Class of '84
December 2003

Dear Class of '84 Gustie:

Season's Greetings!

Our twentieth reunion year is off to a flying start.  Special thanks go to those people who helped out with Phono-Lettero-Emailo-rama this fall.  Mike Bishop, David Johnson, Carole Arwidson, Sue Astrup Lundquist, Sonja Madsen McGill, Gregg Backstrom, Phil Lindau, Lynn Lutz McGinty, Sara Brubacher Provart, Gordon Mansergh, Pete Nelson, Jim Kapoun and Joyce Rosenblad all made calls on behalf of the Class of '84.  We will be making calls again in the spring, so if you want to help, let me know.

Although the financial numbers aren't so good yet (see below), we were able to contact a lot of people and there is great interest in our REUNION (October 1-2, 2004).  If your calendar is not marked yet, do so now.  That’s right.  Put this letter down, mark your calendar and then come back to the letter. . .

Now that Reunion is on your calendar, make a mental note to coordinate it with your classmates. 

Now, onto the topic of giving.  It is not the money.  It is participation.  We need to raise our participation rate from the paltry 38% it was a year ago.  We had a 61% participation rate in 1994 (10 year reunion) and a 53% rate in 1999 (15 year reunion).  We want at least 65% this year (that’s 325 classmates).  To date we have received gifts from approximately 80 people.  If you are one of them, thank you.  If not, please participate by sending in a donation in the enclosed envelope.  You may even want to get the donation in by December 31 so you can get a tax deduction.  As you can see, I am not requesting dollar amounts.  My focus is on informing our classmates about reunion and getting participation in the annual fund.  Any donation is awesome - please.

Another thing to realize is the fact that even though our reunion is in the fall; our fund year ends at the end of May 2004.

I’ll end this here as I know many of you are anxious to open all of the other mail that you received that has pictures of your friends' kids on it.

Have a great Christmas (or other holiday if you celebrate it) and a great 2004! 


Ken Ericson

1984 Co-class Agent

P.S.  Also, thanks to those of you who responded to the last correspondence listing lost classmates.  We found a few!!  Tim Happel is especially glad we found him.