Class of ’63

February 2013

50-Year Reunion ― May 31 – June 1, 2013

REMEMBER!                      REFLECT!!               RENEW!!!

Dear Classmates,

I am sure that you have been wondering whatever happened to your old chronicler of news and gift solicitor which I did for 48 years as your venerable Class Agent!  A new structure in the alumni organization involving more people engaging alumni in the life of Gustavus resulted in five people being in contact with the Class of 1963.  I volunteered to be the Annual Fund Chair.  Many thanks to Gary Anderson for doing the class letters and to Ginny Larson Jones for heading up our reunion committee.  What a fantastic job she is doing with her committee in designing what will be a stunning weekend of “Remember. . .Reflect. . .Renew!!!”

I have a special assignment as we anticipate on May 31, June 1, 2, the 50th anniversary of our graduation from Gustavus.  Alumni in anniversary classes are invited to make special financial gifts.  Amazingly, of the some 225 people on our active class list, there are only seven people who have never made a gift to Gustavus!  All of the rest have, at some point over 50 years, made a gift!  What a fantastic record of accomplishment for which I offer my gratitude for your loyal response!!!  With that participation in mind, I am challenging us to achieve something which no other class has ever done and that is to reach a level of 100% of our class making a gift before May 31, 2013!!!!  WE CAN DO IT!!!

Gustavus is in the midst of a five-year $150M campaign.  At this point we are at $101M in gifts and pledges.  Every gift you make counts towards this campaign and the goals of the Class of 1963.  I am asking you to consider making and declaring three kinds of gifts:


Please consider making a three- year pledge starting this fiscal year 2012-13.  You can make the gift on-line at  You can make a sustaining gift with a credit card and request that Gustavus debit your credit card once each year until you notify the College that you no longer wish to continue.  Minnesotans are familiar with the sustaining gift model utilized by Minnesota Public Radio.


As of November 2012, our scholarship fund was valued at $49,250.  I invite you to make an additional gift to the Class of 1963 Scholarship Endowment Fund.  You may divide your total gift by two and designate part to the Gustavus Annual Fund and part to the Endowment.  Just put that information on a memo line on a check or in the comment section if you make a gift on-line.  Remember that in 2013, you can make a tax-free gift from your IRA.


The largest amount of dollars to charitable institutions come from bequests or planned gifts.  At this time, 29 of our classmates have chosen to include Gustavus as a percentage beneficiary of a Will, Trust, or IRA assets.  I would like to see a significant number of our classmates include Gustavus in their planning.  You can get further information about this option from me ( or by contacting Laurie Dietrich in the Advancement Office (

Whatever amount you give to the Gustavus Annual Fund, Class of 1963 Scholarship Endowment Fund, or a planned gift declaration will be included in our class gift!  Please seriously consider in our 50th Anniversary Year making the largest gift that you have ever made to Gustavus.  As a class we can leave a significant financial legacy to Gustavus.

Thank you for your continued loyal support.  I will try to contact many of you over the coming months to discuss your participation this year in honor of our anniversary celebration.



a.k.a. Paul Tillquist

1963 Annual Fund Chair

P.S.  Please also enclose a photo or two from your time at Gustavus for Kathy Walden Dalton to use in the Reunion book.  You can also email it to her at: