Class of '62
November 2010

Rounded Rectangle: Bernadotte European Study Tour (BEST) − 50 Year Virtual Reunion coming up!

On June 9, 1961, fourteen of our class embarked on a Greek Line ship from the port of Montreal.  I think it’s time for a virtual reunion in the next 2 or 3 class letters because we won’t actually meet in Montreal to reenact the occasion.  Oh my goodness, what would that look like?Text Box:

On these pages, though, we could tell some stories, ground our memory in little memoirs or, if you dare, reveal one or several pages of the journal you kept that summer.

I have reminisced so many times with my travel pals about the three months in Europe.  We, as you probably did, used Europe on Five Dollars a Day to direct us to cheap pensions or student hostels and places to visit−all within our budget (mine was $400 in travelers checks for the summer).  We traveled on our Eurail pass at night to save money and found and explored every castle, fountain, piazza and historical marker plaque, and museum.  Unafraid but very tired, we almost slept in a park near a train station one night in Hamberg, Germany.

Text Box:  By the end of July we were travel weary, feeling the load of the heavy bag, heavy purse and overnight rail travel.  We were the accidental travelers of sort because we let go of our strict adherence to the travel plan and simply let the rest of the trip unfold.  It was on to Italy and the Mediterranean!  Of course, we’re all every age we ever were (for better or worse) and with that said I reflected on the best−open to adventure and surprises.   I hope that I keep that perspective with a touch more caution than I had then as I continue to travel.

So there’s no expectation here that “I tell you my story, you tell me yours….”  But maybe you will.  If my diary excerpt below passes the censors and I don’t get campused for life, I disclose from my summer 1961 European trip diary.

we left the following day for Florence−my favorite city by far.  All in one day we saw the statue of David, Giotto tower and square, Boticelli.  Heh, Rodney, [my Renaissance history professor] everything is coming alive to me!!!

Walking from early morning until dark, trying to maneuver all of our complex group situations…Marilyn and I met these guys at the beautiful Bellariva swimming pool.  They showed us around the city during the day and at night.  We ended up dancing at an open air dance square to the music of Frank Sinatra.  Jan and I attended Madame Butterfly the following night− a magnificent production in a luxurious red and white theater.  Pierre met us after the opera.  He found us there even though I had left him a note saying we could not get together this evening.  Broken dates, Peino, the Fiesole, Fiats and our strange but attractive friend Paelo, the strains of “Legata A Un Grello Di Sabbia” playing on every jukebox in every sidewalk café.  The pension Azzi (Frommer’s suggestion) was splendid!

Days later…in Barcelona trying to get to Ibiza in August.  Marilyn left standby on the last flight that day to Ibiza with only a jiffy towel, one arogram, a scarf and her gigantic purse.  Jan and I went back to the airport the next day to stand by for two seats to the island.  This was a very small plane and everyone in Europe takes a holiday in August.  Luckily we both were able to take the small plane to this “exotic” island.

Fellow Travelers – Let’s reminisce

Dedicated to our leaders and guides, Kyle and Doris (Nygren) Montague ʼ34 ʼ36, who let us “fly away” after our two weeks together in Sweden.

Ole is so cheap that after his airplaine landed safely he grumbled, “Vell, dere gose five dollars down da drain for dat flight insurance!”

Bon Voyage,

Lynn Rosendahl Johnson

1962 Guest Letter Writer

Rounded Rectangle: Gustie Lingo Research

Hi!  My name is Darcy Coulter and I am a Sesquicentennial assistant researcher in the President’s Office creating words for a Gustavus dictionary as part of a project for next year’s Sesquicentennial celebration.

Could you please share with me any Gustie lingo you remember from your time as a student here?  I am compiling these words with the current popular lingo to see how it has changed over time.  For example, what did you call the the Library, or the Dining Room?

Thank you for any terms you can recall.  Feel free to share this request with other classmates who may be helpful with this project.

Send to:

Rounded Rectangle: Contacts with Classmates

Such fun it is to hear updates regarding the goings on in the lives of classmates.  Lynn Rosendahl Johnson’s reminiscences suggest that it might be fun for classmates to send not only new news but also memories of Gustavus days, friends made at Gustavus or experiences over the past 50 years with or relating to Gustavus friends and contacts.

