Class of '60
November 2005

Dear Classmates:

Did you attend the 45th class reunion in October?  If so, we know you had a great time.  I had to miss it.  My 96-year-old aunt died, a person very important in my life, and I was the chosen eulogist.  The funeral in Iowa was held the weekend of our gathering.  I asked Jim Anderson to write a summary of the weekend.  Here it is:

“Dennis and Carol Johnson were called to Iowa on a family emergency and so the great class of l960 carried on without them.  We sadly missed our President and First Lady but had a great time.  The reunion began with dinner on Friday, October 7th at the Sheraton Hotel (formally the Radisson South).  Following dinner we had a wonderful prayer by Bob Engstrom and each member of our class who has passed away was remembered.  It was a poignant and peaceful remembrance of those who have meant so much in our lives.  Joel Wiberg was our fantastic master of ceremonies.

Roger Anderson sang a wonderful solo, we did some community singing, the guys serenaded the women and we had some great visiting time.  It seemed that there was about the right number of people and that almost everybody got to visit with everyone else.

Saturday we all traveled to our beautiful Gustavus Campus.  Many attended the annual memorial service in the chapel where the bell rings as the names are read of those who have died since last Homecoming.  Then we went over to Old Main where the rebuilt and renovated heart of our campus was re-dedicated.  A fabulous lunch followed in the Jackson Student Union.  Esby was there and Knautz and Bill Robertz ’51 from the faculty.  A few classmates joined us who hadn't been there the night before.  Roger Anderson very capably MC'd the event and speakers included Dick Loomer, Jerry Thrall and Anne Kilty Wiberg.  If I've forgotten anybody I apologize!  Phil Knautz directed us in the singing of the Alma Mater.  And, to round it out, the Gusties won the football game over Augsburg.  Now on to the great 50th reunion!  We hope that all who began this journey with us can be with us in 2010.”  ~Jimmy

DJ picks up the letter from this point on.

So, who did come to the reunion?  Here is a list of all who registered for Friday and/or Saturday festivities:

  • Marilyn Wiklund Anderson
  • Mark A. Anderson
  • Roz Johnson Anderson ’62
  • Roger L. Anderson
  • Nita Swanson Anderson ’61
  • Virginia Nelson Anderson
  • Raymond E. Anderson
  • Stephen A. Carlson
  • Carol Hansen Johns ’59
  • Terry O. Denley
  • Mary Lee Denley
  • Ross C. Dickie
  • Joan Dickie
  • Jim D. Donicht
  • Ann Donicht
  • Marilyn Hansen Ehline
  • Bob H. Eidsvold, Jr.
  • Jean Stenstrom Eidsvold ’61
  • Jan Jensen Eilers
  • Bob A. Engstrom
  • Louise Eckman Engstrom
  • Duane A. Erickson
  • Annabelle Erickson
  • Marlyn Windedahl Franzen
  • Kermit Franzen
  • Barb Nordstrom Hanson
  • John O. Hanson
  • Fred C. Hanson, Jr.
  • Byron Helgeson
  • LaVonne Risty Herbert
  • James Herbert
  • Dana Knobel Hesser
  • Jerry Hesser ’58
  • Sonja Alvheim Hirsch
  • Thomas J. Hirsch ’64
  • Arne Johnson
  • Carol Weisbrod Johnson ’61
  • Charley Johnson
  • Jo Hanson Johnson ’61
  • Dennis Johnson
  • Carol Johnson
  • Lois Swanson Johnson
  • Orpah Jungclaus Johnson
  • Suzanne Wasgatt Johnson
  • Ben Johnson ’59
  • Carolyn Rydell Kreuzer
  • Dick L. Loomer
  • Nathan G. Lundgren
  • Doreen Lundgren
  • Max Lundgren
  • Britt Lundgren
  • Sharon Schultz Magnuson
  • Paul A. Magnuson ’59
  • Beverly Lingwall Mooney
  • David E. Mooney
  • Dee Anne Nygren Najjar
  • Karen Schendel Nybo
  • Bob L. Nybo
  • John H. Petersen
  • Mary Linnerooth Petersen ’62
  • Marge Day Philipson
  • Gene G. Philipson
  • Harlan J. Sandberg
  • Judy Fairbanks Sandberg ’61
  • David F. Silseth
  • Ruth A. Silseth
  • Mary McCreery Teppen
  • John D. Teppen
  • Jerry L. Thrall
  • Doris M. Thrall
  • Paul A. Tidemann
  • Jo Jensen Tollefson
  • Dean R. Tollefson
  • Patricia Skalbeck Wharton
  • John R. Wharton
  • Anne Kilty Wiberg
  • Mark P. Wiberg ’58
  • Joel Wiberg
  • Nancy Anderson Wiberg

My thanks to the planning committee consisting of Jo Jensen Tollefson, Paul Tidemann, Joel and Nancy Anderson Wiberg, Jimmy Anderson and me.  Great thanks to Roger Anderson who stepped in at the last minute to take my place as master of ceremonies at the luncheon.  All reports are that Wiberg and Anderson were great as they presided over the events.

