Class of '81
September 2006


Reunion dates ― October 6 & 7, 2006

Dear Class of ’81:

A question I’ve answered many times over the last thirty years is why I chose to attend Gustavus.  I’m still not sure I know the answer.  In my senior year, I drove down with a high school classmate that I didn’t know too well – Mike Potter.  I think it’s fair to say that neither of us went over-board on the college search.  We just had a few questions for the Gustavus people.  I met with the baseball coach, who looked over my 140 pound frame and told me that the reason I should go to Gustavus was for the educational experience, and that I shouldn’t expect to make the baseball team.  OK then…I asked Owen Sammelson ’58 if there was an intramural soccer league.  There was not.  Mike asked about the gymnastic team.  Well, there wasn’t one of those either, but Mike would be welcome to be a cheerleader at basketball games.  Gustavus still made a positive impression on us. On the drive home we tried to put into words why we felt so good about Gustavus.  It felt right.  People were friendly.  We could see ourselves there.  Little did we know at the time how much we would enjoy our four years at Gustavus.

Well, classmates, it’s almost reunion time – twenty-five years later.  This is my last chance to sway anybody who might be on the fence about coming.  We’ve tried to put together some events that will attract people back to Gustavus (& Mankato).  Obviously, the point of any reunion is getting people together.  I remember seeing a flyer that said, “The RE NION won’t be the same without U.”  Ha ha, but it’s true – the better turn-out we have, the more fun it will be for everyone.

I’d like to say thank you to the reunion committee (Ellis Jones would say, “Well, why don’t you?”).  It has been fun working together on this.  It’s been fun reconnecting with people, and it’s been fun meeting people on the committee that I didn’t know well, or at all, at Gustavus.  Hopefully, that will be the kind of experience reunion attendees will have.  Thanks to the following committee members:

John Anderson                                   Kathy Talus Keyzer

            Laurice Anderson                              Greg Langmo

            Lori Rutter Anderson                        Allison McCormack Lee

            Rich Aune                                           Tom Opsahl

            Sharon Bartelt Bridges                      Jane Breckner Pederson

            Denise Connly Fleming                     Barb Halverson Pierson

            Laurie Larson Hansen                       Kathy Hoff Rehwaldt

            Sandy Erickson Hasse                       Betsy Schaller

            Karen Scharmer Hendrickson          Julie Altman Simacek

            Barb Nelson Hutson                          Darcy Winter

Special thanks go to my co-class agent, Leslie Nielsen, and to the reunion committee chair, Mike Potter.

The schedule goes something like this:

            Friday, October 6th

                        5-7 p.m.                       Pre-parties in hotel rooms

                        7 p.m.                          Class Party, banquet room

            Saturday, October 7th

                        10:30 a.m.                    Scavenger Hunt*

                        11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.Lunch in Campus Dining Room

                        1:00 p.m.                      Football Game vs. Bethel

                        3:30 p.m                       Party/Picnic in the Arboretum

                        7:30 p.m.                      Neal & Leandra Concert

                                                            (Neal Hagberg ’81 & Leandra Peak ’83)

                        Evening                        Frolicking downtown

*We’re working on the details for the scavenger hunt, but suggest you bring a digital camera or cell phone that takes pictures if you participate in this event.                           

There is a block of rooms saved at the Best Western at a price of $82 a night.  Reserve your hotel room by calling Best Western directly:  507/625-9333 or 800-780-7234.  Hurry, as the rooms are filling up fast!  There are other hotels in Mankato listed on the brochure that you should have received from Gustavus.

There are rumors that Bob & Judy Douglas will be present at the Best Western on Friday, and that Kay Rethwill Moline ’56 and Bob Moline will be at the Arboretum on Saturday.  Who knows who else might show up…?

Reunion Attendees to Date:

John Anderson

Laurice Anderson

Nancy Fredlund Anderson

Rich Aune

Lisa Knutson Backer

David Bentz

Julie Morris Betchwars

Marcia Bloom Bodnar

Patrick Boline

Sharon Bartelet Bridges

Marsha Maly Brito

Mark Broberg

Jacque Schwartz Brunsberg

Susan Seiwert Conner

Anne Pooler DeWitt

Denise Connly Fleming

Tammy Olson Flolid

Wally Guptil

Kim Hakensen

Laurie Larson Hansen

Sandy Erickson Hasse

Steve Heim

Karen Scharmer Hendrickson

Barb Nelson Hutson

Dick Hutson

Cindy Jacobson

Brent Jass

Beth Brandsness Johnson

Paula Danielson Kern

Kathy Talus Keyzer

Kathy Carson Klug

Scott Klug

Greg Langmo

Janet Lawson

Allison McCormack Lee

Barb Taverna Martin

Sarah McGoon

Terry Mitchell

Tom Mobeck

Carol Robinson Nettleton

Jerry Nettleton

Leslie Nielsen

Tom Opsahl

Debbie Petersen Pasvogel

Jane Breckner Pederson

Tim Pelton

David Petersen

Ruth Prescott Petersen

Barbara Halverson Pierson

Kris Samelian Potter

Mike Potter

Kathryn Hoff Rehwaldt

Betsy Schaller

Bob Schnell

Susan Bold Schumacher

Julie Altman Simacek

Beth Onkka Stuckey

B. Timothy Swanson

Jim Swanson

Jane Strom Taylor

Sally Lenz Tolly

Debra Delgehausen Wagner

Karen Himle Westlund

Darcy Winter

Deb Doak Zabel

Your assignment is to think long and hard about joining this group.  If so, please get your reservations in ASAP – you can even do it NOW online at: !  Feel free to contact Leslie ( or me ( with questions.


1981 Co-class Agent