It seems that recently many of the folks who are crudely referred to as x62 have renewed their memories and contacts with our class.  Linda Jones Lawrence and Joan Henes Chesley are two of those people.  It is beginning to look like the possibility of many of the x62ers coming back for our big reunion in May of 2012.  Incidentally, some of the x62 people are some of our best donors.

Linda Jones Lawrence sent this message.  “Our grandson, Tyler Gilliam, was seen at a football game by alum, Denny Aguiar ʼ67, (whose daughter is a cheerleader for the opposing team) and Denny contacted the Gustavus football coach.  Tyler is a senior at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School (Kansas) and plays fullback on offence and middle linebacker on defense.  The coach was interested and Denny got in touch with Tyler and he filled out a questionnaire and sent it to Gustavus.”  Wouldn’t it be great if Tyler chooses Gustavus and plays football where his grandmother was a cheerleader?!!  What Denny Aguiar did is something that all alums can and should do, recruit good students and good athletes for Gustavus.  We too can make a contribution.  Thanks for that good story, Linda.  I’m sure we all remember you as a cheerleader and the picture of you as a cheerleader in the 1959 Gustavian.  (Yearbook page 159.)

Over the years Joan Henes Chesley and I have kept in touch; we were roommates but I was such a terrible roommate that Joan left and went to the U.  (Just joking, Joanie. Or at least, I hope I wasn’t too bad!)  Joan was recently visiting from La Canada, California in St. Peter where she had lunch with Jan Swanson Sammelson and ran into Kermit Swanson in the hardware store.  Joan visited and recommends some St. Peter restaurants; Patrick’s on Third and El Agave.  She says the Mexican food is wonderful−and that’s a recommendation coming from a Californian!

Margaret Helvig Sediva writes, “I attended Gustavus in 1958-59.  I am an x62 – meaning I still love my class of ’62 and get together with everyone at reunion time.  Two years ago my Gustie friend Karen Stennes Osmundson and I toured Norway, Sweden and Denmark!  (That’s one example of Gustie friendships that last through the years!!)”Text Box:

“Imagine my surprise when in a hotel lobby in Fez, Morocco, there were two Gustavus students vacationing from studies abroad in Spain (picture right).  We enjoyed singing the Gustie fight song together and entertained the other hotel guests in the lobby.  My reason for being there?  I was on a trip with fellow members of Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton.  What a divine coincidence to see current Gusties in North Africa!”

Jan Helgeson Olson is so loyal in sending news!  Thank you, Jan!  Jan writes, “Thought you’d be interested to know that five of us who met our freshman year in Wahlstrom Section 401 and lived together again in Section 108 our sophomore year had a reunion in October in Fredricksburg, VA.  Sandra Johnson Deegan came from Redmond, Washington, Vail Peterson Parsons from Eden Prairie, MN, Anne Peterson Sorensen from St. James, MN, Elly Johnson Sorensen ʼ63 from Murrells Inlet, SC and me.  We figured it has been 50 years since we were last all together because Vail went to Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul to continue her nurse’s training our last two years and Elly took a year off.  She returned our senior year and student taught in the fall of 1962 so didn’t graduate with us.  We had wonderful times reminiscing about our college experiences and getting caught up on the ensuing years.  We’re hoping to get together again in 2013 after celebrating our 50th in 2012.”

Lynn Rosendahl Johnson has been a busy, busy person.  Thanks, Lynn, for making time to write up your BEST reminiscences.  In June, Lynn attended a yoga workshop.  She has completed her two-year yoga teacher training last year and is teaching for the MS Society of Minnesota.  She is registered at the 200 hour level with Yoga Alliance (RYT).

Her son, Adam, who is studying at Columbia University, informed her that he and Ciara were going to be married in California.  Lynn’s comment was that her mind was on the excitement and change in Adam’s life.  “Just last October he was living in a mud hut in Guinea and I was making plans to visit him before the end of his service.

In September Lynn wrote, “We’re off to New York for a week where Roger and I will celebrate my birthday with Adam and his wife who are now living there…  So much in their lives has changed since they were evacuated from Guinea, West Africa, last November along with all the other Peace Corps volunteers.  So much happening so fast but they seem to be able to keep stride and make things happen.”

