Class of '59
February 2009

50-Year Reunion ― May 29-30, 2009

Dear ’59ers,

Another month has flown by altho’ at times with the bitter cold and snow, we thought it was too long!  We’re a month closer to our 50th reunion and time for another newsletter to keep you abreast of the news gathered by committee members this month.

Carol Hansen Johns wrote about her experience at what was called “The Little Theatre.”  A magical place in a small space.

Just as many of you learned discipline and strived for perfection as members of the Gustavus Choir, those involved in theatre learned such attributes from the professor we affectionately called ‘Mrs. A.’  Her influence permeated all aspects of our experience.  She was surely ahead of her time in choosing the playwright Luigi Pirendello!  We saw such classics as ‘Taming of the Shrew’ and ‘Twelfth Night.’  Her children’s theatre productions for the schools in the area gave us all such pleasure.  (My first role as a freshman was in ‘Rumplestiltskin’ playing that character.)  A highlight of my four years in theatre.

Looking over our annuals, I counted seventeen members of our class who participated in theatre.  Who can forget Jo Belanger as the witch in ‘Hansel and Gretel’?  Or Nancy Olander in Chekov’s ‘The Seagull.’  Our dear John Erickson as Sir Andrew Aguecheek in ‘Twelfth Night?’ 

Whether you had a ‘walk-on’ part with few lines, or a leading role, I hope we can share memories with each other when we come together for this very special reunion.  I look forward to many of you being there in May.  See you then.   Carol Hansen Johns

As I read what Carol wrote, I become aware of where I first became attracted to live theatre― going to the theatre is one of our favorite pasttimes today.  And now my granddaughter, Martha is seriously considering Gustavus for her theatre interests.

News from our Phoning

Phoning has been so much fun—reconnecting with names from long ago and talking with each one as though it were just yesterday.  I just wish we hadn’t waited 50 years to contact some.  Many of the calls were to classmates who started with us but went on to other schools to finish.

  • Kay Carlson Gritton finally reached her old roommate Judy Omtvedt Rapinac in Gold Canyon, AZ.  She and her husband, James, have three children—two girls and one boy—he lives in London.  She even found a Gustie living across the street from her Darlene Anderson Broderson―she was a nursing student.
  • Shirley (Zaske) and Pat Sweeney write that they are moving back to Otsego, MN.  Everyone thinks they’re crazy to leave warm sun for such a cold place―but they miss their kids a lot.  A picture they sent for their 50th anniversary shows three daughters and many grandkids.
  • Myrna Landmark Noyed took a great trip to China this fall.  She will not be able to attend the reunion.
  • Beatrice Meyers Frazee finished her degree at Stout in Wisconsin and became an interior decorator.
  • Dagmar Kociscak Isaacson worked a variety of jobs in the Twin Cities area, played a lot of tennis and was married in 1969.  She keeps in touch with Gloria Swanson Lund, Bunny Anderson Colvard ’58 and Sally Nordstrom Sarff.
  • After talking with Dagmar, I just had to call Gloria Swanson Lund.  Gloria married Paul Lund ’56 and their grandson, Chris Hedberg, graduated from Gustavus in 2007.  Gloria was very active in the Girl Scout Association throughout her career serving on the Greater Minneapolis Council.
  • Gerald Lund finished at the University of Minnesota in mechanical engineering and worked for Unisys.
  • Allen Peterson also went on to the University of Minnesota in engineering and worked for Unisys and 3M.  In retirement, he works for the Census Bureau one week a month.
  • Sharon Booth Warmuth received her teaching degree from the University of Minnesota and was an elementary teacher in St. Anthony.
  • Elaine Gustafson Zuzek was a Bethesda nurse.  Two of her grandchildren have gone to Gustavus―Nick Fox ’06 and Jennifer Fox ’12 is there now.  Elaine said the Bethesda nurses get together the last Tuesday of every month at Nordstroms for lunch and she invites others to come visit them there!
  • Donna Seaberg Madden put me in touch with her former roommate Carolyn Anderson Kvam-Hansman.  They’re both planning on attending.  Carolyn is living in Punta Gorda, FL.
  • Bob Moland writes from Canada that he will be at the reunion.
  • Janet (Sommers) and Ted Chell will also venture south from Canada to be with us.
  • K Allan Nelson is on the board of his condo association in Minneapolis.
  • Anita Lien Anderson keeps busy in Park Rapids, MN giving piano lessons and also volunteers as a mentor in the MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) program.
  • Jim Vanasek lives in Sun City, California; is retired from Control Data and enjoys playing in a 55+ overhand baseball league.  He was in a tournament in Phoenix in October.
  • A John Pearson spent most of his career at Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS in public relations.  Currently, John and his wife, Carol, are touring England.
  • Greg Bergeron may come to the reunion if he’s not working that weekend.
  • Donna Bjerkstrand Gray moved recently and then had a total knee replacement—but she’s planning on being at the reunion.
  • Mark and Kathy (Bunde ’61) Thorsell is wintering in North Carolina but will return in time for the reunion.
  • Colleen Kerns Walter in Florida is not missing the cold of Minnesota and is busy picking oranges which they deliver to the islanders and the food shelves.  She’s hoping to be at the reunion.
  • John Scherer retired from the Community College System where he was Academic Dean.  He splits his time between Florida and Ham Lake, MN.
  • Carol Miller Hammarberg finally reached Sten Hammar in Denmark.  He sends his best to everyone but will not cross the Atlantic now that he’s retired.  He did visit the USA often for his employment.
  • Marilyn Ekberg Scherer went on to the University of Minnesota to get her degree.  She plans to be at the reunion.
  • Jerry and Joan (Miller ’61) Hoffman vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Dennis Anderson was there at the same time so they had opportunity to work on reunion plans.  Jerry spent time with Ray Austin who lives in Puerto Vallarta permanently and loves the warm climate.
  • Warren Sonday sent me a picture of he and Jan, their 4 children and 13 grandchildren as they were celebrating their 50th anniversary on Hilton Head.

