Class of '77
March 2003

Mid-Winter Greetings, Class of 1977!


During Chapel this morning, Dr. James Peterson, president and CEO of the Science Museum of Minnesota and a member of the Class of 1964, was named as Gustavus' 14th president.  More details are available at the Gustavus web site:     It's a very exciting time on the campus as we welcome a new president.  Please check out Dr. Peterson's vitae and send a note to him through my e-mail:  or the Alumni Office at:

200 gifts (47%) & $50,000.00  --  GUSTAVUS NEEDS YOU NOW

It's my hope that our class will continue to lead the alumni in support and help our new president to meet the demands of the coming decade.  To help reach that goal, I am proposing goals for our class of 47% participation (donors) and $50,000.00.  We reached this level two years ago and I know that we can do it again.

Of special note is the donor goal.  It's very important for Gustavus' future to regain its standing of 50% participation by each class.  Small gifts are great.  Big gifts are great.  Spring Phonorama is set for April 27 through May 1.  You can help by calling classmates and/or the call you receive with a pledge to join this year's alumni fund.  Gustavus needs you more now than ever.  Please consider how important your gift of any size is.


Well, it's official.  At least it's official for me.  I've reached middle age and I can no longer ignore the signs.  It hit me this weekend as I realized that my college roommate, Tim Olson and Mary's college roommate, Jan Carlson MacLeod, have now visited the campus with their "prospective student" children.  While our children are vowing to get as far from St. Peter as possible after high school graduation, our college friends are returning with their children to give Gustavus a look.

It seems like 100 years since we were looking for a college.

It was great to see Tim this past summer.  He's been living in Japan for the past few years with his family while working at the American International Schools.  He was back in the states visiting family and friends and dropped by the college.

Jan and daughter, Meghan, visited Gustavus on Monday on their way home to Rapid City where Jan teaches middle school.  Meghan has already been admitted to the Class of 2007 and will be making her important decision in the next few months.

The hill is back in business after January Term and touring week.  The Gustavus Choir spent the month in Italy while the Gustavus Band began its 125th anniversary season with a flight to New Mexico and touring back to its home concert in Christ Chapel.  I traveled with the band and ran into classmates Dennis Houck in Denver and Sharon Wieman Buckley in Omaha at the concerts.  It was good to see you both, but unfortunately, there is never enough time to visit after the concerts.

With the new semester also comes the end of winter sports and I think every team has been in tournament play during the past two weeks.  From hockey to basketball, it's been a good year.  Mark Hanson's basketball team advances to the Sweet Sixteen this week.  Check out their progress on the College web site.


***Here is some news from our class that you won't find on the College web site***

  • Dr. Greg and Debbie Nelson are living in Maple Grove and Greg is working at the Rogers Dental Center.
  • Nancy Clark Shaeffer is director of admissions and marketing at Providence Academy in Plymouth.
  • Keith Adolphson is now Dr. Keith after earning his Ph.D. in instructional leadership and academic curriculum at the University of Oklahoma (way to go, Keith!).
  • Bob Vukas is living in Topeka and works for Jostens as a commercial printing-planning manager (sorry I missed you during Phono last fall, Bob).
  • David Patterson is president of JHP Enterprises in Rockford, Illinois.

I talked with so many of you at the reunion this past fall and I should have been taking notes.  Please let me know if you have a new position, a new address or family member, or if we simply haven't heard from you in the past few years.

You can always reach me at the Fine Arts Office at Gustavus:

We hope all is well with you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes from Gustavus!

Al Behrends

1977 Co-class Agent