Class of 1984

May 2014

30-Year Reunion

Reunion dates ― October 4, 2014

Dear 1984 Classmate:

As the month of May arrived I was reminded that it was just a mere thirty years ago that the Class of 1984 transitioned from being part of the Gustavus student body to officially being ALUMNI. As the Gustavus Class of 2014 joins the “club,” I want to take the time to update you on a number of items:

Reunion – The Class of 1984 is known by other classes (and by the College’s administration) as having great attendance at our reunions. I think this happens because: We listened to our classmates and have reunion activities that are more social than formal. We offer class-specific activities on both the Friday and Saturday of Reunion Weekend. We have awesome classmates who love coming to reunions!

This year the Class of 1984 is the only class organizing both Friday and Saturday night gatherings. So, make plans to return to the hill and celebrate. Better yet, please encourage a group of your friends to head down to St. Peter on October 3 & 4.

Fundraising – Another thing the Class of 1984 is known for is our class’s strong financial support of the College – especially during reunion years. To date, we have received gifts from 121 people, which represents a 25% participation rate. While this is good, we want to get over the 50% threshold as we have done in previous reunion years. Please help our alma mater and our class meet our goals by making a gift this month. While a gift to the Annual Fund is always encouraged, any donation you make to any organization on campus counts toward our participation! Please make your donation online at

Class of 1984 Endowed Scholarship—You may remember that we established this scholarship fund five years ago to acknowledge our 25th reunion. The fund will start providing scholarship money to a worthy student when it reaches $25,000. Currently we have $17,287 in the fund. We would like to reach the $25K threshold by our reunion in October. Please help us in this endeavor by indicating with your gift that you would like it to go to the Class of 1984 Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Watch for more details from Carole Arwidson about reunion activities planned for the weekend. She’ll be sending an email out later this month.

We are looking forward to breaking reunion attendance records. See you in October!!

Ken Ericson

1984 Co-class President/Annual Fund Chair