Class of '74
June 2001

Greetings class of ’74,

It is hard for me to believe that we are transitioning to our 50th birthdays in these next twelve months. My how time does fly. Just think, thirty years ago we were finishing our freshman year and entering summer jobs! It does not seem that long ago until I am reminded that our kids are now doing the same and we have the task of sending those tuition checks to Gustavus (or other institutions of higher education). Life goes on and life is good!

Recently we had graduation, followed by the all night party at the high school. Jan Ledin Michaletz was one of the co-chairs for this event in Edina and I would like you all to know that she did a WONDERFUL job. I am amazed at what she can accomplish!

I am also impressed and pleased with the kids in this class of 2001. Spending all night with the parents and kids was really fun! It was amazing to be in this ‘wonderland’ of games and fun with people you have known for so many years! These are great kids. I am excited to see the contributions and impact for good that all of our kids will have on society. They are ready to move on!

I know that many of you have passed this graduation mark years ago. Some of us are even grandparents at this point, however, there are also many of us who still have kids at the grade school. While our struggles and accomplishments may be different today, our college past is common. We shared those four years that provided the platform of our liberal arts education. It makes us unique and brings a smile to my face.

Our hope is we can all make a financial gift to the college this year. Please send a contribution. Every amount helps! Thanks.

Notes from Jan:

Rob and I both have daughters who will be first year students at Gustavus in September. We were surprised to find out that there’s no Class Agent's discount on tuition. If you haven’t looked at the faculty list lately, check out the website. It’s comforting to know that some of the folks are still there, and disturbing that others haven’t left! The kids can now purchase textbooks online—where’s the fun in that? What about the bookstore lines in 85 degree heat? These kids today have it too easy. They do still need our help, however, so it’s great if you can give something back to Gustavus. We even received a handwritten note from one of the students this year, in which she thanked us for helping the school.

Small effort—but big effect! Have a great summer!!!!!

News from Campus:

Gustavus was included in a March 30 Wall Street Journal feature on "College Admissions: The New Safety Schools." The front-page article listed 50 colleges and universities that top students are scrambling to get into as backups to Ivy League and other super-selective institutions. As competition for places in the classes of the most prestigious institutions has increased, some quality colleges and universities traditionally considered as "safety-net" schools have become just as hard to get into. The guidance counselors and college experts assembled by the Journal identified a new group of safety-net schools that are growing in reputation but may not yet be widely known. Their list is arranged in four categories, ranging from the "New Ivies" to the safest fallbacks. Only a few Midwestern schools, and only one other in Minnesota, were included on the list. (St. Olaf joins Gustavus in the "safest" category.)

This past winter the TV game show "Jeopardy" had this question, "It follows the name Gustavus in the name of a St. Peter, Minnesota college." The guess was "Augustus." No one got it right. Let’s all work on getting the word out!

Homecoming 2001, September 21 & 22, will feature gatherings for anniversary classes of 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996 and 2001. Class reunions will be held in the Twin Cities Friday evening, and events will return to campus for activities Saturday. A schedule of events and registration material will be mailed in August. Complete schedules will also appear in the Spring and Summer issues of the Quarterly.

NOBEL CONFERENCE® XXXVII, "The Second Nobel Century: What Is Still to Be Discovered?" will be held on campus October 2 & 3. What is next? What is still to be discovered? As the world embarks on the 21st century, these questions rise to the surface of popular speculation. Scientific frontiers of the mind and body, space, energy, and materials have expanded immensely during the past 100 years. Great thought and writing, the laudable pursuit of peace, and the ability to observe and participate in a global economic system have been stretched, challenged, and embraced. As we stand at a pivotal point between centuries, we can only imagine what greatness lies ahead, what contributions will be made for the well-being of all peoples on Earth. As we commemorate the first Nobel Prizes, given in 1901, Nobel Conference® XXXVII brings together five Nobel laureates, two respected science writers, and the secretary general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences—the organization charged with selection of Nobel Prize-winners in physics, chemistry, and economics—to give us a foretaste of what the next big discoveries might be, as we look toward "The Second Nobel Century."

On Saturday, November 17, 2001, the Gustavus Library Associates will sponsor Delight in the Season ¾ A Royal Affair, at the Radisson Hotel South in Bloomington, MN. The realized proceeds from this biennial event are designated for the library endowment. This will be the 13th Royal Affair and each event is unique in itself. The hallmark of our party is the expansive silent and live auction. We encourage you to participate by donating an item to the auction, volunteering in the preparation for the party, and/or attending the event. Invite your friends, fill a table and welcome the holiday season together. For more information, contact one of the co-chairs: Lois Allen 952-888-2735; Susan Wilcox 952-944-5972; Fran Engelsma 952-929-0671. You may also contact Dean Wahlund, Executive Director, Gustavus Library Associates at 1-800-726-6198.

Rob Linner & Jane Ledin Michaeltz

1974 Co-Class Agents