Now, on to other news of the class:

First and foremost, congratulations to Peter Nyhus who was elected to the Alumni Board of Gustavus.

This news note comes from last January from Sue Myers Milton, “Enjoyed listening to the choir in their concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Many hands were raised to acknowledge being alums.  The two pieces that had been commissioned for the choir were exceptional.”

Jo Jensen Tollefson writes, “Enjoying retirement.  Have had great travels―Norway with my brother, sister and spouses.  We visited relatives.  We also did a trip to Transylvania with Dave Johnson ’54.  Got to know some great Gusties.  The nursing class of 1960 planned a reunion for last September at Red Lodge, Montana.”  Jo and Dean live in Crosslake, Minnesota.  Jo asks, “Are there other Gusties up in the north country?”  She volunteers to do a Gustie gathering up that way.

John Schroeppel is retired from the staff of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hutchinson, Kansas.  He is marketing his book, “The Power of Proverbs.”  Perhaps Gusties saw a pic and brief article on this in the last Quarterly?

Martha Jonson Miller comments, “It was wonderful to be on campus in June of ’04 for the Augustana Heritage Conference.  Better yet, my first grandchild, 2-month-old Eric Marion, saw the campus with his parents Karen (Johnson ’89) and Robin, for the first time.  In December, two more grandchildren entered my life when Andy ’86 and Janet adopted Abner and Alex from Guatamala.  We are all blessed.”  She adds, “For me― retirement is wonderful.”

Bill and Carol (Hanson ’61) Benson write from Kandyohi:  Son, Daniel, who lives in Craydon, England with wife, Sarah, and daughter, Katherine, ran in the April London marathon.  The London marathon was in support of hospices everywhere.  Dan chose to support Rice Hospice (where Carol volunteers) and a hospice program in England.

Richard Hostin is now fully retired from National Papers where he was general manager, San Diego division.  Now, his hobbies are hiking the beaches and mountains and deserts of San Diego county and Baja, California.

Bobby Krough and Sandra took an old friend back to France last summer to review his Normandy landing and the Battle of the Bulge experience.

Marian Nelson McCollum writes, “My husband and I have been traveling this past winter.  We spent a month in Singapore and Myanmar in January and March through April in Arizona and Colorado.  It’s great to travel and visit our children in places where temps are more mild.”  Marian also commented on how great it was to see the story on Anne Shumate in the Gustavus Quarterly.  Marian was one of Anne’s suitemates at Gustavus.  Editor’s note:  We have to work on Anne to get her to attend our 50th and to sing for us once again!”

David Wold emails us from Sweden, “I’m drawing pension “pengar” here in Sweden but still working about six months of the year.  I publish two customer magazines for suppliers to the worldwide pulp and paper industry.  The reason I stick with this is not the money but the travel it involves and the interesting people I meet.  Not least, I learn something every time I travel, not only about pulp and papermaking, but also about the places I visit.  In my view, I have an ideal retirement.  For instance, during April of this year I visited mills in Switzerland, Russia and Brazil.  In Switzerland, I soaked for about an hour one evening in a thermal bath.  In Russia, I stayed in a hotel built for the Russian royalty at the turn of the last century that is one of the most outstanding examples of Jugend or Art Nouveau architecture to be witnessed.  In Brazil, I traveled through mile after mile of fast-growing plantation eucalyptus forest growing where once rain forest dominated.  These forests are the raw material for the pulp and paper industry.  This has been great for the Brazilian economy but perhaps not so good for the Brazilian environment.  I really enjoy hearing from my Gustie acquaintances.  You can reach me at

Thanks David for a great recounting of adventures on the job.

Anyone who watched video streaming of the ELCA assembly in Orlando this past summer was bound to have caught Paul Tidemann waiting to speak at the microphones.  What?  You had other things to do and missed that!?  Well, Paul is a tireless and articulate spokesperson on issues of peace and justice.  He has been at St. Paul’s Reformation Church for 24 years and has no plans for retirement.  He plays French horn in the Northeast Orchestra in the north metro area.  His wife, Janet (Ryan ’63), is now on full disability as an ELCA pastor, but continues to do some part-time ministry.

1960 photo

Allan Moberg and friend!

Mr. George Steinbrenner, owner of the New York Yankees baseball club, and Allan Moberg ’60.  This portrait was taken at Mr. Steinbrenner’s 75th birthday celebration, July 4th, 2005.  Allan has been taking portraits of the Steinbrenner family, who are residents of Tampa, for the last 30 years.  The Moberg Studio is celebrating their 40th anniversary of being in business in Tampa and is owned by Carol (Magnuson ’61) and Allan Moberg.  Mr. Steinbrenner stated that they do so much business with us, they feel that we are all part of the Steinbrenner family.  This portrait was taken by our son, Mark Moberg ’86, who helps us with wedding photography and large portraits.  If you would like to see more of our photography work, go to:

Hey!  That’s great.  Thanks to all of you for sharing news.  Now for the commercial.  No, it’s not a commercial.  It is the heart of our mission as alumni, alumnae of a great college.  It’s time to send in that annual report on our lives, our values, on what we care about.  Make it in the form of a credit card or check, but make it!

