Class of ’63

January 2013

50-Year Reunion ― May 31 – June 1, 2013

GAC Yesterday/GAC Today

by Gary F. Anderson

As “communications” person for our class of 1963, I’m going to take the liberty for this issue of our class newsletter to write a few reflections.  I have been asking members of the class to submit an article and have been pleased with those who have done so.  I want to continue that approach and, therefore, invite any of you to submit an article for an upcoming newsletter.  We publish four or more of these a year.  That means there is plenty of room for reflections from many of you.  Thanks for sending your literary creations to me at

As we look forward to our 50th Reunion coming up starting Friday, May 31 (have you cleared your calendar yet?) I, perhaps like many of us, get a bit nostalgic.  I think back on some of the big and not-so-big events of our years.  I remember things from the construction of many buildings during our era from the chapel to the science hall.  Best of all, was the “new” student union and dining service.  What an improvement from the basement of Uhler!  Then I think about things like the burning of the temporary little wooden bridge probably a frat initiation prank (I can’t speak to sorority initiation because I definitely wasn’t a part of it!).  Of course, we all remember some profs, favorites and less than favorite.  I also remember that my total college costs my first year were less than $2,000.  Oh, yes, remember we were allowed ten chapel cuts before having to visit the dean.  No wonder there were some chapel pranks, especially our first year.  Seems to me there was something with white mice and then another time with marbles.  Once we got scolded by Doc Ed for reading our mail during chapel.

This leads me to reflect a bit on Gustavus today.  If you haven’t been back on campus for a few years or even longer, you are in for a delightful shock.  Any comparison with it when we were there and today is almost far-fetched.  It is truly beautiful with stunning new Beck Academic Hall among other fine facility additions.  There is now a west mall stretching out to the west from Christ Chapel, fulfilling Edgar Carlson’s ʼ30 vision.  I think most of us would be and should be shocked by the academic standards today.  They are, like the campus, far superior to our day.  Students are, as part of the academic improvement, doing much more research than we ever could even imagine.  The faculty is better educated and more diverse as is the student body.  There are now two fine orchestras, two bands, several choirs as well as a huge variety of athletic programs.  Eighty percent of the students participate in some athletic activity.  All this, unfortunately, costs a great deal more than it did in our day.  Quality does not come cheaply.  Some of you probably know this because you have grandchildren attending Gustavus.

There you have some of my quick reflections about Gustavus then and now.  Below are some news items and an update on class news received within the past few months.  See you at our Reunion!

Christ Chapel Cited as One of the Most Beautiful

Here is a link that includes the Gustavus Chapel as one of the thirty most beautiful college chapels in a survey of schools across the country.  Take a look at some of these beautiful chapels including our own Christ Chapel by going to

Class News and Notes

Lee Miller reports that he is retired but works for free as a guest researcher in biology.  His wife, Mette, is also retired so they have been doing some travel.  Their re-designed front and back yards are now complete with a large greenhouse in the back.  Lyle ʼ62 and Charlene Lundahl Norris are now into their tenth winter in sunny Arizona and have been doing something special each month as part of a countdown to their 50th wedding anniversary.  Sandy Brown Johnston reports that she moved to a new condo in Los Angeles and is enjoying working with Ginny Larsen Jones and a wonderful committee creating a “Retro-Fashion Show” for our 50th Anniversary Class Reunion.  She says thanks to so many for cards and concern as she dealt with the effects of a stroke last year.

Marcia Day Anderson has decided to build a new house in Kenya where she has been a missionary for years.  She will have the proverbial “farm” in Africa.  Gary and Mary Ann Carlson Anderson, Hugo, MN, took a three week driving trip through Poland and the Czech Republic.  Tom Lindell, Tucson, AZ, is still enjoying printmaking and instructing in printmaking at The Drawing Studio and does a number of speaking engagements on the interface between science and theology.  Fred Thunhorst is retired from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Area Wildlife after 33 plus years.  Karen Hallberg Olson enjoyed a vacation in Sweden and Norway with her new husband, John.  Curtis Wohlberg is a self-employed tax preparer.

Jerry Rice, Edina, MN, is CFO of MediStar Inc.  Randy Crooks, Deerwood, MN, is retired after 34 years at Andersen Corp., living the good life on Agate Lake, and spending winters at various places where it is warm.  Richard Strand, Bloomington, MN is a self employed orthopedic surgeon and sneaks away to the warm climes of Florida (along with Mary as in Carlstrom).  Judy Oltman Clark, Charlotte, NC, teaches ESL to adult internationals and has been doing so since retirement.

Konnie Rickert Brunberg, White Bear Lake, MN, volunteers with HealthEast Hospice at The Pillars, Joseph’s Coat and Habitat for Humanity.  Mary Bradford Ivey, Sarasota, FL, is an author and consultant.  Claudia Hayden Schroeder, Flagstaff, AZ, volunteers, entertains, and makes ceramic trucks, crows and whimsy items sold in galleries locally.  John Tammi, Holland, MI, is currently on sabbatical leave investigating approaches to doing bilingual theater.  His plan is to finally retire May 2014.  Naomi Lineer Dorau, South St. Paul, MN, is enjoying retirement and her grandchildren.

