Class of '59
December 2008

50-Year Reunion ― May 29-30, 2009

The following was written by one of the wonderful reunion committee members―Ben Johnson

Dear members of the class of 59,

It has been exciting being a part of the planning for our upcoming reunion.

I have the benefit of a GA education that has served me all my life.  A special privilege was giving back by serving on the Board of Trustees during the 1980’s, with our revered President Edgar Carlson ’30.  Do you know that he had a wonderful sense of humor?  I would never have imagined that listening to his fine chapel talks on the Ten Commandments.

As a part of the preparation, I am reviewing responses from classmates on their take on their Gustavus years.  It will be grist for the mill for our opening reunion dinner.  Judge Paul Magnuson will grill me on the subject.  I hope I do better than the NFL management.

Especially exciting has been talking to classmates about the reunion.  I had a long conversation with Bob Sandberg.  I thought I had a good memory, but his put me to shame.  He asked me how many classmates we had lost.  Of the 23, he could in most cases tell me something about them, including what towns they were from.

Whether you’ve made every reunion, or whether it will be the first―Chuck Lower, we’re looking forward to seeing you―join us.  You’ll be glad you did!

Ben Johnson

So now it’s my turn to send on the news.

How did it get to be December already?  We have mounds of snow in our yard—so it must be so.  It seems as we age, time goes faster and faster―but I’d say that’s better than slowing down to nothing!

This past Sunday, Don and I attended Christmas in Christ Chapel―and was it thrilling!  We attended the afternoon production and as the sun set, the stained glass windows were lit and the whole chapel was in a warm glow.  Then the final number, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” sung by all the choirs, audience and accompanied by the orchestra, filled the chapel with sound I’d never experienced before.  I do think all of St. Peter could have heard the beautiful music.  If you’ve not had the opportunity to attend one of these concerts, I highly recommend doing so next year.

And now for some of the latest news of our classmates:

Lorraine Hanson attended Gustavus one year.  She lives in Eagan, MN; is a retired pharmacist and does some traveling.

Sandie Alvig Lyons attended Gustavus two years and graduated from the University of Minnesota in education.  She retired after many years of teaching in the Bloomington school system.

Jocelyn Neufeld Palmer and husband have downsized twice and now enjoy condo living in Bloomington, MN.  They stay in Minnesota all winter as do many hardy Minnesotans.  Jocelyn sang in the Chapel Choir at Gustavus and has continued to sing in her church choir ever since.  Jocelyn says “hi” to Lorraine Hanson.

Bill St. Clair lives in Tulare, SD.  He has been collecting cars ever since Gustavus days.  He plans to join “The Way Out West Caravan” leaving Sacramento in June driving his ’31 Dussenberg.  Let’s hope he swings east to Gustavus first.

David Johnson has retired from the day to day operation of his funeral home business.  His son, Tom, is now in charge.  His daughter will celebrate her 25th Gustavus reunion the same year David celebrates 50.  He hopes to join us.

Norma Beyers Koos and husband, Wayne, reside in Boone, IA.  They’ve recently returned from California and in April will be traveling to Italy with a group from the Iowa Arboretum.

Louise “Bootsie” Anderson Lauridsen lives in Baldwin City, KS.  She and Monty ’57 have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and one great grandchild who all live close by.  Bootsie received her education degree from Baker University where Monty was a professor.  She has retired from her secretarial position with the Baldwin City Public Schools.  She’s not sure about getting back to the reunion, as it is a long distance to drive alone.  (If anyone is going this way―could a ride be offered?  We’d love to see her.)

Harold “Buzz” Flolid finally answered the phone up in Lutsen, MN.  He’s hard to find at home because he is either golfing at Superior National or skiing Lutsen Mountain.  He and Karen see many Gusties at their church and often worship at Cathedral of the Pines Camp in the summer.  Life is good on the North Shore and Buzz plans to be at the reunion.

Allegra “Lee” Nelson Olson says the weather in San Diego is unseasonably warm.  She is a member of a quilting group.  Lee has family in Minnesota and she’s hoping to manage a visit home to coincide with the reunion.  If you come, will you please bring one quilt project to share in our display?

Nancy Oman Ward is recovering nicely from her accident this fall, but doctor’s orders will not allow her to fly for a complete year—so regretfully, she’ll not be at the reunion.  She does hope to return to work by January 20th.  Nancy has a daughter who lives in the area and a son in Japan working on his doctorate.  He came home to be with Nancy until January.

Marion Johnson Sansted is looking forward to the reunion.  She and her husband are both retired and anticipating the birth of their 8th grandchild.  Marion has sent me a great picture of the Hill House roomers to be used in our video.

Jean Monson Foreman and husband, John, will be on a trip to Poland and the Czech Republic at the time of our reunion.  We’ll miss them!  They are both retired and enjoy frequent travels.  During this past year they took a 45-day WWII cruise in the South Pacific.  On one trip to Africa, she met another Gustavus grad on one of the bus tours!

