Class of ’62

November 2011

50-Year Reunion ― May 25-26, 2012


Several have asked what’s on the schedule for our reunion weekend, this is a quick overview and more specifics will be in the January newsletter.


Registration at 1:00 p.m. and beginning at 2:00 p.m. there will be presentations by Gustavus staff and alumni regarding all that has happened since we graduated and more.


Choir practice will be on Friday at 1p.m.  Our Alumni choir will sing under the direction of Diane Kolander Loomer, accompanied by LouAnn Eckberg Reese.  Thanks to Craig and Diana Jacobson Martens for organizing, see their article for more information.


Ed Blair, Richard Hane and Kay Jurgenson have spent many hours planning the Chapel service with musical support from Diane and Lou Ann.




SATURDAY:  Final agenda under construction, more information in the January newsletter.  There will be a continuation of presentations, 50 Year Lunch and Alumni Banquet


Reserve your room, we have a block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn in Mankato - 507-344-1111 (mention the Gustavus class of ʼ62).  The Best Western - 507-625-9333 and Holiday Inn Express - 1-800-315-2621.

Return your information forms - blue and gold - to the Alumni Office.

Send a “NOW” photo of yourself.  It can be emailed to or included with the information forms.

Plan to walk with the graduates on Sunday, May 27th.  We hope many of you will decide to join the graduates and faculty in celebrating the Class of 2012.  There will be additional information in the January newsletter and you will be asked to RSVP by the end of that month.

Submitted by Sharon Maurer Edberg and your other Reunion “Fun Committee,” members:

Jackie Falk Anderson, Karen Koehn Anderson, Roz Johnson Anderson, Ed Blair, Linda Johnson Blanding, Gail Lindsey Breen, Sandy Luedtke Buendorf, Richard Hane, Sue Schreiber Kear, Audrey Kylander Kramer, Diane Kolander Loomer, Craig Martens, Diana Jacobson Martens, Jan Swanberg Mousel, Kay Estesen Mobray, LouAnn Eckberg Reese, Louise Spong Rodine-Doucette, Jan Swanson Sammelson, Mark Skoog, Kermit Swanson.

Check out who’s coming on: we’re going to have a great time!

Submitted by,

Sharon Maurer Edberg

1962 Reunion Chair/VP

May 2012 -- next year -- a long time from now -- NOPE!

Now is the time. . .

We are well aware of the uncertainties of the economy.  We have all experienced the down-turn of the market and reduced retirement income.  Conscious of these outcomes, your classmates have been making calls to invite your 50th Reunion gift to Gustavus.  Why? Giving can’t always be done when conditions are perfect.  A gift to Gustavus celebrates our reunion, commemorates a significant time in our lives and it’s a way of saying thank you for the fine education we received.

If you want to make a gift to Gustavus that doesn’t impact your current income, ASK YOUR CALLER ABOUT GHP!  “Future giving” is not, “I’ll give at the next reunion.”  No, “future giving” is telling Gustavus NOW that you are making a gift that will come to Gustavus in the FUTURE.  Ask your caller about how easy it is to make a future gift.  Now is the time!

Submitted by,

Jan Eiffert Hoomani

1962 Class President


Solveig Overdahl Goldstrand speaks of Toni Bennett Easterson's art exhibition:  “On a hot day in July, I picked up Jackie Falk Anderson on the way to Northfield to visit Toni Bennett Easterson.  Specifically, we wanted to see the fiber and textile exhibit titled, “WWW” as Toni was the curator of this very fun, creative and contemporary show at the Northfield Arts Center.  It was a cyber theme of textile ingredients forming wonderful pieces of art.  Jackie and I loved the show, and we could tell that there had been a very positive response by others as well.

“Following our viewing of Toni’s fiber and textile exhibit, the three of us enjoyed a quiet lunch− hard to come by these days−at the golf club where we all sat back, took our breath, and quickly caught up on each other’s families and our present activities.  Toni is involved in her art, gardening, teaching and tutoring−she made her living room into an art studio.  She has a patient husband!!!

Jackie is very involved with Lyme’s disease, trying to get help for those who have the problem and trying to find a way for people to better understand it and prevent it.  Her daughter has been very debilitated by Lyme’s.

