Class of '84
September 2003

Fellow ’84 Gusties:

Believe it or not, it has been 20 years since we entered our senior year at Gustavus.  This is your first Class Letter of our 20th reunion year.  I figured I would get it out early and explain some things that will be happening and get an early start on our Annual Fund requests.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Alumni Fund.  We have an overall goal of 50% participation for the school, but I think the Class of ’84 can do better―we would like to reach at least 65% for the Class of ’84. 

Our reunion will be held in the fall of 2004 (yes, I know that is more than a year from now, but it is never too early to start planning).  The Alumni Office has been holding fall reunions during Homecoming for a few years now and the turnout has been great.  So…advance apologies to those who were expecting it in May.  The 20-year reunion will be held the weekend of October 1 and 2, 2004.  Friday night we will be in the Twin Cities and Saturday is Homecoming and Family Weekend on campus.  Details on the events will occur throughout the year, but get the dates on your calendar now and start calling your out-of-town friends.

Carole and I are looking for volunteers to form a reunion committee to discuss how we can make our reunion the best yet.  We have a track record of having highly attended reunions, so we need to keep it up.  If you are interested in helping out (there really is not all that much work), please call me (952-975-0104) or email me at  We will set up a meeting sometime this fall. 

I am also looking for volunteers to help out with phone calling.  While we still have Phonorama scheduled this fall (October 12-16 and 19-23), I am coordinating an effort to have people call classmates from the comfort of your home.  I am seeking people who are willing to call 10 to 15 classmates (of your choosing) to remind them about the reunion, gather data for the Quarterly and ask to contribute to the Annual Fund.  The time period to make the calls is over a five-week period (that’s 2 to 3 calls per week).  With close to 500 people in our class, 20 volunteers will only reach 200-300 people.  As you can see, we have our work cut out for us (and so far I have 5 volunteers willing to help out).  If you would like to volunteer (calling will begin in late September or early October) please call me or email me at the number/address listed above.

Since I mentioned the Annual Fund I may as well put out my plea now.  So…please help us reach our participation goals by making a donation to the Annual Fund.  Here is the tricky part)―even though our reunion is in the fall of 2004, our Reunion Fund Year closes on May 31, 2004 (coinciding with the end of the school year).

I didn’t want this letter to go over one page, so I am ending it now.  Please call or email to volunteer. 

Go Gusties,

Ken Ericson

1984 Co-class Agent