Class of '62
October 1999

Dear ’62 Classmates,

Approaching the millennium…It does give one pause…A good time to reflect, to remember the best, to honor, to share, to renew friendships, to set new goals, to keep those old promises, to give back, to secure the future…so much to reflect upon, but Gustavus does come to mind in all those thoughts, doesn’t it?

Several weeks ago I returned to the campus in all its beautiful fall colors. The changes are evident. Johnson Hall is gone. The trees no longer tower above the buildings, but the new trees are healthy, numerous and well-placed. The new dining area is dramatic, and the cafeteria has every kind of station with a pizzeria, Hello Wok, Belgian waffle area, grills…you name it. The student union is still being reworked, the parking lots have been beautifully landscaped and redone, and the entire campus looks renewed. It is impressive! Evelyn Young was there with the energy and hugs of years past. The Gustie spirit is still alive and well!

News Flash: A new Lady Di has been born—this time to Canada and the Gustavus Class of ’62. Diane Kolander Loomer was given the Order of Canada—the highest civilian honor that can be bestowed upon a Canadian citizen. She received this honor in Ottawa in the presence of her husband Dick, her son Dan, her daughter-in-law, her granddaughter, and the bigwigs of Canada including Jean Chretien. Diane wrote, "It was a very emotional, moving time. The focus of the ceremony really made one aware of how exceptional people in all walks of life, each in their own, positive and affirming way, are contributing to the goodness in Canada. I was really honored to be there!"

The official statement which was read at the ceremony said, "Diane has dedicated her life to bringing the love of choral music to many audiences and singers. Her outstanding skills in conducting and inspiring singers and developing world-class competitors has resulted in numerous international awards both for her choirs and for herself. She has continued to promote Canadian talent and has sparked the interest of young people in choral music throughout Canada. In recognition of outstanding achievement and service by a Canadian in fields of human endeavor, Diane Loomer will now receive the Order of Canada."

Diane now uses her official name—Diane Loomer, CM, but she said she and Dick changed their official call to Her Orderliness and His Underliness. Whatever you choose, Lady Di, we are proud of you! Many congratulations!

Another news release we received concerned Rolf Nelson who was one of just ten attorneys in the U. S. named to grade last spring’s National Elder Law Specialty exam. The National Elder Law Foundation’s exam committee grades exams written by lawyers across the country seeking to become nationally Certified Elder Law Attorneys. Nelson is one of just 150 Certified Elder Law Attorneys in the country. He became Minnesota’s first elder law specialist in 1997 when the state Board of Legal Certification defined elder law as a specialty and approved the American Bar Association sponsored National Elder Law Foundation as a certifying agency.

Rolf is a frequent speaker before civic and professional groups on estate, tax and asset protection planning. He has practiced law in the northwest suburbs of Minneapolis for 33 years. He and wife, Phoebe, live on a farm in Corcoran. He’s active in the Brooklyn Park Rotary Club and served ten years in the Minnesota legislature representing several suburban communities northwest of Minneapolis.

Our sad news release came with Hilding Nelson’s death the last of June. He had planned to retire several times, but he was called back to action by people who needed him several times. He had bypass surgery last year, but had been given a clean bill of health this spring. Following are some quotes from people who knew him well. "He was a wonderful man, the antithesis of some of what you see in business today. He was straight-on honest. If he gave you his word, you had something. He valued people because they were interesting. He didn’t do things for money or power. He kept this place alive in the face of enormous pressures. He was a balanced man." Those are great comments. "Ing" was originally from St. Peter. He earned physics and economics degrees from Gustavus. He is survived by his wife, Jan, and daughter, Lonnie, and two grandchildren.

Lowell Anderson wrote that he had been a voting member of the ELCA Assembly in Denver which dealt with a whole series of newsworthy issues such as full communion with Episcopalians and Moravians, economic justice, sexuality issues, etc. He then went on to visit his sister and family in Casper, Wyoming. He also spent some time in the glacial hills of northeastern South Dakota where he was born. He did some nosing around the dugout his great grandparents had homesteaded in the 1870’s and found a plow share that one ox could have pulled and an ice pike used for cutting ice from the lakes. Three weeks after the big storm, he took his annual trek to the Boundary Waters. He said that did have an impact on the area and

made the most demanding trip he has ever had in the north woods.

Suzanne Schmoeckel Olson became a first-time grandmother in August. Elana Alexander Ross was born in Stillwater, very close to Grandma!

