Class of '64
May 2004

Hi Everyone,

It is a lovely almost 60 degree Monday in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The covers have burst off the leaves and now there is a wonderful light yellow green to the newly opened leaves.  The grass is getting greener and lots of people are out digging in their gardens.  I noticed that the lilacs are showing the beginnings of the soon to open purple and white fragrant flowers.

Last week when Dick Swenson from our class and I were phoning I remember telling Joanie Poquette in Santa Rosa that it had been 85 degrees here, and 95 in the Napa Valley.

I am, as usual, at the end of my grace period to write this letter.  The Alumni Office said if we didn't get one out by tomorrow they would send a generic one from their office.  We can't let that happen.

Genealogy has been an interest of mine from afar, but recently I have, along with Nancy Johnsen Martin, been taking a class through Elderlearning at the University of Minnesota.  Elderlearning's roots are with Stephen Benson '63 and (former first lady) Joanne Kendall.  Different people teach classes (not for credit, but for the fun of learning.)  For a one time yearly fee, one can take several classes during fall, winter and spring terms.  This is my first go around.  I am taking an "oral history" trying to get us to write down those stories that we always heard our parents tell.  For many of us, having lost our parents we realize how we should have asked more questions and recorded more of what they had to say.  Even as important are our own stories.

Think about the many unique stories that women in our class could tell of the first year at Gustavus when most of us lived in Wahlstrom Hall in bedrooms made for one - two girls occupied each.  Because we had bunk beds and two desks in our rooms not to mention two feet of closet hanging area for each two girls.  We had to get out of those crowded rooms and visit with each other.  We had to be in the dorm at 10:00 p.m. so we really got to know each other.  Dick Swenson remembered going to the Sadie Hawkins dance with Penny Johnson Rodman.  He said that Penny brought the costumes...refrigerator boxes...they went as outhouses.

We all can remember where we were when in November of our senior year. . . when Kennedy was assassinated.  I was student teaching at Richfield Junior High School.  Lots of us were in the education "block" to become teachers.

I came across a 1964 Encyclopedia News Annual.  Just paging through it....Big news was the Negro revolt against racial discrimination.  The Berlin wall was still standing.  There was a war in Vietnam.  Detroit's car industry was booming!   Mariner II made space history by going to Venus.  Mercury astronauts were sent into space with the Air Force's giant Atlas rocket.  The Cold War continued in the Caribbean by maintaining a boycott of Communist Cuba.  Castro visited Khrushchev in the USSR.  Remember Jackie Kennedy using her Spanish speaking abilities to speak to the Exiles in Miami.  There was great unrest in the south trying to stop anti-segregation demonstrations.  The pope died.  Modern Architecture was coming to the forefront (Pan Am building in New York, Dulles Airport in Washington was new).  There was an "attack on illiteracy."  Showing a picture of the classroom of tomorrow complete with a TV and electronic tutoring machines.  There were new ideas in art.  Pop Art was really big with Andy Warhol and Claus Oldenburg made big mammoth sculptures.  John Steinbeck won a Nobel award.  Paperback books rose to a record-breaking million copies sold each day.  Lots of U.S. citizens were traveling to Europe in record numbers.  Women's dresses for spring were "shifts" and the hemlines were about mid-knee.  Musicals and satirical reviews made up lightweight Broadway.  Edward Albee's "Virginia Woolf" was the only serious U.S. drama.  Gregory Peck won an Oscar for his role in "To Kill a Mockingbird."  There was a 1964-65 World's Fair in New York City.

What about you?  Where were you when you graduated....graduate school, your first car, a real job, an apartment, a marriage, travel?  How about each one of us finding the address, e-mail address, or phone number of someone from our class that we have not talked to, or corresponded with for many years and really getting in touch.  Maybe agree to get together for our reunion on October 1 & 2.  Make plans to touch base with someone that you knew so well.  Now that most of us have our children who are on their own, we do have time.

Dick Swenson has put a space to write some stories about yourself on the web site...look under alumni and the see the space for 1964 stories.  SO PLEASE ADD YOUR INFORMATION EITHER BY E MAIL OR BY REGULAR MAIL.  You can also request e-mail addresses of people in our class too.  Or if you want someone's address call the Alumni Office or call me at:  952-922-4604.  We hope that lots will turn out for the Minneapolis reunion party on Friday evening, October 1 and the Homecoming events on campus on October 2.  If you have never attended Nobel conference...this might be a great year.  The topic is "Aging."  Our own classmate, Sharon Peterson Robinson's husband, Tim Robinson '65, is in charge and is planning a wonderful conference.  It will be held on campus on Tuesday and Wednesday October 5 & 6.  Plan on coming for both.  We could plan some get togethers for Sunday and Monday...Wheeeee a reunion week!!!!

Now for the news . . .Many of us are now retired from our jobs and have a little more time to read these letters . . . and to send your news via email or post mail to Gustavus.

