Class of '73
January 2001

Happy New Year, Class of 1973 Fun-Seekers! January 2001

My head is spinning when I try to think of everything I’d like to say to you all and everything I’d like to ask everyone. I guess to have a conversation like that, I’ll have to wait until the reunion in 2003 put it in your calendar! However, I am wondering who remembers (Munga? Scharmer? Fernlund? Brodini?) besides me, that several of us demure, young women agreed to meet at the St. Peter Country Kitchen on May 19, 2001. The main point of the get-together, as I recall, was to see if we still used swear words and if we were still cool at the (then unimaginable) age of 50. I believe we made this solemn agreement on May 19, 1973. We picked 2001 because most of us would be 50 by then (except me, tee-hee) and because that "Space Odyssey" movie made 2001 a very popular year. It’s been so long since I’ve been to St. Peter, is the Country Kitchen still there?

Let me tell you folks, "Guest Writing" this little class newsletter is no joke! Although, I AM hoping I can make you laugh, or at least smile as you read it. My favorite style of organizing my writing is the "Personal Journal" style that Professor Elmer Suderman encouraged us to use in one wonderful assignment. So, as far as I’m concerned, I get to write down whatever comes to mind in whatever order it comes, and you are invited to find my ruminations fascinating, OK? OK!

Has anyone seen "The Vagina Monologues" yet? I just read about it in the January issue of "Oprah" magazine. Evidently, it’s been touring for a few years to much critical and political acclaim. As I think back on the kinds of social changes many of us hoped to make, when we had stars in our eyes 30 years ago, I realize (again) that it will probably be a very long time before Gustavus will either produce or sponsor a performance of "The Vagina Monologues." Sigh…..

How about this, though – THE NEXT NOBEL CONFERENCE SHOULD BE ABOUT MENOPAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am not kidding when I suggest this learning more about this phase of women’s lives and helping women of a certain age (MINE) be happier throughout the hormonal shifts would be a MONUMENTALLY HUGE CONTRIBUTION TO WORLD PEACE. Any woman who is going or has gone through this process will probably second this emotion!

And, ladies, isn’t it doubly fun to have swinging hormones at the same time one or more of the teenagers in your house does too???

The more I think about the passages I’m sure we’ve all been through, in one way or another, at one time or another, over the last 28 years, the more I think there should be another section at the back of each "Gustavus Quarterly." This new section would probably be the largest and longest one and it would be titled "SURVIVALS" a noun, like weddings, and births, and deaths. And please, don’t even think it has anything to do with the ridiculous trend on TV. No, I envision this section honoring all of the traumatic events we survive in our lives to me now, at this stage of life, they are infinitely interesting. For example, have you survived the death of one or more of your parents? Have you survived the death of one of your children? Have you survived a new physical challenge, like arthritis? Have you survived losing an important organ? Have you donated one? Have you survived marriage? Have you survived the death of a spouse/partner? Have you survived divorce? Have you survived bankruptcy? Have you survived a car accident and dealing with the insurance companies? Have you survived smoking cigarettes? Have you survived STOPPING smoking cigarettes? And after surviving all this, what do you KNOW FOR SURE?

You get the idea I’d just love to hear more different stuff that’s been important to us all and has helped shape us and test us as strong, spiritual beings. I know we could help each other by sharing experiences and wisdom and maybe suggesting a good book on a particular subject, or a swell counselor, or the perfect chiropractor, or one good, solid affirmation (a.k.a. prayer)!

So, here’s an attempt to begin this kind of sharing (Oh-oh! It’s a lot longer than the usual notices in the Quarterly)…

