Class of '68
January 1999

Winter greetings and happy New Year―1999 to the Class of ’68!

Conventional wisdom says one should not start out a letter with an apology, but in this case it can not be avoided. The fall of '98 came and went with the class letter just not getting published. Unfortunately, my good intentions were over come with poor execution. Funny how life some times gets in the way of the best-laid plans. Can't begin to generalize but, I thought, life's pace was suppose to get a little easier as we approach the "golden" years. Perhaps it could have been, but when I took on a new career after 26 years with General Mills I quickly found out that owning your own business is serious stuff. Serious hours, serious commitments to customers and employees and the most serious of all...lots of fun! Coming out of the warm and fuzzy corporate life to be challenged by "own your own" was something that I was not totally prepared for, nevertheless, I wouldn't trade it and most definitely, wouldn't go back. So, that's my apology and here's my plug. If you are in downtown Minneapolis please stop in at Lindskoog Florist, TCF Skyway, 121 South 8th Street, I'd love to show you the shop!

Since the last letter, back in the spring of '98, some sad news leads off his class letter. Kathleen Joy (Peterson) Del Pino, passed away on September 6, 1998. She is survived by her husband, Rev. Dr. Jerome Del Pino, her son, Jerome Curtis, and daughter, Emily, and a host of other relatives and friends. In recognition of Kathy's wishes, her family requests that memorial contributions be given to establish a permanent endowment fund in the name of Kathleen Joy Peterson Del Pino for the support of United Methodist Urban Services, Inc. This endowment will provide the necessary resources to support ministries to which Kathy devoted her life. For those of us wishing to contribute please send your donations to:

Kathleen Joy Peterson Del Pino

Endowment Fund United Methodist Urban Services, Inc.

566 Commonwealth Avenue

Boston, MA 02215

To Jerome and your family, we extend our deepest sympathies.

Here are few more class "tidbits:"

Arv Zenk was recently named operations manager of the new Great Papers packaging and distribution facility in North Mankato. Great Papers is a subdivision of the Taylor Corp. Jane (Dornfeld) also work for a Taylor subdivision, Carlson Craft in Mankato.

Rev. Jim Schoenrock continues to administer the "rites" to the Hollywood faithful at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in North Hollywood, CA.

Connie Bohn Edwards continues to be guiding the 5th graders in Detroit Lakes, MN. When she's not teaching she doubles as a Weefest host!!

Kitty Hall Stevens and her husband, Ron, are in Bailey, CO, where Kitty works for Rocky Mountain Rural Health.

The Christmann's, Angie and Jim still claim Santa Cruz their home and continue to be committed to the University there and marine research. In fact, they just completed a project with National Geographic exploring Monterey Bay. We'll be watching for the TV special!

Dr. Steve Gunderson has given up his International Falls dental practice to retirement. With his wife, Sherry, they now spent their time traveling and skiing in Colorado.

This fall’s election proved to be just another campaign for Bob Roepke who was elected to his eighth term as Chaska's mayor. Congratulations!

Nancy Clubb Rauen and her husband, Peter, are still living in Minnetonka. Nancy is still at HCMC and Peter has started a new venture called "Captain's Choice" a line of marine cleaners.

Heading north next summer, well stop in Backus and look up the Sulanders. Dale and Cheryl have given up the city life for the life of resort owners, they run Bayside Cabins and Bike Rental.

After suffering a stroke last year, Ken Losch has recovered to be back in the pulpit at Grace/Red River Lutheran Church in Hallock, MN. Sure good to know Ken has made a strong recovery. Could this be a testament to a strong faith and hope?

One additional non-class footnote for those who remember Owen Olson '65 who was an OK. He passed away on August 10, in Atlanta.

There has been a slight change in the fund-raising procedure that I would like to pass along. The BIG push for classmate calls during Phonorama will now occur during reunion years. This does not mean that someone from the class may not call you on the off years, but the reality of it is that most likely you will receive a call from a student caller. What the Gustavus Fund Office is promoting, is fund raising by the trained students. So, when the callers identify themselves as a current student please feel free to give them your news for class letters and/or the Quarterly and your pledge. Speaking of pledges let me bring you up to date as to how our class did on last year’s fund and progress on this year’s fund.

Last year the class had 151 donors totaling a contribution of $15,401. As of the end of December we have had 79 donors totaling $13,604. Given this pace we could end up the year right around $20,000. Please remember the fund closes in May and your pledge must be paid prior to that if it is going to be included in the '99 Fund. To all that have or will be giving, we thank you for keeping Gustavus in your thoughts.

Some news from campus:

Students and staff are in the midst of January Term and the campus landscape is covered with a beautiful blanket of snow. Once again, many students are taking advantage of

J-Term opportunities with 127 on internships, 308 on study abroad programs, and 86 students studying at other domestic institutions. Despite the cold weather, progress is being made on construction of the new Campus Center due to be open in the fall of 1999. After a week and a half of classroom preparation covering the history and culture of South Africa, the Gustavus Choir will participate in a concert tour of the country January 14-February 2. The Gustavus Band will travel to South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, and Iowa for their concert tour during touring week, January 30-February 6. Athletic teams are in full swing with all teams looking to be competitive in MIAC play. Over Christmas break many teams traveled for non-conference games including men’s basketball winning a tournament in California, men’s hockey playing in Italy, and the swim teams competing in Bermuda.

Gustavus is once again in the news, making some national rankings. Gustavus ranked 12th among the top 22 leading small colleges in the nation providing active Peace Corps volunteers. Gustavus is ranked 15th in the listing of top 20 bachelor’s institutions that sent the most students overseas for international study during the 1996-97 academic year. Gustavus is ranked 18th of national liberal arts colleges in the number of National Merits with 17 students. Mark Anderson ’66, Dean of Admission, reports that applications for admission for the fall of 1999 are running 20 percent ahead of last year. The Admission Office instituted several new campus visit days in the summer and fall to account for the fact that few students could visit last spring. Alumni are reminded of the Alumni Scholarship Program ($10,000 over four years for children and grandchildren of alumni) available to qualified applicants. Call the Admission Office at 1-800-GUSTAVU(S) for applications.

If you’ve got some news or comments that you would like to pass on to me or the class, please feel free to send us at:

John and Kris ( Lundberg) Moorhead

1968 Co-Class Agents