Dennis Johnson

1960 Class Agent

Campus News

A New Year Begins

The 144th academic year began September 7 with 2,600 students and approximately 710 new students, the largest enrollment and new class in college history.  Some changes in the general education curriculum were implemented this year, including a foreign language requirement for graduation.

Evelyn Sponberg Young, one of Gustavus' best ambassadors of goodwill, hospitality and spirit, and friend of many, many Gusties through the years, died at her home on September 29, at the age of 93.  Evelyn graduated from Gustavus in 1933 and taught English in several schools in southern Minnesota.  She returned to campus in 1949 as director of the College's dining service, serving the College 32 years until her retirement in 1981.  A memorial service will be held at Gustavus Adolphus College, Thursday, December 8, 2:00 p.m., followed by a reception in the Evelyn Young Dining Room.

Wind Orchestra Tour

Join Gustavus alumni and parents on a companion tour with the Gustavus Wind Orchestra to Eastern Europe January 17-27, 2006.  The trip includes visits to the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria and will be hosted by Tom Emmert, professor of history, and Jon and Anita (Thomsen) Young ’77 ’77.

Announcing the Gustavus 2006 Alumni Fund Campaign

“When you get your invitation in the mail or receive a call from a Gustie student or classmate, commit to making your gift to the Alumni Fund this year,” encourages Jan Michaletz ’74, alumni board member, class agent, and 2006 Alumni Fund Chair.  The Michaletz family―Russ ’74, Mara ’02, Annie ’05, and John ’08―have agreed to chair this year’s alumni fund drive.  The 2006 Alumni Fund goals are to achieve 9,000 donors and $1,185,000 dollars in alumni giving.  The 2006 fiscal year began June 1, 2005 and ends May 31, 2006.  Gifts to the Alumni Fund will immediately support current Gusties in the classroom, in labs, on the playing field, in the library, and more.  Tuition does not cover the real cost of educating students today, nor did it when you were a student at Gustavus.  Since its inception in 1954, the goal of the Alumni Fund has been to help keep the Gustavus educational experience accessible for current students.  Give the gift of Gustavus to a current Gustie by making your Alumni Fund gift this year.

The 2004-2005 Honor Roll of Donors is now available online at:  The Honor Roll of Donors recognizes those who have made gifts to Gustavus between June 1, 2004 and May 31, 2005.  To find your name or to check out your class results, point and click from your home or office computer.  To have your name included in the 2005-2006 Honor Roll of Donors, go to to make a gift online.

Nobel Conference

The College’s 41st Nobel Conference, The Legacy of Einstein, was held September 27-28.  The panel consisted of scientists in the areas of statistical physics, relativity, cosmology, and unified theories, who discussed current work in the areas of Einstein’s greatest contributions.  In addition, a historian of science explored the impact that Einstein’s discoveries and his social and political views have had on science and humanity.  Also, a play, Clockworks:  Einstein Time, was premiered, the Physics Force group performed, and a symphony orchestra concert celebrated Einstein through music.

Alumni Directory

In partnership with Publishing Concepts (PCI), a comprehensive alumni directory is being produced and will be released in 2006.  PCI will be contacting alumni to get current information.

First Frost * A Royal Affair

Since 1977 Gustavus Library Associates has helped raise funds for the endowment of Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library located at Gustavus.  Over 1,000 guests attended First Frost * A Royal Affair, the biennial gala dinner/auction benefit at the Sheraton Hotel in Bloomington on Saturday, October 29.  This year Evelyn Young ’33, a long-time GLA supporter, was honored posthumously.  The program featured tenor Mark Thomsen ’78 and was hosted by former Miss America Gretchen Carlson and physician and Gustavus parent John Najarian.

Athletics Hall of Fame

On Saturday, September 24, Gustavus inducted the following people into the Athletics Hall of Fame:  Holly Brodmarkle Cervin ’87, track and field; Marc Illies ’85, baseball and football; Marc Iverson ’89, football; Gretchen Koehler, coach; soccer; Rich Skanse ’84, tennis; and Dick Walters ’75, hockey.  Jay Rooker ’85 and Mary Mansour ’85, softball, have also been selected but will be inducted Fall 2006.

Campus Progress

Whether it’s planning for brand new buildings or renovating old ones, the Gustavus campus is always changing.  A new web site has been designed to keep you updated on the changes taking place on campus.  Check it out at:

Upcoming Alumni Events

  • Christmas in Christ Chapel ― December 2-4
  • St. Lucia Day ― December 8
  • Wind Orchestra Companion Tour to Eastern Europe — January 17-27