Class of '83
September 2008

25-Year Reunion

Reunion dates – October 3 & 4,  2008

 Remember the times you've had here,

…moving in the dorms in September 1979.

…bad hair in your Gribly picture but bright eyes awaiting the next four years.

…Nobel Conferences and Christmas in Christ Chapel.

…Turkey EVERY Thursday and Sunday, red velvet cake, butter pats on the ceiling or at the time…on which end of the caf did you dine?

…big stereos, traying down the hill after the first snow, The Flame.

…skipping Chapel, going to chapel, being touched in some way by the centerpiece of campus.

…theatre and fine arts performances, that shark lab in Doc Glass General Zo’

…basketball games in the old fieldhouse, football games in the rain

…(gotta save a few for October!)

Remember when you're away.

…lamenting the 5 cent coffee in the canteen as you stop by Starbucks

…seeing a Gustavus shirt or ring on someone far from home and making an instant connection

…connecting with a Gustie accidentally or on purpose in a far off land.

…seeing the baseball team in Florida, basketball team in Virginia, choir in Spain or the band in China.

…your wife divests your homecoming shirts from our freshman year (“Flush the Johnnies”).  The football team made a nice run that year in the MIAC.

Remember the friends you've made here,

…from your freshman roommate

…your lab partner or teammate, that special someone from FCA, your band or choir friends, your fraternity or sorority mates, or that someone you met at the Nic(collet House) or the barn;

…one may even be a spouse or was in your wedding

and don't forget to come back some day.

…the reunion in 1988 picnicking at the park around a keg.

…the reunion in 1993 when we all looked so good at age 32 (or 33).

…the reunion in 2003 with kids in tow complaining about how cold this hilltop place is.

Remember the hills and valleys

…does anyone remember where they were and their first thought upon hearing about the tornado in 1998?

…how nice the drive is in the valley during fall with the color change.

…that big flood year when 169 to Mankato was closed.

…mist hanging over the valley on your way to 8:00 a.m. class

the skies so heav'nly blue,

…especially in January on a 20 below morning.

For you belong to G.A. College,

…were you a legacy or are your kids’ legacies?

…the four years did mold you, as we hit our late 40’s how is that playing back?

and Gustavus belongs to you

…come to the reunion October 3 & 4 to renew old friendships and relationships.

Things at GAC, things in the world and random stuff from our time:

- Hacky sack in front of the library instead of class or lab.

- The very first installment of Nightline (hostages….Iran...remember?)

- Mullets and boxer shorts.

- That McDonald’s theme our Senior year during homecoming (“Down the Macs” when the caf brought the then-new-to-St. Peter golden arches to campus and made egg McMuffins and McNuggets in addition to the (un)usual fare.

- The Renaissance festival.

- Senior week:  Twins game, champagne at Cec Eckhoff’s.

- Broomball (team names if nothing else).

- Snow in April our senior year

- Old Uhler/new Uhler

- Where were you when you heard Reagan was shot?  When John Lennon was shot?

- Phi Beta Kappa arrival in our Senior year

- Benderfest (Jan Bender as organist/composer in residence and that wonderful concert)

- Tylenol murders

- Vietnam War Memorial opened

- The last M*A*S*H

- Barney Clark

- Bobby Sands

- The Preppy Handbook

- Women’s soccer debut in the MIAC

See you in October!

Brad Somero and Karin Stone

Class Fundraising Update

We’d like to thank our classmates for their generous support of Gustavus during this 25th Reunion year.  On the next page you will see everyone that has made a gift during the reunion year so far (June 1, 2007 to September 4, 2008).  Highlighted names represent those who have made a special reunion gift to Gustavus by supporting the Class of 1983 Scholarship Fund, honoring our legacy as alumni.  So far $17,000 has been raised towards our goal of $25,000.  If you’d like to join this list it’s not too late.   Contact the Alumni Office at 866-487-3863 or give online at  Make sure to specify “1983 Class Scholarship” if you want to add to the Class of 1983 Scholarship Fund.  Remember our class will receive credit to the 1983 Class Gift no matter where you direct your gift.  Contributions are always welcome!

Class Reunion Help Still Needed

The Reunion Committee is preparing a Class of 1983 Museum and we need your help.  If you are willing to lend an item for the weekend, please email Susan Scherb Path ( a description of what you will bring with you.  Please label the item(s) with your name, address and phone number.  Security is limited and you must pick-up your item after the event on Friday night or the Saturday brunch.

On behalf of the Reunion Committee, Randi Ness Kelley is preparing a slideshow.  Please email copies of your pictures to her at: or mail copies to Randi Kelly, 5936 Oaklawn Avenue, Edina, MN 55436.  Please forward copies to her by September 19.

Event Schedule

See the enclosed form which includes all of the events you can participate in during the weekend of our reunion.  Go online to register at: or use the form at the bottom of the schedule to send your registration in today!  Don’t delay―we are all looking forward to seeing you at the reunion!!

