Class of '63
April 2003

Volume 40, No. 3

Dear ’63’ers!

The snow is gone.  Birds are heading through Minnesota on their way north.  The accumulated dog doodoo on the lawn is begging to be picked up.  It is spring in Minnesota!!

The biggest news, which probably everyone in the world knows is that Gustavus picked a new president.   President-elect Jim Peterson is from the Class of 1964.  He is currently the president of the Science Museum of Minnesota, a premier museum/educational establishment in Minnesota.  It could not have been a better selection.  There was an outstanding group of candidates and it was a tough decision.  The Class of 1963 congratulates one of our own, Gary F. Anderson, for the wonderful job he did as the chair of the selection committee.  This was no easy task given the huge time commitment.  Gary performed admirably in his role! Thanks!!!!!

Your Anniversary Gift Leadership Group has been calling classmates, inviting classmates to call others, and inviting everyone to join in making a gift leading up to our 40th Anniversary Reunion.  Our dream is to begin the endowed Class of 1963 Scholarship.  We’re well on our way towards that goal.  We would love to meet the first scholarship recipient at our Reunion, and to do that we need to reach the $25,000 “cash in the bank” goal by May 31.  You may have already been personally invited to make your gift, and we thank you for your consideration.  We are eager to receive your positive response.

We’ve always been a remarkable class―fun-loving, determined, bold.  We’re a little older now, but we’re wiser.  And perhaps we reflect on our lives and ask:  “Have I done something significant. . .made an impact?  Is this world a little better because of me?  How do I want to be remembered?”

Let’s talk a little about our goals and what they mean.  First, we are establishing the Class of 1963 Endowed Scholarship.  What does endowment mean?  In terms of a college, it is everything:  the strength of the school, its reputation, its ability to hire the best faculty, and offer outstanding curricula, its ability to attract and compete for the best students, its ability to provide scholarships for students.  Colleges and universities are measured by many things in addition to their graduates, but endowment provides the single strongest indicator of institutional stability.  Though Gustavus has high ranking on many key measures, the College is not positioned favorably on this most critical index.  Why is endowment pivotal to the future?  First, endowment principal is not spent.  It is carefully invested to yield a steady, reliable source of income in perpetuity.  Endowment income provides financial stability and allows the College to implement its strategic plans and to remain competitive.

Our goal of $25,000 will allow us to provide a scholarship beginning next year.  Then, as the endowment grows, the dollar amount of the award will also increase. 

What about your gift?  Where do you want your dollars to go?  Is your preference to give to Christ Chapel, to the restoration of Old Main, to technology and equipment or to something else?  That’s just fine!!!  You, the giver can designate where your gift will go.  Or you may give an “undesignated” gift.  You received a two-page Gift Planning Worksheet, which gives you some options.  If you have questions about some of the words or where your gift should go, please feel free to call Steve Hogberg ’69 or Jim Isaak ’86 at 800-726-6192 and they will answer your questions.





4)  CELEBRATE A TOTAL ANNIVERSARY GIFT OF $1 MILLION.  We will meet this goal with all gifts and pledges to Gustavus, to our scholarship fund, individual gifts to other Gustavus purposes (such as Old Main), gifts to the Alumni Fund, and our documented estate or IRA intentions).


RANDY NELSON continues his career at Luther Seminary where he is the director of contextual education.  He flew to Japan this spring on behalf of the Seminary visiting interns.  EDNA RASK ERICKSON          finished her Ed.D. in July of 2001 in educational leadership and a certificate in organizational leadership from the University of St. Thomas.  RONALD JOHNSON was married in December of 2001 to Tatyana Katunova in Fremont, CA.  SANDRA BEEHRLE AHLSTROM is enjoying retirement.  She fills her days with lots of volunteering for the University of Minnesota Extension program.  She is also a master gardener for Hennepin County.  Sandy is also found volunteering for St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church, Salvation Army, and the Interfaith Outreach program in Wayzata, the Homes for All Coalition.  On her days off (ya sure, Sandy) she does substitute teaching in Hopkins and also started a residential gardening business last year!  She also volunteers at the Lowry Nature Center―Three Rivers Park System in Victoria.  JOHN and HELEN (JOHNSON) MONSON continue to live in Long Prairie.  John is beginning his 26th year as manager of the golf course.  Helen is busy with Bible studies.  They are grandparents.  Helen’s mother is 101. . .the “generational sandwich” is quite large!!  EDEN S. HUTABARAT is still living in Sun City and sends greetings to all!