“I am involved with my 11 grandchildren and my 100 year-old mother.  I told the ‘girls’ about a recent day when I took six to camp−their parents were out of the country.  I had to work really hard to remember all the permission forms, the petty cash, sleeping bags, etc.  After dropping them off, I picked up two other “grands” en route home for time at my house−for the week.  It has been a busy summer, but oh so good!!!!!!”

Judy Loomer Giese writes to Jan Eiffert Hoomani July, 2011:

“I vowed when I received your class letter in March that I would write.  Well, I am finally fulfilling that vow.  First, I want to commend you on your timely, well-written news letters.  I truly have appreciated them.  Please know that I am grateful, even though I have not been a contributor.  My news always seems rather insignificant−not romantic and world-wide as others; however, when my oldest granddaughter chose Gustavus to attend last fall, many memories were sparked.  By the way, she absolutely loves Gustavus, and they have given her an extremely generous scholarship package!

Now that I am retired, my husband and I spend November-March at an RV park northwest of Phoenix, so now we have both winter friends and summer friends. I have been using my sewing skills to make many quilts−most of which I have given away.  I am more of a traditional quilter and while I piece the quilts by machine, I do all the quilting by hand.  I also spend hours reading, attending grandchildren’s athletic events and tending to my several gardens.  I still do everything I always did−just a bit slower and not so often.  I tell myself I enjoy it more that way.

Last fall I attended Parents’ Weekend at Gustavus and reacquainted myself with the campus through my granddaughter’s eyes.  When you asked for old memories of Gustavus, I thought of sitting in Hollingsworth Stadium last October enjoying hearing my granddaughter in the pep band as REALLY old memories flooded my thoughts.  In 1934 my dad moved to Waseca to teach and soon became life-long friends with fellow teachers, Lloyd “Holly” Hollingsworth ʼ36 and Lee Krough.  A few years later Holly was recruited by Gustavus to coach football.  When Holly was drafted (WWII), he recommended Lee Krough as his replacement.  Lee, his wife, Ange, Mary, Bob ʼ60, and Jim ʼ61 moved to St. Peter and lived several years in Uhler Hall.  As a young child we would drive to St. Peter for a day visit−the most exciting activity being able to swim in a pool in the middle of winter!  (We only swam in the summer and in the lake.)  My friends back home were envious.  My older brothers were more interested in the gym above the pool (as we remember it).  My dad, Holly, and Lee were joint owners of both hunting and fishing cabins almost their entire lives!

My thanks also for your wonderful recognition of my sister-in-law, Diane.  I am so proud of her!  When I watched her with her men’s choir, it was obvious that the men loved singing AND they loved singing for Diane!  When they performed at Joel Wiberg’s church several years ago, my then 9 year-old granddaughter leaned over and whispered in my ear, ‘Nana, when Jesus comes back to earth, I think it will sound like this.’  What a testimony!!!!”


Ole and Lena lived on a farm north of Grand Forks close to the North Dakota border.  One cold winter morning Ole answered a knock at the door.  There stood two men who explained they were surveyors from the state of Minnesota, and would be on their property during the day.  Of course Lena invited them in for coffee and they proceeded about their business.

About 4:30 p.m. they were at the door again.  When Ole answered, they said, “We wanted to let you know we have finished the surveying; however, we have some bad news.  According to our survey your farm is in North Dakota rather than Minnesota.”  Ole turned to Lena, “Lena, this is NOT bad news.  It is good news!  Just this morning when it was so cold, I said to myself, I wish I didn’t have to wake up to another day in Minnesota!!


News Gathered From Phone Contacts

Many of the Reunion Committee members have been making telephone contacts with our Class of ʼ62 members.  News and writing included in the following sections has been submitted by Jackie Falk Anderson, Mark Skoog, Linda Johnson Blanding, Louise Spong Rodine-Doucette, Roz Johnson Anderson, Janyce Helgeson Olson, Mary Johns Miller, Terry Skone, and me, Audrey Kylander Kramer.  We are all pleased to have news from a large number of you as a result of those calls.  So here we go!

