Class of '71
November 2007

Greetings to all the Dicks and Richards―Hagen, Prestin, Boyum, Reinholdz, Swenson, Anderson, Reinertsen and Pattison―and EVERY other Gustie from the Class of ’71―we who remember Howdy Dowdy, home milk delivery, roller skate keys, glass bottles in soda pop machines, Green Stamps, candy cigarettes, the Fuller Brush Man, Chatty Cathy dolls and tableside jukeboxes!

Life 50 years ago was indeed simpler―and, of course, we were children―not worrying about the war in Iraq, global warming, racism, homophobia, poverty and hunger and a list that goes on and on of other of the world’s ills!

Speaking of Dick Pattison...I remember many years ago when Brad Janzen said, “Nobody hears from Dick Pattison!  What happened to him?”

I was very happy to have recently received the following e-mail from Dick:

“I get the regular Gustavus mailings and I try to keep my demographic info upgraded online but I thought it was time that I send a brief update.  Out of Gustavus (and then grad school at the University of Iowa) I worked in various human services positions.  Later I attended law school and practiced in the Boston area for some 15 years.  Over the last few years I have “retired” to Belgium and have married a wonderful Flemish woman!  My three teen-aged daughters live with their mother in the States.  Here in West Flanders I speak mostly Dutch and forget more and more English vocabulary every day!  I hope all goes well with you and the other Gusties with whom you have contact!”

Great to hear from you, Dick!

A highlight of August was getting together with my two Gustie roommates, Brad Janzen and Bob Teerink for dinner when Judy Wood Chammas came to the Twin Cities with her daughter, Isabelle, who’s attending Macalester College this year!  My friend Mary Ellen and Judy were best of friends in elementary school before Judy’s family left Edina and moved to Detroit.  Bob and Judy spent junior year in Nantes.  Small world!  The five of us had a great mini-reunion at Azia in Minneapolis.  (Have you eaten there?  It’s excellent!)

Had another wonderful time at “Razzle Dazzle,” this year’s Royal Affair for the Gustavus Library!  I saw Linda Nordlund Pedersen, Margie Young Sampsell, Mark Bernhardson and Doug and Kathy (Aplin) Childs.  Any other from our class who enjoyed the fun night?

Heard “Imagine” on the radio as I was driving home after spending the night at my church.  We’re an overflow shelter for homeless St. Paul families each October.  Anyway, I thought of Irene Hartfield and remembered her singing “Imagine” at our tenth or fifteenth reunion―can’t remember which one!  I actually think of Irene often because last year we had a blast as roomies at the 35th reunion and she gave me her “The ‘Blue’ Period” CD.  Irene, you can’t even imagine how many times I’ve listened to it, shared it with friends, and even exercised to it over the past year!  It’s outstanding!

I was given a copy of a recent class letter written by Robyn Wieman Hansen’s dad, Bob Wieman ’47.  Bob is the class agent for his class.  I’d like to share some of his thoughts with you.

After returning to the campus and running into and visiting with a young couple from the Class of ’93 he wrote the following:

This was a reunion― my reunion with the campus I called home sixty-seven years ago.  I saw things differently, all alone with my thoughts.  This was an opportunity to return to a place where I was once young and brash and idealistic―to give thanks for what I got and what I was given.  I got, after all, more than I paid for, many times over.

And how do you give thanks for what you have given so generously?  Is it enough to return to campus and walk around once again and think thoughts about the voices that once taught you, the lives that once instructed you, the people who helped form you, demonstrating in life and lesson what you needed to know in order to be a whole human being?  I suspect that is not enough.

The real need is to dedicate yourself anew to doing for others what was done for you.  Only about a quarter of this nation has a college education.  And the cost has become extravagantly expensive.  So one of the things we can do is give tangible thanks for what we have received by supporting the college that supported us and giving to the Alumni Fund is the easiest way!

Coming up soon!  Christmas in Christ Chapel!  After going each year (and to St. Olaf as well) it just wouldn’t be Christmas without returning to Gustavus for this always wonderful service!  Hope you’re going, too!

