Class of '61
May 2001

Dear 40th Reunion Class of 1961,

May has come to campus and it is glorious in every way except for the students who are taking finals, packing up "treasures" in all of those dormitory rooms, and finishing projects and papers. This year spring is a little late in Minnesota, and it seems as if every living thing is racing to leaf out first.

Remembering campus on many of our former reunions makes it seem that our weekend should be soon. But autumn weekends in St. Peter are very precious, usually beautiful, and the date for our big 40th reunion. Make plans now to come September 21 and 22. Thanks to those who have volunteered to help with the reunion, we can definitely use more volunteers and any ideas that you have for making the time great for our great class. I am working on a list of reasons why you should come! Perhaps you can add to the cause by writing a reason for attendance on your donation envelope or sending it on our e-mail at Number one for me: You are a great group over the telephone and I would like to visit in person. Number two (from Phono): Because we still can.

May 31 is the final day that gifts will be recorded in this year's Gustavus Fund, which is our 40th milestone year! Thank you so very much for the generous checks that more than 50% of classmates have sent. Gustavus appreciates your remembering and responding. According to statistics available to me, our best year was 1989, when 179 classmates participated in the Gustavus Fund. Aren't there at least six more classmates who have not sent a gift recently who can find something great about days they had on campus and remember the college with a gift? Such number would take us over 80% participation! Please check your records, and send a gift if you have forgotten.

Ralph Swenson, Hudson WI, your class letter was a gem! Thank you for all of the effort. Ralph juggled his writing tasks around a trip to Hawaii.

Ron Zaniewski, Stillwater, we saw your picture in the "Golden Gustie Rouser" (Fall, 2000), the athletics department newsletter. Congratulations from your classmates on your induction into Gustavus' Athletic Hall of Fame on October 28, 2000. Ron, who came from Keyport, NJ, was a four-time conference champion in the 100 butterfly in 1957, ’58, ’59, and ’60. Three of those teams captured the conference championship, too. Great going!


Europe is beckoning a number of our classmates in different ways. Rev. Dr. James and Luray Wiberg are serving the Vienna Community Church in Vienna, Austria. The congregation consists of people who work in English-speaking organizations in the city. Jim writes, "We worship in English every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. using the facilities of 'Die Alt Reformierte Kirche' in the first District of Vienna…We keep a guest room ready for our family and our classmates. Come and see us."… The Rev. Dr. Paul K. Hanson, senior missionary, Bratislava, Slovakia, represented the Board of World Missions of the ELCA at Jim's installation. Their son, Dave '93, and his wife, Jenn, are also living and working in Vienna. All of their children are now married; the last one to unite was their adopted daughter, Kymm, who married Scott Durocher in Christ Chapel at Gustavus in July 1999. Jim and Luray are in Sweden this month exploring their roots. Jim and Darlene Davis, St. Paul, spent the 1998-99 school year teaching in Spain (right at the French border), and they took advantage of their location there to travel all over Europe on available weekends. Jim had retired after teaching at Harding High School in St. Paul for 25 years, and he now is a mathematics instructor at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. He and Darlene hope to get another teaching assignment in Europe or another part of the world… Dick and Kathy (Walden x63) Dalton, Cannon Falls, enjoyed a 12-day vacation and cruise to Turkey and Greece. At Phonorama they had two granddaughters aged 10 and 7 living with them, along with their parents: Mark x91 and his wife, who had moved back to Minnesota from Florida. Mark has taken a job with "CBS Market Watch" in Minneapolis, and the family is building a new home in Lakeville. Dick mentioned having attended the Gustavus-St. Olaf basketball game in Northfield this season where he visited with Rod Golberg's brother, Harv. The Daltons enjoyed a gathering in Lindstrom last summer with Ronald Langness, Bill Ekenstedt, John Lundblad ’62 and others when Lyle Nelson was in Lindstrom visiting his elderly mother. Bill Ekenstedt mentioned that gathering at Phonorama also.

