Class of '72
April 2006


Yes, spring is upon us.  I went golfing yesterday, did some yard work and watched the Masters Golf Tournament today, I’m planning to go to the Twins home opener on Tuesday night, and have to pay my taxes by next Saturday―all sure signs of spring!  I always remember springtime on campus as being a special time―everybody crawling out of their dorms like Punxsutawney Phil looking for their shadow!  I especially appreciated no more blistering cold walks across the parking lot from the Coed Dorm to the Student Union!

Yes, it is the end of the school year and that also means the end of the Annual Fund Drive on May 31!  I attended the Class Agent Workshop in February and Russ Michaletz ’74, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, spoke about the number one challenge of the college―how to continue to keep Gustavus an affordable option for all students (I’m sure most of you who have sent your kids to Gustavus can relate to that one).  In order to do that, they want to build up the endowment through financial contributions so the school can assist more students with financial aid.  For those of you who have given to the college recently, thank you, and if you can find the opportunity to give a little more, that would be much appreciated.  For those who have not given in a number of years, anything you could contribute gives other students an opportunity to experience what we experienced in going to Gustavus.  Take that huge tax return you will of course be getting and direct a portion of it to the College.

There is also an additional option to donate money to a particular cause.  For instance, Gustavus is hoping to build a new football stadium and a new baseball field to make room for more expansion on campus.  You can view these plans at:  There are options for naming rights for the football stadium―why not someone from the Class of ’72―come on you guys, I think Robb Stadium, Halvorson Field, Goudy and Gehrke Dome, Puffer Park, Thauwald Coliseum, Hansen Field at Lindh Stadium all have a ring to them!  And don’t forget baseball― Sater Stadium, Brinkman, Bates and Blomquist Ballpark, Teske Field (oh, that’s right, I played baseball for a while―Dokken Dome―how appropriate).

Another theme for the Alumni Association is to get people reconnected with the College.  There are over 20,000 alumni of Gustavus and the Alumni Association is interested in how they can get everyone engaged again.  Certainly, a financial contribution is one option, but there are many other ways to give of your time or your expertise.  The College is always looking for people who have certain skills that could aid their efforts (accounting, auditing, investments, fund raising, academics, etc.).  If you think you have a special talent that would be of use to Gustavus and are willing to give back to the College with some of your time, let me know and I will pass it along.  Keep on the lookout for a new Alumni website also that is scheduled to be live in August.  This site will help deliver focused news about Gustavus, contain a searchable Alumni Directory (just like the Gribley), separate pages for each graduation class, and student interest stories.

Class News

(I apologize if some of this is dated―I hope to do a better job going forward of keeping current):

Kathy Ray Huijbregts earned her National Board Certification for adolescent English Language Arts and is teaching 8th grade in Northridge, CA while also spending time with her teenage son, a talented musician, where they live in Burbank.  She says a special “HI” to her fellow drama students―Nancy Baseman Pederson, Tom Miller, Jean Rebischke Wolff, Durene Doering Rogers, Rich Lindh, etc.

Sue Kibler lives in the United Kingdom and has dual citizenship.  Certainly a different perspective on the world at large!

Marilyn Foss is the owner of Mountain Mortgage, doing loans on residential properties throughout Colorado and living in Aspen.  If you’re going to have to work, why not in Aspen―sounds great!

Neil Bolkcom is an ordained elder at First Presbyterian Church in Kent, WA and is currently serving on the ruling body of this church.  He is also a tenor in the Rainier Chorale and on the Board of Directors of this group.  Seems to be putting all those Gustavus religion classes to good use.

Becky Bingea is employed as assistant director of audiology at the University of California, San Francisco (something we all could use as we get older) and lives in San Rafael, CA.  She was also reappointed by Governor Schwarzenegger (I’ll be back) to the State of California Speech Language Pathology and Audiology Board for a second term.

Congratulations go out to Bob Radl, who married Janice Garthrite in March 2004, is celebrating his two-year anniversary!  He lives in Sagamore Hills, OH and will celebrate 30 years as special investigative agent for the U.S. Government.  Wants to say “HI” to Dean Wahlund.

Jean Sjoberg Bergerson works for the State of Minnesota as a public affairs officer and has started a Kennel (I apologize if I didn’t get that right, it was hard to read on the copy I received).  Sounds like plenty to keep you busy up in Grand Rapids.

Congratulations also to Elizabeth Weber who had a book published by Mainstreet Rag entitled “The Burning House Book of Poetry.”  She is employed at the University of Indianapolis as an associate professor of English.

Dave Severson is employed by Steele County as a county administrator.  He and wife, Trudy (Thomas ’73) live in Owatonna and were happy to have their daughter, Meghan ’03, get married last year to a fellow Gustie graduate, Joe Johnson ’03.  That’s keeping it in the Gustavus Family!  Next, we’ll see those grandchildren heading to Gustavus!

Rose Linbo Mortenson works at Anoka-Ramsey Community College as Dean of customized training and continuing education.  She was able to travel to Denmark and Ireland for the College as part of a National Grant.  What a great opportunity!

Carol Hass Roden lives in Elk River and works as a registered nurse at Mercy Hospital.  She has four children from ages 26 to 14.  I’m sure that her nurses’ training has come in handy!

Sandra Brekke works for the State University of New York in Albany as an information science undergraduate advisor.  Good to hear that you are molding today’s youth!

Bonnie Friesner lives in Custer, SD and works as a correctional health nurse in the Campbell County Detention Center.  I’m sure she has some interesting stories to tell!

Debbie Johnson is director for United Health Care and lives in Chandler, AZ.

