Class of '85
July 2010


Hi Class of 1985:

Have you noticed that you have gotten quite a few class letters this year?  The reason is that we want you to know about our 25 year reunion on September 25 beginning at 11:00 a.m. at Gustavus.  Our incredible Reunion Team has each taken time to write a class letter, plus attempt to call as many of you as possible.  Our theme – “No One Says No” – is our goal so that everyone can participate in the reunion, in some way, over the next three months.  How can you participate?

  •  Come to the reunion─Saturday, September 25.  The fun starts at 11:00 a.m. at a tent by the football field where our class can hang out.  Then after the game the party moves to Whiskey River.  We have reserved a large room and can stay there until the bar closes!  The event is free; we will be passing a hat to get donations to cover the cost of drinks and appetizers.

  •  Make A Donation To Gustavus In Honor Of Your 25 Year Reunion

  •  Join our Facebook Group─Gustavus Adolphus College Class of 1985.  There are fun videos from Paul Batz plus some really fun pictures from 1985.  You should join us so you can see if you are there!!!  Also by joining─you can post your own pictures of your friends from the class of 1985.  (For those of you not on Facebook now is a good time to try it.  I am definitely a Facebook newbie and get a bit overwhelmed by all the posts, but when it comes to reconnecting with friends─it is great!)

I have to confess, I am a bit behind on my responsibilities for the class reunion.  I was supposed to have called a bunch of you before the end of May, but I have not gotten one call done yet.  You see, my oldest just graduated from Apple Valley High School.  The past two months have been just crazy.  In addition to having our own open house, we have attended many others for the last month.  What a blast to be able to see friends and family and celebrate such a great milestone!  Doesn’t that sentence also describe our upcoming reunion?  What a milestone─we have been out of college for 25 years!  Also what a blast it will be to see many of you at our reunion on September 25th!  The contrasts and comparisons between graduations and reunions are interesting to think about.

Kid Graduating from High School

25-Year College Reunion

Invitations are sent via Facebook to their 300 friends and within 24 hours over 180 say they are coming!

Our Facebook group is only 32─so we need more in order to keep up with the kids!

Only need to mail invitations to the older relatives and parents of friends.

We have been mailing class letters every month, plus emails, etc. to get you to come to the party.

Work for months getting the house ready for the party.

No work to do─figure out your transportation and lodging and simply show up!

Make all the food, order the cake, etc

Come to Whiskey River and let them cook!

The day of the event─enjoy seeing friends and family, many whom you may not have seen for several years!

See friends and classmates that you may not have seen for many years!

Receive money from friends and family to help pay for college which is expensive.

Now is your chance to give money to Gustavus to help those graduating seniors go to Gustavus.

Nag your child to write all the thank-you notes for the gifts.

The only nagging is from our Reunion Committee so that you will come to the reunion!

I’d like have to share a couple stories with you:

GAC Kitchen Crew

I have an amazing group of women friends whom I met my freshmen year at Gustavus.  We started a Kitchen Crew for graduation parties.  Last year was our first one.  This year we had three events to work including my own daughter’s party.  There were 8 women working in 2 different shifts that helped with set-up, kept the food tables stocked and worked clean-up at the end.  They were amazing and allowed me to really enjoy the event.  In addition to all the expected jobs, they also sang the Gustie Rouser several times, were great listeners to our older relatives, and shared many words of wisdom with the high school kids.  Our Kitchen Crew includes:  Debby Grams Gustafson, Saralyn Kriesel Knudson, Jennifer Deweese, Jodie Thellin Skyberg, Marcy Hake Markovich, and Sarah Calhoon Cuthill.  I am so grateful for these women that I met at Gustavus.

Gusties are Everywhere

So as I was attending all the various grad parties, I was often approached by people who had gone to Gustavus.  For example, Joseph Crippen’s wife, Mary (Shifflet ’87) is the sister of my daughter’s good friend’s mom.  So she was busy helping at that graduation party and came up to me to say hi.  I am amazed at how many places I run into Gusties.  Now that we have been away from Gustavus for 25 years it is interesting that I still recognize a lot of our classmates, but when I try to remember exactly how we met, it is quite foggy.  Did I have class with you?  Did we live in the same dorm?  Did we go to the same parties?  Bottom line is that this person made an imprint in my mind and will forever be a friend from Gustavus even if I cannot remember why we were friends or how we met.

Live for Today

One of my co-workers was very sad because her aunt just died of cancer.  We talked about it; this woman was only 47 years old.  I asked to see the CaringBridge site and after reading some of the journal entries I realized that she was a Gustie.  I pulled out my Grib and found her picture─sure enough I recognized her.  She graduated in 1986.  I have been trying to remember how I met her or how I knew her and nothing is clicking in my brain, but the bottom line is that I did know her and somewhere during our GAC years she made an impression on me.  Sarah Shella-Stevens fought breast cancer for two years.  She has two teenage boys and a loving husband.  She made an impact in this world by using her law degree to help women who were victims of domestic violence.  She was so young─she didn’t even make it to her 25th reunion. 

Life is so precious.

Please try your best to make it to our reunion─it will be fun to see everyone!

See you at the reunion!

Cathy Villars Harms

1985 Guest Letter Writer

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