Speaking of pictures, have you checked the website lately?  It is:

If I have counted correctly and interpreted all my notes accurately, 109 classmates have indicated they plan to attend in May.  Our 50th anniversary gift is growing with donations and pledges.  We’ll give you an update on that in our next newsletter.  The reunion committee has been very busy this winter doing a lot of planning via email and we’ll be finalizing details on February 21st.  We promise you a grand weekend with extra time for visiting with friends.

The Truly Golden Gustie list of those attending the reunion is growing.  Are you there?

  • Bob Adolphson
  • Duane Aldrich
  • Lois Madsen Allen
  • Dennis Anderson
  • Anita Lien Anderson
  • Linda Lund Anderson
  • Roger Anderson
  • Sandie Anderson
  • Sonia Anderson
  • Stu Anderson
  • Hope Pluto Annexstad
  • Marilyn Gustafson Asp
  • Sharon Wolff Baker
  • Jane Wells Behrhorst
  • Tusa Johnson Bergman
  • Joyce Miller Biagini
  • John Bold
  • Evie Bonander
  • Marian Fickes Borg
  • Joanne Belanger Broten
  • Dean Brown
  • Len Brown
  • Mary Ann Swanberg Bue
  • Bruce Carlson
  • Jeanette Reinke Carlson
  • Deone Nordquist Cartford
  • Larry Cartford
  • Janet Sommers Chell
  • Ted Chell
  • Betty Croonquist
  • Elizabeth Johnson Dahl
  • Joyce Johnson Elvestrom
  • Paul Engebretson
  • Marilyn Espeseth Erickson
  • Lou Everett
  • Buzz Flolid
  • Donna Bjerkstrand Gray
  • Kay Carlson Gritton
  • Carol Nelson Groseth
  • Nancy Anderson Guber
  • Carol Miller Hammarberg
  • Susan Hansen
  • Ron Hawkinson
  • Bruce Heyl
  • Carol Johnson Heyl
  • Jerry Hoffman
  • Elaine Torrey Holmen
  • Earl Jackson
  • Paul Jeske
  • Carol Hansen Johns
  • Dan Johns
  • Ben Johnson
  • Bill Johnson
  • Charles Johnson
  • Cliff Johnson
  • Diana Sroder Johnson
  • Connie Collamore Johnson
  • David Johnson
  • Dorothy Rylander Johnson
  • Rod Johnson
  • Stanley Jurgenson
  • Fritz Kilander
  • Bob Koons
  • Carol Anderson Kvam-Hansman
  • Dick Lindholm
  • Jeanne Turnquist Lindstrom
  • Chuck Lower
  • Morris Lundgren
  • Donna Seaberg Madden
  • Paul Magnuson
  • David Matson
  • Lynda Johnson Minnick
  • Bob Moland
  • Dean Nelson
  • Evie Peterson Nelson
  • Vonnie Kyrklund Olsen
  • Allegra Nelson Olson
  • David Olson
  • Donna Olson Olson
  • Ione Hultander Olson
  • Bob Olson
  • John Pearson