Dianne Skalbeck Thunhorst, our Class of ʼ62 homecoming queen, and husband, Fred Thunhorst ʼ63, live in Ely, MN, where they have been for 36 years.  Dianne has had a dynamic life living in several areas of the U.S. while having enjoyed many careers before her retirement eight years ago.  She taught physical education in Colorado, in Florida, and also there in Ely, MN.  Dianne subbed in Ely along with coaching girls’ softball and basketball.  In addition, Dianne taught gymnastics for the city of Ely through community education.  Wanting to explore other fields of endeavor, Dianne then obtained an insurance and securities license and proceeded to work with Lutheran Brotherhood for six years.  Her third career was working as a rural mail carrier (no homework necessary), enjoying the beautiful scenery of Ely as well as the wildlife wandering often into her view, then snapping pictures as she delivered mail in the region.  Being retired, Dianne continued to adventure further.  She has just completed six years as a volunteer on the Hospice Respite Board.  Wow, Dianne, you could write a book on your life and entertain us well!

Fred has worked as an Area Wildlife Supervisor for the DNR in Ely and is now retired.  Together Dianne and Fred have raised two children, son Daniel, an engineer working near Stillwater, MN, and daughter, Ann, working in Ely nearby.  Tuesday evening is a special time for Dianne and Fred as that is the day they babysit their granddaughter while Ann works the early morning shift.

Dianne and Fred are very involved with their local Lutheran church where Dianne sings in the church choir.  Then when January rolls around, they pack up and head for McAllen, Texas, where Dianne’s family’s mobile home is located.  They happily avoid Minnesota’s three coldest months, Jan-Mar.  What a good life the Thunhorsts do have!  Do you do those famous Texas barbecues, Dianne???!!  Look for Dianne and Fred at our 2012 Class of ʼ62 Reunion!!!

Reet Lind Henze and her husband, William Henze, have lived in Huntsville, Alabama, since 1973 and have both retired from their respective professions:  Reet from nursing and William from NASA as a research scientist.  Reet continues to be busy with the Community Free Clinic where she does health counseling and health evaluations as well as being on the Board.

Recently Reet and her husband have returned from an exciting adventure; an Arctic cruise.  They flew to London, took the Holland America cruise ship heading northerly to the most distant, inhabited Arctic village of Spitzbergen−a group of islands including Svalbard north of Norway.  The research outpost they visited is NyAlsund made up mainly of 25 researchers living there year round.  They saw the polar ice flow along with huge icebergs, but no polar bear!  The temperature in Alabama when they left was 100 degrees contrasting starkly with the freezing Arctic temperature of 20 degrees.  Reet and William have also done a cruise on the Eastern European river, the Danube, and shared that adventure with Reet’s nursing classmate, Diana Jacobson Martens and husband, Craig Martens.  What grand adventures for these Gusties!!!  Reet and William are hoping to be at our Reunion.

Elinor Bjorklund Ertelt hopes to be at our reunion.  Elinor and her husband, Wes, live in West Hartford, CT where both have retired from teaching careers.  They have raised a family of two:  son, Erik ʼ92, and daughter, Kirsten.  After graduating from Gustavus, Erik has worked for a Microsoft firm largely from home, but does trips into Boston and New York.  Erik and his wife and son, Lief, live on 40-50 acres of land in New Hampshire where Eric adds gentleman farming to his informal occupation list.  Daughter, Kirsten Morris and Australian husband along with their two children, Elin and Freja, live in West Hartford, CT, where Kirsten is a teacher.  Ellie hopes to be at our reunion in May and also hopes her son will journey with her to Gustavus for his 20-year class reunion.  What a joy it must be to have such an opportunity as that!!

Norm Anderson is retired but having lots of fun with a part-time job at the Delano, MN hardware store.  He likes being able to walk to work and enjoys finding technical solutions for the many projects his customers bring to the store.  Norm was at this year's Gustavus Homecoming football game where he enjoyed the company of Mark Skoog, Bobby Johnson, L.R. Johnson ʼ60, and Jim ʼ61 and Bobby Krough ʼ60.