Dr. Carolyn Wedin and her husband, Tony Rolloff, Whitewater WI, are in Sweden this year where Carolyn is on a Fulbright, serving as the American studies lecturer at the University of Lund in Lund, which is in southern Sweden. They are traveling to various places in Europe at every opportunity, and Carolyn is sending back e-mail notes that are lively and interesting. In a late April transmission, Carolyn discussed her work briefly with the following comments: "Friday and Saturday last week were our 'Humanistdagarna,' Humanities Days, with papers and lectures for the public. I had a good crowd at mine (not a paper, not a lecture, more accurately called a 'performance,' I am told). Here is how it was described for the university web-site. In his poem Mending Wall, American Robert Frost sets up a contrast between two views of communication. American Carolyn Wedin, visiting lecturer in English in 2000-01, uses these views to talk about how Swedes and Americans can best communicate with one another. "Something there is that doesn't love a wall, Dr. Wedin thinks, is the view held by most Americans. "Good fences make good neighbors," on the other hand, seems to be the attitude of most Swedes. There is not a right and a wrong means of communication indicated here. Rather, it is a matter of deciding when one view is more appropriate or suitable, and when one of the views may be counterproductive. In her presentation, Dr. Wedin will attempt to give listeners some 'rules of thumb' on when and how to tear down walls, when and how to keep them up in their protective mode. Theory and practicality join in this exploration of how to move into a wider world and enjoy it."… Dr. Arne and Miriam Lind Lagus, St. Croix Falls WI, spent a weekend with them in winter when Arne skied the grueling Vasaloppet cross country race from Mora to Sälen. Earlier in the season the Laguses were in Finland and Estonia in connection with Arne's racing in the Finlandia 2001. They enjoyed the overnight trip on a huge ferry from Finland to Estonia (it was like a city with restaurants, shops, etc.) to touch base with the congregation at Martna about the progress of the roof, steeple and building restoration. The church is more than 500 years old, and now that it has survived the communist occupation, Mim and Arne are spearheading an effort in America to help the poor Estonian people to restore and use it once again. The congregation was Mim's father's first parish following his ordination.

Mark ’59 and Kathy Bunde Thorsell, Golden Valley, have both retired from teaching in the Robbinsdale 281 schools, and now it is difficult to find them at home. During two weeks in Italy this winter, they had arranged to meet Lena Carlson and her husband in Rome (remember the exchange student from Sweden when we were on campus? She is now a therapist.) Kathy tells great stories about their stops in small family-run establishments and are enjoying the opportunity to practice languages and accents. At Phonorama they were attempting to pull together plans for a visit to Holland to be part of the glorious "spring blooms festival" there; if it didn't work out this spring, it would happen another spring…. Sally Enstrom, St. Louis Park, enjoyed an extensive tour of Portugal in winter that took the group to parts of the country that are not often visited by tourists. She recommends that country highly and encourages visitors there to trek beyond the beaches. Sally volunteers with a number of concerns around the Twin Cities, but she is especially active as a tour guide at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (the "Toot" as she calls it).

Wayne Kneeskern, Richland, IA, spent a week plus the surrounding weekends in Holland on a business trip last summer, mostly in the Amsterdam area. He is a cancer survivor, and now he writes some articles about cancer for the computer magazine he works on. He is the controller, but he does many journalistic functions as well in writing, copy reading, proof reading, handling marketing and other business aspects for the small company. Wayne and Gert have four grandchildren: Scott ’90 who is a graphic designer has two children, and their daughter, Michelle, has two children. Three of the immediate family members have December birthdays so they are easy to remember! Wayne observed that they regretted missing Rev. Ron and Darlene Koch's 40th anniversary celebration in the Twin Cities this year… Carol Olson Heath heard the call to big travel also, but it beckoned her to South America. She returned at Easter after spending several weeks in San Paulo, Brazil, where she visited with an exchange student from there who lived with the Heaths in Minneapolis a few years ago. Her son, Malcolm, who lives in Portland, OR, joined her there for an international Formula 1 automobile race… Bob ’60 and Jean Stenstrom Eidsvold, Bloomington, have enjoyed sailing vacations throughout their 40 years of marriage, including times when their three children were very young. With friends who thrive on sailing, they went to Australia and New Zealand this winter on what has to be one of the grandest sailing adventures of all.

Ed and Carol Burgess Juers, Inver Grove Heights, were planning a 16-day trip and cruise to Greece and nearby islands in April. Carol continues to work as a psychiatric nurse in the Bandana Square area of St. Paul at a clinic. She has been there for six years and enjoys the work. Ed is retired. They announce a new grandson: Jacob Juers was born on Carol's 60th birthday, February 4, 2000, to E.J. and Amy Juers. Their other grandchildren are aged 19, 17, 16 and 15. Herb and Judy Carlson Olson, Mound, are both retired from teaching, but now it is very difficult to find them home. At Phono I learned from other classmates that they were in Arizona (where one of their two children lives), but that they would return to Minnesota briefly before going to Czechoslovakia where their other child lives.

