Class of 1966
45-Year Reunion

May 2011

Reunion Dates- May 27-28, 2011

Dear Classmates,

Forty five years ago on a fine spring day we graduated, and our lives since then have taken us on many journeys filled with joys and sorrows, successes and failures.  I remember the anxiety, excitement and loneliness I felt when in the Fall of 1962 my parents dropped me off three days before orientation and then went back to Illinois.  Not entering with an especially distinguished high school academic record, I wasn’t sure that I could make it in college.  Gustavus took a chance on me, and I will be forever grateful!  Soon my future classmates started to arrive and so began four years of experiences that still inform my life and have led to life-long, cherished friendships.  It was at G.A. that I met my wife, Deidra (Moehring) behind the curtains of “the little theatre” and the drama continues.

Over the years G.A. has continued to be an important part of my life.  I was privileged to serve two terms on the Board of Trustees where I learned that the college’s affairs are directed with vision and financial responsibility.  Indeed, those are two of the reasons Deidra and I have included GA in our estate planning.  We owe so much to our college.

A vivid memory is hearing of the tornado devastation on CNN while in Istanbul, Turkey with Chaplain Elvee.  What a sad day, but the Gustie Spirit prevailed, and the new trees and our school continue to grow and thrive.

We hope to see you all and share memories at our 45th reunion on May 27th!

Eric Gustavson

1966 Reunion Committee Member

Reunion Information

Have you registered yet?  Send in your registration material today or you can also register online at  If you’ve mis-located your registration brochure, contact the alumni office at 800-487-8437.

Come enjoy the weekend together – May 27-28th!  Here’s the Friday schedule with our class specific activities:

1 p.m.             Registration opens

1:30 p.m.         Take a campus tour or a Granlund Sculpture Tour

2:30 p.m.         Come hear what classmate Richard Leider has been writing about in his seminar called “The Power of Purpose” – in Alumni Hall

4 p.m.              Social Hour for our class in the Arboretum (Interpretive Center)

5 p.m.              Class Photo in the Arboretum

5:30 p.m.         Dinner and Gathering of our class

The list of those registered is growing!

Mark Anderson

Ardis Nelson Archer

Luanne Nelson Bachman

Caroline Sandin Basley

Donna Gabbert Beck

Mary Dahms Bierbrauer

Marcia Wilson Borgie

Joan Dornfeld

Cheryl Downey

Sharon Anderson Engman

Kay Olson Erickson

Deidra Moehring Gustavson

Eric Gustavson

Susan Skrukrud Haugland

Jim Heckenlaible

Gracia Luhmann Hegener

Richard Hegener

Margaret Raedeke Holste

Kathy Glaeser Johnson

Vicki Brown Johnson

Ada Karlsson Kirscher

Joan Augustson Kodet

Bill Laumann

Jean LeVander King

Rachel Gilbertson Lind

Karen Hoagland MacKenzie

Esther Peterson Martens

Ron Martens

Rosie Johnson Mix

Joyce Henrikson Ramseth

Phil Rogosheske

Karyl Enstad Rommelfanger

Char Peterson Senske

Howard Senske

Ruth Moody Tsu

Kathryn Wellington

Check the updated list at and as you register, your name will also appear!  It’s going to be a great time to get together – so call up your Gustie friends and register today for a fun-filled weekend!

DID YOU KNOW? that the class of 1966 has a facebook page?  If you are a facebook member, search “Gustavus Adolphus College – Class of 1966” on facebook and “Like” this page.  Not only will you be able to find other classmates out there to catch up with, but you will be able to get information about the reunion!

Class News

Nancy Brink is happy and content, enjoying the country life in Yelm, Washington.  She is running an adult family home, and loves taking care of the elderly.

Paul VanDerSchaaf cannot attend the reunion, as he will be celebrating his mother’s 103rd birthday!  Happy Birthday Mrs. VanDerSchaaf!

