Class of '81
December 2010

30-Year Reunion ― September 30-October 1, 2011

Hello classmates,

I’m your guest author for this month’s newsletter.  Leslie and Heimer requested I write after I told them about my warm and wonderful Gustavus moments last year.

My son, Jonathan, graduated from high school last year and was very casual about his college search.  As a musician he is very laid back and was quite content to have me set up visits and essentially drive the process.  Gustavus was definitely on our radar screen.  Not only am I an alumnus, my father (John, ’51) is as well.

My dad is a true Gustie at heart.  He attends most of the Nobel conferences, participates in his reunion activities and likes to work the booth at the state fair.  In fact, he even roped me into working it with him one year.  It was a blast.  We were teamed up with Mark Anderson ʼ66 former director of admission.  A great coup for a mom tasked with getting her son into college.  It didn’t hurt that I knew Mark way back when.  I taught his daughter gymnastics on Saturdays while I was on the team.  Anyway, I got the low down on the admissions process and the benefits of having alumni parents and grandparents.

So off Jon and I go to visit Gustavus.  I do always get a weird feeling going over the bridge by Le Sueur.  It’s like I’m transported back those many years.  A mixture of excitement and dread.  The anticipation that I would see all my friends combined with the dread of assignments not yet complete.

And now I’m sitting next to my seventeen year-old son.  Did I ever think about that on my drives?  That someday I’d be on my way with my kid.  Never!

As we climbed the stairs to the admission office (just past the palatial cafeteria) I see a familiar face on the stairs.  It’s been almost thirty years, but I don’t think I would mistake this one.  “Excuse me sir, do you by chance happen to be Bruce Gray?” I asked.  And of course, it is!  Now, I worked in the administration office one summer and that is the ONLY reason I would remember the dean of students and he would remember me.  Seriously, I really mean it.

He greets my son, warmly.  Offers him a dinner at his house should he attend Gustavus, a connection!  He’s genuine and I’m filled with appreciation.  I have a Gustie moment.  We visit a few minutes and head up to the admission office.  In the back of my mind I’m thinking that I’ll drop him a note to thank him for his attention.  Off we go and we see Rich Aune (who does a fantastic job with my son), Bob Neuman ʼ80 (old buds from early days in Minnetonka) and of course Mark Anderson ʼ66, and I’m amused that I know all these people.

Our visit goes smoothly.  It’s a Thursday and it’s a busy weekend ahead and I don’t get right on that thank you note.  On Monday we get a note from Bruce, handwritten.  Letting Jon know how good it was to meet him and extending that dinner offer again.

Another Gustie moment!  I get these often when I run into classmates during the course of my life.  It’s a small school and you get to know so many great people.

The final verdict on the college selection?  Jon selected UMD because it had a Jazz Studies major and that was the right choice for him.  He’s in his freshman year and happy with his choice.  But I do have another kid….

Has it already been thirty years???  I really hope to see you at the reunion.  I am on the committee and we are having such fun planning it.  Please bring your spouse.  Mine has become an unofficial Gustie.  All the classmates have been wonderful about including him and making him feel welcome.  So don’t come alone.  Bring someone and we’ll all make them feel welcome.  But come and join us.  We all would love to see you again.

Need more information about the reunion?  Check out our website:

Or try our Facebook page – search for Gustavus Class of 81

More on Gustie moments, but these are with new Gusties….

A couple of weeks after we toured I received a call from Dr. Kathi Tunheim, a professor in the business area at Gustavus.  Kathi and I go way back, we worked together at Republic Airlines in 1985.  I was in marketing and she was in human resources.  We stayed in touch.  The phone call from her was a request for me to take a student or two for January term ʼ10.  I obliged.  I’m a marketing director for a health plan (Medica) and convinced my boss that this was not going to be a problem for him.