Mike ’70 and Genevieve Houlmiere Polkowske live in Billings, Montana, and now have a second grandchild…Bruce Emanual Johnson lives in Butterfield and works for Watanwon County as an environmental service officer (as freshmen at Gustavus the five of us who were “Bruce Johnson” shared a PO box!)…Robyn Wieman Hansen lives in St. Paul, serves on the board of the Amherst Wilder Foundation and recently was named one of the top women in finance by “Finance and Commerce.”  She’s at Leonard, Street and Deinard where her law practice is focused on public finance…Carolyn Westerberg Callahan lives in Park Ridge, Illinois, where she’s a social worker in two elementary schools…

Nick Gisslen is in Red Wing and is freight manager with Taylor Truck Line.  (Nick, I see you live on Central Avenue!  I’ve ridden up Central many, many times as a child to get to my grandmother’s house on Maple Street!)…Carol Gotzman Mork continues to work as a special education teacher in Bemidji…Steve Wilson is a retired deputy director for the U.S.D.A.  His wife, Mary Koppen Wilson ’72 is director of Care Ministries for Federated Church of West Lafayette, Indiana…Steve Buehring lives in Maple Grove where he works in systems and programming at Gelco Information Network…Clay Larson retired from government work and now works for RSP Architects in Minneapolis.  He works for the studio within the firm that designs and constructs Target Stores throughout the United States…

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the world will live as one!

As Thanksgiving approaches I hope you’ll think of Gustavus, thankful of what you have received and consider a gift in gratitude to our college!

Bruce Johnson

1971 Class Agent

Campus News

President Peterson Announces Retirement

President Jim Peterson ’64 announced in August that he plans to retire at the conclusion of the current academic year, capping a five-year term.  His early announcement will provide the Board of Trustees enough time to undertake a thorough search process and assist in a smooth transition to new leadership.  Peterson will serve through June 2008 and has offered to assist in an orderly transition beyond that date if needed.

Moes provide gift for Kendall Center

Gustavus parents Robert and Karin Moe have made a $1 million commitment to the John S. Kendall Center for Engaged Learning. This leadership gift brings the College closer to its goal of fully endowing the center, which is dedicated to advancing active and interdisciplinary learning across the campus. When fully funded, the endowment will generate funds to support two main areas: faculty development and student-faculty research.

New football stadium opened

On September 8, the football team played its inaugural game at the College’s new football stadium.  The synthetic-surfaced field is recessed below ground level and features an earthen berm surrounding the entire field.  The field will continue to be named Hollingsworth Field after the late Lloyd Hollingsworth, who served as the College’s football coach from 1942-1960 and athletic director from 1961-1978.

Athletics Hall of Fame Induction

On Saturday, November 3, Gustavus inducted the following people into the Athletic Hall of Fame:  Tim DeJarlais ’91 (golf), John Erickson ’81 (hockey), Dave Hultgren ’92 (baseball), Craig Miller ’91 (cross country), Mindy Mayerchak Oosten ’88 (softball & soccer), Mike Schumacher ’91 (football), Ann Sommerness Simms ’92 (swimming), and Ryan Skanse ’92 (tennis).

Twin Cities Gustie Breakfasts

Join other Minneapolis/St. Paul area Gusties for a once-a-month morning cup of coffee and breakfast while getting an update on Gustavus. The group meets the third Wednesday of each month at the Doubletree Hotel, Minneapolis-Park Place, 1500 Park Place Boulevard (Hwy. 394 & Hwy. 100), 8:00-9:30 a.m., $10 per person.  Reserve by calling Don Swanson ’55 at 763/533-9083

Wednesday, November 21

Winter sports coaches – Jon Carlson ’88 (men’s and women’s swimming & diving), Mark Hanson ’83 (men’s basketball), and Brett Petersen (men’s hockey)

Wednesday, December  19

Margaret Kelliher ’90, speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives

Refer a Gustie

As the school year starts, many high school seniors are getting serious about their college selection. If you know of high school seniors or juniors who may be a good fit at Gustavus, please send their names to the Office of Admission at Gustavus to help recruit the next generation of Gusties.  Contact the Admission Office at 800/GUSTAVU(S).

Calendar of events:

  • Nov. 30, Dec. 1-2        Christmas in Christ Chapel
  • December 6                 St. Lucia Day celebration on campus