Class of '62
December 2003

Dear Classmates,

I talked with Judy Flom Hill.  She and I agreed to be co-class agents.  (I made her promise that she will never stop writing our letters for us!)  We also agreed that we both love to hear from you and so we are, in this letter, giving you all of our contact information in hopes that you will do just that, CONTACT US.

Judy doesn't, at this moment have enough news to do a letter, but if you send (e-mail, phone, card) news, she will write a letter soon.

I was so pleased to have people reply to my letter!  I really enjoyed hearing from each person who sent me a message; it was good.  Thanks!  In addition to classmate reply, I received an email from Alexander Kestly '05, our Class of '62 Scholarship recipient.  What fun it is to be connected with a current Gustie:

Gustavus Adolphus Class of 1962,

I thought it would be a good idea to give your class an update on my life.  I am currently in the fall semester of my Junior year, and I am on pace to graduate in the spring of 2005.  This is the first fall in nine years that I am not playing football.  Last year I had a fourth concussion, and in consulting with my doctor, I decided it was in my best interest not to play.  This was an extremely tough decision, but it is for the best.  Classes this fall are going well.  I have five classes, Developmental Psychology, Chemistry, America to the Civil War, Kinesiology and Resistance Training.  I am currently looking for an internship with an osteopath in the Mankato area.  Osteopathic medicine and chiropractic are now my career interests.  Also, I am training for the indoor track season, which starts in January.  I want to thank the Class of 1962 for your generous contribution to my education; it truly makes a difference in my life.  I hope you all have safe and happy holidays.


Alexander Kestly

Gustavus Adolphus Class of 2005

In my last letter I talked about the 3 Cs - communication, connection and commitment.  I think we are beginning to communicate more, thanks to e-mail.  The connection I have in mind is that unique Gustie spirit, closeness, a kinship that we uniquely have.  People who hear me talk about my college friends of 40 years are truly amazed―and quite incredulous.  And I am simply grateful.  We are so fortunate to have that beautiful and lasting connection with each other and our college.

And because we have that connection, we owe it to ourselves, in the spirit of gratitude and sharing, to make a commitment.  A commitment can be time, talent, financial.  One way to make a commitment is to agree to give a gift annually.  I think most of us remember Cec Eckhoff '56, past vice president for Alumni Affairs.  He was ever present, ever enthusiastic, winner of many national awards for alumni participation for Alumni giving.  In his honor the Cec Eckhoff Society has been founded.  To be a member, all you need to do is to agree to give a gift―in any amount―every year.  Easy!  Please join.  I'd like to see the class of '62 have the highest membership in the Cec Eckhoff Society.

I invite you to join me in giving a 2003 gift.  There are so many areas to which we can give that, on the plus side, you have choices; on the negative side, it can be confusing.  Since I am easily confused I need to write things down in an organized fashion.  I am sharing with you my outline.  (The numbers are NOT priority indicators; I just like to outline things.)

  I.  The Gustavus Fund

A.  The Alumni Fund

B.  The Parents and Friends Fund

C.  The Annual Fund

D.  The Gustavus Fund Recognition

1.  The President's Leadership Circle  ($5000+)

2.  The Ren Anderson Society  ($1,000-$4,999)

3.  The Cec Eckhoff Society  (a commitment to give something, any amount, every year)

II.  Class of '62 Endowed Scholarship

III.  Old Main Restoration

IV.  Individual Named Scholarships

 V.  Future/Deferred Gifts*

A.  Estate


C.  Other Beneficiary Designations

D.  Recognition: Gustavus Heritage Partnership

VI.  Planned Gifts*

A.  Annuities

B.  Trusts

C.  Lead Trusts

D.  Other fancy stuff that can provide income to the donor and make a gift to Gustavus.

E.  Recognition:  Gustavus Heritage Partnership

*In no way could I describe all of this stuff.  I have learned, though, that there are some remarkable, "no skin off my nose" ways to benefit Gustavus.  Please contact Jim Isaak at 1-866-487-3863 or e-mail: and let him explain and describe.  Also, take a look at the most recent Quarterly (Winter 2003) pages 24, 25 and 26.

And last, may I join the CPAs of America in reminding you that a charitable gift made by December 31 will help to reduce your 2003 tax burden.  It is possible to make a gift on line (until 4:45 p.m. CST on New Years Eve) for 2003 by going to and go to "Giving to Gustavus."  (I offer this just in case you have a tendency to procrastinate.)

Please join me in giving the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.  For Christmas, give the gift of Gustavus.

Love and blessings to you all,

Jan (Eiffert) Hoomani

1962 Co-class Agent

P.S.  Just in:  the Class of '62 Scholarship Fund finished the valuation period (November 30) with a total market value of $84,351with $3,829 available for our scholar in 2005.  Not bad in a "down" market!!

Contact Judy and Jan by email at or:


Judy Flom Hill

135 Marvin Avenue

Los Altos, CA  94022


Jan Eiffert Hoomani

2537 Carriage Oaks Drive

Raleigh, NC  27614