Class of '59
January 1999


Special Edition Class Letter

January 1999

I hope you all had Happy Holidays!

Five months and counting…have you marked your calendar for May 28-29, 1999?

This is not about Y2K…not about Monicagate … This is about renewing acquaintances, reviving friendships, reliving the past. This is about the 40-year Gustavus reunion celebration for the Class of ’59. (Whoever said we didn’t have any class?)

Trivia #1 – Dr. Edgar Carlson was President of Gustavus during our years on campus. Who was his secretary (mother of one of our classmates)?

About a month ago, a few of the ’59er classmates got together to begin to map out plans for Reunion Weekend. This letter will alert you to some of the ideas that were tossed about…and hopefully wet your appetite enough to want to join the festivities!

Trivia #2 – What was Gustavus’s night watchman’s name? Did he have a dog?

Here’s what has been planned so far…

Friday, May 28, 1999

Dinner and program at Hotel Sofitel in Bloomington (I494 and Highway 100). Cost of the dinner will be in the range of $30 per person…accomodations at Sofitel will be aobut $100 per room for those who need lodging (otherwise there are a lot of classmates in the Twin City area who have extra beds—‘empty nest’ syndrome, you know).

We encourage you to bring memorabilia, relics, scrapbooks, pictures, etc., to share…anything that we could put on display to jog the memories of the late fifties! We know that many of these materials are precious and you’ll want to keep them—we just hope you’ll be willing to share them for a few hours.

Trivia #3 – What was Kyle Montagues’s nickname?

What have been some "unique experiences" that you have had? Please send them on to me and we will create an activity where others will try to match your experiences with you.

Trivia #4 – Who ruled over Kangaroo Court during Freshman Initation in September 1958? …Who was the Presecuting Attorney?

Do you or your company have any "white elephants" you want to get rid of…we are looking for contributions for door prizes!

How about trivia (can you stump the experts)…send along your questions…Wilt Croonquist has provided some good starters for using this letter, but we can’t continue to depend on him.

Trivia #5 – What was the Homecoming slogan our senior year? Who were the co-captains of the football team that year and what was the distinguishing feat of the season?

During the program following dinner, we’re hoping to bring back some Gustie staff members to share their thoughts and recollections…more on that later. In addition, we will show the video "Rebuilding a Greater Gustavus"…a remarkable recounting of the tornado that hit last March 29 and the subsequent efforts to clean up and bring the campus back to full scale operation.

Trivia #6 – What Twin City hospital were the Gustavus nursing students associated with?

Saturday, May 29, 1999

A noon luncheon is scheduled on campus. For those of you who have not had an opportunity recently to visit the campus, you’ll want to take some time to stroll around and take in the changes—both those changes that have taken place over the years as well as in the past nine months. Seminars, recreational activities, a concert and a Vesper Service are planned for the afternoon, plus the Alumni Association Celebration Banquet in the evening.

Our program at the noon luncheon will be brief—Jim Gilbert ’62 will share information on the Gustavus arboretum and the new environmental program, followed by a short tour of the arboretum. Jim was a freshman our senior year.

Trivia #6 – "Christmas in Christ Chapel" is presently the major observance of the Advent/Christmas season by the music department. Before the chapel was built—what, where and when was the traditional service to observe Christmas?

Enough for now…hope this has tweaked your interest…more reunion news (and trivia) will be coming your way in the next few months. In the meantime, start making plans to join us for reunion weekend. And…if you have suggestions for us to build into the celebration, or you have some trivia or unique experiences to share, you can send your ideas to:

John Erickson

15150 Williston Lane

Minnetonka, MN 55345

Telephone: (612) 935-2442; Fax: (612) 988-4020

E mail:

Till next time…take care!