Class of '70
November 2004

Happy Holidays Class of 1970!

And greetings from your class agents,

Pastor Lindy Turner Purdy ordained and called to serve the United Church of Christ this year, currently serving Wayzata Community Church in - yes – nearby Wayzata mother of newly wed, Ty Purdy, Gustavus class of 2000 who married the daughter of a fellow Gustie Karol Klint Greupner married to classmate and recent retiree John Greupner example to all of joyful grandparenthood owner of property that has Sun City in its name facilitator of wholesome, healthy and enjoyable recreation and culture for the citizens of Plymouth, MN and me, Diane Mickelson Brady self acknowledged perma-Gustie former nurse practitioner, former ballet company managing director, former church administrator, former pastoral care coordinator, former married person, former retreat leader AND soon-to-be former nonprofit executive director and almost – but not quite yet – financial representative for Thrivent Financial in January and grandmother for the first time in March.

Yes, life is full of changes – everyday changes and even some so-big-we-never-imagined-them changes.  This coming year, we will celebrate the 35th anniversary of our graduation from Gustavus.  The older I get, the more I appreciate what that means.   We were in college during times of powerful change.  In only four years, we went from curfews, panty raids and dress codes to draft numbers and striking in protest of the invasion of Cambodia.  From Edgar Carlson to Frank Barth.

And how are we doing now, we baby boomer change agents, leaders of governments and popular culture, retirees and grand parents?  Our generation averages three careers (not jobs) in a lifetime.  What did you start out doing?  And what are you doing now?  How have you been influenced by Edgar?  Elvee?  Floyd Martinson, Nancy Baker, John Rezmerski, Doris Yokie, Lloyd Hollingsworth, Arne Langsjoen, Ham, Glass, Esbj, Cec?  Jon Wefald?  Ma Young?  Are you more liberal?   More conservative?  More centered?  More hopeful?  More spiritual?  More yourself?

Let’s come together Homecoming weekend, Fall 2005 and get to know each other all over again.  I confess that I enjoy seeing old friends, but some of the best times I have had at our reunions have been getting to know many of the wonderful people I was at Gustavus with, but didn’t know well.  Lindy, Karol and I would love to see you again and I suspect that you will find many others who will be excited to reconnect as well.

Dave Swenson and Pat Haugen have already said they will help plan the reunion.  How about you?  We’d love to have you take part as well.  Just let the Alumni Office know you are interested.  Even if you can’t help, tell us what you would enjoy as a part of our reunion.  What would you come back for?  Who would you like to see?  What would like to do?  Who would you like to hear from?

And, now for the news of classmates far and wide as provided to us through the Alumni Office:

  • Lu Peterson Weir and her husband, Jim, moved to Wisconsin in 2002 after 15 years working with the New Mexico Boys Ranch.  They’ve built a home only 3 miles north of Lu’s parents.  Lu is still practicing nursing and works at the Dunn County Health Care Center.  Jim works in maintenance at American Lutheran Home.
  • Jackie Anderson Anderson, another one of our nursing majors, has also kept up her nursing license (unlike yours truly), but currently works as a therapeutic recreation coordinator at Walker Methodist Health Care Center.
  • Mark Swanson is living in Red Wing, MN where he is employed by Xcel Energy at the Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant.  Nancy is director of the Red Wing Area Seniors and they are proud of their kids, Sara, a multi talented Cobber grad who teaches art and German at St. Kate’s, and son, Sam, who is majoring in communication at St. Cloud.  Mark adds that they love to travel (Vegas, Branson, Atlanta area Gusties – keep an eye out) he loves to grill “everything,” to be out in the yard and sends greetings to all his classmates – especially the GAMMAS.
  • Roger Stearns is no longer president and CEO of Stearnswood Inc., but is Chairman and CFO.  That gives him more time to play at being a director of FFHH, a Nasdaq listed financial holding company, while also serving as president of the Hutchinson Community Foundation and raising a million dollars for their endowment by fall of 2005.  Go get ’em Roger.  I’ve been executive director of a nonprofit during five of the most difficult years financially for nonprofits in decades – boy, could I have used you and your commitment on my board!
  • Dr. Jean Bjorling Young writes from Saboba, Northern Region, Ghana.  She and her husband work at Saboba Medical Center - a 50-bed hospital run by the Assemblies of God, Ghana, Church.  Saboba is on the eastern border of the Northern Region, 2 miles from the Oti River, the border with Togo.  (Thank you for explaining that for us, Jean. This challenged my map skills).  Jean says that Ghana has been called “Africa for Beginners” because the country is English speaking, with a stable government and friendly people.  She also shares her e-mail address and a website for more information: and  Thank you, Jean, for telling us a little about your life – please keep in touch.
  • Linda Jungck McMahon teaches phy-ed and health in Minneapolis and like so many teachers we have heard from is looking forward to retirement – the rule of 90 rules!  Linda has bought land in Nevada in preparation for the next phase of life.
  • Danny Kagol says he is “alive and kicking” and does that as a media specialist at Highview School in the Mounds View, MN school system.  He does lots of running and works part-time with the Minneapolis Park Police bicycle corps.
  • Rollie Erickson was highlighted in a story we received from the Hibbing Tribune.  After 34 years of teaching, Rollie has retired to enjoy gardening and fishing and six grandchildren!  Rollie taught math to 7th - 9th grades in Hibbing and had the great pleasure of teaching two generations of Hibbing students and in his last three years, taught on the same staff as his son, Steve.
  • Jann Olsten has responded to one of the hottest trends around – scrapbooking – by founding together with his partners, Archiver’s – the photo memory store.  Jann is CEO and has seen a few dollars of my money in his cash register.   (I’m always willing to help out another Gustie).
  • Joyce Norris Kocourek - Wow, Joyce, I just pulled out your e-mail from the packet the Alumni Office sent us!  What a great way to end this set of news!  Joyce and I worked together early in our nursing careers, but I lost contact with Joyce more than 20 years ago when she moved from Iowa to Michigan.  I still think of you, Joyce, every time I drive by that bungalow on Xerxes Avenue where you lived in the early 1970’s.  Joyce is flat out amazed that Ruth Carlson Anderson is still working with the City of Bloomington’s Public Health Department and says she has never known anyone who has been in the same job that long.  Joyce has her master’s in psych. nursing (hadn’t you also gotten a master’s in vocational rehab, Joyce?), is living in Phoenix and is now going back to school again to get a degree in oriental medicine and acupuncture.  Yes, Joyce, I would love to reconnect – my parents are in Sun City West and since we have classmates who are also buying into the Sun City life (I still can’t believe we are eligible for Sun City!) it looks like a visit to Phoenix would certainly be in order.

