Class of '60
January 2010

Here we are again in the new year, the actual year of our 50th REUNION!  Our great letter-writer is Fred “Rubber” Rogers and note that he was our FIRST Class Agent way back when!  He-e-e--rs Rubber!

I greet all my classmates from our home in Granby, Colorado after several days of skiing in less than good snow conditions, we said good-bye to our children’s families.  The Christmas season is a great time of year─but a hassle.  It seems Colorado always gets a blast of Minnesota weather─ this year was no exception.

I have fond memories of writing these letters and doing the alumni stuff as our first class agent.  It was fun writing the letters, on occasion, with our dear friend Neil “the wheeler-dealer” Anderson.  I miss that boy!  I have great memories of Gustavus.  As I told the task force that came to Denver last year─while the academics were important (I guess)─the people of the school made the difference.  I will cherish the friends forever.

I have a number of random memories to share in no particular order.  They are my thoughts─ mean very little─they either happened or I wish they would have happened.

•     Do you remember the Holiday House─where at the time you could get a steak sandwich with a baked potato and salad for $4.75?

•     If you could catch John Bold ’59 as the bartender, he might snitch a few drinks from one of the locals (thanks Dr. Larsen or Hank Komatz)─10 cent taps at the Flame─learning to play “buck euchre” for meal tickets.

•     Jimmy Donicht taking on all comers on the bowling machine at the Flame.  He contends it paid for school.

•     Mel Hammarberg creating a chain letter where we actually made a few $$$─loved my old roomie!!

•     Dropping marbles in freshman chapel.

•     My most embarrassing moment─leaving a beer bust early with Andy and walking, drinking a cool one, into Dr. Ed (gar Carlson) ’30 who was looking for son, Sam’s ’68, glasses left at a Luther League picnic.  He was as embarrassed as I was and instead of giving me probation I received “observation” and a stern talking to.

•     Phon-o-rama with Ren ’34, Sylvia ’36 Anderson, Cec Eckhoff ’56, Paul Tillquist ’63─what a blast!!

•     Knowing the greatest Gustie of all Evelyn Young ’33.  She fed all Gusties that showed up at my father’s camp and their friends as well.

•     ”Boomer” (Kyle) Montague ’34 announcing football and basketball games─he could have gone to the pros.

•     Beers and burgers at Freddy’s tavern in south downtown, as 18 year-old-freshman─did we impress the freshman babes???

•     Parties at Hardeggers, Joe’s, Kato Ballroom, Gun Club, St Peter Country, Nicollet Hotel, Reds, and for many of us, our library, the Flame Bar.

•     Schells brewery for the Friday afternoon tour (5 minutes) then hit the Tap Room.

•     Hell Week─the Phi Alphs noon parade, hanging flags from unusual spots─getting two hours of sleep a night.

•     The sorority and fraternity banquets.

•     Traveling to away football games.

•     Pizza runs to the Twin Cities leaving at 10 p.m.

•     Canoe trip to the Boundary Waters with Joe Carlson and Jim Donicht before our sophomore year.  We ate fish at every meal

•     Listening to the playoff football game in Jerry Thrall’s and Chuck Smith’s basement with 20 other Gusties.  Did we win??

•     Picnics and beer busts─who could forget them.

•     Early morning duck hunting with Bob Nybo and “Quick” Kruse.

•     The hockey team playing at the outdoor rink which was totally maintained by the team.

•     Constantly embarrassing my wife for 49 years.  That woman has broad shoulders.

•     Being a member of the Republican Club and a Baptist as a freshman, only to graduate as a Lutheran and a very progressive Democrat.

•     Some sage advice from one of our classmates and dear friends, Donna Casperson Bentzen – the older I get the less I want to judge others.

Thanks for the memories and friends from GAC.  As Mel Hammarberg said “they even let us graduate.”

I would expect everyone to dig a little deeper for your contribution to The Annual Fund in this most historic year.  See you at the Reunion─May 28-29, 2010!!!

Fred “Rubber” Rogers

1960 Guest Letter Writer



There is very little left of the campus we found when we moved to Gustavus in 1956.  The Gymnasium, Rundstrom, Old Main, and Uhler Hall are all that remain.  Edgar ’30 and my Dad (Ren ’34) had this vision for Gustavus so one day they took a walk and planted flags where they thought the buildings should go.  That kind of can-do spirit led to the vision of the Annual Fund begun in 1954.  Today we have a magnificent campus anchored by Christ Chapel.  Gustavus has never had a transformational gift, so in many ways this campus was built dollar by dollar with gifts from the heart of its alumni and friends.  This year Diane (Hammargren ’63) and I have been on campus many times to see our granddaughter, Alissa ’13.  The students are bright, compassionate, service minded and generous.  We can be proud of them.  I know that our class will rise to the challenges before us and provide our best gifts and efforts for our beloved Gustavus.

Jim Anderson ’60


Our Reunion Committee continues to contact classmates.  Here are the class updates from contacts made in December and January:

EILEEN JOHNSON DELK:  I am retired but I volunteer at Anna De's Closet one morning a week.  My hobbies are knitting, sewing and playing the piano.  This year I joined the church choir and the bell choir.  I have always wanted to play the bells but never was in a church that had them.  It is a lot of fun.  Now the 14th of this month I am going to Hawaii with my sister and family I will be gone almost two weeks.  We have been planning this for about two years.  During the year (2009) I have attended horse shows, violin and piano recitals, and birthday parties of my seven grandchildren.  I will be grandma again in February which will be Michael ’91and Kris’ 5th child and they say it is a boy.  I hope to make it to the reunion but I am not sure.

