Class of ’59

April 2013

Greetings to the Gustavus Class of 1959!

Rounded Rectangle: News by Carol Johnson Heyl

My portion of our Spring newsletter is being composed in the Nevada warmth and our President, Jerry Hoffman, has just returned from Costa Rica where he went zip lining through the forest canopy.  Just proves you’re never too old to feel young.  We do feel sorry for the Minnesotans who have endured the longest, coldest winter in a long time.

We have been busy gathering news some of which you’ve seen in the Spring Quarterly and will see some in the Summer Quarterly, but now you’re receiving the expanded version.

Nancy Anderson Guber and her husband have moved permanently to Fredericksburg, VA to be closer to family.  Since she was a poli-sci major, I asked her if she was pleased with the election outcome.  The answer was yes, but especially since we didn’t have to listen to any more ads.

Marlo Putz and Mary Jane (Lageson ’60), live in Buffalo, MN.  They have three sons one of whom lives next door with their granddaughter and grandson.  Another son is with the secret service in Washington, DC and the third is with the Los Angeles police department.

Bob Sandberg still lives in Bountiful, UT.  His health has not been good, but he is so appreciative of his good life.

Warren Woods, Fridley, MN, has three children and five grandchildren.  His dear wife, Karen died of cancer in 2009 soon after our 50th reunion.  He is very active in his church and is a budding writer.  His most alluring one is titled, “Vinegar, Vioxx and Viagara”.  Warren is also a baseball trivia and history buff. 

John Edman has never made it back to a reunion because it always interfered with his teaching duties, but now that he’s retired, he may make it.  Other attractions to bring him to Minnesota are their cabin near Bemidji and a son who lives in St Paul and works for Medtronic.  He and Lillian (Hanson ʼ61) Edman had an enjoyable trip to Costa Rica.

Marion Johnson Sansted, Fargo, ND, retired in 1995 where she was office manager at Merit Care.  She married Laverne Sansted soon after graduation and they moved to Fargo in 1966 and still live in the same home.  They were foster parents for 10 years until she went back to work at Merit Care.  They have two sons—one an attorney in New York and the other a school principal in Edina.  Marion and Laverne have 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.  Their daughter died in 1995.  Marion says her hobbies are reading, word puzzles and watching sports.  They are big NDSU Bison fans.  One TV program she will not miss is NCIS.

Ann Hendrickson, Wauwatosa, WI, was busy making 80 gingerbread men when I spoke with her last December.  She was sending them all over the country and was using the cutter her grandfather had made many years ago.  Her 12-year-old granddaughter was invited to play her cello with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony.

Norma Beyers Koos, Boone, IA, didn’t have any fresh news, but did say how much she enjoyed reading about everyone else.  So−keep sending news and a special thank you to those who responded to Jerry’s questionnaire.

Ted and Janet (Sommers) Chell moved to Canada 50 years ago to begin a new mission church of the LCA and never returned.  They are doing well with only a few health issues and are grateful for the health care access in Canada.  Ted states, “Retirement is all about choices, and fitting in good leisure around chosen involvements.”  Ted serves as Sabbath Worship leader at Good Shepherd in Selkirk and Janet does some fill in organist stints at the Church of St. Stephen and St. Bede in Winnipeg.  Their greatest joys are to have their grandchildren ranging in age from 28 to 3 all near them.  They enjoy attending the Royal Manitoba Theatre and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Look at this response from Dean Hillman.  Dean retired in 2007 from New York Medical University after 30 years of research and teaching.  What gets Dean out of bed in the morning is his web site “”  This site describes the components of the MIND and how MIND arises from Brain Function.  The site has over 65 modules describing various aspects of the nervous system structure and function with emphasis on emergence of the MIND as consciousness, emotion, cognition and decision-making.  Dean lives with his wife TuTu, an oncology physician, in the village of East Hills on Long Island.  His hobbies are gardening, home repair and helping others.  Their family consists of three adopted nieces of TuTu, her grandchild and Dean’s three children and five grandchildren.  He recommends the movie, Too Much Violence and on TV enjoys Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes.  Within the last year, they traveled to London.  His health is good and Dean enjoys football, warm weather, walking on the beach or hiking wooded trails.  Still on his bucket list is travel to southern Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Finland, his ancestral home.

Roger Anderson writes that ever since graduating he has been an insurance agent with a variety of insurance products.  He and his wife have been married 52 years and live in Bloomington, MN.  They have three children and eight grandchildren.  He muses about the changes in our country and although we have significant changes, he is confident we will get through it.

