Class of '59
August 2004

Greetings to Gustavus Class of 1959!!!

Circle your calendar―our 45th class reunion is quickly approaching.  The event on Friday, October 1 will be at the Bloomington Sheraton Hotel and Saturday, October 2 all events will be on campus.  You will be receiving more information with the reservation form, which will be mailed later this month.

Many of us have been out of touch with former classmates, and I include myself in that category.  However, I let the infamous Wilt Croonquist talk me into being part of the planning committee ―and I'm glad he did!  It was great fun renewing acquaintances at our last meeting in May.  So, imagine how much more fun it will be when we all get together in October.  DON'T MISS IT!!!  Even though some of us have added a few pounds and most of us have added a few wrinkles, the reunion will be a wonderful opportunity to regain some of our youth, if only for a few hours.

So, send in your reservation as soon as you get the forms!  You don't want to miss Pat and Shirley (Zaske) Sweeney's memories of married housing or Linda Lund Anderson's tales of dorm life.  These are only two of the walks down memory lane that we'll be taking―there are more.  The list is not complete yet so some of them will be a surprise.

Wilt and Betty Croonquist have sold their home in the country and have purchased a townhouse in Willmar.  However, moving date is not until August 9th so they are currently "homeless" (actually staying in a motel in Willmar).  Their new address is:  1221 SE 23rd Street and new phone number will be:  320-222-6440.  Wilt and Betty enjoyed three weeks in Sweden, Norway and Denmark in May and June.  They actually found the hometown and home farm of some of their Swedish ancestors.

Don and Carol Johnson Heyl are also making a move into a townhome in Winona but their moving date could very well be Reunion weekend.  Carol and Jo Linnee ’61 met Betty and Wilt in Stockholm, WI for a presentation of the play "They Sold Their Homesteads," the story of a group of Swedish immigrants moving from the old country to Stockholm, WI.  (Wilt and Betty had seen the play while on their trip to Scandinavia).  Carol says she now knows why we couldn't dance on campus―the immigrants brought that idea with them.  One more note from Carol.  She is walking on crutches after breaking her ankle doing yard work―and then walking around on it for 11 days before realizing it was broken.  Sounds like moving to a townhome will make life a lot less dangerous―no more yard work!!

Phonorama is scheduled for September 19-23 and 26-30 at Central Lutheran Church in Minneapolis.  Volunteers for phoning are definitely welcome.

See you all at the Reunion!

Karen Walden Taylor

1959 Reunion Planning CommitteeMember