Class of '73
April 2002

Happy Spring Classmates and Friends!!

I know it’s time to write the class letter when I get emails from classmates.  But I’m not complaining – I love hearing from all of you.

First order of business is a huge Thank You! to Mark Sallmen for his wonderful January letter.  It’s so great to get another perspective and more extensive news than I get from a phone call or the note that comes to the Alumni Office with the annual gift.  And I really appreciate the break. So, do I have any volunteers for next January??

My April calendar is quickly filling up.  April 1st marks my 10th anniversary as a financial advisor.  That’s the longest time I’ve been at one job.  Some time in April, I expect to get my tax refund, the first one as in independent contractor.  By April 14th, I need to plant the seeds I didn’t plant today.  No, the ground hasn’t thawed yet.  This is the time when Minnesota gardeners plant seeds in those little seed pots and put them under grow lights in the basement.  I’ll make time that same weekend to attend Gail Johnson Speckmann’s annual art show – always a treat.  My husband and I are taking a long weekend at Gunflint Lodge, 45 miles northwest of Grand Marais, MN.  Maybe we’ll see some early spring flowers – or late spring snow.  Doesn’t matter, it’s one of our favorite retreats.  We’ll see whatever critters the season has to offer, maybe do some hiking, eat well, relax.  Which is good, because we’ll return just in time for Phonorama and G.I.V.E.  G.I.V.E. is a fun way to spend a Saturday.  You meet nice people and get to learn new skills, like how to build a retaining wall.  Sometimes, there’s even really good food.  Last year, the volunteer maintenance man at my assigned site brought homemade caramel rolls and apple pie.  That’s why I’m signing up at that same place again this year.  Please consider sharing your time and labor to help those less fortunate than most of us are.  Go to and sign up!

It’s almost time for Phonorama, and you know what that means.  It’s the time of year when you get your tax refund and share it with future Gusties.  Think of all the things that make Gustavus great – J-term abroad, music, small classes and professors who know your name, living with friends, growing up in a relatively risk-free environment.  I loved my time at Gustavus, I’m a firm believer in liberal arts education, and I want today’s young people to have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a Gustavus education.  Working together, and contributing financially, we can make that happen.

Elaine McGillivray sent me a Gustavus memory that I want to share with you.  “I have been meaning to write to you ever since you mentioned me and our son in one of the recent class letters.  Yes, Joe did graduate from Gustavus last May.  It was quite an experience – very nostalgic.  It was 28 years to the day since our graduation day.  The activities were much like ours, a stirring baccalaureate service in Christ Chapel, brunch on campus and then graduation.  Joe’s class was luckier than our class and got to graduate outside (which was a blessing since we had had eight days of rain and the sun came out just in time).  I saw the familiar faces of other Gustie alums in the crowd and shared in the feeling of watching a child graduate from your alma mater.  We also saw some of our profs retire and get service awards that day (sadly, John Prehn was one of them – he died shortly thereafter).  Joe’s graduating class represented the last students who had been on campus during the tornado and reconstruction years, and it created a special bond for them.  It reminded me of our memories of the great fire and campus marches that took place when we were there.  Joe continues in the tradition of bonding with this Gustie friends, and I am now fortunate to know another generation of Gusties.”  Thank you, Elaine.  Getting emails from classmates is one of my favorite benefits of being a class agent.