Jean Monson Foreman responded while she and husband John were on a world cruise.  They left Fort Lauderdale on Jan. 1 and will return May 1 on a Holland American ship named the Amsterdam− (glad it wasn’t a Carnival ship).  She wrote as they were headed to New Zealand.  They had already gone through the Panama Canal, and visited Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Easter Island and several French Polynesian islands.  Both Jean and John are retired Methodist ministers and live in Grand Junction, CO.

Dennis Anderson and his wife, Barb, live in Omaha NE.  His newest hobby is painting although he says his paint-splattered shirts look better than the canvases.  He is serving as interim pastor at First Lutheran in Lincoln where the congregation used his unpublished book, “Chocolat:  A Book for Skeptical Believers” as a study source.  The congregation received a Templeton grant for a multi-year project on science and religion.  Dennis will also co-teach a course with a physics professor from Nebraska Wesleyan concerning the transition from acute healthcare to a major expansion of senior care and extension of the health care continuum.  Sounds like a major undertaking to me.  Most of their travel has been limited to the USA with one exception to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Carol Miller Hammarberg, Philadelphia PA is cutting back to working one and a half days a week finally.

Larry and Deone (Nordquist) Cartford enjoyed the winter in Arizona as they usually do.  Larry kept active reading, trying to paint, and solving the problems of the world with his liberal men friends.  Unfortunately, we heard through Janet and Ted Chell that Deone’s 25-year battle with cancer has become worse.  On April 1 they flew back to Wisconsin to be near family.  Please keep Deone and Larry in your prayers.

Bruce Carlson thought he retired a number of years ago, but now finds he’s “employed” about one-third of his life.  He works on a foundation board, writes books and is doing long term research on fish growth.  His last book was on human embryology.  Recent travels have taken Bruce and his wife, Jean, to Hawaii, Egypt, China, Italy and Scandinavia.  He will be a visiting professor in Australia this year.

While visiting my son, Dan, in Seattle, I talked with Marian Fickes Borg and Muriel Doherty Haegele.  Both were keeping busy with family and activities.  Muriel and her husband spend February and March in Phoenix.  We also visited Mark Bjorkman in his new retirement home in Issaquah, WA.  With Mark, we rode the giant Ferris wheel on the waterfront and visited the air museum.  Here in Nevada, we spent a day with Liz Sandquist Brown in her retirement complex.  One doesn’t have to go outside the complex to have a full life and you can believe that Liz is very involved in all aspects of her community.  In case you’re wondering, I am spending the winter with Scott Griesman in his Sandy Valley home.  For excitement, we’ve gone gliding, hot air ballooning and hiking in the wilderness.  Oh, I’ve learned to drive an ATV.

Lynette Street Flato sent a newsy Christmas letter.  Daughter, Heidi, is Verizon’s Northern California public relations manager which includes Hawaii.  Her other daughter Erica and husband Doug are in the commercial soap making business.  Their daughter, Olivia, turned 15 and has her driver’s permit.

Harvey Kienholz, Fridley, MN, is retired from coaching.  He has a granddaughter attending Winona State University where I live.  She’s majoring in elementary education and special education.

Rad Reither Neillsville, WI is also retired.  He keeps busy visiting his five children around the Midwest.

Dagmar Kociscak Isaacson lives with her husband, Bob, in New Brighton, MN.  Dagmar retired from the University of Minnesota Health and Science Department in 1980 where she was an administrative assistant.  They have two sons and one daughter.  One son met a Norwegian woman on the Internet and consequently moved to Norway to marry her.  They have three grandchildren ages 26, 23 and 20.  Dagmar reports good health although they have given up skiing and tennis and devote their leisure time to golfing and their cabin in Wisconsin.  In her closing statement, Dagmar says that she has always strived for an existence of indolence and laziness, but fortunately family, friends and life are getting in the way−but she keeps hope alive!

Our class news is collected over a series of months and then distributed.  In the meantime, life happens and changes occur.  Thanks for all those who help by sending us information about yourselves and about classmates.

Rounded Rectangle: News by Jerry Hoffman

Decide now to attend our 55th class reunion on MAY 30 & 31, 2014!  Encourage other classmates!  Your class officers’ primary goal; an event with every means possible for you to reconnect with your classmates.

Thanks for your gifts to Gustavus.  As of the end of February, the endowed scholarship, which we started at our 50th reunion, has a balance of $20,149.  It needs to reach $25,000 before it can be used for scholarships.  I would hope that we could accomplish that by our 55th reunion.  Remember as you give gifts; indicate that you’d like the money to go to our endowed scholarship.

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Visit the campus−it’s beautiful year-round!  Fifteen years ago, on 29 March 1998, a 67-mile-track, F3-F4 tornado passed through Saint Peter.  One person was killed and over 200 houses in Saint Peter were destroyed.  Fifty-nine buildings on the Gustavus campus were damaged and the campus and rest of Saint Peter lost many of their trees.  Gustavus has recovered with a renewed and expanded campus.

