Class of ’77

March 2012

Greetings from classmate Rad Royer:

I decided at our last Gustavus reunion to get involved with the next one when I saw so few classmates there.  It is true, I am perhaps more connected to Gustavus through my wife− Tina (Wold ʼ78), kids−Erika ʼ03 and Matt ʼ05, brother-in-law and niece−Charlie ʼ77 and Julia ʼ08 than most, but I still believe part of my personal fabric came from spending four years of my young adult life at GAC.

It is hard to believe we are almost 35 years away from a youthful past we shared in and around the town of St Peter, Minnesota.  I know we all have had so much more life experiences since then, with stories to share.  As for myself, I have learned life is an adventure, not to be taken for granted, but pursued and not let slide away.  I spent most of my adult career teaching and mentoring high school students in the classroom, on the athletic field, and through leadership training incorporating this philosophy.  Until recently, I hadn’t realized its scope.  Since last January, Tina has been battling leukemia and it has brought to the forefront this viewpoint and how precious life is.  This past year has certainly changed the direction of our life, but it has also deepened our faith, our appreciation for family, and wanting to connect with friends.

An important goal of the reunion committee is to develop a weekend framework that offers many opportunities to reconnect with old friends, fellow classmates and the campus.  We would like to hear from you regarding “what would it take for you to attend your 35th class reunion”.  Our class reunion committee is growing and can use your talents and ideas to make it a reunion of the class of ʼ77 not simply for the class of ʼ77.

I would love to hear from you,

Rad Royer


(WOW – all that expounding with only one philosophy course from GAC!)



Friday, October 12, 2012

L’Hotel Sofitel is the first meeting place with bar, buffet, and bargain luxury rooms.  The French cuisine and cold drinks will be a welcome addition to the travel weary Gusties.

Call to book your room at the great low price of $95 – only offered to the Class of 1977!

Sofitel Minneapolis-

5601 West 78th Street

(off Hwy 494 and Hwy 100)

952-835-3888 or toll free 800-876-6303

Ask for group reservations and reference the Gustavus Adolphus - Reunion Class of 1977.

Saturday, October 13 (activities in the works)

Small group luncheons on campus or in St. Peter

Check in at the Class Tent

Class Tailgating

Football vs. Valley City State

Class of 1977 Campus Tours

1977 Social Hour

Casual Dress Dinner and Entertainment

Sunday, October 14

Special Chapel Service and Alumni Choir (all alumni invited to participate)


A College Reflection:

Monday, Labor Day, September 3, 1973.  Freshman orientation began for our class on this date.  The first person I met was Marilyn Jones Harris, fellow French major.  We have remained friends since GAC too.

The dorms were overcrowded that fall and so I went to find my bed and portable closet in Uhler Lounge, soon to be known as Uhler Barracks.  There were twelve of us that were supposed to live there, but one of the guys bunked on someone’s couch and never showed up.  That first night we dined at Professor Aaron Everett’s home.  President Frank Barth and his wife, Marge, stopped by and asked if there was anything they could do for us.  I raised my hand and asked for a dorm room.  The next night President and Mrs. Barth brought ice cream to the barracks.

Wednesday, September 5, we started classes with all of the other now returned Gusties.  Friday afternoon, after my 7th hour communications class, my parents, Mike and Lillian, greeted me outside the Fine Arts building.  This is what happens when you are the youngest, unplanned child, of parents that are retired.  They have plenty of time on their hands and the distance between Wayzata and St. Peter is 58.5 miles down 101 to 7, to 41, to 169, and it is a nice drive.

To make matters worse, a Gustie Guide showed my folks my living conditions.  Mom did my laundry, made my bed and brought a “goodie” box of food from home.  Embarrassment came first, then gratitude.  My brother, a senior at Concordia, reminded me that I had gone to college too close to home and that these visits would continue.

Thirty-eight days into the fall semester, I finally had a dorm room, with Craig J. Miller in Sorensen.  Since it was homecoming, and the drinking age changed to 18 when we graduated, we celebrated a bit that night.  Walking over to the Union, in a somewhat fuzzy state, the homecoming parade came up the drive.  The last float, much to my horror and surprise, was followed by my parents in their 1971 Chevy Caprice, green, four door sedan.  My Mom was waving like a pageant contestant.  We went to the game, where my Uncle Mike Hyduke who lived in St. Peter, joined us.  Afterwards I suggested to Mom and Dad that some notice before their arrivals would be appreciated.  Embarrassment came first, then gratitude.

Bob Vukas


Hey Gustie Classmates!  Greetings!  The Reunion Committee is pleased to announce significant progress in planning our 35th reunion for next fall!  In addition to our Class of 1977 reunion events, we are especially fortunate that our reunion coincides with the larger celebration of the 150th anniversary of the College!  We anticipate this combined gathering and celebration may be one of the greatest events for us as alumni to attend that will ever be.  Our hope is that this reunion will bring back a very high percentage of our class, especially those whom may not have been back since graduation, or have had little contact with the College or classmates over the years.  My sincere hope is that there will be an excitement about this weekend as a destination event with a lot of significance to each one of us Gustie alumni as we reconnect with one another.  Hopefully, this excitement will generate a "buzz" amongst us, calling one another to inquire about particular people that would be most meaningful to visit with again!

Personally, my hope is that this reunion and College celebration means something special for everyone!  Our gathering in the Twin Cities Friday night is at the Sofitel in Bloomington, with a block of discounted rooms available for those who wish to stay there overnight!

I so appreciate the time, talents and ideas of everyone that has joined the reunion committee so far.  There is also plenty of room and need for anyone else that is interested in getting involved in some way!  Please contact me if you are interested or have questions.  Also, thank you to those of you that have been sending updates.  I will be including those updates in subsequent monthly letters.  I hope to see and visit with each of you at our reunion!  Go Gusties!

All the best

Ole Olson   :)