Walter and Phyllis Wright, Mantorville, report that their first grandchild arrived on Nov. 12, 2000. (I failed to jot down the name or details―please send that for a future letter.) Walter has retired from the Mayo Clinic, and he says that retirement is great except for the aches and pains that seem to be appearing. He has joined the Rochester Male Chorus and also the Concert Band, in which he plays the trombone, something he hasn't played for 25 years. Phyllis continues to work at Rochester's St. Mary's Hospital as the assistant supervisor of Cyto-Genetics, where the work involves the abnormal chromosome analysis of patients… Bill and Sharon Ekenstedt, Cumberland, WI, are kept young by their three teenage sons. The elder one is studying pre-pharmacy at South Dakota State. The second one will be a high school graduate this spring and is thinking about studying mathematics, probably at Michigan Tech in Houghton. Last summer the entire family "were still speaking to each other" after a three-week trip in California from San Diego through San Francisco and a little north of there. Sharon is the director of nursing at the Cumberland nursing home. Bill admits that some of their sons can sometimes out perform him on the weight machine now. Bill, when Dick Dalton heard about the prowess of your sons, he uttered a word something like "whimpy." You may want to get an interpretation sometime when the Daltons come up to their cabin in Cumberland in the summer! At Phono Bill shared a story about taking his son to South Dakota for football last season. The route to college took them through Cannon Falls at 7:00 a.m. one morning. When they saw lights on in the Beacon's offices, they pounded on the windows. Who should peer out at them but Dick Dalton, already working at the presses at that hour.

Dr. Paul D. Hanson, Cambridge MA, returned from logging on his farm on President's Day Weekend when a GusLink student got a hold of him. Paul continues to serve on the Gustavus Board of Trustees, along with Rev. Ron Koch, Becker. Tom and Marlene Vartdal Meyer, Mission Viejo CA, were anticipating a new grandchild at Phonorama; in fact, Marlene was leaving for Colorado to be with their daughter that week. Marlene says that Tom enjoys teaching mathematics (and, I believe, computer) at Saddleback Community College so much that he may never retire! Their other daughter just took the orals for a master's degree in mathematics at North Arizona University at Flagstaff, and she is looking for a job.

Dave and Jean Linne, Edina, announce the November birth of their first grandchild, Jorgen Kristoffer Linne, who arrived November 27, 2000, to Jonathan ’91 and Catherine Linne. I am wondering if any girls were born last November! Sid and I also announce our first grandchild, Justin Ray Sehlin, born to Dr. Scott ’88 and Christy in Rock Island, IL, on November 11, 2000… Dr. David ('60) and Karen Westman Carlson, Edina, note that they "are still in the shrinking minority of classmates still gainfully and mostly happily employed." Their family has increased, and they are now the proud grandparents of Eric Morris, who is 16-months-old, and Jon Beck Carlson, who is 6-months-old.

Marilyn Swanson Burke, Woodbury, retired at the end of 2000. She enjoyed her career in nursing, but she is ready to do something else now. She was getting ready at Phono time to babysit grandsons aged 3 and 4 while their parents skied in Utah. She travels to Boston to sit with them sometimes. Her husband was golfing in Alabama when I spoke with her. Dr. Veryl and Carol Becker, Glencoe, had a shed for machinery collapse with machines inside the evening before Phonorama reached them. They run a large dairy operation. Their son, Dan, works in Washington, D.C. Their daughter and her husband live in Kansas City with Micah, 7, Julianna, 5, and Katelyn, 2.

Marcee Muller, Tecumseh NE, expresses feelings that many of us are having: "It is unbelievable that it has been 40 years since we graduated from Gustavus." Marcee expects to teach one more year, making her tenure 38 years at Tecumseh public schools, and then she would like to do some traveling… Dr. Fred ’62 and Lorraine Sandvig Carlson, Fairmont, were headed for a skiing trip to Vail during the week following Phono. Fred's dental office is in a new professional building, and Lorraine comments, "Fred enjoys the building so much that he will probably work awhile." Their son, Paul, is also a dentist working with Fred's group. Paul and his wife have supplied a precious granddaughter, who is 1 1/2, and who lives just across the lake from them. Jodie’88 lives in the Twin Cities and is a Minnesota State public defender.