DAN And Mary Beth (Longe) MALLOY write that after 25 years with Malloy Custom Pianos, they sold their company to another music dealer in the area.  Dan continues his usual work as an employee managing the shop and other employees.  Mary Beth retired from the business to devote more time to grandchildren and volunteer work in their church.  LARRY and Norita (Anderson ’57) LUNDGREN are enjoying retirement and their grandchildren.  DEAN JORGENSEN is enjoying retirement on Lake Andrew at Alexandria.  CLAUDIA HAYDEN SCHROEDER retired from both teaching and the state of California.  They are living in the mountains of Northern Arizona near Flagstaff.  Their daughters and five grandchildren are nearby.  They are enjoying life!!

That’s the news for now.  Keep those cards and letters coming.  When I read your notes and pass them on I appreciate once again the closeness we feel to this class and to Gustavus.  It is not the same at every school.  The relationships we enjoy because of our experience at Gustavus is something quite unique.  I am grateful for the enduring friendships we enjoy.  My hope is that generations of students to come will also enjoy this experience.  We can each do much to make a significant difference for students now and in the future.

I leave with you a quote I recently read:  “No person was ever honored for what he received.  Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

Thanks good friends!

Paul F. Tillquist

1963 Class Agent

79 Pleasant Lake Road East

St. Paul, MN  55127

(651) 486-8273

Campus news:

Campus Focuses on Peace

Three annual conferences this spring discuss peace.  Conflict Resolution: International, National, and Local was the theme of the annual student-run “Building Bridges” Conference in March featuring Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias Sanchez, former president of Costa Rica. The Association of Congregations Meeting will feature Protestant leader Lyle Schaller to talk about the future of the church and the changing role of laity and church staff. And the annual MAYDAY! Peace Conference in April is titled, “World Religions: Waging War or Promoting Peace?” featuring keynote speaker Krister Stendahl, emeritus professor of divinity, Harvard University, and former bishop of Stockholm, Sweden.

Gustavus Band 125 Year Celebration

What started as 13 silver instruments in 1878 has evolved into the Gustavus Band, which is celebrating its 125th anniversary in May.  Highlights for the weekend will include the performance of the 100+ member alumni band and the commissioned work, Of Wind and Wood, by composer Steve Heitzeg ’82 which will be premiered by the current Gustavus Band.

Men’s Basketball Team National Runner-up

The men’s basketball team lost a heartbreaker in the NCAA Division III championship game 67-65 to Williams, on two game-winning free throws in the final seconds of play.  Gustavus was the first MIAC team to ever make it to the championship game.

Celebration of Community Service

The Community Service Center at Gustavus is ten years old.  Since its creation, students participating in community service and service learning in the classroom has dramatically increased.  Currently 60% of the student population participates in some sort of community service program while at Gustavus.  The annual G.I.V.E. (Gusties In Volunteer Endeavors) day of community service will be a time for alumni and students in Minnesota to gather at Gustavus to celebrate and serve, while alumni in other cities will also be doing service projects in their own communities.

Upcoming Events

  • Association of Congregations Meeting – April 26
  • Phonorama – April 27-30, May 1
  • 125th Anniversary of the Gustavus Band – May 3 & 4
  • G.I.V.E. Day and 10th Anniversary of the Community Service Center – May 10
  • 1953 and 50 Year Club Reunion – May 30 & 31
  • Alumni Fund Fiscal Year Closes – May 31
  • Commencement – June 1