So that’s the not-so-recent news from our classmates.  Write, e-mail, call and tell us what’s up with you and we’ll include your news in the next class letter.  And when you do, enclose a check for the Gustavus Fund.  Your contribution makes it possible for current and future Gusties to get an excellent education in a place that prepares the whole student for leadership and lives of service.  Our goal this year is to raise $1.25 M from alumni to increase diversity on campus; continue strengthening the academic core (increasing student-faculty contact, decreasing class size, and increasing endowed chairs); strengthen the relationship with the church to ensure that Gustavus remains a place where the discussions of purpose, ethics, faith and values take place with a variety of viewpoints represented improve and maintain campus facilities – Old Main, a new residence hall (yes, Wahlstrom is a goner), new stadium and new social science building,  enhance technology, - all this while keeping a Gustavus education affordable.  Contributions from our predecessors made it possible for us to have the Gustavus experience.  This is our opportunity to pass it on.

Campus News:

Nobel Conference, The Science of Aging

The 40th Anniversary of the Nobel Conference was on the Science of Aging.  The campus hosted over 6,000 guests October 5-6 to learn about the research molecular biologist are conducting on longevity, Alzheimer’s, and delaying debilitating disease and how this impacts life expectancy, the economy, and the health-care system.

New Residence Hall

Work crews have been busy this summer and fall constructing a new residence hall on campus.  The goal is to have the building enclosed before winter.  The building, located southwest of the football field, will house 200 students in suites and apartments and is scheduled to open for fall 2005.

Gustie Pages

Looking for a dentist, doctor, lawyer, pastor, realtor, and much more?  Make it a Gustie!  The Gustie Pages is an online database of Gusties who have submitted information about their profession.  Use the Gustavus network to meet your needs or submit your professional information if you would like other Gusties to be your customers.

Athletics Hall of Fame

The Gustavus Adolphus College Athletics Department has chosen eight individuals for induction into its Athletics Hall of Fame.  The 2004 inductees include Lori Allen ’88 (golf), Jim Chalin ’76 (basketball), Bruce Edwards ’77 (ice hockey), Barb Jaeger ’88 (soccer), Dean Kraus ’89 (football), Pachi Lopez ’71 (soccer), Greg Peterson ’88 (golf), and Gary Reinholtz (long-time athletic trainer, benefactor).  This group was honored at the Athletics Hall of Fame Banquet, which was Saturday, October 16.

Extraordinary Place

Gustavus is once again ranked among the top 100 liberal arts colleges in the nation in U.S. News and World Report's annual college rankings.  Gustavus is one of five Minnesota colleges in the top 100 national liberal arts colleges for overall quality (Carleton, Macalester, St. Olaf, Gustavus, St. John’s).  The ranking groups schools into categories based on a national educational classification that includes national liberal arts colleges, national doctoral universities (University of Minnesota, St. Thomas), regional master's degree-granting universities (Hamline, St. Catherine’s, Bethel, Augsburg), and comprehensive regional colleges (Concordia-St Paul).

Upcoming Events

Boston Chapter Event -- Jan. 25
New York Chapter Event -- Jan. 26
Washington, D.C. Chapter Event -- Jan. 28
Tampa Bay Chapter Event -- Feb. 2
Vero Beach Chapter Event -- Feb. 4
Marco Island Chapter Event -- Feb. 5
Tucson Chapter Event -- March 18
Phoenix Chapter Event -- March 19
Sun City Chapter Event -- March 20
Seattle Chapter Event -- April 1
Bay Area Chapter Event -- April 2

Class of 1954 and 50 Year Club Reunion – May 27-28

Class Reunions for 1960, 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000 – October 7-9, 2005

Go Gusties!

Diane Mickelson Brady

1970 Co-Class Agent