The News About US

  • Terri Ziegler is now employed at BODYWISE THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE ASSOCIATES in Robbinsdale, MN, which she likes WAY better than Calhoun Beach Club.  Also, she is in a commercial for BODYWISE on Northwest Cable Channel 12.  Ya gotta see it!
  • Ivy S Bernhardson received the Distinguished Alumni Citation from the Gustavus Alumni Association.  She was recognized for her service to law and to women in the law.  She is one of only a few women in the country to have headed a mergers and acquisition practice at a large multi-national company.  An advocate for the status of women in law, she serves as a mentor to younger women lawyers.--taken from Minnesota Lawyer, October 8, 2001.  As of February, Ivy is senior vice president and general counsel for Medica.  Her son, Andy, is a freshman at Gustavus and played JV soccer last fall.
  • John Apitz, Mendota Heights, MN:  “2001 was a “Super Year!”  I was recognized by my colleagues in law and government affairs as one of 200 'Super Lawyers' in Minnesota in the survey by Law & Politics.  The Gustie foundation and a bit of political endeavor helped me achieve this honor.  Thanks to Gustavus and no small number of friends for the recognition!”
  • J. PatricK Bailey, New York City, is slowly coming to terms with having witnessed the carnage of 9/11, moving forward slowly – a changed man in a changed city.  He works as a project manager for New Listings division for NYSE.
  • Deborah Tripp Hendrickson is a part-time kindergarten teacher in Scottsdale, AZ.
  • Susan Lagerman, Phoenix, AZ, still works half-time at the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, prosecuting illegal subdivisions, land fraud and license revocation.  Husband, Lars, says she’s tough!  Mostly, she is busy with their two daughters, Ellen 13 and Sofia 10.  Lars still works full-time as a partner in a large law firm, Bryan Care – mostly with real estate development and financing and some industrial legal work.  They say life’s good and they have been very fortunate.
  • David Hann ran for re-election to the Eden Prairie, MN, School Board last fall and won!  He lives in Eden Prairie with his wife, Anne (Schilling ’79), a daughter 17, and three sons, ages 15, 12 and 5.  His day job is as director of forecasting and logistics for Deli Express, a frozen food manufacturer (and sometimes host to Phonorama!)
  • Allison Kinney-Halvorson lives in Norwalk, IA, and works for Farmland Insurance in Des Moines.
  • Cynthia Meyer Swengel is an otolaryngologist, living with her two children in Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Marlee Ninde Khastou is a travel agent for Northgate Travel and Cruise in Seattle.  Her daughter was recently in the state basketball tournament.  Congratulations!
  • Marilyn Peavey Meshke teaches 4th grade in Blooming Prairie, MN, and her husband, Dean, teaches mathematics for the same school district.  Their son, Todd, graduated from Minnesota State in Mankato in accounting, and daughter, Lisa, is a sophomore at Iowa State.
  • Gary L Mundahl, Chaska, MN, is a salesman for Minnesota Exteriors.  He is going to Belgium this summer to visit friends who live there.  Sounds good to me!
  • Genella L Mussell, Zumbrota, MN, is an NICU staff and transport nurse.  In February, she had just returned from giving a nursing post presentation in Australia.  Nice job!
  • Kris Breneman Fuller, Sherburn, MN, is a science teacher for Butterfield Odin Public Schools.  Her oldest child, Maarten, is graduating from high school this spring.


E-mail Addresses

Cyndi Meyer Swengel              drcyndimeyerswengel@earthlink

Gary L. Mundahl            

There’s a place on the Gustavus website for listing your e-mail address.  The list doesn’t seem to contain as many addresses as I have published in the class letters.  So…if you want to know a classmate’s address or want to share yours, please log on to , Alumni & Friends section and find a friend.  And don’t forget to add your address to the list.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed news.  Please forgive any misspellings or grammatical errors.  I love to blame these things on the penmanship I have to read, but more probably it’s operator error.  Please keep those cards and letters coming!!


Marcia Stephens

1973 Co class Agent


P.S.  Now for some other campus news, written by a current Gustavus student:

Campus News:

Hi!  This is Tracey Hanson again writing from the Alumni Office.  For those of you who haven’t previously heard from me, I am a senior double majoring in Communication Studies and Business Management.  I am a seasoned Alumni Office veteran, as this is my fourth (and final) year here.  After not having taken a J-Term class, spring semester and the homework it entails has been hitting me hard.  Contrary to popular belief, the “senior slacker” final semester has been just the opposite for me.  My time at Gustavus has flown by, especially this final year.  The fact that it is March and I am still without a job is beginning to be a constant thought in the back of my mind.  It also seems to be a constant thought in the minds of my parents, although it seems closer to the front of theirs!  Spring semester has also been the final opportunity to be all together with classmates, so much time has been spent socially with roommates and friends.

As I will be graduating in June, this will be the final time you receive updates from me.  I now will also move into the alum category and step into the real world.  I’m not sure I’m completely ready for the change, but I’m darn sure that I better get ready because it’ll be here before I know it!  Here is some news from Gustavus.

