Class of 1981
30-Year Reunion

May 2011

Reunion Dates- September 30- October 1, 2011

Dear class of 1981,

In the excitement and momentum that is building for our 30th reunion coming up this fall, Steve and Leslie wanted to change things up a bit and think outside the box.  They asked if I, Amy Linner Quarberg, and my good friend and college roommate Marcia Bloom Bodnar would write this newsletter to you know, just to get a new voice and perspective on things.  So here is what we have to say.

Does the class of ʼ81 still have what it takes to make a difference at Gustavus?  Do we still like to have FUN and play with our classmates now and then?  Do you ever wish you could take a ROAD TRIP again with your friends like we did in college?  (Well... maybe not exactly like we did in college....)  Do you want to do something that may never have been done before on campus???

If you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions then I would invite you to take a road trip to St. Peter this fall and be a part of something really BIG!!  We are going to create a FLASH MOB on campus.  Yep, you heard me, a flash mob.  (For those of you not on facebook yet, you may have not seen these.  Google YouTube Flashmob to check out what we mean).  Once we do it and video tape it, who knows how cool it will be?....we could potentially go viral on YouTube and put Gustavus all over the world...

The key to making this successful and fun is YOU!!  Remember, this is called a flash MOB....not a flasher...We already have had an outpouring of support and enthusiasm from all over the US to do this from classmates such as Marsha Maly Brito in Dallas, Sara Sandvig Ljungman from Michigan, Jo Gjertson-Frederiksen from New York, and Debra Baker from southern California, just to name a few.  The song and details are yet to be finalized, but we will be sending out a video clip of the moves for you all to practice at home and then we will put it all together miraculously that weekend.

And trust me, you do not have to be “a dancer” to do this...What makes it cool is when everyday people  like you, spontaneously get up and MOVE together....

So please let us know if you are going to be IN on this, and be a part of history at the big 150th reunion at Gustavus.

Marcia, what do you have to say?...

I always look forward to traveling to Minnesota from San Diego in the fall to see our classmates at the reunion.  I love getting together with old friends every five years as living far away doesn’t allow me the chance to see all of you at parties or run into you at the lakes or downtown, etc...

For those of you that have attended our reunions in the past, you know what I mean.  Especially those of you that come in from out of state. Yeah I know we all see our really close friends throughout the years of course, but seeing old dorm friends, choir, sorority, fraternity, sports teammates and people you maybe didn’t know that well is really fun!

So even if you have never attended a reunion in the past, this is something you really don’t want to miss!  I heard that Paula Ponto is coming from Colorado, Heather Van Haaften is coming in from Florida and Rick Saruna is coming from Canada, to name just a few.

I also want to add that I happened to be in town this weekend for my dad’s funeral who was a Gustie himself, and was moved to see so many other Gusties in the pews to honor him.  That is what I love about this college...the connections that can last a lifetime.  Because I was in town I had the opportunity to go to a reunion planning meeting at Lori Rutter Anderson’s house.  It was there that I got to go through the mailing list and saw the names of so many people that I would love to see when I return in September.

So now is the time to book your room at the hotel and make your reservation to attend the memorable fun reunion weekend.

Hotel info:

Mankato City Centre Hotel 507-345-1234

Rooms are discounted ($89/night – ask for Gustavus 1981 class reunion block).

Amy, do you remember who all your dates for our Flea banquets were?  Or how much fun we had playing backgammon and spades in our room at night??

Yes, Marcia I remember, but do you remember our adventures we had in Seguin Texas over J-Term???  Yikes, I am glad we had our guardian angels with us on that one.

What memories do you want to laugh about with your friends this fall??

We hope to see all of you in St Peter on September 30 – October 2, 2011.

Til then,

Amy Linner Quarberg and Marcia Bloom Bodnar

1981 Guest Letter Writers

Notes from your class agents:

We are getting great responses from classmates who want to be part of the flashmob, but the more of us who join the fun, the better.  If you’re interested, please send an email to Heimer at or Leslie at  Once we hear from you, we’ll keep you updated on progress and send you video clips so you can practice!

Also, please plan to join our next mini-reunion at The Muddy Pig – Selby/Dale Streets, St Paul, Wednesday, June 29th, 6-9pm.  We plan to do a flashmob practice run that evening somewhere outside the pub!

We are so grateful that Amy is willing to lend her expertise to help choreograph this wild idea of ours.  We are also thankful to Jo Gjertson Fredrickson who is adding her support from New York.  They are making it so easy that we are convinced that absolutely anyone will be able to join in.  But if flashmobs aren’t your thing, never fear……we need audience members to cheer us on too!  All ’81 attendees will be part of the spirit of the event no matter what their role in the flashmob!

Here’s a quick rundown of Reunion 2011 weekend as we currently know it – updates will continue to come, but we thought it might help you to have an idea of the times so you can plan your travel...

Friday, Sept 30, 2011

Approx 4 p.m. – tentative time for flashmob practice – on campus, site to be determined.

5:00 - 6:30 p.m. – social hour – Lund Center, Gustavus campus

6:30 p.m. – dinner hosted by the College to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Gustavus

9:00 p.m. – post party for Class of 1981 (friends from other classes welcome to join us – get the word out!) at Mankato City Centre Hotel lounge

Saturday, Oct 1, 2011

12:00 - 2:30 p.m. – Hospitality tents set up at Football stadium for reunion classes.  Food, wine and beer available.

1:30 p.m. – Homecoming Football game

Saturday evening (time to be determined) – Class of 1981 Reunion at Verizon Civic Center, Mankato (across skyway from Mankato City Centre Hotel).

Sunday, Oct 2, 2011

Morning (Time to be determined) – Brunch for Class of ’81 – Mankato City Centre Hotel

Our thanks to Amy and Marcia…..great class letter!

Steve Heim and Leslie Nielsen

1981 Co-class Agents