Class of '58
May 2001

Dear ’58ers,

Class letters always begin with a weather report from sunny St Peter?the campus is beautifully green with the crabapples just finishing their spring bloom. Two weeks left in the school year and the lawns are filled with students, studying, of course. (I remember procrastinating, desperately doing term papers at the last minute, romantic interludes and an occasional trip to the "burner"). Student life probably hasn't changed!

Recent visitors to the campus include Jerry and Dana (Knobel ’60) Hesser, home from Mexico, Carl Johnson from Sheboygan with his wife and son, Ed Gutzman here for an Eppie reunion with current members, but where were Bob Peterson, Anders Bjorling, Paul Borg, Bud Boberg, Dale Noyed, Don Olson, Mark Wiberg and others?? Thanks to Vahan Assadourian for his note and gift to the Gustavus Fund. They have been "RVing" around the country, plus some trips to Canada.

Thanks for gifts to the Gustavus Fund from Jan (Olson) and Dick Green. They are having a co-exhibit of their watercolor and oil paintings at the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids. Also to Richard and Patricia (McLane ’59) Olson who hope their granddaughter, Meredith Marti, will enter Gustavus in the fall of 2004.

An important scholarship sponsored by many of you, the Barbara Andrews Scholarship, was awarded this year to Sheila Marie Gilbert, a senior who will attend graduate school at Johns Hopkins next fall and to a sophomore, Joel Fischer. Sheila reflects on her experience: "I developed lifelong friendships, had an amazing opportunity to study in Australia, participated in Alpha Phi Omega and several Christian organizations on campus and learned many life lessons. It has been a wonderful four years."

Your gifts to the Gustavus Fund go to students like Sheila and Joel. If you have not given this year, you still have time to meet the May 31 deadline!

Don Milton retired (again) and Sue (Myers ’60) will retire from teaching this June. Thanks for your pledge! Dave Wagner and Darlene will be moving to a new home soon in Marshfield, WI. David continues his work with stained glass and will have a studio in their new home.

Carol Lambert Cameron is retired in Denver, playing golf and being involved with her church council and global mission task force. Mary Ellen Young is retired in Florida and volunteers as vice president of education for Symphony Guild AND plays competitive golf. Dick and Carol (Brinkhaus ’62) Jameston live in Hot Springs Village, AR and enjoy the good life! Rollie Hirman sold his insurance agency last year and now works part-time. The Hirmans split time between Ft Myers, FL and their northern cabin.

Stan Larson still has no plans to retire, but admits to backing off the pace in their building business. Also not retired is Bob Robinson who still coaches and teaches at Mountain View High School in Mesa, AZ. Robbie was named boy's state track coach of the year last spring. Their children are in Denver and Arizona.

On the sports subject, the Gustavus women won their first MIAC ALL SPORTS Championship this year. The award is based on total points for standings in all sports. The women won titles in tennis (11th consecutive) and ice hockey. In fact, the hockey team lost to Middlebury in the national title game. Gustavus now has 13 sports for women and 12 for men. The men's golf team tied for 5th at the nationals and both tennis teams play in national tournaments this weekend. Big changes in forty years!

Herb Anderson became a "pensioner" in May. Definition?someone who teaches and lectures at various places in this country and abroad. Phyllis is the director of Institute for Ecumenical Studies at Seattle University.

Bill and Marlys Binger travel in retirement and enjoy their seven grandchildren. Roberta Anderson Gardner reports the arrival of their first grandchild. Actually, I can report the same!

Andrea Grant Janousek and her husband, Jim, are involved in tree farming on 170 acres along the Big Fork River in Koochiching County. (I love to say, but not spell, Koochiching!)

Campus News

Gustavus was included in a March 30 Wall Street Journal feature on "College Admissions: The New Safety Schools." The front-page article listed 50 colleges and universities that top students are scrambling to get into as backups to Ivy League and other super-selective institutions. As competition for places in the classes of the most prestigious institutions has increased, some quality colleges and universities traditionally considered as "safety-net" schools have become just as hard to get into. The guidance counselors and college experts assembled by the Journal identified a new group of safety-net schools that are growing in reputation but may not yet be widely known. Their list is arranged in four categories, ranging from the "New Ivies" to the safest fallbacks. Only a few Midwestern schools, and only one other in Minnesota, were included on the list. (St. Olaf joins Gustavus in the "safest" category.)

Gustavus had been cited in the Top Ten in International Study Ranking. The college ranks seventh in the nation among baccalaureate institutions for the number of students sent overseas. For the year 1998-99 statistics, 408 Gustavus students studied abroad, and 43 percent of the graduating class of 2000 had an international educational experience.

This past winter the TV game show "Jeopardy" had this question, "It follows the name Gustavus in the name of a St. Peter, Minnesota college." The guess was "Augustus." No one got it right. Let’s all work on getting the word out!

Reunion Weekend for the 50 Year Club and Class of 1951 is May 25 & 26. A schedule of events and registration material was sent in early April. Homecoming 2001, September 21 & 22, will feature gatherings for anniversary classes of 1956, 1961, 1966, 1971, 1976, 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996 and 2001. Class reunions will be held in the Twin Cities Friday evening, and events will return to campus for activities Saturday. A schedule of events and registration material will be mailed in August. Complete schedules will also appear in the spring and summer issues of the Quarterly.

NOBEL CONFERENCE® XXXVII, "The Second Nobel Century: What Is Still to Be Discovered?" will be held on campus October 2 & 3. What is next? What is still to be discovered? As the world embarks on the 21st century, these questions rise to the surface of popular speculation. Scientific frontiers of the mind and body, space, energy, and materials have expanded immensely during the past 100 years. Great thought and writing, the laudable pursuit of peace, and the ability to observe and participate in a global economic system have been stretched, challenged, and embraced. As we stand at a pivotal point between centuries, we can only imagine what greatness lies ahead, what contributions will be made for the well being of all peoples on Earth. As we commemorate the first Nobel Prizes, given in 1901, Nobel Conference® XXXVII brings together five Nobel laureates, two respected science writers, and the secretary general of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences—the organization charged with selection of Nobel Prize-winners in physics, chemistry, and economics—to give us a foretaste of what the next big discoveries might be, as we look toward "The Second Nobel Century."

On Saturday, November 17, 2001, the Gustavus Library Associates will sponsor Delight in the Season ¾ A Royal Affair, at the Radisson Hotel South in Bloomington, MN. The realized proceeds from this biennial event are designated for the library endowment. This will be the 13th Royal Affair and each event is unique in itself. The hallmark of our party is the expansive silent and live auction. We encourage you to participate by donating an item to the auction, volunteering in the preparation for the party, and/or attending the event. Invite your friends, fill a table and welcome the holiday season together. For more information, contact one of the co-chairs: Lois Allen 952-888-2735; Susan Wilcox 952-944-5972; Fran Engelsma 952-929-0671. You may also contact Dean Wahlund, Executive Director; Gustavus Library Associates at 1-800-726-6198.

We are just two years away from our 45th reunion! Think now of attending at Homecoming time in October 2003!

Thanks to all of the above for your pledges and gifts! For those of you who haven't given for a few years, why not start now! I might even retire as class agent if some of you shocked me! Think of a fresh voice!


Owen Sammelson
1958 Class Agent