Dr. Mary Annexsted Francis, Petersburg AK, was Alaska's superintendent of the year in 2000. She attended the national Superintendent's Conference in San Francisco, and since both of her sons live there, she enjoyed having her family there for the presentation. Last fall her school district hosted the state's superintendent's conference in Petersburg. She had been in her current position for 12 years, and the idea of retirement is interesting. She owns a town house in Tempe, AZ. Mary plans to make an effort to come to our 40th reunion in September. Tom Meltesen, Lilburn GA, owns a manufacturing business that makes flavors and supplements. Their daughter is a college student studying elementary education in West Georgia. Their son will marry his college sweetheart from the Atlanta area in June. His son is a graduate of the University of Georgia in journalism and he works with the Nashville Song Association. He teaches song writing and has his own country band which jams with Hank Williams III sometimes.

Dr. Merwyn Larson, Mason City IA, is totally retired from medicine, and he finds that his health is fine when he just paces himself. They recently traveled to Hawaii, primarily in the Kapalua area of Maui, and also to Acapulco, Mexico. Their son and his wife, who have moved to the Twin Cities where he works in the financial department at Wells Fargo Bank, traveled with them. Their daughter works with a consulting firm in Houston, TX… Paul and Joan Nesvold, Maple Plain, were planning a trip to Florida the week after Phonorama. Paul says that retirement time goes much too fast. He volunteers a lot at their church, working with a group to do fix-up jobs, and also participates in a number of other groups. He enjoys cards and bridge. He and the family develop wetlands on their farms. They have six grandchildren, with the oldest being 19 and attending college in South Dakota where he lives. One daughter was joining them in Ft. Myers and another daughter with three of their grandchildren, aged 6 ½, 4 and 2 months, will come for a later week. A new grandchild, Jacqueline Marie Wasser was born to Deborah and John on December 26, 2000.

Wayne and Sandra Otto, South St. Paul, go to Englewood Beach, FL, for the month of January, and this year Jim and Darlene Davis visited with them for a few days. They were expecting their first grandchild in April. By now, Wayne is probably sneaking in some practice while he "works" part time at the golf course in Woodbury. Ray and Karen Rapp, Cannon Falls, anticipate the arrival of their fifth grandchild in May, but it will be the first child for Christopher and Melissa, the middle son. Melissa has been employed by Dick Dalton at the Beacon in the areas of graphics and computer. Ray says that it has been a good winter for him in the heating oil business!

Dr. Daniel and Janice Collins have moved from Hawaii, where Dan has practiced medicine for many years, to Barrington, IL, for retirement―and to live near their children. Dan writes that this first year of retirement has been more enjoyable than they expected. A GusLink student reached them… Dr. Paul and Doriann (Fredrickson) Thompson, Greeley, CO, were also reached by a student caller who signed his name as Nick-’02. They have a new grandson, Andrew Raup, who was born to their daughter Sara ’84 in Boulder, CO.

Jim and Kathryn Mansfield, Jr., Winston-Salem NC, have both of their children graduating this spring. Their son will receive a degree in studio art from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro and then go to Wyoming where he is to participate in a leadership course during the summer. Their daughter will earn a master's degree in wine making. Jim says that they still are in the non-retired classmates' group… David and Karen Lacher Dowd, Duluth, will not be able to attend our September reunion because they plan a trip to England. David was born there, just south of London, and he came to the U.S. at seven years of age. Karen was planning a visit after Phono to Jim and Carmen (Jones '62) Knoble at their home just north of Naples, FL. The Dowds are retired and live on a lake about 20 miles north of Duluth.

Mary Beth Larson Wold, Foster City CA, was hoping to retire at the end of May when I visited with her at Phono, but she had already taken off a lot of time from work to help her son who normally lives in a group home. A swallowing accident resulted in esophagus surgery and that led to a long-term need for a feeding tube. Mary Beth was hoping to be able to get back to work soon. After retirement, she plans to move to Fresno, CA, where her daughter and family live. It has been a rough year; her daughter, who attended Gustavus and is a lupus sufferer, has been receiving help from her in-laws because she has had complications. Mary Beth has a home business in creative memories creations where she serves as a consultant and conducts classes in the home. Allen and Kathy Roalson, Sugar Land TX, will have their only grandson graduating from high school next year. He lives in Austin, TX. Their two other children are not yet married. They were in Minnesota for his mother's family's reunion in Fairmont and to visit Kathy's mother in Fairmont and her sister in the Twin Cities. Allen works for Carrier, and retirement is only in the thinking stage at this point.