Speaking of busy people!  Diane Kolander Loomer has done so much and continues to receive recognition and awards.  The following is taken from the Chor Leoni on-line newsletter:“We are thrilled to announce that Diane Loomer, CM, our beloved artistic director, received two prestigious awards from the Association of Canadian Choral Communities (ACCC) at PODIUM 2010:  Experience the Harmony:  L’harmonie, une experience a vivre, held in Saskatoon from May 20-23.

“Cypress Music (founded by Diane and Dick Loomer) was honoured to receive the Most Outstanding of Innovative Sponsorship Award (Prix de la Commandite la Plus Importante ou la Plu Plus Innovatrice) for sponsoring the ACCC Choral Composition Competition for the last 15 years and for the publishing of Canadian Choral Music.  (Note:  The Loomers have recently handed over Cypress Music to Larry Nickel, who will no doubt carry on with great skill and care.)

Text Box:  Dick ʼ60 and Diane (photo left) were called up again to receive the Distinguished Service Award (Contribution Exceptionnelle et Soutenue) for all the work they have done over the years towards promoting choral music in Canada.

Founded in 1980, the Association of Canadian Choral Communities (ACCC) is Canada’s only non-profit professional service organization for choral musicians and administrators.  A national voice for over 600 conductors, 38,000 singers, as well as choral composers, publishers and administrators, the ACCC promotes its art form at all levels throughout Canada and supports and encourages the writing and performance of Canadian choral music.

“Diane also conducted her En-Chor choir at PODIUM and said, ‘EnChor was the first “seniors’ choir” to ever be invited to appear at Podium as a featured choir in the Spotlight Concert series.  I think I can honestly say they sang an absolutely wonderful concert.ʼ  (As Wayne Riddle exclaimed, “It was beyond belief!”) …. (Electra Women’s Choir won the Equal Voices award.)

“We’ll close with a huge roar of congratulations from your lions, Diane!”

Our hope is that Diane will be able to bring together and conduct, as she did for our 45th reunion, the Class of ’62 Choir for our memorial service in the chapel when we gather for our 50th reunion.

And speaking of choral groups, I truly miss all the choral music that I loved at Gustavus.  Here in Raleigh I found, soon after moving here in 1984, an organization called the Raleigh Oratorio Society.  The name has been changed to the North Carolina Master Chorale.  I enjoyed their concerts and admired from afar the talents of the singers and of their director Al Sturgis.  This fall I was asked to become a member of their board of directors.  (Certainly not for my musical talent or knowledge.  I think they have something called “fund-raising” in mind for me.)  In a brief telephone interview, prior to being invited to join the board, Michelle Hile, the executive director, asked me to tell her something about my background.  Usually when I tell people here in Raleigh about my Minnesota roots and my college I don’t mention the name Gustavus because people don’t recognize the name and they pronounce it wrong.  For some reason when I was telling Michelle my background I did say Gustavus.  She exclaimed, “Jack Ohle!”  Fortunately I was sitting down for I couldn’t have been more shocked.  Michelle explained that her father had been the president of Nebraska Wesleyan and that Jack and her father were close colleagues and friends and that their families are very close.

Being a class agent and a class letter writer brings great pleasure.  I hear regularly now from people I knew well when we were on campus and from some I didn’t get to know at all while we were on campus.  For me it is like making new friends as well as renewing old friendships.  In September I had a minor surgery.  (This is my excuse for not getting out the “fall” class letter in September.  And I emphasize:  I AM FINE!)  Many of my email regulars sent words of encouragement and cheer.  Kay Jurgenson is one of those people.  I especially appreciate Kay’s words.  “So glad you are better.  Glad you are feeling more ‘normal’ again.  Seems like the older we get, the more ‘extra’ health concerns we seem to encounter.  Again, thanks for all you do for GA…It was a wonderful place to grow and make so many new friends−friends which last forever.  Thanks for reconnecting us with each other again and again.  Peace.”

Judy Flom Hill is involved in Bible study fellowship and lots of volunteering.  AND she has completed another book, which, hopefully, will be selected for publication by one of the publishers.  Good luck, Judy!!  Six wine connoisseurs (wouldn’t, of course use the term “winos”), Dick and Linda (Johnson) Blanding, Sharon (Maurer) and Gordy Edberg, and Judy Flom Hill and George Hill enjoyed being together in the wine country of California where they may have tasted a few superior vintages.

