Class of '84
October 1999

Dear Gustie:

I sit here writing to you as summer gives way to fall. The leaves have begun turning orange and yellow, and every day more fall to the ground. Daily temperatures hover in the 50s and 60s, and t-shirts and shorts have given way to sweatshirts and jeans. Before too long—here in the Upper Midwest anyway—winter will arrive, and the snow and cold will once again settle in. The seasonal change is underway in all its glory.


It is hard to fathom that just a few months ago we gathered at our 15-year reunion to celebrate our time together on the hill. Our class had a record turnout on Friday night at the Sofitel (XXX to be exact), and about 40 of us spent Saturday together on campus as well. It was such fun to see everyone again, to reminisce, and to catch up on what’s new in one another’s lives. All in all, I would have to say our 15-year reunion was a resounding success!

Some people who were at the reunion asked that Ken and I share some of the humorous reflections that were used in the Friday night program and Saturday lunch program. So, courtesy of Ken (who compiled all of this wonderful information), here are the trivia questions we asked (see how well you do in answering them):

• How many states, including the District of Columbia, are inhabited by at least one member of the Class of ’84?


• Name three states in which there are no Class of ’84 Gusties residing.

Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

• How many offspring have been reported to the Alumni Office as being born to Class of ’84 Gusties? (You must be within 10 to win — please note that there was no double counting of married ’84 classmates.)


• With respect to our offspring, what is the most popular girl’s name we have bestowed upon our children?

Anna — 12

• What about the most popular boy’s name for our children?

Eric/Erik/Erick — 13

• Now, compare that to the people in our own class — What is the most popular female name for our classmates?

Susan — 17

• And the most popular male name for our classmates?

David or Steven — 16

• Who was the President of Gustavus in 1984 and who is the president now?

John Kendall & Axel Steuer

• What date did "The Tornado" hit campus?

March 29, 1998

• What MIAC sport existed on campus in 1984, but does not exist now?


• What was the name of the Director of Residential Life in 1984?

Paula Gagnon

• Name three downtown "establishments" frequented by Gusties in 1984.

Shoops, The Nic, The Flame, Embassy Club, Butch’s night club …

• We all know that the majority of our classmates live in Minnesota (315). But what state is the second most populated with ’84 Gusties?

Wisconsin — 21

• What city in Minnesota has the most ’84 Gusties?

Minneapolis — 32

• How many ’84 Gusties have donated to the annual fund (now known as The Gustavus Fund) each year since graduation?


• How many children does the classmate with the most children have?

5 – Barbara Bergman Hanneman and Jeff Wilson each have five children

• We learned in 1994 that the teaching profession leads the way for the most popular occupation for members of our class (37). What is the 2nd most popular occupation?


• Name one of the other top five vocations for our class.

Homemaker — 31

Management — 30

Nurse — 23

• How many members from the Class of ’84 currently work at Gustavus (and who is it)?

1 (Kelly Waldron — Controller)

• What intercollegiate sport did not exist on campus in 1984, but does exist now?

Women’s Ice Hockey (Nordic Skiing can also be accepted)

In addition to the trivia questions, Ken also compiled some interesting stats on our class (the information is based on data through the end of April 1999).


Although the majority of ’84 Gusties live in Minnesota, we are spread across the U.S. and across the world. Here is the geographical breakdown by state:

Alabama 1
Alaska 1
Arizona 3
Arkansas 1
California 15
Colorado 11
Connecticut 3
Florida 2
Georgia 5
Hawaii 1
Illinois 6
Indiana 2
Iowa 5
Kansas 2
Maryland 4
Massachusetts 6
Michigan 8
Minnesota 315
Mississippi 1
Missouri 1
Nebraska 2
Nevada 1
New Jersey 2
New Mexico 2
New York 4
North Carolina 3
North Dakota 3
Ohio 3
Pennsylvania 5
South Dakota 1
Tennessee 2
Texas 10
Vermont 1
Virginia 4
Washington 9
Wisconsin 21
Washington DC 1

We are also represented in the countries of Sweden, Germany, England, France, and Cambodia.