Kay Kroeger Bourgerie is a retired teacher and enjoys baby-sitting her five grandchildren.  She and her husband, Dave, have traveled to Mexico, Hawaii, and New York City since they have retired.  They live in Brooklyn Park, a suburb of Minneapolis.

Joanie Carlstrom Morehouse lives in Waconia, just west of Minneapolis.  Joan is retired from nursing and her husband, Terry, does the radio ministry for Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church.  (And I might add that he does a terrific job!)

Sharon Peterson Robinson, mentioned earlier in this letter has retired from teaching reading at the St. Peter State Hospital, but is back working there...  She and Tim '65 bought a wonderful condo in Sarasota, Florida and they are enjoying get-aways to the ocean.  Marit, their daughter, lives in Corvalis, Oregon and their son, Matt, is in graduate school in theater at Brown in Providence, RI.  Tim is also a professor of psychology at Gustavus.

Judy Bosman Ebert is in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.  She serves on the board of "Clipped Wings."  Judy was injured on a Caribbean cruise in October.  I hope she is not still hobbling.  She went back to Gustavus for Mr. Knautz's 80th birthday party last summer.  She has a grown son and daughter.

Emily Hanson Abello is still in California and looking forward to coming to the reunion in October.  She's also retired.

Eleanor Johnson Anderson is living in Crawfordsville, Indiana.  She's married to Lowell '62 who is in an interim position at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Crawfordsville, IN.  They have two boys, Christopher and Mark '92.

Dee Dee Heino Lorentzen is living in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  She writes, "One of the benefits of retirement is reconnection."  Last winter she and Alan '62 spent a week with Jim and Shannon (Shawbold '65) Foster, sailing around the Grenadines.  In August, they drove to New Hampshire to "party" with old roomies, Mark Skoog, L. R. Johnson and their host and hostess, Sam '62 and Phyl (Miller '63) Forsythe on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Dee-Dee writes that she has been traveling with Gustavus '64ers.  In October, twelve will meet in Las Vegas as guests of Carol Onstrom Gerk.  (Has this happened...or will it happen?)  Dee Dee and Al said their favorite trip is to Lolo, Montana to visit their son, Erik.  Of course they take along their springer spaniel named, Gustavus Adolphus, III.

Mary Fahden McIlrath is in Prior Lake, Minnesota.  She's been retired for about a year.  She enjoys gardening and volunteering for the Humane Society - taking pets to nursing homes and as a foster parent for kittens.  This past year she traveled to Mexico, Europe, Costa Rica, California and to visit Carol Onstrom Gerk in Las Vegas.  Life is good!

Dennis Lade reports that he has purchased a home in Orlando, Florida area and will spend winters in Florida.  All three children are married with great startup careers.  They have two grandchildren.

Norton Pederson reported that he and Ken Slinde took in the Yankee/Twins playoff game.  Norton enjoyed an "end of summer" eve on Big Kandi Lake at Todd Heimdahl's cabin along with Ken Wilson.

Marilynn (Lawson) and John '63 Tammi are looking forward to celebrating their 40th anniversary with a trip to England.  They're also excited about the arrival of their second grandchild in May.  "Big sister Hadley" will be two in May and amazes them with her observations and intelligence!!

Ken Wilson is a proud grandpa.  His son, Matt, and wife have two beautiful daughters and his daughter, Katherine, and husband and three children are being transferred by the Air Force to Hawaii.  Ken's looking forward to a visit with them.

Ina Street Sickels and husband, David, have built a lovely home in Green Valley, Arizona and spend winters there.  "Johnson Hall " group spend some of September in Las Vegas.

Ruby Monson Englund and David are in Seattle, Washington.  She is still teaching nursing at Seattle Pacific University.

Dan Johnson is in Duluth, Minnesota at the College of St. Scholastica.  He'll spend the fall semester in Mexico.  His book about our religion professor Dr. Reusch is almost completed.  About now, in May, he is taking his debate team to Russia.

Judy Fletcher Kloster is living in Willmar, Minnesota.  She is still working in the Willmar Public Schools.  She is teaching Reading Recovery to at-risk early elementary students as well as to English language learners.

Ed Lamp and Neta Frykman Lamp are in Woodville, Ohio.  They have 4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters.  Ed is teaching psychology and research to graduate students as well as basic psychology at Art Institute Online (Pittsburgh School of Design.)

Camille Janzen Bunch in Torrance, California is retired.  She traveled to Germany in October.

Karen Larvick has a new grandson as of October, she teaches piano at University of Missouri.  She and her husband, Russell Greenhagen, live in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Marlys Olson Waldron and husband, Steven, are in Camarillo, California.  They run their own business in medical supplies.  It is Altair Instruments, Inc.  They said they would try to get back for the reunion.  Their son and daughter and two grandchildren are all in California.