Just received a quick email from Gail Lindsey Breen who says she and Joe had great trips to New Orleans and Philadelphia.  They are going back to Philadelphia again in early December.  Their son and daughter-in-law live in New Orleans and Joe is from Philadelphia−so lots of family there.

Remember, I love to hear from you:  We are beginning a project to try to be sure that we have the email addresses of everyone who has email.  Some people in the class are very involved and even do Facebook and Twitter and all that stuff.  Please send me your news and email address and if you don’t think you have any news, just send me your email address.  However, I can’t believe that you don’t have any news.  You are alive.  What are you doing?  And what are your remembrances?

Jan Hoomani

1962 Co-class Agent

Rounded Rectangle: Go to, click on Alumni, click on Classes, click on 1962.  Up comes your web page and anyone can submit info to this page.  Class letters are available.Rounded Rectangle: The Black and Gold Award?

Greetings from Craig and Diana (Jacobson) Martens!

(May 12, 2010)

Thanks to our Class Agents people we were compelled to write after reading in the Gustavus Quarterly “Love Stories,” …more than 20% of Gusties are married to other Gusties” statistic.

In Craig’s family, John Martens ʼ64 married Barb Nelson ʼ64 and Ron Martens ʼ66 married Esther Peterson ʼ66, and Ann martens Fisher ʼ69 married Jim Fischer (not a graduate) for a Martens siblings total of 75% Gustie marriages.  In Diana’s family, Kay Jacobson ʼ58 married Reub Carlson ʼ56 and Sara Jacobson ʼ67 married Dale Hensley (not a graduate) for a Jacobson family total of 50%.  So our combined family average is 5/7 or 71% which indicates dramatically that we have done more than our fair share regarding Gustie marriages, and should merit a Black and Gold award of some type, which we are now commencing to wait for.

As you noticed also in the last Quarterly, Diana and I were in the Alumni section in the picture that had “largest number of named Gusties in one picture,” which we will also commence awaiting for some type of Black and Gold Award.

Now, as you can see, we are in an anticipatory “on pins and needles” situation.  This referenced Black and Gold award will not be given without all of your help and recommendations to Gustavus.  We especially need that of our class agents and also our Board rep, my fraternity brother, Al Henderson.  Thus, we await and are in an anticipatory “pins and needs” status.

Now some not so newsworthy info which is included only as filler:

  • We wintered in California in the Palm Springs area (LaQuinta) and kept track of weather in Minnesota and faced Minnesota periodically and prayed about the weather there, but our prayers didn’t seem to have the effectiveness we had anticipated.
  • While in California, Craig had another “Hole in One,” bringing his lifetime total to 5.  But enough about me.  In addition Craig had an Eagle on a par 5 when his 7 iron shot went into the cup.  His expectation of kudos is high there also.  See previous note on expected Black and Gold award.
  • While in California Diana and I also scaled Mastodon Peak which is a 2500 ft. peak.  A point of interest would be that the ascent to the peak starts at 2400 ft. above sea level, where you also park your car.
  • We skied for 5 days at Vail and Copper Mountain in Colorado in April on the return trip to Minnesota and Craig experienced the heaviest Summit County snowfall of the season at Vail – 18” while skiing there.
  • We are going to Vienna, Austria with Reet Lind Henze, Bill Henze and Miriam Lind Lagus ʼ61 and Arne Lagus, on May 14 and will be doing a Danube Cruise to the Black Sea.  Mt. Krakatoa in Iceland is acting up, so we have purchased a bunch of those little white face masks.
  • We have four grandchildren.  One is a Frost Queen, one a championship dancer, one a championship girls basketball player and another champion hockey player.  Now as you can see, these are real achievements which, unlike those previously listed above, are truly significant.  But we are restricted from talking about our grandchildren in these letters, so we won’t talk about ours.
  • Diana and I feel proud to have been members of the Class of ’62, not just because it is one of the most giving classes at Gustavus, but because it taught us more than just physics, math and nursing.
  • We are also thankful that we had mandatory chapel with 10 cuts, as it strengthened our Lutheran resolve.