Mark Swanson indicated that he had retired from Wachovia Securities as a financial advisor.  He is still living in Littleton, CO.  Let us know how that retired life is treating you―we’re all getting closer!

Roberta Nyberg Shimensky is a self-employed musician living in Sandy, UT.  She is putting all those days in the Art Barn to good use.

Art Jaros is a self-employed attorney living in Downers Grove, IL.  He is also serving as Park District Manager for Downers Grove and is forming a Bible Camp in Northern Wisconsin.  Sounds like plenty to keep you going!

Linda Saue Zwiaska is a nurse for Genworth Financial and living with husband, Dale, in Novato, CA.

Sharon Tvete Olson and husband Dave ’68 are living in Savage where Dave is employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Sadly, you may have noticed in the Gustavus Quarterly the passing of Reg Chambers in August 2005.  Reg and I were fraternity brothers and lived together for a few years after college.  Way too young to leave this world.

We also send our sympathies out to Allie Young on the passing of her beloved mother, Evelyn Sponberg Young ’33.  We all have our fond memories of Mrs. Young.  I last saw her at a Big Brothers Big Sisters charity event a year and a half ago.  She still had the great spunk and vitality for life and wouldn’t you know she would be helping out a local charity.  She will truly be missed by all.

And now, for Gustavus news:

Campus News

Alumni Awards

The Alumni Board met on campus in February and made the final selection for the Alumni Awards:

Greater Gustavus Award:  Gustavus Library Associates, for providing financial resources for Folke Bernadotte Library, and engaging and introducing alumni and friends in the mission of the College.

Distinguished Alumni Citations:  Karen Bossart Rusthoven ’66, St. Paul, MN, founder and principal of Community of Peace Academy, St. Paul; Susan Semple-Rowland ’77, Gainesville, FL, professor of neuroscience, University of Florida and director, Neuroscience IDP Graduate Program; and Magnus Ranstorp ’85, St. Andrews, Scotland, chief scientist at the Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies, Swedish National Defense College; and a Senior Honorary Research Associate and former Director of Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

First Decade Awards:  Rebecca Konrad ’96, Washington, DC, investment officer, global transaction team, The World Bank International Finance Corporation; and Milo Martin ’96, Philadelphia, PA, assistant professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Pennsylvania. 

The awards will be presented on Commencement Weekend or Homecoming Weekend depending on the recipient’s schedule.

Gustavus Alumni Directory

The 2006 Gustavus Alumni Directory will be published soon and our goal is to represent your information as accurately as possible in the printed edition.  PCI:  the data company, is publishing our directory and a short phone call will update or verify your information.  Call toll free:  1-800-982-1589, Monday-Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. CST, and Sunday, 11:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. CST.  International callers dial:  1-972-386-0100, Monday-Friday CST.

Short Term Medical (STM) insurance Available

Short Term Medical Insurance can fill the temporary needs of those without health insurance, usually at a lower cost than other alternatives.  Alumni and their families may apply.  This is perfect for children of alumni who are graduating (even if they did not attend Gustavus) and aren’t yet covered under an employer’s health plan.  Contact the program administrator at Meyer and Associates at:  800-635-7801 or about this and other sponsored life, medical, auto and homeowners insurance.

Gusties In Volunteer Endeavors (G.I.V.E.)

Gusties love to serve while they are students and after they graduate.  Gusties In Volunteer Endeavors (G.I.V.E.), the annual day of community service, will focus in the Twin Cities’ Phillips Neighborhood.  This 1.6 square mile section of Minneapolis has 3,100 families, and 31 percent of those families live below the poverty level.  This neighborhood also is home to the American Swedish Institute.  Come out to help make the community a little better.  To learn more about G.I.V.E. Day and to register, go to

MAYDAY! Peace Conference:  "AIDS + Africa, the Unfolding Crisis"

The 26th annual MAYDAY! Peace Conference will be held on Wednesday, April 19.  This year's topic is AIDS in Africa.  The conference will feature a keynote address by Robert Gallo, co-discoverer of the HIV virus, and Marjorie Mbilinyi, social activist and professor in Tanzania.  The AIDS Memorial Quilt will also be on campus for viewing.  Robert Gallo is spending time on campus during March and April sponsored by the Robert E. and Susan T. Rydell Distinguished Professorship, a residency program for Nobel Laureates and similarly distinguished scholars.  For more information, go to

Gusties Gather!

Gusties around the world are called to gather on Sunday, August 6!  The Alumni Board is designating this day as a way for Gusties to stay connected with each other.  In research among alumni, we know that Gusties already stay in contact with many alumni, and we know that Gusties have a strong interest in staying connected with other Gusties and with the College.  Ever think you want to do more to be connected with Gustavus?  Now is your chance, signup to host a Gusties Gather! event.  Complete event checklist, host kit, and details will be provided.  Sign-up via e-mail at <> or call 800/487-8437.

Upcoming Alumni Events

  • MAYDAY! Peace Conference on AIDS – April 19
  • Rydell Distinguished Professorship lecture by Robert Gallo, co-discoverer of HIV virus, professor and director of the Institute of Human Virology – April 20
  • Gustavus Association of Congregations Meeting, keynote address, "Discipleship in Today's World:  Religion and Ecology," by Larry Rasmussen – April 22
  • Gusties In Volunteer Endeavors (G.I.V.E.) Day of Community Service in Minneapolis – April 29
  • Gustavus Library Associates Author Day with Robert Alexander – May 3
  • Reunion for Class of 1956 and 50-Year Club – May 26-27
  • Commencement – May 28
  • Gusties Gather! – August 6
  • Reunions for the classes of 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001 – October 6-8
  • Homecoming/Family Weekend – October 7 & 8

All for now,

Todd Dokken

1972 Class Agent