PAUL CHELL:  Paul’s wife, Sheri (Swanson ’62), died on January 2, 2010 at their home in Olympia, Washington.  Sheri had a melanoma which spread and in spite of all efforts and her good spirit they could not help her condition.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Paul and their family, including ROGER ANDERSON’S wife, Nita (Swanson ’61).

JOEL WIBERG reports that he and NANCY (ANDERSON ’60) visited Ireland, together with BEV LINGWALL MOONEY and David Mooney in October 2005.  By luck we were able to reach ANNE SHUMATE by phone while there and set up a delightful lunch meeting near her home.  She has founded and continues to operate the Innovations Theatre School.  Joel is trying to reach Anne to encourage her to come to our Reunion.

STEVE LUNDGREN and Britta just returned from a trip to Switzerland and Italy.  They spent time with BILL SHOGREN and his wife, Jean.  Bill, Steve says, is a biking nut and has been doing that with DAVE CARLSON.  Steve also reports that DICK LOOMER is another biker who pedals all over the Northwest and almost every year vacations in the wine region of Southern France where he and Diane have a place.

SUE APPELQUIST JORGENSEN who, with her husband, Frank ’61, lives in Dunnell, Minnesota reports that she is a retired teacher, trying to get the corn combined between rain showers (this was in November!).  She’s also trying to keep the “Dunnell Book Room” operating since January last year when the Martin County Library system decided Dunnell did not need a branch.

JEAN HILDING STUART, living in Edina, Minnesota, says that they have 3 children and 3 step children, all great, as are 12 grandchildren.  She is on the Board of Directors of World Population Balance.  She sang for many years in the choir of Christ Presbyterian Church in Edina.


HOUSING: people have been asking about housing.  Here’s the real deal:  Campus Housing is complimentary in Sohre and Pittman Halls.  Rooms have a sink, and bedding and towels are provided.  An extra blanket or a fan, depending on the weather, and hangers for hanging clothing are recommended.  Elevators are not available in residence halls.  If you have specific health limitations for using such facilities, you are encouraged to stay in a local hotel.  There will be opportunity later to sign up for campus housing.

There is a hotel/motel list available and we have already learned that both motels in St. Peter are sold out that weekend, but 10 miles away in Mankato there is lots of housing.  Here is a link to hotel/motel housing:


Note:  this IS Memorial Day weekend, but that may be an advantage for those of us with fewer obligations that weekend!

FRIDAY, May 28

4:00 p.m. - Class of 1960 Memorial Service - Christ Chapel

6:30 p.m. - Class of 1960 Banquet


12 Noon - Alumni Luncheon for 50-Year Club and Class of 1960 - Campus Banquet Rooms

5:00 p.m. - Alumni Banquet - Evelyn Young Dining Room

There are many more things including reunion seminars and other socializing opportunities, but this gives you an idea!


By now you should have received a survey form in the mail and it is really important that you complete it and send it in soon.  We understand that many people have already done this.  This will give us a lot of the information we need for our Reunion Booklet.  Use the return envelope to send a current photo of yourself which we hope to receive of everyone in the class - even if you cannot come to the reunion!  Also, older photos and videos of times at Gustavus are sought.  We ask that you identify who is in the photo and add some “what, where, and how” to describe the photo.  You can also send any photos to Kathy Erlandsen, Associate Director of Reunion Giving, Gustavus Adolphus College, 800 West College Ave, St. Peter, MN 56082-1498 or email them (in a jpeg format) to her at:  She promises to return any photos if you so request.


Gustavus Wind Orchestra

This year the Gustavus Wind Orchestra will be touring in Eastern Europe the week of January 21 –February 3.  Stops include Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Germany.   They will perform at various churches, theaters and even exchange with a local music school.  Their home concert will take place in Christ Chapel on Saturday, February 13, at 2:00 p.m.

“Come on You Gusties” Breakfast

Once a month, Gusties gather for coffee, breakfast, and great conversation along with a campus speaker.  All Gusties are welcomed and invited to the breakfast, third Wednesday of the month, 8-9:30 a.m. at the Doubletree Hotel, Minneapolis-Park Place, 1500 Park Place Boulevard.  Cost is $10 at the door.  Upcoming speakers:  Margaret Anderson Kelliher ’90, Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives – Jan. 20; Doug Minter ’79 Director of Student Financial Aid and Kirk Carlson ’95, Associate Director of Student Financial Aid – Feb. 17.

Upcoming Events

  • Jan. 26 – Job Transition Workshop – Transfiguration Lutheran Church
  • Feb. 9 – Destin, Florida brunch – Another Broken Egg Cafe
  • Feb. 13 – The Wind Orchestra Home Concert – Christ Chapel, Feb. 13, 2:00 p.m.
  • Feb. 17 – Twin Cities Breakfast – Gustavus Financial Officers
  • Feb. 19 – Tucson Chapter Event – Warren and Donna (Gabbert) Beck ’67 ’66 residence
  • Feb. 20 – Phoenix Chapter Event – Larry and Deone (Nordquist) Cartford ’59 ’59 residence

Classmates, we are putting a Gustavus window cling into this mailing.  It is something you can put on the window of your car rather than putting it on the bumper, which is harder to remove at some time in the future.  Use it if you can!

Paul Tidemann

1960 Class Agent