Your classmates,

Craig and Diana (Jacobson) Martens ʼ62 ʼ62

Rounded Rectangle: In Memory of V. Gary Olson

Olson, V. Gary went to be with the Lord July 17, 2010.  A resident of Lockhart, TX since 2004 was born in Mpls, June 23, 1939.  He served as a missionary in Uruguay, Peru and Mexico for the Lutheran Church.  Survived by Carol, wife of 47 years; children, Ann Bonpensiero (Matt), Tim Olson, Faith Pope (Greg), Jonathan Olson (Kristen); grandchildren, Rachel and Samantha Bonpensiero, Daniela and Garrison Pope, Summer and Tommy Olson; mother, Ruth Priscila Olson; brother, David (Lois) of Braham; sister, Avis of Mpls.  Memorial Service July 26, 7 PM, Trinity Lutheran church of Minnehaha Falls, 5212 41st Ave S, Mpls.  Memorials preferred to LALM or Trinity.

Rounded Rectangle: Alumni Board Report

Report from Alumni Board Member, Sandy Luedtke Buendorf

I am serving on the Classes Committee of the Alumni Board and we have had several meetings to discuss concerns, such as greater involvement of alumni and updating or improving the current class agent structure.  Surveys were sent out by the committee to class agents.  The results are now being analyzed and discussed, and we hope to have additional input from all the class agents who attended the Volunteer Leadership Training Day on Sept 11.  Please be thinking of any suggestions you might have for us.  Our committee is very mindful of our responsibilities to Gustavus Commission 150.

Further Alumni Board News

Alumni Board members selected to serve a three-year term include Catherine Asta ’75, Edina; Mike Dueber ’89, St Paul; Luther Hagen ’88, Apple Valley; Gordon Mansergh ’84, Decatur, Georgia; Jeff Marshall ’75, Houston, Texas; Kay Rethwill Moline ’56, St Peter; Matt Olson ’10, Mankato; Tina Wold Royer ’78, Eveleth; and Marisa Schloer ’09, Minneapolis.

Jeff Heggedahl ’87, Minneapolis, was elected president; Chris Rasmussen ’88, Columbia Heights, was elected vice president; and Randall Stuckey ’83 and Kelly Waldron ’84, elected secretary and treasurer.

In partnership with the Athletics Department, the Office of Alumni Relations hosted the Athletics Hall of Fame Day on October 9, 2010.  Inductees included:  Duke Paluch ’88, tennis; Erik Allen ’92, basketball; Peter Anderson ’92, golf; Leigh Stocker Berger ’92, volleyball; Angela White Vick ’92, track and field; Heidi Rostberg Carlson ’93, tennis; Erik Hendrikson ’94, hockey and football; Paige Tierney Sullivan ’95, soccer; and 1990 Women’s Tennis National Championship as the Hall of Fame Moment.

The next Alumni Board meeting will be January 28 and 29, 2011.  The next Class Agents’ Meeting to Revamp Class Leadership Structure is set for February 26, 2011.

Please contact your Alumni Board representative (Sandy) and your class agents (Sandy, Ben and Jan) if you have questions, comments or suggestions.

Rounded Rectangle: Class ʼ62 Scholarship

Two new recipients for the Class ’62 Scholarship have been selected and are currently receiving the scholarship.  Tia Thompson is a sophomore from Winona.  She has not yet chosen her major.  Joseph Thomas is a sophomore from Glencoe and his major is music.

You may recall that our class, the Class of ’62, was the first class to endow a scholarship.  Many classes have followed our lead.  Here are a few facts regarding class endowed scholarships.

  1. The minimum required to fund a scholarship (award some amount of money to a recipient) is $25,000.  It is anticipated that soon that number will be raised to $50,000.
  2. In 2002, our 40th reunion, the Class of 1962 set a goal of raising $25,000.  We raised over $60,000 and met our first recipient, Alexander Kestly ʼ05, at the reunion.
  3. Since our successful endeavor, 29 classes have established endowed scholarships.  Of those who have set up a scholarship only 15 classes have exceeded the $25,000 and are awarding a scholarship.
  4. The Class of 1962 has given more money and therefore has the highest market value of any other class.  We can proudly state that as of 8/31/2010, the most recent market value of our scholarship was $141,172.  We have awarded 7 scholarships since 2002.  In other words, the class of ’62 has given the Gift of Gustavus to seven outstanding young people.
  5. We are recognized as leaders.  The Class of 1962 has set an example.