Caryl Albrecht Peterson in Willmar, Minnesota where Caryl's husband, Rolf, has the Peterson Brothers Funeral Home.  They have two grandchildren, Blake and Ari.  Their daughter and husband are chiropractors in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina.  Daughter, Tammi, is not married and in medical school with the specialty of neonatal care.  Carol was an art major and got to work with Paul Granlund '52 one summer just before he died.  She said the experience was tremendous.

Delores Bade Alt has moved to Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband, Klaus.  They are both retired.

Bruce Miller and Norma Schneider Miller '65 live in Monticello, Minnesota.  He is the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church.  Three of their children have graduated from Gustavus.  Hans Miller '93, Karin Miller Wagner'95, and Britt Miller Carlson '99.  And now there are two grandchildren.

Please forgive any errors in name and/or dates . . .I was working with old news notes from the last Phonorama and was trying to decipher notes scribbled while talking.

Campus News:

President Peterson inaugurated

Dr. James Peterson '64 was inaugurated during a ceremony in Christ Chapel on Friday, April 16.  Other inaugural events scheduled April 15-18, included a symposium featuring Rev. Dr. Martin Marty, tree dedication, Gustavus Association of Congregations meeting, G.I.V.E. community service day in St. Peter, music concert, art exhibition, and an alumni reception preceding the Nobel Symphony Concert at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.

50th Anniversary Alumni Fund Closes May 31

The 2004 Alumni Fund will close May 31 with a goal of 50 percent alumni participation. Thanks to everyone who has already participated with a gift.  If you haven't given, please think about sending a gift along with your news in the enclosed gold envelope. Gustavus alumni have a long tradition of strong alumni participation.  Help maintain our national ranking by participating in the 50th anniversary year of the Alumni Fund.

Scholarships and financial assistance at Gustavus

Did you know that scholarships and financial assistance for Gustavus students totals $18M, almost 25 percent of Gustavus' annual budget?  Alumni Fund gifts, including designated and unrestricted gifts, help enable students to receive a Gustavus education.  Gustavus offers two types of scholarships to students -- merit awards given to recognize academic achievement, and tuition grants are used to assist students with recognized financial need.  Endowed scholarships are an important part of the Gustavus grant program and currently nine percent of scholarship funds come from the endowment.

Alumni survey

An alumni survey was sent to 2,000 members of reunion classes.  Approximately 600 have responded as of April 1.  Questions on the survey consist of how well Gustavus prepared them for employment and graduate education, activities involved in while at Gustavus, personal growth skills, alumni events and services, and overall satisfaction with the College.  Results of the survey will be included in the Fall Quarterly.

Winter sports summary

Women's basketball finished third in the MIAC and advanced to the semifinals of the MIAC playoffs. Men's basketball won the MIAC regular season and playoff championship titles before losing to eventual national champion UW-Stevens Point in the NCAA national tournament. Men's hockey posted a third-place finish in the regular season and advanced to the semifinals of the MIAC playoffs. Women's hockey finished second in regular-season MIAC play, but won the post-season tournament and earned an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. Men's swimming won its third consecutive MIAC championship and completed their season by finishing ninth at the NCAA championships. Women's swimming won the MIAC championship and completed their season by finishing 13th at the NCAA championships. Men's Nordic skiing won its first-ever MIAC championship and finished fourth at the NCAA Central Region meet. Women's Nordic skiing claimed their third consecutive MIAC title and completed their season with a fourth-place finish at the NCAA Central Region meet. Gymnastics posted a 6-1 dual meet record and a second-place finish at the National Collegiate Gymnastics Association (NCGA) West Regional. The women's indoor track and field team finished second and the men fifth at the MIAC championships. 

Did you know . . .

●Nearly 80% of Gustavus students graduate in four years, compared with 56% of students from other Minnesota private colleges; the national average is 17%.

●There are seven choral ensembles and 23 instrumental ensembles, two jazz, four woodwind and three brass ensembles.

●More than 40 percent of Gustavus students volunteer through the Gustavus community service center on a regular basis.

●For student safety, the campus is well-lit, there is 24-hour Safety and Security patrol and escort service, residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, and there are blue light emergency phones throughout campus linked directly to Safety and Security.

●And looking back -- during the college's early years, students were awakened by a bell at 5:45 a.m. and all lights had to be out by 10:30 p.m.

Upcoming events

  • Class of 1954 and 50-Year Club Reunions - May 28 & 29
  • Commencement - May 30
  • Alumni Fund closes - May 31
  • Class reunions on Homecoming & Family Weekend - October 1 & 2

Remember the challenge . . .to get in touch with someone from Gustavus that you have not seen or talked to in a long time.  Just one.  Can you handle the challenge?  Remember that the Alumni Fund closes at the stroke of midnight on May 31 so get those dollars stuffed in an envelope and mail it in.  Or call and give them your credit card number 1 800-487-8437.

Plan on the reunion in October!  Send in your stories and REMEMBER GUSTAVUS.

Love to you all,

Linda Leonardson Hallman

1964 Co-class agent