Class of '83
January 2001

Greetings Gusties!

Forty. That number mean anything to you?

Seems those birthdays ending in zero get more attention than all the rest and this one is no exception. Can you believe it’s been half a lifetime (20 years) since we were sophomores at Gustavus? What were you doing J-term 1981 when President Reagan was inaugurated?

I had a chance to relive many Gustavus memories last week as I was in Minnesota helping my mother clean out her house so she can sell it. I definitely found some treasures (and lots of trash): How about an August, 1979 letter from my freshman roommate, Sue Ferrell? Sue, do you still have the letter I sent to you? All four Gribleys were there. Did we really wear our hair like that? The sorority banquet pictures were quite entertaining as were the candid shots from dorm life. I threw most of the textbooks, but wasn’t ready to part with my notes from Claire McRostie’s Econ 101. Remember "dittos?" There was lots of information from my CF days "run off" on dittos. And yes, there was a graduation cap and a diploma.

I also had a chance to relive some of those memories in person as well with Jeff and Diane (Brubaker) Bakk at a surprise 40th birthday party for Susie (Bjorling) Heim.

Now back to 2001…thanks are in order to Jim Gale for writing a guest letter last year and bringing us up-to-date with changes on campus. Any volunteers to write this year’s guest letter in March or April? You can contact me ( or the Alumni Office at 800-487-8437.

If you don’t feel like writing a whole letter, how about simply putting a number and a signature on a check to the Gustavus Fund? Remember, the fund year ends May 31.

Our class once again set the standard for the classes from the 1980’s for the 2000 Gustavus Fund. We had a total of 174 donors with $35,082.99 in unrestricted dollars and $76,177.30 total dollars.

I’d really like to see our class get back to at least 50% participation this year¾ that would be 242 participants. If you’ve skipped a few years, consider getting back into the giving mode this year. Or, if you’ve never given, maybe this year is a good year to reflect on the impact Gustavus has had on your life and start giving back to the college to help a future student have the same great experience. (OK, maybe they can skip the picture in the Gribley if they even still have the Gribley. Where did that name come from anyway?)

Campus News:

The Gustavus campus is enjoying another busy and exciting January Term with 2300-plus students enrolled for credit. There are over 100 January Term courses, including 16 travel courses (plus 36 international courses through our UMAIE consortium). There are also 15 courses on the special Environmental Studies theme for J-Term2001. Some of these courses include, Chemistry in the Environment, The Literature of Winter, Geographical Issues in the Third World, Global Environmental Change, Amazonia: An Eco-Historical Perspective, GIS in Environmental Analysis, The Changing Face of Agriculture, and Environmental Journalism. Next year (2002) the January Term theme will be "Global Village" and will feature both international and domestic diversity focused courses. After that J-Term themes are planned for "Service-Learning" (2003) and "Undergraduate Research" (2004).

You are invited and encouraged to attend these upcoming national chapter alumni events. Invitations are sent to alumni in chapters. For more information, please call the Alumni Office at 800-487-8437 or look on the web at

  • Albuquerque Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, January 28
  • Santa Fe Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, January 29
  • Denver Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concerts, January 30, 31
  • Rapid City Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, February 1
  • Sioux Falls Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, February 2
  • Twin Cities Chapter, Gustavus Choir Concert, February 4, Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, 12650 Johnny Cake Road, Apple Valley, 3:30p.m.
  • Gustavus Band Home Concert, February 4, Christ Chapel, 7:30p.m.
  • Gustavus Choir Home Concert, February 10, Christ Chapel, 7:30p.m.
  • Marco Island gathering February 24
  • Vero Beach gathering February 25

Will you help Gustavus remain strongly church related? Encourage your ELCA congregation to join the Gustavus Adolphus College Association of Congregations. There is no cost. For more information, call the Office of Church Relations at 800-726-6194 or e-mail Craig Johnson

Class News:


None to report. Is this a first?


But plenty of babies. Sorry it took so long for some of them to make it into the letter.

  • Son, Ryan, to Amin Ahmed and Farah Ahmed on 1/29/00
  • Daughter, Bethany Lynne, to Cammie Hansen Tennis and Wes Tennis on 3/10/99
  • Son, David James, to Staci Huntington Howren and Donald Howren on 2/18/99
  • Son, Leif Christopher, to Lisa Gisvold Johanson and Christopher Johanson on 6/15/99
  • Son, William, to Frank Larson and Jennifer Larson on 6/12/00
  • Son, Torsten Bernard, to Kristin Erickson Lee and Randy Lee on 1/12/00
  • Daughter, Britta Kristine, to Heidi Ohr Lundgren and Dean Lundgren on 4/12/99
  • Son, Ezra Robert, adopted by Lisa Lackman McNair and Chris McNair on 6/15/99 (born 4/5/97)
  • Daughter, Maren Ione, to Jill Morstad and Andrew Miller on 8/5/99
  • Twin sons, Derek Scott and Brian Perry, to Connie Bah Sachs and Edward Sachs on 11/30/99
  • Daughter, Katherine Noelle, to Rebecca Schneider Lantz and Philip Lantz on 12/27/98
  • Son, William Christian, to Judy Lund Straub and Robert Straub on 1/23/00
  • Daughter, Emily Kristen, to Becky Olson Tromp and Jeff Tromp on 3/2/98
  • Daugher, Mary Elizabeth, to Craig Yotter and Helen Yotter on 10/21/99


Since I’ve had some of this news a while, I apologize if it’s already changed.

I would be an example of that change. Just over a year ago I was director of marketing for Financial Services at Ford Credit and living in Farmington Hills, MI. I moved to Carlsbad, CA (San Diego area) last February to become COO of Walker Digital West. I was "dot-commed" in September and don’t know where my next adventure will lead me. In the mean time, I’m enjoying life in sunny Southern California!

  • Pat Berry is the internal auditor and security officer at Credit Union 1 in Anchorage, AK.
  • Janet Chapin Engvall is the professional level coordinator at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island.
  • Audrey Gaard Johnson is the ticket office manager for The Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis.
  • Vint Johnson is the safety director for West Group in Eagan.
  • Frank Larson is president of Northstar Ice in the Twin Cities.
  • Jane Riitters Meyer is living in Thompson, ND and is manager at Red Wing Shoes.
  • Pam Snell Osborn is the CFO for United Healthcare in the Twin Cities.
  • Chuck Ostrom is the St. Louis Park Edward Jones investment representative and has been with them for over three years.
  • Giorgio Rietti and his wife, Susan Strausman are living in Rye Brook, NY. Giorgio is working for DoubleClick and Susan has her own construction business.
  • Jeanne Ripley is working for Halleland Health Consultants in the Twin Cities.
  • Craig Yotter is now a stay-at-home dad in Mendota Heights.

I hope all is well with the rest of you. And remember, the only information that gets printed in the Quarterly or the class letter is from information you send in so please make sure you keep the Alumni office current with what’s going on in your life.

Karin Stone

1983 Class Agent