Don’t miss The Nobel Conference 49 on October 1 & 2, 2013.  The topic is “The Universe at Its Limits.”  What is the universe made of?  Where did it come from?  Where is it going?  We hope to see you there.  For more information go to

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  • 2,448 (FTE, fall 2011)
  • 56.0% women; 44.0% men
  • 13.3% racially underrepresented students
  • 56 international students enrolled in degree programs

Average Class Size - 15

Student/Faculty Ratio - 11:1


  • 205 full-time faculty; 72 part-time
  • 71% of full-time faculty are tenured
  • 98% of tenure-track faculty hold the terminal degree in their fields

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From 1959 Class Officers,

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Upcoming Chapter Gatherings

National Chapter events for alumni, parents and friends have been taking place throughout the 2012-13 academic year and have focused on the College’s pillar of “Teaching and Learning.”  Please save the date for the event in your area.

Apr. 4 – Atlanta  - 5:30 p.m., The Carter Center

Apr. 12 – Portland – 7:00 p.m. – Portland Trailblazers Game

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On His Watch:  John S. Kendall at Gustavus

Dr. John Kendall ’49 served Gustavus as a faculty member for 23 years and as president for 10 years.  Rev. Dennis Johnson ’60, also a former president of Gustavus, wrote a book about the record of John Kendall as a professor and as a president.  As such, it is a study in leadership.   It is about a man who came up through the academic ranks to lead one of America’s best colleges.  It is about his preparation for that office and his hopes once he occupied it.  It is about passion, purpose, leadership and heart.  It is also about issues still at the core of higher education today.

Former First Lady Joanne Kendall will host a book signing in the Twin Cities on April 14, 4-6 p.m., wine, coffee and appetizer reception with a program at 5:00 p.m., Loring Green West, Fireside Room, 1235 Yale Place Minneapolis.  Please reserve a space by calling 800-487-8437 or email

Christ Chapel Cited as One of the Most Beautiful

Here is a link that includes the Gustavus Chapel as one of the thirty most beautiful college chapels in a survey of schools across the country.  Take a look at some of these beautiful chapels including our own Christ Chapel by going to

Alumni Travel Opportunities

2013 Pearls of Central Europe

Experience Central Europe with Gustavus professor emeritus of history Dr. Tom Emmert from September 10-21, 2013.  This 12-day Gustavus study tour combines learning, exploring, leisure, lecture, food, and arts with special touches, all led by a faculty expert.  The journey is focused around three showpiece cities of Central Europe:  Prague, Vienna, and Budapest.  For more information, contact Tom Emmert at:  507-931-5913.

U.S. Civil War Study Tour

Experience Antietam, Gettysburg and Washington D.C. with Gustavus Alumnus and Pulitzer Prize-winning Civil War Historian Dr. James McPherson ’58 from October 20 to 26, 2013. Dr. McPherson’s vast and insightful knowledge will bring to life all the drama of events at Antietam and Gettysburg.  With unquestionable authority and skillful narrative, he will explain the momentous issues of the time and why the Civil War still resonates today as a “second American Revolution.  For more information contact the President’s Office at 507-933-7515.

Twin Cities Gustie Breakfasts

Engage with other alumni and learn something new about your alma mater at the monthly Twin Cities Gustavus alumni breakfast.  Please join us at the American Swedish Institute (2600 Park Ave, Minneapolis), on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 a.m.  Cost is $10.  Upcoming breakfasts include:  April 17 – Scott Moe ʼ95, head men’s and women’s golf coach, May 15 – Tim Kennedy ʼ82, vice president for marketing and communication.

Books in Bloom – May 3-5

Books in Bloom is an initiative of the Gustavus Library Associates (GLA) that pairs books and other library materials with floral arrangements, by sponsoring several of the blooms!  Each sponsorship directly supports the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library's (Library) acquisitions.  What an investment in resources for current and future students and faculty!

Last year’s Books in Bloom highlighted 30 different books/media and attracted over 500 people, some coming to campus for the very first time!  In 2013, Books in Bloom will be held May 3-5.  To see a visual presentation of Books in Bloom, go to and type Gustavus Library Associates in the search box.  It will lead you to a gorgeous slide show of blooms and books.  Then contact Gustavus Marketing/Communications Office at 507/933-7550 with your commitment to sponsor, or partially sponsor, a bloom for 2013.  All designers and sponsors are invited to an opening reception from 5:30-7:30 on May 3.  Great wine and snacks!  Good company, too.