Class of 1959

February 2014


We have learned that Mark Bjorkman passed away January 31, 2014 in Issaquah, WA and Jim Stockdale passed away recently in Las Vegas, NV.

Our 55th class reunion plans for May 30-31 are coming together.  We will remember the times we had there and the adventures we have had since.  Our focus will be on providing ample opportunity for us to socialize.  The all-inclusive cost for Friday is $25. (This encompasses the social and dinner, along with soft drinks for both.) There will be a cash bar for beer and wine. The memorial service will take place in the same banquet room as the dinner.  On Saturday we are invited to reunion seminars and thee 50-year club lunch. There will be a special room during the day for informal conversations.

The following classmates have indicated that they are intending to come to our class reunion May 30-31 at Gustavus. If there is someone you hope will be there, please call or email them and urge them to attend. 

55th Reunion Attendees

If your name is not listed above and you intend to come, please us know.

Call or EMAIL Your 1959 Class Officers

Jerry Hoffman, Class President, 612-788-1300

Carol Johnson Heyl, Communications Chair, 507-454-5543

Carol Miller Hammarberg, Annual Fund Chair, 215-473-4924

Officers At Large

Elaine Torrey Magnuson,, 651-222-2319

Lois Madsen Allen,, 952-888-2735

Linda Lund Anderson,, 651-271-3044

Greg Bergeron,, 763-323-7706

Jean Turnquist Lindstrom,, 612-866-4895

Warren Woods, 763-571-2970


  • As of Friday, February 14, 52% of our class gave a gift to Gustavus for the fiscal year which ends in May 2014.
  • $93,101 has been given to the Annual Fund, capital and endowment projects.
  • Since our last class reunion in 2009, our class has given an additional $353,162
  • Grand total reunion gifts now stand at $446,263
  • We have a growing Class Scholarship fund. Help grow it by designating your gift for the Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship Fund.


On the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 a.m. there is a Gustie Breakfast at the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. Each time someone from the Gustavus community serves as a guest presenter. Every time has been unique but special. I mean every time. This February the presentation was the 2014 Gustavus Wind Orchestra Tour. A portion of the presentation was given by Douglas Nimmo the director of the orchestra. In that presentation, Doug described what music does.  Below is a portion of his blog:

“For two weeks the…Gustavus Wind Orchestra rehearsed 3.5 hours daily, plus individual sectional and practice or what I call "brick" time--including weekends.  It was a time of very intense and critical study as we prepared for . . . .

“What was this tour to be about?  What was to happen musically?

“We learned more about rhythm--how it creates energy and momentum, pulse and direction.  More of harmony and dissonance--how they create mood, tension, resolution and focus.

“We came to understand more about balance in music (which seems to symbolize balance in life) and about the attack or onset of a note, the nurturing and development of that note, the release of that note.  These are events in music that are similar to events in our lives.  Beginning, middle, end; seasons; times.   Such seasons and times are part of all lives.

“We learned significantly more about what it means to be actively listening, becoming aware of how sounds create lasting impact upon us in ways that are unique.  And we learned more about the fact that such lasting change and impact seems to be unique to music—a profound gift, which has been given to us.

“We learned about creativity, imagination, and wonder.  About taking risks--about getting "caught up" in the process of spinning out music, and about having no words to adequately describe the fulfillment one may possess because of a personal experience with a single piece of music—or for that matter—a single note of music.

“We learned a great deal more about what it means to have excellent communication, leading to community, leading to—dare I say—communion.

—Portions of a presentation “2014 Gustavus Wind Orchestra Tour Reflections” By Douglas Nimmo

Hoping to see your in May!

Jerry Hoffman

Class President