Class of '59
April 2008

Dear ’59 Classmates,

This has been one loooong winter.  I could use some of that “global warming” right about now.  Spring is desperately trying to arrive in Winona and for that matter all of Minnesota!  Here in Winona, we hope the rain doesn’t equal our floodwaters of last August.  March madness did bring another victory for our Winona State Warriors at the Division II NCAA Basketball tournament.  Living in a college town does add interest and also reminds me of days gone by.  The rain gives me a good opportunity to write the spring newsletter.  Gustavus has not forwarded any news of our class so I assume that everyone is still very alive and busy returning from their southern winter homes and preparing for spring gardens at home.

Don and I are doing our best to help the economy by purchasing a new car—we pick it up on Saturday.  Then in May, we plan to travel east to Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine―three of our fifty states we’ve not as yet explored.

I can report that we held our first meeting to plan our 50th class reunion.  We had a very good turnout―in attendance were:  Linda Lund Anderson, Ben Johnson, Paul Magnuson, Lois Madsen Allen, Elaine Torrey Holmen, Kay Carlson Gritton, Sunny and Sandie Anderson, Dwayne “D. L.” Smith and myself.  We have since recruited Larry and Deone (Nordquist) Cartford, Chuck Lower, Jerry Hoffman, Liz Johnson Dahl, Tusa Johnson Bergman, Jeanne Turnquist Lindstrom, John Bold, Paul Youngdahl, Jeanette Reinke Carlson, Carol Miller Hammarberg, and Paul Westgard.  You can expect to hear from one or more of us as the date grows closer.  There were many good ideas proposed and we’re all excited to put them into action.  We of course welcome others to join the committee.  The next meeting will be at Gustavus on September 13th.

We were seated right next to the class of 1958 and we unanimously decided that we looked much younger than they did!

Ben Johnson had a super idea for our reunion.  Included in this letter is a questionnaire that we’d like you to complete and return to Ben.  He’s going to work up a program around your responses—maybe some personal interviews, videos etc.

Tusa Johnson Bergman celebrated her 71st birthday at a small gathering at Lois Madsen Allen’s home last week.  Tusa is undergoing more radiation but wouldn’t let that get in the way of a little party.  What a spirit!  Those in attendance were:  Elizabeth Johnson Dahl who had to leave early to help her husband celebrate his 75th birthday.  Jeanne Turnquist Lindstrom will be going to Korea this fall to tour the country with her daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren and Korean in-laws.  Sounds like the ideal way to see a country.  Elaine Torrey Holmen had just returned from a spring trip to Colorado.  Linda Lund Anderson is still dividing her time between Minnesota, Arizona and California.  Lois Madsen Allen is recovering from a broken water main that the city says is not their fault.  I personally think they need to hire a good lawyer!

On the campus scene there are many newsworthy items:  The Gustavus Choir performed at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis in March.  Frans P.M. de Waal Ph.D., Dutch psychologist, primatologist and animal behavioral expert spoke on campus in early April.  The summer camps at Gustavus are very well known.  A friend here in Winona is a big fan of the tennis camps.

The Reds participated in Saint Peter’s Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics.  They raised $2700 for the event.

Auguste Rodin is the featured artist at the Hillstrom Museum of Art on campus.  His work inspired Paul Granlund ’52 of our era.  One hundred Gustavus students helped with the Katrina cleanup over their spring break.  Last week was the tenth anniversary of the Saint Peter tornado ―the campus looks beautiful ten years later.  “Vigorous Incubation,” a dance composition, from Gustavus has been chosen to perform at the National College Dance Festival in New York this June.  On April 26th the College Association of Congregations will convene at Gustavus.  And on April 30th the May Day peace conference will be held.

As I look at the list of campus events, I’m impressed with the variety of events and level of quality offered to and by the students.  Perhaps as a student, I was too wrapped up in my little world to notice these events at the time.  But I do think Gustavus has become a very invigorating institution—I wish I could go back and repeat some of those years.  Much of this is possible through our gifts to Gustavus.  Remember the deadline for giving this year is May 31.  If you’ve already given, thank you.  If you haven’t given, it’s not too late.

Ben’s questionnaire is included as a separate sheet.  Feel free to answer directly on this sheet or, if so inclined, write a dissertation however long you like it to be.  Most importantly, give Ben and us insight into your career after you graduated from Gustavus.

Gustavianly yours,

Carol Johnson Heyl

1959 Class Agent

152 Janet Marie Lane

Winona, MN 55987