So, you may be wondering how your 315 classmates are dispersed throughout the state of Minnesota? Well, here is the breakdown (again, information is from the end of April):

Apple Valley (5)
Bloomington (8)
Blue Earth
Brooklyn Park (2)
Buffalo (2)
Burnsville (4)
Cedar (2)
Chanhassen (3)
Chaska (2)
Chatfield (2)
Cold Spring
Coon Rapids (2)
Cottage Grove
Crystal (2)
Duluth (3)
Eagan (8)
Eagle Lake
Eden Prairie (20)
Edina (8)
Elk River
Excelsior (5)
Faribault (2)
Forest Lake
Golden Valley (5)
Ham Lake
Hutchinson (2)
Inver Grove Heights (2)
Lake Crystal
Lake Elmo
Lakeville (6)
Le Sueur (2)
Lino Lakes (3)
Mankato (3)
Maple Grove (5)
Maple Plain (2)
Maplewood (3)
Marine on St. Croix (2)
Minneapolis (32)
Minnetonka (13)
New Brighton
New Hope
New London
New Ulm
North Oaks
Oakdale (7)
Oronoco (2)
Ortonville (2
Owatonna (2)
Pelican Rapids
Pequot Lakes
Plymouth (16)
Prior Lake (5)
Redwood Falls
Rochester (6)
Roseville (2)
Saint Cloud
Saint James (2)
Saint Louis Park (11)
Saint Michael
Saint Paul (12)
Saint Peter (4)
Savage (5)
Stillwater (4)
Vadnais Heights
Wayzata (6)
White Bear Lake (2)
Willmar (4)
Woodbury (4)
Young America
Zimmerman (2)


Listed below are the most popular names of Class of ’84 Gusties. If your name doesn’t appear, you are unique — no one else in our class had your first name (or at least it wasn’t spelled the way you spell it). For a complete listing of names see the yearbook.

Susan (17)
David (16)
Steven (16)
James (9)
Jeffrey (8)
John (7)
Mark (7)
Elizabeth (6)
Lisa (6)
Michael (6)
Nancy (6)
Todd (6)
Brian (5)
Jill (5)
Julie (5)
Kathryn (5)
Kristin (5)
Robert (5)
Thomas (5)
Carol (4)
Kimberly (4)
Lori (4)
Lynn (4)
Mary (4)
Paul (4)
Peter (4)
Rebecca (4)
Richard (4)
Sara (4)
Sharon (4)
Tracy (4)
Alan (3)
Barbara (3)
Brenda (3)
Carole (2)
Christopher (3)
Dawn (3)
Debra (3)
Edward (3)
Eric (3)
Janet (3)
Joan (3)
Jon (3)
Karen (3)
Kathy (3)
Kelly (3)
Kristen (3)
Amy (2)
Andrea (2)
Beth (2)
Bradley (2)
Catherine (2)
Charles (2)
Connie (2)
Dan (2)
Denise (2)
Elaine (2)
Ellen (2)
Gary (2)
Gregory (2)
Heather (2)
Jane (2)
Janice (2)
Jeanne (2)
Jennifer (2)
Jonathan (2)
Karl (2)
Karla (2)
Keith (2)
Kenneth (2)
Kevin (2)
Kim (2)
Kyle (2)
Larry (2)
Laura (2)
Laurie (2)
Linda (2)
Lynette (2)
Lynne (2)
Matthew (2)
Michelle (2)
Mitchell (2)
Nadine (2)
Philip (2)
Randy (2)
Robyn (2)
Ruth (2)
Sandra (2)
Scott (2)
Wendy (2)
William (2)


The Class of ’84 has been busy in the 15 years we’ve been out. Through the end of April 1999, 662 children have been reported to the Alumni Office as offspring of the Class of ’84 (and children to those who married a classmate are only counted once).