Joan Boyum Tavares is planning to be at our reunion.  She will write for us later.  Margaret Helvig Sediva will be with us, too!  She has done some major traveling in Africa with a luxurious stop at Dubai.  She, too, promises to write a full account of her experiences later.

Carol Harvey Schutte is looking forward to returning to Minnesota for our Gustavus Reunion!  She has lived in Reno, NV for 20 years where she has deep involvement with a healing therapy known as “lymphatic emotional clearing work.”  Using machines and massage therapy, she is able to help patients remove toxins from their own bodies to promote health and wellness.  Carol works with holistic doctors who send their patients to her for this specialized healing process.

Roz Johnson Anderson vacationed this summer in Door County with her husband, Mark Anderson ʼ60.  Mark and Roz live their summers at a lake home in Aitkin County and their winters in Scottsdale, AZ.  Roz and Mark enjoy so much having their five grandchildren visiting them.  The Andersonsʼ three daughters all live in South Minneapolis.  Roz has been one of our callers and reports that the following people will be at our reunion:  Karen Noren Talle, Mary Johns Miller, Sandy Springer Smith, Betty Jensen Avant, Sandy Johnson Neagle, Mary Jo Anderson Kuhn, and of course, Roz Johnson Anderson herself.  Mary Jo Anderson Kuhn lives in Battle Lake during the summer and in the winter Sun Lakes, AZ.  Mary Jo taught school in Casa Grande, AZ.

Mary Johns Miller writes Jan Eiffert Hoomani:  “Hi to you, Jan.  I hope that you are fine.  I promised Karen Noren Talle that I would write and let you know about our fantastic trip to Rome, the Greek Isles, and the Holy Lands.  Karen and I traveled with 32 people on a 2 1/2 week adventure starting in Rome, touring there for four days.  Then we boarded the Cunard Line, Queen Victoria, a very easy way to travel for the next part of the trip.  We traveled to Athens, Greece and on to Ephesus.  From there we sailed to the Holy Lands.  We did Galilee, Nazareth, Jerusalem, Cypress and ended in Egypt.  Every stop was an exciting new “place to see,” and we felt that all was better than we anticipated it would be.  The four days at sea were very relaxing and a good way "to catch up” on one another’s lives.  This is a trip that we will not forget and we were so glad to be a part of it.  Noel and Gretchen (Bittrich) Estergren ʼ61 ʼ63 were our guides along with Ted Johns ʼ61 and Marietta Bittrich Johns.  They were very well prepared to make this a special time for everyone.  In addition to my family and Karen, Rick Hein ʼ70 was on the trip, making seven Gusties sharing this very, very exciting and great trip!!!!”

picDavid Dahlgren is planning to be at our reunion.  Now that he is retired, he has more time to connect with his Gustavus past.  In fact, he has recently begun taking trombone lessons again− you’ll remember he was in our Gustavus Band.  He is loving having five grandchildren and using his time to visit them in several places on the west coast.

Richard and Judith (Sammuelson) Hane are preparing for our reunion.  Dick is planning the vesper service along with Ed Blair.  Dick is retired but continues to supply pastor services where needed.  Dick and Judy have several grandchildren; recently they were camping in Wisconsin with one of the grandchildren.  Dick and Judy have participated in the rebuilding of homes in the South which were destroyed in the devastation down there.  They have had a surprise visitor:  William Breneman.  William is considering the opportunity of participating in the 2012 reunion as well!

Correen Silseth Morrill and Mary Anne Kern Northcott will be unable to attend the reunion.  Correen’s husband is disabled and cannot travel.  Mary Anne will be caring for her two new granddaughters who have come from Bosnia this past summer, and so she thinks she will not attend.  Mary Anne has a son living in West Virginia and is retired from the Army.  Her daughter lives in Dallas, TX.  Mary Anne is also very involved with her mission church work.  Mary Anne’s husband, John Northcott was seriously disabled from a fall many years ago, and Mary Anne took care of him for five years before he died in November, 2008.  We extend our sincere belated condolences to you, Mary Anne!  With some time and distance from this loss, Mary Anne now is feeling very fit and ready to take on her life’s work and adventures.

