Class of '84
November 2003

Dear Class of '84 Gustie: 

Yup.  It's yet another class letter.  This being our 20th reunion year, Carole and I decided to maintain contact with our class via once-a-month correspondence.  Some will be the more detailed type of letters that you are used to, others will be like this one and others may just be postcards.

This letter is a call to help us find our missing classmates.  The people listed below have disappeared from Gustavus's radar screen.  We would like to locate them and invite them to the reunion.  If you know their whereabouts, please contact them and have them get a hold of Gustavus, or let Gustavus know via an email to or a phone call to the alumni office at 1-800-GUSTIES.  You can always email me at or call me at (952) 975-0104.

  • Micah Ingrid Peterson Asher
  • Barbara Blumer
  • Carol A. Chamberlain
  • Timothy D. Couture
  • Michele Coy
  • Carrie Farrow
  • Karen Finer
  • Jeff Fitzsimmons
  • Rebecca Helgeson Grassau
  • Tim Happel
  • Brenda Rensted Holt
  • Yumi Inoue
  • Gary W. Jackson
  • Jonathon Jasnoch
  • Kathryn C. Johnson
  • Steve Kelby
  • Rebecca Ross Kelly
  • Sara Konu
  • Ann Ammon Kruger
  • Steve Musser
  • Karen Nickel
  • Eric L. Olson
  • Beatrice Owen
  • John Pollard
  • James Presnail
  • John Pribnow
  • Sharon Braun Pryor
  • Karen Kelley Stevens
  • Laurel E. Stone

Thanks for your help.


Ken Ericson

1984 Co-class Agent

P.S.  Remember to put the reunion dates, October 1 & 2, 2004 on your calendar.