The following vocations are on record at the Alumni Office for the Class of ’84:

Accountant/CPA (22)
Administration (8)
Artist/Sculptor (3)
Attorney (13)
Banking (5)
Business & Commerce (4)
Chemist (5)
Clergy (2)
Consultant (4)
Criminal Justice
Customer Service
Data Processing
Dentist (2)
Engineering (6)
Environmentalist (2)
Farmer/Rancher (2)
Financial Planner (3)
Financial — Other (2)
Flight Attendant (7)
Foreign Services
Funeral Director
Geologist (2)
Government (6)
Health Professional (2)
Homemaker (31)
Insurance Adjuster (5)
Insurance Agent (6)
Interior Design
Investments (2)
Management — General (30)
Management — Retail
Manufacturing (3)
Mental Health (4)
Nurse, RN (23)
Optometrist/Ophthalmologist (2)
Personnel/HR (8)
Physical Sciences
Physician (3)
Professor (3)
Public Relations (3)
Publishing (2)
Real Estate (2)
Religious Worker (3)
Researcher (3)
Sales (34)
Secretary/Receptionist (2)
Social Worker (2)
Special Education (2)
Stockbroker (2)
Student (10)
Systems/Programming (15)
Teacher (37)
Therapist — PT/RT (6)
Writer (3)

And finally, Ken put together this amusing top 10 list:


  1. Getting up for an 8 o’clock class doesn’t seem so early anymore.
  2. We ask our kids, "Do I double click on this or what?"
  3. The music we listened to while at Gustavus is now played on Oldies stations.
  4. Our current yearly consumption of alcohol was called Case DAY in 1984.
  5. Going to the library nowadays means spending time in the Arthur and Barney sections.
  6. Four years of our tuition equals one year of current tuition.
  7. Three regularly scheduled, non-microwaved meals doesn't sound so bad.
  8. Our vocabulary now includes quotes like, "Those vinyl things are called record albums."
  9. Two Words: Hair Loss
  10. Freshmen entering Gustavus this year were born in the 1980s!

Reunion Year Fundraising Efforts

You might remember that as part of our reunion efforts last year, Ken and I set a goal of 84 percent participation and $20,000 in gifts from our class. In case you’re curious how things turned out, well, here’s the scoop. Thanks to 256 of you (i.e. prercent participation), the Class of 84 contributed $26,821.43 in total gifts to The Gustavus Fund. THANK YOU! Because of your generosity, our class had the highest percentage of participation in our decade group, which was 13 percent over last year. With 256, we also had the highest number of donors and we had the greatest increase in number of donors with 58 over the 1998 fund. In many and various ways, 1999 was a banner year for the Class of 84!

Class News

Since the last class letter, many of our friends have passed along news of what’s happening in their lives. Let’s get to it!

