’t have had a chance to go to any private college, certainly not one where I could have lived away from home.  The Alumni Fund is all about education―the money donated does not go for buildings, improvements, or the fancy cafeteria.  All the money in the Alumni Fund is used for educating students and faculty.

It’s not about how much you give…it’s not even about the money at all.  Donating is about changing the life of some young man or woman by giving them a chance to attend Gustavus and to learn from the professors and from the other students.

The class of 1989 has experienced a drop in donors over the years.  One theory I came up with for this is because people simply forget.  Technology to the rescue!!  You can give via credit card on the Gustavus website at  Do it now, before you forget…seriously…just go do it.  You’ll feel good and you can check it off your list and some kid will get to experience life on the hill and make tons of friends and learn a lot and become wildly successful and everybody will be happy.  Any amount is worthwhile and appreciated.

I’ll get off my soapbox now…Go donate and then page back and sing the above song again.  Then you can read the updates about our classmates.

Before we get to the updates, here’s a quick one for me:  I’m writing this from the World Headquarters of Dueber Consulting Inc. based in my basement in St. Paul where I’ve been the President, CEO, and Head Janitor since 1998.  I finally got married (to a Bennie) in 2004 and we have one amazing two-year-old daughter named, Grace and a son on the way, due in late December.  We did (and I’m still doing) some major construction to our house to make room for the whole family.  In short, life is good.

SEND IN YOUR UPDATES!!!  You don’t have to give money to be listed here or in the “Quarterly.”

Career Updates

  • Kitty Hart is working for Nancekivell Group as director of business development.
  • Jay Peaslee is vice president at Key Investment Services.
  • Lara Brennom is working as a speech/language pathologist.
  • Karyl Haskell is working for Neurovasx as director of regulatory affairs.
  • Karen Falkingham is director of development for LAW Fund (Legal Aid for Washington Fund).
  • Kerri Nelson is an attorney for Holstein Kremer.
  • Brian Swearingen is a professional driver for Action Marketing/Toyota in Wisconsin.
  • Karen Chinander Dye is an assistant professor for the Department of Information Technology and Operations Management at Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, FL.  Karen writes:  “I recently received two awards:  I received the 2005-2006 Florida Atlantic University Award for Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching in April 2006.  I was one of eight faculty members across the entire University to receive this award.  I also received the 2006 Exceptional Faculty MACA Award for the College of Business at Florida Atlantic University in April 2006.”
  • Marc Setterlund was promoted to full professor in April 2007 at Alma College in Alma, Michigan.

Educational News

  • Anjeanette Perkins is a full-time student at Christian Theological Seminary studying for a master’s in theological studies.

Marriages and Commitments

  • Text Box:  Karen Chinander married Thomas Dye on March 24, 2007, in Palm Beach, FL.

This picture was taken at the wedding of Julie Swenson and Anthony Schenk on September 3, 2006.  Back row left to right:  Dave Johanson, Dan Bohling, Dawn McClure Duffy, Stan Shetka, Kiersten Dahl-Shetka ’90.  Front:  Chris Rasmussen ’88, Faith Farrell, Dee Tiber Chaudhary ’83, Pam Puhl-Quinn, Julie Swenson, Cairo Shetka, Sagan Shetka.

Births and Adoptions

Kerri Nelson and Mike Kmiecik ’88 are proud to announce the birth of a baby girl, Bronwyn Sophia Lamb Kmiecik.  She was born on March 9, 2007.

Campus News

President Peterson Announces Retirement

President Jim Peterson ’64 announced in August that he plans to retire at the conclusion of the current academic year, capping a five-year term.  His early announcement will provide the Board of Trustees enough time to undertake a thorough search process and assist in a smooth transition to new leadership.  Peterson will serve through June 2008 and has offered to assist in an orderly transition beyond that date if needed.

Moes provide gift for Kendall Center

Gustavus parents Robert and Karin Moe have made a $1 million commitment to the John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning. This leadership gift brings the College closer to its goal of fully endowing the center, which is dedicated to advancing active and interdisciplinary learning across the campus. When fully funded, the endowment will generate funds to support two main areas: faculty development and student-faculty research.

New football stadium opened

On September 8, the football team played its inaugural game at the College’s new football stadium.  The synthetic-surfaced field is recessed below ground level and features an earthen berm surrounding the entire field.  The field will continue to be named Hollingsworth Field after the late Lloyd Hollingsworth, who served as the College’s football coach from 1942-1960 and athletic director from 1961-1978.

Athletics Hall of Fame Induction

On Saturday, November 3, Gustavus inducted the following people into the Athletic Hall of Fame:  Tim DeJarlais ’91 (golf), John Erickson ’81 (hockey), Dave Hultgren ’92 (baseball), Craig Miller ’91 (cross country), Mindy Mayerchak Oosten ’88 (softball & soccer), Mike Schumacher ’91 (football), Ann Sommerness Simms ’92 (swimming), and Ryan Skanse ’92 (tennis).

Twin Cities Gustie Breakfasts

Join other Minneapolis/St. Paul area Gusties for a once-a-month morning cup of coffee and breakfast while getting an update on Gustavus. The group meets the third Wednesday of each month at the Doubletree Hotel, Minneapolis-Park Place, 1500 Park Place Boulevard (Hwy. 394 & Hwy. 100), 8:00-9:30 a.m., $10 per person.  Reserve by calling Don Swanson ’55 at 763/533-9083

Wednesday, December 19

Margaret Kelliher ’90, speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives

Alumni Fund

The 2008 Alumni Fund has a goal of $1.95 million from 8,000 donors.  Continue a Gustie tradition ― join other alumni to reach the goal with your participation in the 2008 Alumni Fund.

Refer a Gustie

As the school year starts, many high school seniors are getting serious about their college selection. If you know of high school seniors or juniors who may be a good fit at Gustavus, please send their names to the Office of Admission at Gustavus to help recruit the next generation of Gusties.  Contact the Admission Office at 800/GUSTAVU(S).

Calendar of events:

  • Nov. 30, Dec. 1-2        Christmas in Christ Chapel
  • December 6                 St. Lucia Day celebration on campus

Happy Holidays and all the best to you and yours,


Michael Dueber

1989 Co-Class Agent