Class of '68
January 2004

Dear Class of '68,

John and Kris (Lundberg) Moorhead asked if I would write this letter while they relax a little this winter.  At first I didn't know what I would talk about, as my life is probably of no interest to most of you, but then I realized it is not one person's life you are looking forward to reading about, but the life we all like to reminisce about―our life at Gustavus from 1964-1968!

The reunion was a great time for refreshing those memories and reflecting on all that has happened in the 35 years since.  There were not many of us there, but it didn't stop us from telling the same old stories and laughing over the same silly antics.  One I will never forget was the time our sorority thought it would be cute to paint our Greek letters on some of the trees on campus instead of the "rock," but unfortunately, the college didn't find it as great of an idea as we did.  To our surprise penalties followed!!  What ever your memories are, I am sure they will be ones that you will never forget.  There does seem to be something about the "Gustavus Family" that carries on for generations.  I pray that your memories will be those of a happy time when we all seemed protected by our innocence and hopeful for our future.  Take time to write or call someone you shared those memories with.  It could make their day!!  Speaking of those you might remember here are a few that have sent us information.  Continue to send in your notes.  Remember we all shared a special time and place together and for whatever reason that makes us unique!!

Terre Windsor Holm and here husband live in Plymouth, MN where Terre retired after 34 years of teaching!  She is helping take care of her sister, who has breast cancer, and her aging father.  (Hang in there!)

Louise Esbjornson is a pastor in St. Peter.

Jim Arnold lives in Plymouth and is currently coaching the Gustavus men's JV basketball team.

Kurt Sundquist is the president of the Northern State Bank of Virginia, MN.

Ron Malmquist lives in Spotsylvania, VA, which he claims is in the midst of four major Civil War battlefields.

Rick Zweig is a captain for Northwest Airlines.

Jeanne Ewy lives in Carmel, CA and is the vice president of services for Planned Parenthood.

Lois Flesner Goetz lives in Clifton, TX and works for the Clifton Lutheran Sunset Home as their musician!

Mary Anderson Bohn is retired and living in Inver Grove Heights.  She and her husband, (my brother) Bob '66, have been doing a lot of traveling and are now planning a wedding for their daughter, Molly '98!

Bobette Woehler Schauer is retired from the GFW Schools in Winthrop, MN, as their music instructor.

Stephen Bomgren has moved as he says to the "real" northland and has resumed preaching full-time in a two-point parish north of Bemidji.  His first retirement was in Robbinsdale.  We will wait for the next one Steve!

Richard Olsenius's father reported that Dick has been a photographic journalist for the Minneapolis Tribune and National Geographic Magazine.  He has published a book called, Dog Stories, which has 128 pages of his pictures and commentary.  One of the stories has been picked up by Hollywood for a possible movie.  Other books are called, Artic Odyssey and In Search of Lake Wobegon.  Way to go Dick!!!

Gayle Affolter Carlson lives in Eagan, MN and has just received the Minnesota German Teacher of the Year Award!  WOW!

Rebecca Gilbertson Merritt lives in Scottsdale, AZ and has retired after 18 years with Marsh Risk and Insurance Services.  Her husband, John, has also retired from his law practice.

Helene Nilsen lives in Morrisville, VT and is a child psychologist/psychotherapist.  She is also the director of a youth empowerment program for the arts.

Ruth Olson lives in Haines, Alaska!  She is working as a behavior health clinician for the Southeast Regional Health Consortium in Haines.  She says that she is living on the ocean, watching eagles, whales, moose, brown bear and other various creatures!  Any Gusties????

Charles Anderson lives with his wife, Gail, in Cottage Grove, MN.  Charles works for the State of Minnesota as a Program Coordinator.

Karen Lind Brazas is a retired teacher and lives in Nevada City, CA.  She spent six months teaching in China!

I am still teaching in Detroit Lakes, MN.  I have three children all of whom have or will become teachers!  Retirement is not in the future as of yet, but as soon as I know where all of you have gone, I will retire and come and visit!  Happy 2004!

Connie Bohn Edwards

1968 Guest Letter Writer


Building a Greater Gustavus Reaches Target

Gustavus celebrates reaching the $100 million target for the Building a Greater Gustavus capital campaign.  The campaign includes reconstruction projects following the 1998 tornados, the creation of the Center for Vocational Reflection, growth of the Christ Chapel Endowment, the C. Charles Jackson Campus Center, the Curtis and Arleen Carlson International Center, the Barbro Osher Svenska Huset (Swedish House), the new soccer and track complex, and more than 100 new scholarships.  Efforts continue to raise funds for campaign projects, such as Old Main renovation, Gustavus Alumni Fund, and further endowment growth.  Special thanks! goes to the volunteers and donors who contributed their resources to assist current and future Gusties. 

January Term

The theme for this January Term is "Undergraduate Research and Creativity," to promote course offerings and activities in all fields, not just natural sciences and fine arts.  In addition about 375 students are on travel programs abroad in such places as Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Fiji, and Israel.  Also, 180 students are participating in internships and career explorations, now so essential for many students in securing a job, no matter what career field. 

New Gustavus Video

Have you been to campus lately?  Can you remember your first time seeing Gustavus? The Admission Office has created a new video/DVD for prospective students to take a look at the College. Take a look online if you wish at <>.

Fine Arts

The Gustavus Symphonic Orchestra will take a 16-day concert tour to China performing in such places as Beijing, the Great Wall, and Tianjin.  The Gustavus Choir will take a 10-day concert tour to selected cities in North Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, and Minnesota, and will also present a concert in the Twin Cities on Friday evening, January 30, 2004, 7:30 p.m., at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, in St. Paul.  The Gustavus Wind Orchestra, formerly the Gustavus Band, will tour during Spring Break.

Extraordinary People

Peter Krause '87 returned to Gustavus in November to meet and conduct workshops with students.  Krause has been nominated for Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Emmy awards for his role as Nate Fisher in the critically and commercially acclaimed HBO drama, "Six Feet Under."  With the hope that the day would focus more on the students than on his newfound fame, Krause spent the afternoon doing acting work with classes and theatre and dance majors.

Great Teaching

In case you missed the note in the Fall 2003 issue of the Gustavus Quarterly, we are asking alumni to send in short reminiscences, tributes, and anecdotes about professors who made a difference in their education - "the teachers and mentors who have made a lasting impression, who have imparted life lessons, whom you remember for their wit, or their mastery, or their encouragement, or their exacting standards . . . or their idiosyncrasies." We are planning to focus an upcoming issue of the Quarterly on "great teaching" and would like to hear from those who experienced the classes of those great professors.  Send your paragraphs and stories to either Randall Stuckey '83, director of alumni relations (, or Steve Waldhauser '70 (, managing editor of the Quarterly, or in the mail to the College.

Upcoming Chapter Events

  • Washington DC, Gustavus gathering - February 6
  • Atlanta, Georgia, Gustavus gathering - February 26
  • Tampa Bay, Florida, Gustavus gathering - February 27
  • Naples, Florida, Gustavus gathering - February 28
  • Vero Beach, Florida, Gustavus gathering - February 29
  • Sun City, Arizona, Gustavus gathering - March 19
  • Phoenix, Arizona, Gustavus gathering - March 20
  • Tucson, Arizona, Gustavus gathering - March 21