  • Anna Carlsted Behnen (Bloomington, Minnesota) is a homemaker. Her husband, Tim, is a systems analyst.
  • Karen Clodfelter Blandford (Round Rock, Texas) is enjoying her home-based business as a unit manager for Creative Memories. She and her husband, Mark, have two daughters: Lauren (7) and Kristen (4).
  • Barbara Blumer (Belton, Missouri) is employed by Kansas University Medical Center where she is a research associate. She started medical school this fall.
  • Susan Belitz Bodlak wrote to tell us that her second son, Andrew, was born on July 1, 1997. A truly belated congratulations! She is now working at home where she runs three in-home businesses: she works as a freelance immigration paralegal and runs a Shaklee business and an Immunocal business. She’s tackling the ups and downs of working from home, and would love to hear from anyone who may have tips on balancing and doing it all and staying sane.
  • Erick Boe (LeSueur, Minnesota) is teaching social studies at St. Peter High School, where he is also the assistant football coach and assistant track coach.
  • Susan Tschida DeVine (Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota) works for the Hastings Schools–ISD 200.
  • Debra Dirlam (Redwood Falls, Minnesota) has returned to Minnesota, where she now runs her own business out of her home.
  • Jeff Edblad (Cambridge, Minnesota) is the Isanti County Attorney (he was elected in 1995).
  • Mark Ekman (Albuquerque, New Mexico) is a senior member of the technical staff at Sandia National Laboratories.
  • Karl and Janet (Kamrud) Emerson have moved to Bovey, Minnesota. Karl graduated from Bethel Seminary’s M.Div. program last May and is now pastor of the Nashwauk Alliance Church. Congratulations on the graduation and the call to Bovey!
  • Mary Hackett Engebretson (Jonesboro, Georgia) is employed by Harding Plumbing where she is in sales and retail/wholesale trade.
  • Jon Entner (Burnsville, Minnesota) is a systems consultant with Sysdyne, Inc. in Minneapolis.
  • Ken Ericson (Eden Prairie, Minnesota) and his wife, Gail (Chase ’88), welcomed their third child on June 5 when daughter Tyra Marianne was born. Ken and Gail also have twin sons. Congratulations!
  • Charlie Farrow (Duluth, Minnesota) is a social studies teacher at Esko High School. His wife, Crystal, is a registered nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth. Charlie was the educator profile in the Duluth News-Tribune on April 13, 1999. Here are some highlights:
  • Why I do what I do: Farrow says being around youth energizes him and he believes teaching is an admirable profession.
  • What I like most about teaching: "When one teaches a particular subject to others, one is rewarded with a much deeper understanding of the event. Each time I cover a historical event, I marvel at how little I really know and how subjective the study of history is by its very nature."
  • If money were no object, I would: "Climb Mount Everest and take my wife to the south of France for a month-long climbing trip, then put a down payment on a big sailboat on which I’d sail to Antarctica and climb Mount Vinson."
  • Jacalyn Fleming (Troy, New York) is law student.
  • Lisa Belin Foecke (Damascus, Maryland) is a homemaker. She is very active in the church and is a volunteer at school. Her husband, Tim, is a metallurgist at NIST. Lisa and Tim have two daughters: Kimberly (6) and Karen (3).
  • Peter Ford (Alexandria, Virginia) continues in his employment with the State Department. He is the State Department Diplomatic Security’s Capitol Hill Liaison. As such, he does a significant amount of overseas traveling on congressional delegations, including trips with the speaker and minority leader. Sounds interesting as usual!
  • Eric Gilhoi and Yoko Fujii were married in Japan last September—congratulations (if I knew the word in Japanese, I would write that too!). Yoko is a speech therapist and worked with disabled kids in Japan. She and Eric are now living in the Twin Cities.
  • Deb Peterson Gerstner (Maple Plain, Minnesota) is working as director of investment accounting for American Express Financial Advisors. She and her husband have two daughters: Kari (9) and Rachelle (7).
  • Scott and Laurie (Berge) Hagen have moved to Faribault, Minnesota, where Scott is in his first call as associate pastor at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Scott was ordained on June 27, 1999. Congratulations! Laurie is now lead teacher at Holy Redeemer Preschool in Montgomery. Scott and Laurie have four sons.