Wesley and Corrine Ek Lindstrom, Minnetonka, have two granddaughters, aged 26- and 10-months, who live in Champagne, IL. Corrine enjoys being retired, but Wes is an administrator in Robbinsdale district 281. He manages security, energy, and is assistant to the head of grounds and buildings. Another son is a history professor at Mississippi State in Meridian, and their third son lives up North… Arlyn and Judy (Schlottman '63) Kettner, Fort Collins, CO attended the Gustavus choir concert when the tour was in Denver. They say that it was a great concert, and Arlyn mentioned having seen Fred Rogers ’60. Both of the Kettners are still employed. Arlyn is in management with Ultimate Support Systems, Inc., and Judy handles sales for a publishing company that deals with information in knitting and weaving. She was on business in Oakland, CA, the week before the Phonorama call reached them in March. Their granddaughter was in Germany at that time on an exchange program related to her work in orchestra. Arlyn's mother is 86 and still living in her own home in Nicollet. The Kettners come back, often in May and June, to visit her.

Kathy Moody Buegler, Edina, has retired from her position as manager of the intensive care unit at Southdale Fairview Hospital. Her first grandchild has arrived, but I failed to get all of the details. Nathan Allen Buegler was born to Todd ’87 and Lori (Tjosaas ’88). Their other sons are younger and remain single. Kathy says the biggest project of the year was a remodeling of the kitchen in the summer. Her mother is 92 and lives on her own southwest of St. James… Jerome and Ruth Paulson Weinkauf, Faribault, will be observing their 40th anniversary this year by taking an Alaskan cruise. Ruth enjoyed her 62nd birthday the week of Phonorama so we talked a little about Social Security. They also take shorter winter trips to locations such as Tucson and the Florida Keys. The weekend before our telephone chat, they were at their lake cabin and noted that a year ago it was 70 degrees up there on the same weekend. Ruth plans to attend the Swedish Hospital nurses' reunion in May, which extends over a weekend. Sympathy is extended to you and your family, Ruth, on the death of your mother this year―she was 97 years old.

John and Linda Van Deusen, Columbia SC, say that they keep busy dealing with life's details and find time for some traveling. They moved into a new home about three years ago. Their dog, Jake, who came with them to our 35th reunion, is getting old and is now partially blind. Efforts to find a suitable replacement have not worked out: A Belgian shepherd named Cheyenne was too nervous, a black labrador mix named Minnehaha was too protective, and a chocolate labrador mix named Hershey chased ducks whenever possible. Last summer John and Linda were in Wisconsin, where they visited Cameron Johnson ’60, visited Linda's brother in Pennsylvania, were in New York in December, and were in Myrtle Beach, SC, for an enjoyable rest. Dr. Marv and Nancy Williams Rensink, Pleasanton CA, expect two additions to their grandchildren: their son and his wife expect a baby in July, and the younger daughter expects a baby in September. Nancy was in Minnesota in late April to return her mother after her winter's stay with them in California. During her brief time in the Twin Cities she lunched with Sally Enstrom, Carol Olson Heath and Gloria Eckberg Swenson at the Doubletree, where our Friday evening 40th reunion banquet is scheduled. Marv continues to work as a physicist at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory; next January he will have been there for 35 years. The Rensink's grandchildren are aged 9, 8, 7, almost 6, almost 5, almost 2, and 1.

Stan and Hazelle Dahl Gordon, Minneapolis, are planning a family trip to Alaska in August. Their daughter is married and lives in Woodbury and their son lives in Eagan. Hazelle retired in 1996, and she spends a lot of time on their farm in southwestern Minnesota, which has a history famous for Laura Ingalls Wilder's life and writings. Reaching her on Phonorama was difficult because "she was south, but not far south" at the farm. Her mother is 88, living alone in the Alexandria area, and doing well. Don and Janet Nelson, Fridley, take time off along Minnesota's North Shore as often as possible; especially Devil's Track Lake and the Gunflint Trail. They have one grandchild who is six years old. Don really enjoys his work with wetland conservation for the Minnesota Environmental Agency; his territory is the southwestern part of the state. He says that there are a number of Gusties there, mostly people with geology backgrounds and mostly more recent graduates.