Marcia Hedberg Wallin was at the Christmas in Christ Chapel concert on Sunday with Elaine Torrey Holmen and Linda Lund Anderson.  Marcia works at Panera Bread and also does some substituting.  She had just celebrated her birthday by receiving a phone call from her daughter Kara in Tanzania, Africa.

Federal Judge Paul Magnuson has extended his preliminary injunction against the NFL’s suspension of five players.  That means the Williams brothers can finish out the season with the Vikings—let’s hope the Vikings don’t fumble this opportunity.

Susan Hansen is a medical transcriptionist in Cheboygan, MI.  In her spare time she’s written a book.  We do hope you’ll plan to bring it for our display table.

Our new Gustavus President Jack Ohle sent out a message about a week ago in light of our current economic state.  He said, “I am working with the Gustavus Board of Trustees, the President’s Cabinet and the college budget committee.  As good stewards, we expect to manage the adversity of our economic environment with minimal impact on the College’s core programs and constituents.  We will continue to keep students at the center of all we do, upholding our core values of excellence, community, justice, service and faith.”  I hope you will keep his words in mind as you consider a gift for our 50th anniversary gift.

Other campus news is that they’ve hired a new football coach—Peter Haugen who was the football coach at my high school alma mater—Washburn.  No, he wasn’t there when I was, but I’m pretty excited about the connection.

The Truly Golden Gustie list of those planning to attend the reunion is growing.  Are you there?

Bob Adolphson, Duane Aldrich, Lois Madsen Allen, Dennis Anderson, Linda Lund Anderson, Roger Anderson, Sandie Anderson, Sonia Anderson, Stu Anderson, Marilyn Gustafson Asp, Sharon Wolff Baker, Jane Wells Behrhorst, Tusa Johnson Bergman, Joyce Miller Biagini, John Bold, Evie Bonander, Marian Fickes Borg, Joanne Belanger Broten, Dean Brown, Mary Ann Swanberg Bue, Bruce Carlson, Jeanette Reinke Carlson, Deone Nordquist Cartford, Larry Cartford, Elizabeth Johnson Dahl, Joyce Johnson Elvestrom, Marilyn Espeseth Erickson, Lou Everett, Buzz Flolid, Kay Carlson Gritton, Nancy Anderson Guber, Carol Miller Hammarberg, Susan Hansen, Ron Hawkinson, Bruce Heyl, Carol Johnson Heyl, Jerry Hoffman, Elaine Torrey Holmen, Earl Jackson, Paul Jeske, Carol Hansen Johns, Dan Johns, Ben Johnson, Cliff Johnson, Diana Sroder Johnson, Connie Collamore Johnson, David Johnson, Dorothy Rylander Johnson, Ron Johnson, Stanley Jurgenson, Fritz Kilander, Bob Koons, Dick Lindholm, Jeanne Turnquist Lindstrom, Chuck Lower, Morris Lundgren, Donna Seaberg Madden, Paul Magnuson, Lynda Johnson Minnick, Dean Nelson, Evie Peterson Nelson, Allegra Nelson Olson, David Olson, Donna Olson Olson, Ole Olson, Marlo Putz, Phil Reilly, Radford Reither, Ken RockVam, Richard Royle, Marie Munson Rutter, Bob Sandberg, Marion Johnson Sansted, DL Smith, Roxanne Rosendahl Steiner, Pat Sweeney, Shirley Zaske Sweeney, Don Tiegs, Floie Vane, Barbara Endersbe Wallin, Marcia Hedberg Wallin, Kathleen Coffman Westgard, Paul Westgard, Jack Westin, Warren Woods, and Paul Youngdahl.

Now for the Maybes.  If you know anyone in this group, encourage them to come!

Ralph Akermark, Joyce Ford Anderson, Ray Austin, Louis Bittrich, Janet Sommers Chell, Ted Chell, John Edman, Dick Faye, Lynette Street Flato, Muriel Doherty Haegele, Lorraine Hanson, Ann Hendrickson, Barbara Flueger Jackson, Jeanette Westberg Johnston, Norma Beyers Koos, Bootsie Anderson Lauridsen, Sandie Alvig Lyons, Pat McLane Olson, Jocelyn Neufeld Palmer, Carol Sammelson Perkins, John Peterson, Lynda Hedbom Peterson, Karen Hanson Shogren, Loren Shoquist, Bill St. Clair, Karen Walden Taylor, Karen Anderson Willhite.

We are trying to reach everyone in our class, but we’re experiencing some difficulties.  Some of you never seem to be home to answer your phones, some of you don’t have answering machines, and then still others must have moved or use only cell phones.  We will keep trying to contact each one of you because it is important that we talk with each of you.

Pictures from Gustavus days and current pictures are beginning to appear in my mail—thank you to those who have sent.  We hope to have one current one from each person.

As I sign off, I want to wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gustavianly yours,

Carol Johnson Heyl


152 Janet Marie Lane

Winona, MN 55987