  • Troy and Susan (Lunt) Hawksford relocated to Northville, Michigan, in July, 1997. Troy is a sales representative with Douglas Corporation and Susan is at home with their four children: Ben (11), Elizabeth (9), Alexandra (6), and Catherine (4).
  • Hannah Hawkins-Esther (Dunwoody, Georgia) continues as a freelance newswriter for CNN. She and her husband, Jon (who owns his own television promotion company), have three children: Jonny (14), Mallory (12), and Jacob (20 months).
  • Chris Heiser, his wife, Patty (Chorzempa ’83) and their children continue to make their home in Western Springs, Illinois. On March 1, 1999, Chris became budget director for the University of Chicago. Prior to this position, he was associate dean of the University of Chicago Law School, a position he held since 1995.
  • James Herbers (Marshall, Minnesota) wrote to let us know that he and his wife are busy these days "mostly chasing kids" and having fun doing it—something I think many of our classmates can relate to! He and Mary are chasing three kids, ages 1, 4, and 6. Jim shared some words of wisdom that I thought I’d pass along as well: "The days are long but the years are fast."
  • Kelly Rome Johnson (DeSoto, Texas) and her husband, John, continue to be busy with their four children (Katelyn, Lauren, Megan, and Ashley) and their Kwik Kopy Printing business. Kelly is an active and engaged volunteer in her community, and serves in a variety of leadership positions in the different organizations in which she is involved.
  • Kent Johnson (St. Michael, Minnesota) and his wife welcomed daughter, Addie Mae, on December 11, 1998. Belated congratulations!
  • Kendra Petrick Langert (Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota) is employed by Blue Cross/Blue Shield where she is an instructor. She is currently in graduate school working toward a master’s degree in special education, and is busy raising her fourth-grade son, Kendall.
  • Damon Larson (Aurora, Colorado) continues to serve as Department Chair of English at Chaparral High School in Parker. Anna-Marie, his wife, is director of Christian education at Lord of the Hills Lutheran Church.
  • Glenn and Karen (Olson) Merrick (Duluth, Minnesota) welcomed Jordyn Glenn on April 30, 1999. Congratulations!
  • Elizabeth (Zahradka) Miller (Stacy, Minnesota) is a registered nurse employed by Favorite Nurses, for which she works in all Twin Cities intensive care units as needed.
  • James Miller (Juneau, Alaska) is employed by Juneau Rubber Stamp Company.
  • Jeff Miller (Eagan, Minnesota) is in systems/programming at Modis.
  • Vicky (Burmeister) Mitchell wrote to fill us in on a job change. She now works for The Hewlett-Packard Company as a Hard Copy Representative. No need to jump to conclusions, that’s hard copy as in HP lingo for anything that touches paper—laser printers, scanners, etc.
  • Paul Nelson (Plymouth, Minnesota) is a property claims manager for Allstate Insurance. His wife, Gail, works for Target in HRIS. Paul and Gail have two girls: Jenna (5) and Courtney (21/2).
  • Peter Nelson (Oakdale, Minnesota) is still an investment broker with Offerman & Company, but recently went into partnership with Mike Oushak of FPS Financial Inc. Cassandra is still with Imation in Oakdale as an account manager. They have two children: Mitchell and Margaret. Cass and Pete’s niece, Stephanie Nelson, has joined the Gustavus family and began college this fall.
  • David Nordlander (Cambridge, Massachusetts) is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. He recently received a three-year appointment at Harvard as a research associate; the appointment runs from 1999-2002.
  • Ranel Voss Nordstrom (Cedar, Minnesota) is a registered nurse at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park. Her husband, Charles, is employed by Banta Digital Group.
  • John Olson (Lake City, Iowa) and his wife, Kim ’82, welcomed daughter Kjersti Jean on December 13, 1998. Belated congratulations!
  • Todd Osmundson (Henderson, Nevada) is employed by Nevada Pacific Mining Co.
  • John Owens let us know that he and his wife have left Bolivia and moved to the Philippines. He is working on a USAID-funded project as the Regional Manager in Cagayan de Oro region of the Philippines working with several rural banks to expand financial services to micro and small enterprises.
  • Agnieszka Perlinska (Williston, Vermont) is a partner in Stowe Consulting Company, where she works with organizations to improve operational and human productivity. Last year she received a grant from the Paul Foundation in New York and has been developing a piloting an interpersonal skills curriculum for K-2 children that focuses on teaching empathy, respect, and collaborative problem solving.