Linda Johnson Blanding writes to Sharon Maurer Edberg:

“I’ve finished my calls to our classmates−Diane Kolander Loomer, Judy Flom Hill, Jerry Springston and Karen Koehn Anderson all plan to attend the reunion.  I left messages for Myrna Zielske Fish and Libby Elstrom Bergquist and really hope that they will both be coming back.  I had a nice chat with Jerry Springston.  He and his wife, Therese, are still taking roving assignment with churches as crisis management consultants.  As Jerry said, “It’s not ALWAYS a negative problem; sometimes it is a sudden growth surge that the church doesn’t know how to handle.”  Jerry and Therese are getting to know many parts of the U.S. as the assignments are anywhere from six months to two years.  Currently, they reside in Hornell, NY.  Just one month ago, Jerry underwent a quadruple bypass.  He is feeling great now; in fact, he says he’s rolled the body clock back with his newly regained vigor.  That’s what opening up the blood supply can do for you.  (Makes you think twice about having that next bite of cheese, doesn’t it?)  After his heart attack 22 years ago, Jerry adopted a healthy regimen of diet and exercise, but as he points out, stress can still have an effect on your body.

“Dick and I are off to Colorado tomorrow for 11 days.  Part of the trip is a Road Scholar trip focusing on historic trains in Colorado, and then we will visit Rocky Mountain National Park on our own.  We are so looking forward to it, because a crew of workers are deconstructing our entire master bedroom veranda and east wall to repair an unseen leak that has been doing damage for far longer than we knew.  ACCCCCCk!  The noise is awful, but much should be finished by the time we return.  Dick and I are planning to attend the Reunion!

Mark Skoog writes to let us know that he, Tom Komatz, Bob Johnson, Jim Kersten, Al Lorentzen, Val Whipple all plan to return for our 50th Reunion!  The following people have the date on their calendar and hope to return for the celebration too:  Dick Blenkush, Fred Fischer, Dick Bakke, Sam Forsythe, Harvey Winje and Al Eckloff ʼ63.  Mark is hoping, as are we all, that Paul Wilson, Phil Benson, and John Jambeck will return as well.

Jackie Falk Anderson has news from her contacts:  JoAnn Olson Ree hopes to attend the reunion; Jim Gilbert will be there; Janice Grack Eggersgluess wants to be there;Vail Peterson Parsons plans to attend, and Annette Hoffman Olson plans to come (lives in Eden Prairie), and Dale Johnson (retired from teaching) plans to come to our reunion.  JoAnn and Vail were both nursing students.  Marion Peterson Swanson hopes to come back.  Though she didn’t graduate with our class, she is really happy to be included in our reunion list.

Terry Skone writes to tell us that Paul Anderson, Kermit and Jan (Swanson) Swanson  (who are working on the reunion) are planning to be a part of the Class of ʼ62 - 50th reunion.  Bob Kreiser has his greenhouse business which prevents him from attending the reunion.

Janyce Helgeson Olson sends news to Sharon Maurer Edberg

My husband Richard and I are enjoying a quiet day at home catching up on tasks and beginning our preparations for a Sept. 14 departure for Minneapolis to attend Richard’s 50th reunion of his graduation from Hamline.  Then on the 20th we'll fly to Seattle for a gathering of Richard’s seminary classmates at Holden Village.  Prior to going there we’ll spend a couple of days with Gustavus classmate Sandra Johnson Deegan and her husband in Redmond, WA and a couple additional days with friends in Everett, WA that we had met in Philadelphia nearly 40 years ago.  It’s my first trip to the Northwest, so I am fired up!  But first, here is news from my telephone calls:

“Dorothy “Nan” Forsman Buchanan lives in Youngstown, OH and winters in Santa Barbara, CA.  Her husband, Bob, is an architect.  She has a son, Tim and a daughter, Anne.  Tim lives near Boulder, CO and is the director of operational analysis for a large computer company.  He is the father of Nan’s 10-year-old grandson whom she goes to see regularly.  Anne runs her own statistical survey company in Washington, D.C.  For the past 25 years Nan has had two pieces of her art accepted in a juried art show sponsored by the YMCA in Youngstown, OH.  She does this for the fun of making things for herself and her family.  Nan and I had a grand time “catching up!”  Nan made notes about the reunion and will think about attending.”