    • After being a professional massage therapist for 17 years, here’s my advice about massage GET ONE. It is so good for you physically, mentally and emotionally. Try it; you’ll like it!
    • After working with aromatherapy professionally for 11 years, I have two major things to tell you learn more about it, because it’s real science (NOT available in products sitting on the shelf at Target) and easy and quite effective when used properly, and use lemon essential oil (2 drops per day—NOT lemon juice) if you want to get rid of a cold AND NEVER HAVE ANOTHER ONE. (Note: I’m offering my 4-hour Introduction to Aromatherapy Workshop through Minneapolis Community Education. It will be at Henry High School on two Tuesdays, February 20 & 27, 2001 from 7-9 p.m. each evening ONLY $12 plus $5 materials fee). E-mail me if you’d like me to suggest a good book or two to teach yourself, like I did.
    • As a "recovering Missouri Synod Lutheran," the best prayers/affirmations I’ve found: Thy will be done. I let go and let God. The Serenity Prayer.
    • After 11 years as a (finally) burnt-out non-profit theater professional (I’ve been out of it and recovering for 10 years now!), my advice is give money to whatever theater or any other arts organization you want to survive.
    • As a former English major and as always a lover of a good story, I say, read the Harry Potter books such fun! They are a great workout for your imagination and your heart. Enjoy!
None of this may be terribly profound, but I certainly hope it’s useful. And now I have another idea! Let’s create a Page-A-Day calendar with a "What I Know for Sure" sentence/paragraph/piece of advice for each day. We can sell it to benefit Gustavus. Whaddaya think? I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to send me e-mail (address at the end of this entire letter) and I hope to see you all at the next reunion! It wouldn’t hurt for everyone to send a little $$$ (or a lot!) to Gustavus, by the way, so it’s still there and healthy and beautiful when we return!

Now, on to the . . .

News About Us

(WARNING: I (Terri Z.) am typing this up from received e-mail communications and from hard-to-decipher, hand-written notes. Please forgive me if I mess up your news!)