  • Jill Mauston Petersen (Excelsior, Minnesota) teaches in the Edina Public Schools. She and her husband, Clayton, welcomed son Logan Levi on January 23, 1999. Belated congratulations!
  • Theresa Rocker (Peabody, Massachusetts) is public policy pmnager for Lotus Development Corp. in Cambridge. She is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Children Law Center of Massachusetts and is a steering committee member for Women Leading at Lotus.
  • Joyce Rosenblad (Los Angeles, California) is still writing for "Days of Our Lives." The writing team was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for the third consecutive year. She is also attending UCLA’s professional program in screenwriting and is busy writing her third screenplay.
  • Dale Ross (Edina, Minnesota) is currently employed by Crystal Shamrock Inc. His wife, Jody (Swanson ’85), is drector of oerations at Long Term Care Group, Inc. in Eden Prairie.
  • Connie Sackett (Minneapolis, Minnesota) is a nurse with Health Systems Minnesota. 1999 was a memorable year for Connie. Her son, Jens Marlin, was born on March 8 and on June 19 she wed Robert Lund. Congratulations!
  • Kristin Carlson Schultz (Arlington, Minnesota) has returned to the nursing field after a seven-year hiatus, during which she was "employed full-time" by her children. She is now a public health nurse for Sibley County and is the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Grant Coordinator; she works specifically in the area of fetal alcohol syndrome prevention, education, and intervention strategies. Kristin has been an active volunteer over the years, and is currently the chair of her church’s centennial planning committee. Her husband, Denny, is a farmer/rancher with D & K Schultz Farms, Inc. Kristin and Denny have three children: Kelsey, Michael, and Eric.
  • Jeff Sheppard (Aurora, Colorado) is now the CFO at the Holtze Corporation, a hotel development and management company.
  • Jill Sherman (Chapel Hill, North Carolina) touched base to let us know she was back in the U.S. She returned this fall to begin a Ph.D. program in medical geography at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
  • P. Brett Smith (White Bear Lake, Minnesota) is an elementary music teacher at Ditt Anderson Elementary in Mahtomedi. His wife, Jodi McCormick, is the high school choir director at Tartan High School in Oakdale. P. Brett continues to perform and has been a leader in his profession, and is the president-elect of the Minnesota Music Education Association.
  • David Soltau (Minneapolis, Minnesota) is now director for CMBS Trading.
  • Dr. Timothy Sorenson and his wife, Natalie, have relocated to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where Tim is a professor at Augustana College.
  • Kari Boorsma Suter (Burnsville, Minnesota) is a Reference Attorney with West Group. Her husband, Scott, is a partner with Webster & Suter, P.A. The Suters have four children; Ashley, Nicole, Jennifer, and Melissa.
  • Carin Plaisted Thomas (Lakeville, Minnesota) is a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch. Her husband, Russ, owns his own business—Minnesota Irrigation Systems. Carin and Russ have two boys: Tyler and Dylan.
  • Linda Williams Tollefson, her husband, Tom, and their children (Ashley and Erin) continue to make their home in Northfield, Minnesota. Tom is a corporate controller with Sheldahl, Inc.
  • Dave Torgerson, his wife, and their daughter, Elizabeth, continue to make their home in Denver, Colorado. Dave began a new job this past March; he is now a sales representative for DonJoy Brace Systems.
  • Judy Kohl Voigt (St. Louis Park, Minnesota) is a stay-at-home mom, busy taking care of her three children: Kelsey (9), Daniel (3), and Lauren (18 months). Her husband is in sales, retail/wholesale trade with United Health Care Corp.
  • Michael Wingard (Elk River, Minnesota) is a partner in Wingard Farms in Champlin. His wife, Elizabeth, is also involved in the family business; she is the bookkeeper. Michael and Elizabeth have three children: Matthew, Rachel, and Christopher.
  • Ed Worden and his wife, Shawn, make their home in Litchfield, Minnesota.
  • Roger Yost (Eden Prairie, Minnesota) and his wife, Alicia, welcomed their third son, Nicholas Charles, on December 30, 1998. Belated congratulations!
  • Marilee (Buss) Zalewski (Holmen, Wisconsin) is a stay-at-home mom, thanks to the arrival of Patrick Harry on January 20, 1999. Congratulations! Her husband, Terry, works for PTM, Inc.
News From The Hill