Hello Walk On-line Alumni Community ( has been launched and Gusties of all ages are invited to join this meeting place for anything from small talk to debate to caring conversations.  Hello Walk at Gustavus is the sidewalk running from Uhler Hall on the north side of campus past the front of Old Main to Pittman Hall on the south side, which, for decades, was the main “artery” and gathering point on campus.  Even though the campus landscape has changed, the spirit of Hello Walk continues with you joining the conversation on the virtual Hello Walk.  Associate professor of political science, Chris Gilbert, will guest host a discussion on politics for the months of May and June.  Check it out at

Reunion Weekend for the 50 Year Club and Class of 1952 is May 31 & June 1.  A schedule of events and registration material will be sent in April.

Homecoming 2002 & All Sports Reunion Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Intercollegiate Athletics is September 21.  Homecoming Weekend will include reunion gatherings for classes of 1957, 1962, 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2002.  Class reunions will be held in Bloomington at the Radisson South Hotel Friday evening, and Homecoming events including class and all-sports reunion events will return to campus for activities Saturday.  A schedule of events and registration material will be mailed in August.  A schedule will be published in the summer and fall issues of the Quarterly.

It has been an extremely successful winter sports season at Gustavus.  Women’s hockey won the MIAC regular season championship with an undefeated record and advanced to the Frozen Four National Tournament, finishing third in the nation. The men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams both won MIAC titles, the first time in Gustavus history.  The women’s Nordic ski team won its first MIAC championship.  Men’s basketball placed second in the MIAC during the regular season and MIAC playoffs, and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen before losing to number one ranked Carthage College.  Men’s hockey finished second in the MIAC regular season and playoffs.  Women’s basketball finished fourth in the MIAC and advanced to the conference playoff for the first time ever. The women’s indoor track team finished second and both the men’s Nordic ski team and men’s indoor track teams placed fourth in MIAC action.  The women’s gymnastics team advanced to the NCGA National Championships.  Five Gustavus coaches were named Coach of the Year in their respective sports – Jon Carlson (women’s swimming & diving), Mike Carroll (women’s hockey), Mickey Haller (women’s basketball), Scott Jerome (women’s Nordic skiing), and Brett Petersen (men’s hockey).

G.I.V.E. – Gusties In Volunteer Endeavors is moving to the spring.  Work projects will happen in the Twin Cities on Saturday, April 27.  Register on-line at under the alumni events section.

The 22nd MAYDAY! Peace Conference, May 1 will address the topic "Sanctions and Beyond:  What is the Human Price?"  For conference information and reservations, call the Office of Public Affairs (507/933-7520).

Comprehensive Alumni Directory

The Alumni Directory being published for the Gustavus Alumni Association by Publishing Concepts is still in production.  Those who purchased directories should expect to receive their copy in September.  Orders for an alumni directory can still be taken by calling 800/982-1590.

Evelyn Sponberg Young’s 90th birthday celebration

The Twin Cities Chapter of the Alumni Association invites all Gusties and friends of former Gustavus food service director and 2002 Alumni Fund Chair Evelyn Sponberg Young ’33 to her 90th birthday celebration on July 25, 2002 at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, 5025 Knox Avenue South, Minneapolis, at 6:30 p.m. with a 7:30 p.m. program.

Evelyn will be serving her famous Red Velvet Cake and all guests will receive a loaf of her famous Swedish rye bread. A book of remembrance will be compiled as a gift for Evelyn.  Please send remembrances and stories of Evelyn to Alumni Office, Gustavus Adolphus College, 800 West College Avenue, St. Peter, MN 56082.  Reservations should be made with the Alumni Office at 800-487-8437, e-mail at or visit our web site at, alumni, events.

NOBEL CONFERENCE® XXXVIII, The Nature of Nurture – The Early Years, will be held on campus October 1 & 2.  The conference will explore the forces that are most important in shaping a child’s personality, gender identity, and language acquisition and learning ability.  History, discoveries, research, and clinical studies will all be surveyed to draw a better understanding of biological forces and environmental influences on brain development.

For more news and information about Gustavus, check out the web site at