They arrive.  Two bright and shining faces.  Juniors Rebecca Rasp ʼ11 and Nina Boldt ʼ11.  Adorable, curious, ambitious.  We get along right out of the gate.  I give them analytics projects (assess the use of our website), they sit in meetings while we discuss revamping our websites, they build a spreadsheet of data for a future website we want to build (it’s up and running now).  They tell me and Kathi that it was wonderful and they learned a lot.

Nina returned in the summer for an internship that was created, based on the January experience.  She was amazing.  By the end of the summer she was putting together newsletters and making edits to our website.  A value to us and a value to her.  A success.

This January I’ll be hosting two new students.  One of which is Jordan Brunsberg ʼ13, the daughter of Jon ’80 and Jacque Schwartz Brunsberg.  How cool is that???  I’m excited to help the kids and get to know another generation of Gusties.

Speaking of another generation, supporting the school is a great way to invest in these great students.  This is our reunion year and it would be wonderful if we had lots of support.  It doesn’t take much to make a difference in the school or in a student.

Will I see you at any of the gatherings in the next year?  I really hope so.  And so do the other members of the reunion committee.

Here is more information on them:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

4 to 6 p.m.

Lions Tap

16180 Flying Cloud Drive

Eden Prairie, MN  55347

Friday, April 8, 2011

6 to 9 p.m.

Joe Senser’s Bloomington

4217 American Blvd. West

Bloomington, MN  55437

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

6 to 9 p.m.

Muddy Pig

162 Dale Street

St Paul, MN. 55102

Class Reunion

Friday, September 30, 2011


Sunday, October 2, 2011

More details to follow.

Questions: or 612-723-7050

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season,

Linda Norman Reding

1981 Guest Letter Writer

Campus News

150th Anniversary Commemorative Alumni Directory

The Gustavus Alumni Association is bringing together about 25,000 Gusties to celebrate the College’s 150th anniversary.  In partnership with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI), Gustavus will produce the 150th Anniversary Commemorative Alumni Directory.  Over the next couple of months, PCI will be contacting Gustavus alumni via phone, mail, and e-mail to request that you update your information.  We know you don’t want to provide your information to just anyone, so we want you to be aware of this project and encourage your participation.  For more information, call the Office of Alumni Relations at 800-487-8437.

Athletics Hall of Fame

Gustavus inducted new members into its Athletics Hall of Fame at a banquet on Saturday, October 9.  Inductees for 2010 are:  Evie Cieslar Erdman ’73, benefactor; Duke Paluch ’84, tennis; Erik Allen ’92, basketball; Peter Anderson ’92, golf; Leigh Stocker Berger ’92, volleyball; Angela White Vick ’92, track and field; Heidi Rostberg Carlson ’93, tennis; Erik Hendrikson ’94, hockey, football; Paige Tierney Sullivan ’95, soccer; and the Hall of Fame Moment−1990 Women’s Tennis National Championship.

“Come on You Gusties” Breakfast

Once a month, Gusties gather for coffee, breakfast, and great conversation along with a campus speaker.  All Gusties are welcomed and invited to the breakfast, third Wednesday of the month, 8-9:30 a.m. at the Doubletree Hotel, Minneapolis-Park Place, 1500 Park Place Boulevard.  Cost is $10 at the door.  Upcoming breakfasts include:  Neal Hagberg ’81 and Leandra Peak ’83, musicians, on Dec. 15; and the winter sports coaches on Jan. 19.

Chapter Gatherings

This year and next, President and Kris Ohle have many travel dates planned in order to reach out to all of our alumni and bring them an update from the College.  Please mark your calendar if you live in or near one of these locations:

  • Palm Springs – January 7
  • Los Angeles – January 8
  • San Francisco – January 9
  • Seattle – January 27
  • Tucson – February 8
  • Phoenix – February 10
  • Denver – February 11
  • Boston – March 2
  • New York – March 4
  • Washington, DC – March 5
  • Jacksonville, FL – March 26
  • Orlando – March 28
  • Tampa – March 29
  • Naples – March 30
  • Chicago – April 29