  • Bob Proshek
  • Marlo Putz
  • Phil Reilly
  • Radford Reither
  • Ken RockVam
  • Richard Royle
  • Marie Munson Rutter
  • Bob Sandberg
  • Marion Johnson Sansted
  • Marilyn Ekberg Scherer
  • D. L. Smith
  • Warren Sonday
  • Peter Spell
  • Roxanne Rosendahl Steiner
  • Pat Sweeney
  • Shirley Zaske Sweeney
  • Bob Swenson
  • Mark Thorsell
  • Don Tiegs
  • Floie Vane
  • Barbara Endersbe Wallin
  • Marcia Hedberg Wallin
  • Kathleen Coffman Westgard
  • Paul Westgard
  • Jack Westin
  • Warren Woods
  • Paul Youngdahl

Now for the Maybes.  If you know anyone in this group, encourage them to come!

  • Ralph Akermark
  • Joyce Ford Anderson
  • Ray Austin
  • Greg Bergeron
  • Louis Bittrich
  • Janet Sommers Chell
  • Ted Chell
  • Narese Dahl Dudley
  • John Edman
  • Darrell Erickson
  • Dick Faye
  • Lynette Street Flato
  • Muriel Doherty Haegele
  • Dick Halvarson
  • Lorraine Hanson
  • Ann Hendrickson
  • Dagmar Kociscak Isaacson
  • Barbara Flueger Jackson
  • Joanne Swenson Iverson
  • Jeanette Westberg Johnston
  • Norma Beyers Koos
  • Bootsie Anderson Lauridsen
  • Bob Linder
  • Gloria Swanson Lund
  • Sandie Alvig Lyons
  • K. Allan Nelson
  • Pat McLane Olson
  • Sheila Ice Olson
  • Jocelyn Neufeld Palmer
  • Carol Sammelson Perkins
  • John Peterson
  • Lynda Hedbom Peterson
  • Betty Watson Peterson
  • Ralph Peterson
  • Judy Omtvedt Rapinac
  • Avis Baldwin Rill
  • Bill Rill
  • John Scherer
  • Karen Hanson Shogren
  • Loren Shoquist
  • Bill St. Clair
  • Jim Stockdale
  • Karen Walden Taylor
  • Jim Vanasek
  • Colleen Kerns Walter
  • Karen Anderson Willhite

Until the next newsletter―

Gustavianly yours,


Carol Johnson Heyl

1959 Class Agent


152 Janet Marie Lane

Winona, MN 55987

Upcoming Alumni Events

  • Los Angeles Chapter Gathering - Feb. 28, Art Director's Guild, Studio City
  • Boston Chapter Gathering - March 14, Hyatt Regency Cambridge
  • New York Chapter Gathering - March 16, New York Marriott East Side
  • Twin Cities Gustie Breakfast, Ken Westphal, vice president for finance - March 18
  • Seattle Chapter Gathering - March 21, Trinity Lutheran Church, Freeland, WA
  • San Francisco Chapter Gathering - March 23, Hotel Vitale
  • Twin Cities Gustie Breakfast, Steve Wilkinson, men's tennis coach - April 15

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