  • Jan Zimdars wants us to know her CORRECT e-mail address:
  • Mike Menning continues his work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, currently in Geneva, after having spent the last couple of years in Bosnia. He expects to remain in Geneva for the next three years or so.
  • Gay Butterfield Radloff and her husband Keith ’72, have a daughter, BreAnn (2002), at Gustavus and a son, Jon, who is a sophomore at Orono High School. BreAnn plays on the Gustavus Varsity Women’s Hockey Team, is active on the Campus Activities Board, is a member of Gustavus PRIDE, is an APO member, and works in Admissions. The Women’s Hockey Team will be traveling to Italy this year. Son Jon, enjoys hockey, lacrosse, and golf. Gay is currently in charge of the division’s training department at Thermotech in Hopkins, MN, is learning Spanish (Thermotech is part of Menasha Corporation and has a branch in Queretaro, Mexico), and says she could use Kris McQuin’s help. Keith works at Midwest Family Insurance and has been active for many years in the Orono hockey program as a coach. She also writes: "I’ve run into many Gusties from our era Jan Ledin’s ’74 (now Michaletz) daughter, Mara, is in PRIDE with BreAnn; "BJ" Olson Meyer’s son and BreAnn will graduate from Gustavus together; Sue Engelsma Wilcox’s daughter, Paige, is a freshman this year; Peg Charlton Swanson (now deceased…so sad) and Paul's ’71 son attends Gustavus, etc., etc., etc."
  • John Cornell and his wife, Roxanne (Eggert’87), announce the birth of their daugher, Julia Hannah on February 13, 2000.
  • Larry Cruse sent some corrections to slightly erroneous information printed about him and his family in a previous newsletter. Here’s the accurate info: His wife, Janet, is an elementary music teacher in the Bloomington Public Schools, not a religious worker. Larry has finished a master's degree from Augsburg College in Leadership, not a "computers master’s in organizational leadership." Larry won’t be retiring in two years. He has one son at Carleton and the other is thinking about Gustavus in 2002. They do live on 3.5 acres of wooded creek valley, but it is on Beven’s Creek, not the Carver River. They are members of the historic East Union Lutheran Church, which started St. Ansgar's Academy (the forerunner of Gustavus) in the 1860’s. Larry will be president of the congregation during 2001.
  • Kelvin Miller and his wife, Diane (Clark, ’76) have a daughter, Ann Marie (’04) who is a freshman at Gustavus. She is on the women’s swim team and, so far, has the school record in the 1,000 yard free-style and is joined by three other women as meet record holders in the 800 free-style relay. The Gusties have become a real powerhouse in the conference.
  • Jane Peterson Holmquist writes, "Did anyone respond to your query ‘Where is Gordana Perc?’ I too would like to know, as I first met her in Novi Sad (I was one of the ten Gustavus students who spent the semester in Yugoslavia) and kept in touch with her parents while I was there. Gordana and Jasna also spent a weekend visiting my parents in Benson, MN, while they were at Gustavus. Please do let me know if you receive any information about any of the Yugoslav students who spent the semester at Gustavus in 1971."
  • Paul Hanson and family continue to live in Welch, MN, where they raise registered Angus cattle and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Paul works for the Minnesota Trade Office, where he promotes agricultural exports.
  • Marcia Johnson Litfin writes, "I’ve been teaching in Shakopee for the past 20+ years and this year, for the first time, I have a Gustie student teacher. Her name is Tracy Schroeder and she is doing a marvelous job!"
  • Diane Dornburg has become an associate of the law firm of Carney, Appleby & Nielsen PLC, located in Des Moines, IA. Diane received her juris doctorate from the University of Michigan in 1975.
  • Ivy Bernhardson, 23-year veteran lawyer, associate general counsel and corporate secretary at General Mills, has joined Leonard, Street and Deinard as head of its mergers and acquisitions practice, the firm will soon announce. She will be one of the few women in the country to head an M&A practice at a medium-to-large law firm. (reported by Neal Anthony in the Star Tribune)
  • Karen (Bukosky) Snedeker has a new e-mail address:
  • Cindy (Schwake) Anderson trains social workers in her Head Start region, which covers a 100-mile radius from Murray, KY. Her daughter is a freshman at Murray State and she has a son who is 16.
  • Janet (Westerlund) Carlson has been working on her genealogy since 1972, when she went to visit relatives in Sweden. She recently has been using Family Tree Maker and currently has 12,000 names dating back to the 10th century in Sweden.
  • Sandy (Roettger) Racek has a daughter, Julia ’99, who got married in October.
  • Brad McMinn and his wife, Gail (Alexander, ’75), have moved to Kansas City. Gail is now vice president of Retail Services at Utilicorp.
  • Marilyn Peavey Meshke has a daughter who is on the Iowa State University golf team, and a son who is a senior at Mankato State University.
  • Evie Cieslar Erdman likes when her classmates call her!
  • Laura Hendrix (does not use the name Samuel) is an assistant professor at Texas A & M University, not a research assistant as was reported in a recent class letter.
  • Debra Hartley runs the Writing Center and Computer Lab for General College at the University of Minnesota. She supervises and trains 12 to 14 student assistants.
  • Gratia Hokanson Johnson’s husband, Bradley, works for Wenger Corporation, which provides custom equipment for concert halls. They have 21 cats. They have three children: Anne is a senior at Luther College, majoring in health and communications; Brian is a sophomore at University of Minnesota/Duluth and is in the chorus; Ellen is a junior in high school.
  • Judy Hafemeyer Johnson is a clinical athletic trainer for Altru Health. Her son, Jeff, is in the PhD program in organic chemistry at University of Wisconsin/Madison. Her son, Todd, is majoring in physics and received a perfect SAT score.
  • Cynthia Strong Obinger is a disability examiner for Sheffield, Olson & McQueen, a woman-based Minnesota company that started up recently. Her husband, Wally, is clergy at the House of Hope Presbyterian Church on Summit Avenue. Their youngest daughter is a freshman at University of Minnesota/Duluth and, because of the tunnels there, wears shorts year-around. Their oldest daughter attends University of Wisconsin/LaCrosse.
  • Barry Lane has earned his doctorate in strategic leadership from Regent University. His wife, Terry (Brandt, ’76) is the state coordinator for the Moms in Touch Ministry, which prays for every school in the state.

That’s all for now (isn’t it enough???). Marcia Stephens, I thank you for this very educational opportunity to be the Guest Writer, and I encourage you to farm this job out whenever you can! Thank you (and the Alumni Office) for all the hard work you do on our behalf.


Theresa Ann Ziegler (Terri)