Text Box:“Carol Ofelt Duerr has lived with her husband, Richard ʼ60, in Sahuarita, AZ, a planned community south of Tucson, for the past four years.  Carol left Gustavus to marry Richard Duerr ʼ60 who was attending Northwestern Seminary in St. Paul, MN.  She finished her degrees in art and music at the University of Minnesota.  ‘Real gypsies,’ is how Carol characterized married life as her husband had pastoral calls in Kentucky, Indiana, Colorado, Texas, and Pennsylvania.  Carol and Richard have a daughter who is a nurse in Tucson and another daughter in Indiana who is the mother of their two grandchildren.  Carol indicated that she will not be attending our reunion.”

Michael and Sharon (Hennek) Jerabek, have lived in Lutsen, MN since 1998.  They moved there after 36 years in Prior Lake, MN, where Mike had a very successful career as basketball coach.  Sharon left Gustavus after two years and took business training classes.  She worked for Cargill for a number of years, went to a law firm and then back to Cargill.  Mike and Sharon chose to retire in Lutsen because they had vacationed there every year and loved it.  When asked about the winters, Sharon explained that their townhouse is on the shore of Lake Superior which means it is warmer than being inland as they are so close to the water.  To her skeptical caller, she said temperatures are seldom below zero, and they go south for a month or so in the winter.  Summers are very comfortable without air conditioning as it always cools off at night.  Mike and Sharon have three children all living in the Twin Cities area.  They are all married and have given them seven grandchildren whom they see often.  The Jerabekʼs recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with all of their family and many friends!  Mike and Sharon have talked about returning to Gustavus for the reunion but haven’t made a decision.”

Mary Anderson Kennedy and husband, Richard Kennedy, have lived in Vining, MN, during retirement in a cabin that they converted to a house.  Mary left Gustavus to marry Richard who was a student at Augustana Lutheran Seminary in Rock Island, IL the same seminary where my husband, Richard Olson, attended though a year later.  Mary finished her education at Augustana College and was an elementary teacher until she stayed home to raise their five children.  Mary and Richard are now the proud grandparents of 10 grandchildren most of whom were descending on their home the day we talked because it was Mary and Richard’s 50th wedding anniversary the next day.  Richard served parishes in Minnesota, one being Augustana Lutheran in Fergus Falls where my parents lived.  My husband, Richard Olson, vividly remembers attending a service when Mary’s husband was pastor there (1981-1995) as the July service was a celebration of Christmas including the singing of Christmas carols!  Ironically, over the years we and the Kennedys have attended some of the same Augustana Lutheran Seminary reunions.  It is a small world, indeed!”

Sandra Hendrickson Walls continues to live in Grand Rapids, MI following her retirement a year ago from her nursing work with the Health Department.  She indicated she is very busy but isn’t sure what that is.  Her two sons are married and live nearby.   Her son, Randy, is a telecommunication sales manager, married and the father of four children.  Sandyʼs other son, Brian, is in the banking business, married with two children.  Since the grandchildren all live locally, she is happy to participate in their lives.  Sandy plans to attend the reunion and already has her hotel reservations along with a number of her Gustavus nursing classmates!!!!”

Since our 45th class reunion in 2007, the following classmates have passed away and will not be joining us at our 50th Reunion:

Floyd B. Flowers


Carol M. Schulze


John Northcott


Barb Moylan Pluto


David M. Alfredson


Richard A. Peterson


Sheri Swanson Chell


V. Gary Olson


Nancy Moen Loewe


Jim Hoffman


Bill R. Nordstrom


Curtis A. Holmquist


We will be remembering them especially, as well as others at our Vesper Service during the reunion.


News Flash from Craig and Diana Jacobson Martens:  Here is an item that will lock in your attendance at the GAC 2012 Sesquicentennial Campus Celebration on May 25!!