Like me, some of you may remember Maurice Swenson ’33. He worked in the dining hall during our time on the hill. He passed away at his home in Winona on August 20 at the age of 91.

Over 300 church youth attended Inside Out: Living with Passion and Purpose, a high school student leadership event held on campus last June. About 50 alumni and 50 current students were paired and served as mentors during the weekend for the young people.

The Alumni Office will be relocating to its own house (the former Lundgren House near the Guest House and Retreat Center). WHAT ELSE CAN WE SAY?

There have been more physical changes to campus, including a reorientation and landscaping of the tundra parking lot. Seeing it in its current state almost makes it hard to resurrect those memories of dashing across the lot in the freezing winds. The new Campus Center is open and it’s beautiful! The new Marketplace even comes with its own "Hello Wok."

Campus News:

The 1999-2000 academic year opened with a record enrollment of 2,490 full-time students (compared with the previous record of 2,474 set last year), including 660 first-year students. Students returned to the new Campus Center housing the Evelyn Young Dining Room, the new Book Mark, post office, health service, and printing service. Renovation of the old dining service building will continue with expected completion in February. The renovation project will provide office space for student organizations, Office of Admission, specialty dining areas, Dean of Students office, and a faculty and staff center. Summer construction also included the landscaping of parking lots on the north end of campus. The landscaping provides a welcoming appearance to the College and helps break-up the "frozen tundra" between Norelius Hall and the Campus Center.

Gustavus Adolphus College Ranked Among the Best Liberal Arts Colleges

Gustavus Adolphus College is once again ranked among the best of all national liberal arts colleges in U.S. News and World Report's 13th annual "America's Best Colleges" rankings. Gustavus is again in the top 80 of the overall quality listings for national liberal arts colleges. Ranked again in the second tier in the national liberal arts college category, Gustavus is one of only two Minnesota colleges included in the 38-college tier two listing and one of four Minnesota colleges ranked in the top 80. Gustavus is also included in the Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine list of "100 great values" among the nation's 1,600 private schools. The "Private Colleges Worth the Price" article appears in the September 1999 magazine. Gustavus is one of only four Minnesota colleges named a Top 100 Value in Private Colleges. The list is based on academic and financial measures.

Some exciting changes are in store for class reunions. Starting next year, all class reunions, except for the 50-Year Club and the 50th Anniversary Class, will be held in the fall at Homecoming, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, September 29 & 30, 2000. Classes celebrating reunions at Homecoming will include ’55, ’60, ’65, ’70, ’75, ’80, ’85, ’90 & ’95. Reunion dates for the 50-Year Club and the Class of 1950 are May 26 & 27, 2000, Commencement Weekend.

The Gustavus Library Associates Once upon a holiday … A Royal Affair, is Saturday, November 13 at the Radisson South Hotel, Bloomington. Information and registration material was inserted in the Summer Quarterly.

Christmas in Christ Chapel, Even so, come, Lord Jesus, is December 3-5. A ticket order form was inserted in the Summer Quarterly.

Alumni Chapters will be meeting again this year so mark your calendars today: Washington, DC, November 5; Boston, November 6; Chicago, December 11; Atlanta, January 31; Marco Island, February 5; Tucson, February 7; Phoenix, February 8; Sun City, February 9; Seattle, March 3; Bay Area, March 4; Los Angeles, March 5; San Diego, March 6; Denver, March 7.