Let us continue to raise the bar and set the pace for other classes.  We can be proud, but let us humbly continue to make every effort to sustain and maintain the recognition and respect which we receive.  Thank you Class of 1962!

Rounded Rectangle: Reunion News

Greetings fellow classmates!  Jan Hoomani and I have agreed to co-chair our 50th Class Reunion, The dates are May 25, 26 & 27, 2012 so mark your calendars now!  We’d like to have you join us as we plan the Sesquicentennial events for the Class of ’62.  Volunteer Now!  We need your help!  Don’t be shy!

Have you ever thought about how enjoyable it would be to re-live some of the special times we spent at Gustavus?  How about participating in commencement−again?  We have been asked by President Ohle to accompany the 2012 graduating class.  And, don’t worry about the attire; the college will make sure we are outfitted in the appropriate manner.

All of those details will be taken care of but the most important part is YOU!  We’d love it if every class member could come, but if that isn’t possible, we want to hear from you.

My email is  I look forward to your emails in the weeks and months ahead and working together on the best class reunion ever!

Sharon Maurer Edberg

1962 Reunion Committee Co-chair

The judge had just awarded a divorce to Lena, who had charged non-support.  He said to Ole, “I have decided to give your wife $400 a month for support.”

“Vell, dat’s fine, Judge, said Ole.  “And vunce in a while I’ll try to chip in a few bucks, myself.”

Rounded Rectangle: Campus News

150th Anniversary Commemorative Alumni Directory

The Gustavus Alumni Association is bringing together about 25,000 Gusties to celebrate the College’s 150th anniversary.  In partnership with Publishing Concepts, Inc. (PCI), Gustavus will produce the 150th Anniversary Commemorative Alumni Directory.  Over the next couple of months, PCI will be contacting Gustavus alumni via phone, mail, and e-mail to request that you update your information.  We know you don’t want to provide your information to just anyone, so we want you to be aware of this project and encourage your participation.  For more information, call the Office of Alumni Relations at 800-487-8437.

Nobel Conference

What is Good Food?  The Nobel Conference® 46, Making Food Good, was held October 5-6.  It explored the many levels of this question.  From our seven distinguished panelists we considered varied and various conceptions of goodness and the challenges involved with the way they intersect with each other.  Contemporary food issues like community food security; the local foods movement; food crops as fuel crops; school lunches; genetic modification of food plants and animals; molecular gastronomy; and protecting genetic diversity of plants and animals were considered.  You can hear the talks online at:

Alumni Art Show

Over 60 alumni will participate in an Alumni Art Show in the Hillstrom Museum, November 22 through the end of the semester.  A reception will take place on Monday, November 22, 7 p.m.  This will be the first alumni art showing in the Hillstrom Museum.

“Come on You Gusties” Breakfast

Once a month, Gusties gather for coffee, breakfast, and great conversation along with a campus speaker.  All Gusties are welcomed and invited to the breakfast, third Wednesday of the month, 8-9:30 a.m. at the Doubletree Hotel, Minneapolis-Park Place, 1500 Park Place Boulevard.  Cost is $10 at the door.  Upcoming breakfasts include: Neal Hagberg ’81 and Leandra Peak ’83, musicians, on Dec. 15; and the winter sports coaches on Jan. 19.

Christmas in Christ Chapel Tickets

Tickets for Christmas in Christ Chapel 2010, “A Renaissance Nativity,” are available online.  Service dates are Friday, Dec. 3 at 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, Dec. 4 at 3:30 p.m. and 7: 30 p.m.; and Sunday, Dec. 4 at 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Tickets are $17.50 each and available online via credit card at:  If you do not have access to the Internet, tickets are available by calling the Office of Marketing and Communication at 507-933-7520.

Lena called the airlines information desk and inquired, “How long does it take to fly from Minneapolis to Fargo?”

“Just a minute,″ said the busy clerk.

“Vell, said Lena, “if it has to go dat fast, I think I’ll just take da bus.”