Diana Jacobson Martens and husband Craig Martens from our Centennial Class of ʼ62 are coordinators for the Sesquicentennial Gustie Sing, “SesquiSing,” scheduled for Friday, May 25 at 4:00 p.m. in Christ Chapel with rehearsal on Friday, May 25 at 1:00 p.m.  Lou Ann Eckberg Reese has graciously agreed to be our accompanist.  Our director will be the renowned, Diane Kolander Loomer, who has received several choral awards in Canada.  Among them is the Order of Canada Award where she gets to order anything musical in Canada, the Queens Jubilee Medal which is very heavy so she won’t be wearing it during the performance, and an Honorary Doctorate from the University of British Columbia−so this year she is director Dr. Diane, and we are asking everyone to show lots of respect.  Anyway we have a really good director, another reason you can’t miss this reunion event.

Diane has selected the following music:

1.  Precious Lord - by Tommy Dorsey (not the trombone player!), an old gospel spiritual hymn that will be very uplifting to sing.  LouAnn will do a little gospel style on the piano.  We can hear it now ringing in Christ Chapel.

2.  We Shall Wallk Through the Valley, an American spiritual, arranged by William Appling which we did for the 45th Reunion, and it was fabulous!

So, this reunion event is stacking up to be a lifetime experience that can’t be missed!  No, we’re not doing any tryouts; the only requirements are a love of good music and an interest in singing.  By copy of this letter, we also ask you, a graduate of the Centennial Class of ʼ62, to invite any other Sesquicentennial revelers−including any Gustavus graduate, student, or anyone who has ever given money to Gustavus in the past, to join us.  We will send or email the music to you.  We will attempt to raise the roof of Christ Chapel in a Heavenly direction.  Please express your interest in singing on May 25 by emailing Craig and Diana Martens:

Submitted by,

Audrey Kylander Kramer

1962 Communications Chair

Campus News

Campaign Gustavus Announcement

At the Sesquicentennial and Campaign Kickoff Dinner held on campus on Friday Sept. 30, Board of Trustees Chair Mark Bernhardson ʼ71 announced the official kickoff of a comprehensive fundraising campaign, Campaign Gustavus.  The financial goal of the campaign is to raise $150 million by the end of 2015 to fund the strategic initiatives of Commission Gustavus 150.  The focus of Campaign Gustavus is to ensure the College has the resources to continue providing opportunities for teaching and learning in a caring community.  To find out more about Campaign Gustavus and how you can be involved, visit:

2011 Athletics Hall of Fame

Gustavus inducted new members into its Athletics Hall of Fame at a banquet on October 15.  Inductees for 2011 are Owen Sammelson ’58, benefactor; Amanda Murdock Diehl ’92, gymnastics; Jay Klagge ’92, basketball; Bryan Ripken ’94, swimming; Todd Anderson ’95, soccer; Tracy Erickson McMorrow ’95, tennis; Scott Moe ’95, golf; Laura LeVander Peters ’96, softball; and Colleen Barland Sherman ’96, soccer.  The Hall of Fame Moment is the 1991 Women’s Gymnastics National Championship, won with the final routine of the meet. 

Christmas in Christ Chapel

As the College’s Sesquicentennial Christmas in Christ Chapel, Julljus:  Light from the Old World, Light to the New brings us to the celebration of Christ’s light—to Sweden in the Middle Ages; to Minnesota in the 19th century; and to our fractured and darkened world today.  At the center of the 39th annual community celebration is Julotta, the traditional Christmas matins service brought by Swedish immigrants to the New World.  Tickets for Christmas in Christ Chapel 2011 are on sale online at  If you do not have access to the Internet, please call 507-933-7520 to place your credit card order.

Gustie Breakfasts

Join your fellow Gusties for breakfast and to learn something new about your alma mater at the monthly Gustie Breakfasts.  November speaker will be Rob Gardner, interim artistic coordinator for Christmas in Christ Chapel and December’s speaker will be Dick Kenney, author of two Gustavus Sesquicentennial books.  The St. Peter Breakfasts are held in the banquet rooms on campus at 7:30 a.m. on the second Wednesday of the month and the Twin Cities Breakfasts are held at the Doubletree Hotel in Minneapolis at 8 a.m. on the third Wednesday of the month.  RSVP by calling 800-487-8437 or e-mail  Hope to see you bright and early!