Doug and Carolyn Weber, Blue Earth, were looking forward to a special trip to Duluth the week following their Phonorama call, because Daniel was to marry Chris Rudd there. She is a controller for Grandma's restaurant in Duluth and Dan is a web designer. Doug has spent the past year recovering from rotator cup surgery, an injury he incurred on a motorcycle trip to Sturgis, SD. It wasn't keeping him down, however, because the morning after our conversation he was going on a snowmobile trip with his son, Timothy, who is a pastor in the south metropolitan area… Bill and Charlotte Wennerlund, Blaine, were on a "study tour" of Israel almost a year ago to help support immigrants from Russia and the Ukraine for the "Bridges for Peace" group. They announce their second grandchild, Ty James Schneider who was born July 8, 2000, to Lea and Wayne at North Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. R. Michael and Julianne (Johnson ’62) Blaese live in New Hope, PA, now. They are still settling in following Mike's move from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, to serving as the chief scientific officer with ValiGen. Mike is a fellow with the American Association Advancement of Science and is the director for the American Society of Gene Therapy... Tom and Karen Idstrom, New Brighton, report that Tom has retired from teaching, but he continues to coach football at Chapel Park.

Don and Jean Linnerooth Scherfenberg, Mendota Heights, have two single daughters who live away from this area. One who lives in Seattle is a school psychologist and is attending advanced classes in counseling and art therapy. The other lives in Lincoln, NE, and is working for a career in art and ceramics. Jean's Phonorama call came as she was returning home from taking her elderly mother to a dental appointment... Dr. Paul ’60 and Kay Dahlquist Serenius, Centerville OH, send greetings to classmates. Their children are now 40, 39 and 37, and they have ten grandchildren aged 11 to 19. Kay marvels at the inspiration that John and Linda Van Deusen are to function with whatever life throws at them.

Rev. Dr. Roger ’60 and Nita Swanson Anderson, New Brighton, have both retired. He was with Lutheran Social Services and she was with Dayton's-Rosedale in recent years. "We gave ourselves a retirement trip to Hawaii. It was wonderful. A couple more trips are on the horizon." They greet classmates and will see everyone at our 40th reunion in September. Ralph and Rita Piepgras Dague, Clayton WI, have both retired and are certainly enjoying the freedom. They will be out East for three weeks at the time of our reunion taking an autumn tour along the coast.

Jane Thompson Hixon, Burnsville, retired last summer, but she will remain in Minnesota at least for a while. Jane says that she wants to deal with a lifetime of treasures, and most classmates can probably relate to that necessity! "No more nasty nurse" is one of the great things about retirement, she says. Her children are 33 and 35... Al and Dori Bergstrom Macek, Minneapolis, announce that youngest daughter Molly and Peter have presented a granddaughter. Laurel was born January 22, 2001 in the Twin Cities. Dori is thrilled to get to see her about once a week. They live in an apartment close to the Loring Park area of downtown Minneapolis, and they enjoy the proximity to downtown events and the ability to walk to Orchestra Hall, the Convention Center, shopping areas, etc. Al is a volunteer at Hennepin County General Hospital, assisting incoming visitors to find their way around the huge complex.

Betty Estesen, Tucson AZ, sends greetings to classmates and wishes for a happy reunion in September since she will be unable to attend. Betty has retired from the research position at the University of Arizona, but she continues to work part-time in the university's book store... David and Claudia Timm, Carrington, ND, report that Dave has retired, but that he does continue to work sometimes. Claudia was doing a long-term substituting job in the Carrington Public Schools this year. They enjoy getting to their cabin in the Walker/Spicer area… Gary and Karen Carlson Humphrey, Springfield, MO, send greetings to classmates. Karen has been in ill health recently so I spoke only briefly with her husband at Phono. Karen, your classmates wish you well, with a solid recovery brightening upcoming summer days.

Rev. Jerry ’59 and Joan Miller Hoffman, Minneapolis, are both retired now. Jerry retired from full-time ministry one year ago, but he is now working as a church consultant and clergy coach. Joan has felt the call to return to the classroom, but this time she is a volunteer a half day each week... Doug Perkins, Afton, said at Phonorama that he is working a lot harder now than he did before retiring. He set out to establish a start-up company and now he is kept busy seven days a week! They did get a vacation in January and used the time to go to Hawaii.

Although there are more items, this letter is becoming quite long for springtime reading. I will forward these to the Alumni Office, but I will continue sorting, checking the e-mail further, and writing another letter very soon. Letters will continue to arrive during the summer as details for the reunion develop. Please send your gift and your ideas for our gathering! Enjoy the beauties of spring.

Virgene Grack Sehlin

1961 Class Agent