ALUMNILLENNIUM 2000 - The Gustavus Artist Series -- For 30 years, the Artist Series has brought world-class artists to campus for performances, exhibitions and residencies. This year the tables turn as the Series features and celebrates the accomplishments of our alumni artists as they enter the new millennium, ALUMNILLENNIUM 2000. The Fall Series opened September 18 with the jazz trio October, featuring Andrew Benson ’95, Brian Rowe ’95 and Nik Lindell ’95; followed by the music of Steve Heitzeg ’82, September 25. David Esbjornson ’75 directs a one-woman Virginia Woolf play on October 8; organist Timothy Strand ’82 presents his recital on November 14; and tenor Mark Thomsen ’78 will present a vocal recital on November 21. Spring semester events include an alumni art exhibiton in February; a concert by Neal Hagberg ’81 and Leandra Peak ’83 on February 19; pianist Stephen Carlson ’92 on March 4; and Peter Krause ’87, better known as Casey McCall on ABC's SPORTS NIGHT, will be in residency in April. Other events may be scheduled through the fall of 2000 as well. Ticket information and complete schedule will be posted to the Fine Arts Calendar on the Gustavus website.

Following extensive work to Christ Chapel's magnificent pipe organ this summer, a three-concert series of organ recitals has been planned for the fall. Christ Chapel Organist, Dr. David Fienen opens the series with Organ Works by Charles-Marie Widor on October 10 at 7:30 p.m. Volodymyr Koshuba, Organist of the Kiev Concert Hall of Organ and Chamber Music and the Ukraine's "Honored Artist" for 1998, will present a recital on November 4 at 7:30 p.m. The final recital, mentioned in the ALUMNILLENNIUM 2000, is a recital by Timothy Strand ’82, Organist and Music Director for St. Luke's Episcopal in Minneapolis, on November 14, beginning at 3:30 p.m. The Fienen and Strand recitals are free of charge. The Koshuba recital, sponsored by the American Guild of Organists, will have tickets available at the door.

Gustavus will be represented at several Lutheran College Fairs and Festivals around the country this year. Gustavus alumni, parents and friends are encouraged to assist with these events by staffing the Gustavus table to share your experiences with prospective students and their parents. You can also help by bringing students of high potential to the events or encouraging their attendance. Please call the Gustavus Admission Office to volunteer at 800-GUSTAVU(S). Events scheduled include: Omaha, September 19; Kansas City, September 20; Des Moines, September 21; Cedar Rapids, September 22; Quad Cities, September 23; St. Louis, September 26; Denver, October 10; Phoenix, October 11; Santa Ana, October 12; Seattle, October 17; Portland, October 17; Appleton, October 31; Milwaukee, November 2; Madison, November 3; Chicago, November 7; Grand Rapids (MI), November 8; Detroit, November 14; Cleveland, November 15; Columbus, November 16; Pittsburgh, November 17; Saddlebrook (NJ), November 21; Philadelphia, November 21; Baltimore, November 22; and Washington, DC, November 23.

SMARTERsource is a new Web-based resume service exclusively for the students and alumni of Minnesota Private Colleges. The site is a job-searching tool for current students seeking internships or part-time employment, new or recent graduates launching a career, or alumni seeking new positions or career changes. The service lists resumes in more than a dozen categories. Check out this site at

As of June 1, 2000, the Career Center will destroy all credential files created on or before June 1, 1974. Credential files include letters of recommendation and/or student teacher evaluations. If you do not wish your file to be destroyed, please contact the Career Center by May 1, 2000, at 507-933-7586; fax 507-933-6277, or e-mail

I should probably bring this now long and chatty letter to a close. 1999 has been a wonderful year and I hope it has been for you as well. As we move into the holiday season and on to a new millennium, my wish for you is that you will know the love of family, the company of good friends, and the bounty of a life lived well.


P.S. There are many new and updated e-mail addresses; increasingly our friends are out there in cyberspace—get connected!

"I believe my life belongs to the community,

and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can."

–George Bernard Shaw

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