Kent Nakamaru, a dentist in Kealakekua, HI, plans on retiring at the end of the year.  Larry Hedlin, West Des Moines, IA retired after selling his company, Hedlin Ag Enterprises, in 2001.  He serves on two corporate boards and the Des Moines Symphony Foundation board.  Sandy Beehrle Ahlstrom, Shorewood, MN, just added a third grandchild.  She not only has grandmother duties but does extensive gardening including rain gardens in the Twin Cities and the major Powderhorn Park project in Minneapolis. Carole Rosenkrans Zacher, Eden Prairie, MN, is fully retired from her nursing career. Five children and nine grandchildren live in the Twin Cities and four elsewhere.  Her husband, Mike, also recently retired from his pastoral position at Mt. Olivet Lutheran.

Jerry and Becky Anderson Lindblad live in San Clemente, CA.  Becky now has a full “social lesson plan” rather than a teaching plan.  She writes a monthly recipe column, volunteers in her grandchildren’s schools and for a charity group called the Beach Angels.  They took a cruise to Hawaii over Thanksgiving.  Howie Lee is a retired mathematics teacher and lives in Camarillo, CA where, among other things he tends a grove of avocado trees.  David Toft is enjoying retirement in La Jolla, CA.  Carolyn Webster is a “retired” mathematics teacher but continues to supervise student teachers.  She lives in La Mirada, CA but, unfortunately, will miss the reunion because of a trip to Turkey.  John Lipke keeps busy with volunteer activities with Education Minnesota.  He does some part time accounting work in Hutchinson with his son’s business.  He also takes time for an annual fishing trip with family to Canada and will travel to Florida this winter for a week with children and grandchildren.

Text Box:  Don’t forget that the dates for the reunion are Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1. For information go to:  We have another special reason to come to the reunion and attend the Alumni Banquet on Saturday evening.  Our own, Mary Kay Bradford Ivey will be honored with a Distinguished Alumni Citation for her outstanding work in education and research in the field of counseling.  Commencement is on Sunday and we are invited to stay for that as well.  Also, let’s all step forward as a class to make a strong financial gift to our alma mater.  Maybe we can even set a record for a 50th year class both in attendance and in gifts given!  Would 100% participation be an appropriate goal?  You will be hearing more about this from our Annual Fund chair, Tilly, a.k.a. Paul Tillquist.  Above is the photo again of the Reunion Committee following a meeting at the American Swedish Institute a couple months ago.  What a great looking group!  Let’s not disappoint them!

Campus News

Gustie Breakfasts - Twin Cities

Engage with other alumni and learn something new about your alma mater at the monthly Twin Cities Gustavus alumni breakfast.  Please join us at the American Swedish Institute (2600 Park Ave, Minneapolis), on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 a.m.  Cost is $10.  Gustie breakfasts are also being held on campus the second Wednesday of each month.  February’s speaker is Philip Brunelle, Artistic Director, VocalEssence

Upcoming Chapter Gatherings

National Chapter events for alumni, parents and friends are scheduled for the 2012-13 academic year and will focus on the College’s pillar of “Teaching and Learning.”  Please save the date for the event in your area.  Some time and location details will be forthcoming.

Jan. 29 – Phoenix – 6 p.m., Rita’s Kitchen

Jan. 31 – Tucson – 5:30 p.m., home of Warren and Donna Gabbert Beck ’67 ʼ66

Feb. 3 – Los Angeles – 12 p.m., FIG Restaurant

Feb. 4 - Palm Springs – 6 p.m., Escena Golf Club

Feb 13 – Tampa – 6 p.m., home of Neil ʼ69 and Robyn Fenske

Feb. 15 – Naples – 6 p.m., Flemings Steakhouse

Feb. 28 – Seattle – 7 p.m., JM Cellars Winery

Mar. 2 – San Francisco – 2 p.m., Rock Wall Winery

Mar. 9 – Madison

Mar. 12 – Denver

Mar. 14 – Chicago

Apr. 4 – Atlanta

GLA - Books in Bloom – May 3-5

Books in Bloom, an initiative of the Gustavus Library Associates (GLA) pairs books and other library materials with floral arrangements, by sponsoring several of the blooms!  Each sponsorship goes directly to support the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library's acquisitions.  Last year’s Books in Bloom highlighted 30 different books/media and attracted over 500 people, some coming to campus for the very first time!

If you’re interested in sponsoring a bloom, please contact Marlys Johnson ʼ58 at with your commitment to sponsor, or partially sponsor, a bloom for 2013.  Or perhaps you love to dabble in floral arrangements and would like to design a bloom.  Marlys will send you a list of books/media for review and selection.

All designers and sponsors are invited to an opening reception from 5:30-7:30 on May 3.  Great wine and snacks!  Good company, too.