Sharon Anderson Engman had a nice conversation with “Beef,” otherwise known as Robert Therien.  He hopes to attend the 50th reunion.

Gary Engen is a biology teacher and football coach at Mounds View high school.

Judy Lauer Pede lives in California with her husband Ken.  They have been retired for 10 years, but busier than ever. Judy plays National Bridge and has been on the Women's Circuit for 25 years.  She travels three times a year to compete in the bridge competition.  The highest she has placed is second in the national events.  Her husband is an avid golfer.  She has two children.  Lorie is the west coast celebrity director for Make a Wish Foundation.  She and her husband Kevin have two grandsons.  Their son, Jon, is a school principal in Hillsborough, Oregon.

Mari Weisert Smith has her own business doing educational therapy with children with learning disabilities.  She has three sons, one of whom is married.  He has two daughters with a third one “on the way.”

Mary Dahms Bierbrauer now lives in Breckenridge, CO near family.  She is skiing regularly and enjoying life.

Mark Anderson is enjoying retirement.

In April, 2011, Rev. Vernon Victorson received one of the 2011 Distinguished Alumnus awards from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago for Excellence in Parish Ministry.  This award was in recognition of exemplary leadership within the parish setting especially in the areas of preaching and pastoral care.

Warren and Donna (Gabbert) Beck continue spending winters in sunny Tucson, AZ.  She keeps busy as a potter and jewelry designer.  Playing with her grandchildren and showing her horses keeps her occupied during the summer.

1966 Class Endowed Scholarship is growing!

Back at our 40th Reunion, we as a class decided to start a Class Endowed Scholarship, something near and dear to my heart as I couldn’t have attended Gustavus without scholarships.  And that was when tuition, room, and board cost a total of $1,800!!!  With tuition now over $33,000 and room, board, fees and books in addition to that, who wouldn’t need support today?  As a class we wanted to support current and future Gusties needing financial support to attend Gustavus. So, a Class Endowed Scholarship was set up.  It’s a fund that works forever−yes, forever!  We build it to $25,000 or more and every year, in perpetuity, the fund we have created will spin off a certain percent each year, to award to a student in need of financial aid.  At $25K, it currently issues 4.5%, which would be $1,125.

Our 1966 Class Endowed Scholarship is almost there!  We have currently raised almost $19,000!  Thank you class−you’ve responded well!  Do you think we can get it up to $25K by the time of our reunion?  Nobody says we can’t−so let’s do it!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to make your gift, just write “1966 Scholarship” in the memo line on your check, and it will get to the right place!  You can even add a gift with your registration to the reunion−now isn’t that convenient!

See you at the reunion!

Margaret Raedeke Holste

1966 Reunion Committee Member

Campus News

Class of 2016 – The Admission Department has already received deposits for over 750 new students next fall.  This is way up from previous years when only 50 – 100 deposits would have been received by this time.  Looks like the secret is out about Gustavus!

Women’s Tennis Defeats St. Olaf 9-0, Secures 20th Straight MIAC Title - The Gustavus women’s tennis team brought the regular season to a close with a 9-0 win over St. Olaf on Tuesday afternoon in St. Peter.  With the victory, Gustavus locks up its 20th straight MIAC regular season title, improving to 17-9 overall and 10-0 in the MIAC.

Nobel Conference 47 - The Brain and Being Human  Oct. 4 & 5, 2011

In recent years, novel collaborations between neuroscientists and researchers in seemingly disparate fields have forged new ideas and new questions about the working of the brain.  Aspects of daily human life are now incorporated into the scientific arena in a new synthesis to understand the human experience and what it means to be human.  The braiding of neuroscience with the humanities, arts, social sciences, theology, and engineering has empowered explanations of the motivations and operations of our daily activities.  This insight engenders uncertainty in terms of how to best apply this knowledge responsibly and ethically, and perhaps is even challenging the distinctiveness of our own species.