Your Classmates on the 25 Year Reunion Committee:

Dan Balach                                                       Randi Ness Kelley

Brad Emch                                                       Jim Mara

Jim Gale                                                           Susan Scherb Path

Bob Gazzola                                                     Leandra Peak

Scott Gilyard                                                    Angie Roesner

Mark Hanson                                                   Brad Somero

Laurie Iverson Hassenstab                                Eileen Applegate Sternard

Susie Bjorling Heim                                          Karin Stone

Jonathan Heller                                                Randall Stuckey

Cynthia Hendricks                                            Scott Winter

Cindy Zaine Karos                                           Craig Yotter

Class Donors (June 1, 2007 to September 4, 2008)

Brenda Wilcox Abraham

Kofi Agyen

Amin Ahmed

Mark Austin

Daniel Balach

David Barnes

Dave Baukol

Ronda Petersen Bayer

Renee Kampf Beattie

Carrie Berge

Pat Berry

Lori Horecka Bird

Mark Birkholz

Joseph Blake

Nancy Gudgel Blankenhagen

Natalie Carlson Bloomquist

Margaret Bom

Jody Quinnell Bongard

Julie Olson Brown

Robert Brown

Larry Busack

Cathy Lehman Caho

Patty Taft Carnis

Steven Clausen

Julie Boos Clay

Chris Coleman

Brian Dahl

Nancy Johnson Dahl

Brita Taracks DeRemee TaracksDaryl Doering

Elizabeth Jackman Doering

David Dow

Karen Dykstra

Marcelynn Ediger

Kimberly Line Edwards

Brad Emch

Laura Franz

Connie Schmidt Fust

Jim Gale

Joel Garrison

Lisa Gault

Bob Gazzola

Leigh Gentz Gervais

Daniel Gilyard

Scott Gilyard

Kristen Gray

Lynn Raymond Grisez

Dave Gustafson

Dawn Rhode Gustafson

Mark Hanson

Laurie Iverson Hassenstab

John Hatlestad

Kris Haugen

Susie Bjorling Heim

Greg Helland

Jonathan Heller

  Cynthia Hendricks

  Mark Henneman

  Terri DeGiusti Henneman

  Lori Tyler Heslep

  Lisa Krause Heutmaker

  Rick Hjelm

  Lori Holt Huska

  Lisa Isenberg

  Kathleen Applegate Iverson

Leslee Jackels Jaeger

Elizabeth Watzke Janson

Craig Jergenson

Lisa Gisvold Johanson

Audrey Gaard Johnson

Lisa Anderson Johnson

Miranda Millen Johnson

Sheryl Brolander Johnson

Vint Johnson

David Jones

Cindy Zaine Karos

Vicki Hall Kaul

Lori Carsen Kelly

Laraine Kirinovic

Diane Klemenhagen

Jill Johnson Koosmann

Barb Beestman Krall

Gary Krohg

Rebecca Schneider Lantz

Frank Larson

Jay Larson

Dagni Johnson Lee

Kristin Erickson Lee

Jayne Anderson Long

Kim Loos

Bruce Lundgren

Heidi Ohr Lundgren

Ron Lutes

Terri Lynne-Culloden

Chanda Smith Lyons

David Magee

Martha Malkasian

David Malmquist

Charles Mann

Jim Mara

Thomas Marks

Mary Beth Sonderegger McRaith

Tammy Meister

Mary Dronen Meyer

Susan Luhman Michael

Mark Modak-Truran

Stephanie Hatlestad Molzen

Gari Moscatelli

Dana Mumey

Dawn Mumey

John Murakami

Don Myers

Joni Anderson Myers

Christine Beaver Neff

Charlie Nelson

Diane Mattick Nelson

Sara Nelson

Francis Nketia

David Nordquist

Cathy Schmidt Norelius

Jim Norquist

Jean Nowak

Tom Nuessmeier

Cindy Belknap Olmanson

Chuck Ostrom

Nancy Gilbert Ostrom

Susan Scherb Path

Leandra Peak

Mark Penner

Barbara Lundstrom Perkins

Ann Sponberg Peterson

Sue Anderson Peterson

Tim Peterson

Paul Pettersen

Brenda Pflaum

Andrea Goldschmidt Pierson

Mark Prieve

Susan Fox Prieve

Mark Pryor

Beth Swanson Pursley

Dwight Rebers

Terri Jo Heckman Reusch

Jeanne Ripley

Timothy Roberts

Angie Roesner

Bev Matson Rose

Mary Anderson Rothfusz

Don Ryan

Paul Schauer

Bill Scheig

Lisa Schmidt

Kathy Kerns Schroeder

Paul Setter

John Skalbeck

Lucy Turner Skalbeck

Laine Sletta

Peter Smith

Scott Solomon

Brad Somero

Kathy Stark

Eileen Applegate Sternard

Karin Stone

Judy Lund Straub

Al Stromback

Randall Stuckey

Michelle Larsen Swan

Chris Sorenson Swanson

Michelle Taylor

Michael Thomas

Lois Langer Thompson

Barb Olmsted Thorne

Dena Angelos Tortorelis

John Townsend

Becky Dahl Tuchscherer

Catherine Tucker

Scott Turner

Scott Vickerman

Susan Strand Vickerman

Ruthanne Hedstrom Vos

Grant Wacker

Cindy Reese Walker

Ann Wasilowski

Ross Wastvedt

William Wavrin

Kevin Weeks

Stacy Welborn

Brian Wiese

Jeff Wilk

Jackie Ellwein Williams

Jon Williams

Mark Wimmer

Scott Winter

Craig Yotter

Ellen Ives Ziegler

 Highlighted names represent those who have made a special reunion gift to Gustavus by supporting the Class of 1983 Scholarship