Good news! We have made contact with a lost soul. David Christiansen, Ph.D. has been on the lost list for some time. He has been found through e-mail and the college’s efforts. He is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Des Moines and also teaches at Grinnell College. Tell us more about yourself, Dave!

Sandy and Bill Grove live in Alexandria, MN. Bill has been selling real estate for Coldwell-Banker since his retirement from Amoco in 1994. Sandy retired from US Bank in April after 23 years. They are looking forward to travel and going south for the winter.

Gordy and Sharon Mauer Edberg write: Gordy will complete his term as mayor of Mercer Island, WA at the end of the year. He has an architectural practice in Seattle. Sharon completed her year as president of Bellevue Breakfast Rotary in June. She is executive director of the Northwest Burn Foundation.

Charlene ‘63 and Lyle Norris were given their third grandchild in December of last year. They still reside in Fairmont, MN.

Still dealing blackjack is Joyce Hegland Balstad. She lives on a farm outside of McIntosh, MN and works at the Shooting Star Casino in Mohnomen. She has three grandsons who live far away from her, so she’s ready to travel.

Richard ’58 and Carol Brinkhaus Jameston are living in Springs Village, AR. He just retired from Cargill. They have a new granddaughter who joins her two brothers in Ohio. Richard and Carol’s other two children are single and living in the Minneapolis area. They too are looking forward to some travel.

Janice Grack Eggersgluess, of Golden Valley, is employed by Concordia University, St. Paul, as an adjunct instructor for their accelerated learning program. Hubby, Gene, is employed by Spancrete Midwest Co. in Maple Grove as VP of marketing.

Holland and Belgium were blessed with Evi Gustafson Davenport hiking and biking and maybe even some climbing through their countrysides this past summer. Evi normally resides in Houston.

Mark Skoog of Mountain Home, AR, retired from teaching on June 1. His retirement comment: "Have car—will travel."

Photographer Nan Forsman Buchanan had her photographs accepted at the Butler Institute of American Arts Area Artists Show, the Jewish Community Center Art Show and she won an award for her body of work at the YWCA Women’s Art Show. In May her husband and she visited France to study the arts of Paris and the Riviera, and I bet to take some pictures!

Charlotte ’63 and John Engstrom planned to take their boat toward Alaska for a six-week cruise this past summer. Jon Buss and wife Jo Ann were to join them for a week of the trip. Hope all went well and that we can hear more of it.

Jan Eiffert Hoomani had a great trip last spring visiting Seattle with her husband first for an engineering convention. She discovered Cameron and Nancy Larson Cruse were there also, so had dinner together with them, having a delightful time. From there Hank and Jan flew to Anchorage and then cruised to Vancouver. She recommends the trip highly, for Alaska is gorgeous. Later this summer Hank had an auto accident totaling his car, but luckily walked away with only soreness and scratches. Hurricane Floyd worried them a lot, but they were spared and had only a few branches, trees and twigs down and very little flooding in their area. Jan was busy gathering clothing and necessities for the people who had lost it all. They returned to Minnesota for Steve Cole’s son’s wedding in August. She took Hank to see the MN Capitol building and were surprised to see our infamous Governor Ventura also. From the Cities they traveled to the North Shore for a few days of waves crashing upon the rocks, hearing the gulls and feasting on MN walleye and Lake Superior trout.

Thanks to all of you who send some news bits. It’s difficult to compose a letter without some new information. Please send notes with your alumni gifts or e-mail me at or write to me at 7102 Center Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55346. It’s fun to hear even the littlest bit from everyone. I get very discouraged fast when I think of the small percentage of our class covered each time. Let us know what you’re doing and what you’re thinking!

Does anyone want to know the state of our crumbling foundations of the lake cabins we bought last year? They are still crumbling. We had five workmen ready to go this fall when we had one more setback. The county found a wetland on our neighbor’s property, so we have to be back 75 feet from that too. That stopped construction so that we can redesign our third "final" architectural drawing. I think either I, or our architect, may be writing a book soon on government interference in the lives of the private citizen. So it goes…Maybe next year stricter laws will be passed, lumber shortages may occur, prices will certainly go up. We can always look forward to something new!

"Remember thy past"…"Remember the friends you made there"…We want to hear from EVERYONE!

Give a generous gift, send news.

Jan Swanberg Mousel

1962 Class Agent