Class of 1957

January 2014

Dear Classmates,

We are having a heat wave—the temperature is +25—it started out this morning at -15!  Uff Da! I am still looking at a mountain of snow on my deck! Oh sweet spring! Can’t come soon enough!

I did get out of here for almost two weeks. Nancy Reiter Grimes, Marcy Rhyne Herr, and I went on a cruise to the Panama Canal. Not cold there! Vada Peterson Carlson started out with us, but she had an accident on the boat before we left Ft. Lauderdale and had to be taken to the hospital and then flown home. I just talked to Denny and she is doing very well. She said that she set the record for the shortest cruise ever! Can’t keep a good woman down! Ha!

I have not written for so long I can’t remember what I said. I have been down to Gustavus a couple of times—I went to Christmas in Christ Chapel. I was invited to the President’s dinner this year and I was seated with Bernie Anderson Galvin, Phil Eckman ʼ55, Carolyn (Lund ʼ58) and Gene Sandvig. There was an empty chair—wonder if anyone else thought that that one was for Clem.

Anyhow, the service was SO wonderful. ALL of the musical groups were just excellent. Since I was seated in the balcony—front row—I could watch the bell choir which I love to do. Loved their music.

Next was St. Lucia Day. The chapel service was very nice—they did have the bells play the prelude and the postlude, and I don’t think that is a very good idea when you have a bunch of women who have not seen each other for a long time so they TALK. We could not hear the bells.

Dave Kenny was our speaker at the luncheon. He is the fellow who wrote both the hard cover book and the picture history of Gustavus 150 years. He was VERY entertaining. He even had stories of chapel pranks (that some of us were present for) but that he did not put in the books. I really enjoyed him.

I brought a friend with me. We sat next to a woman who lived in the town she had grown up in and who knew her family well. That woman’s daughter knew my son Keith ʼ86 and daughter-in-law, Karna (Anderson ʼ87) and they all still get together as a group. This girl, Susan Lundquist ʼ84, has a daughter, Anna—who is a sophomore at Gustavus and knows my grandson Kirk ʼ16. Anna plays basketball at Gustavus. A good time was had by all.

The news I get from Gustavus is a blank page, so I hope you don’t mind if I use some of the info I get in your Christmas Letters.

Glenn and Lois (Larson) Mauston sent some great pictures of their family. They have a granddaughter, Casey, who is a senior at Gustavus this year. They also celebrated the birth of their first great-granddaughter in December.

Dick and Connie (Wold) Rome still spend their summers in Woodbury, MN and winters in Sun Lakes, AZ. This summer went by too fast and I did not get to see them.

Bev (Bloomquist) and Joe Todaro live in Lacey, WA. Bev has had a tough time with a broken right ankle—can’t drive! Uff Da! Heal fast!

Bill and Phyllis (Holmberg) Olsson live in St. Michael. I have to call her every once in a while to get directions to where I am going. It’s always fun to talk to her. I did venture out there for lunch awhile back. I keep telling her she lives halfway to Warren! Ha!

Clyde and Ginny (Field) Cable live in Eaton, CO. They have taken several fun trips this year.

Gary and Joyce (Kirkvold) Knoll spent Christmas in Anchorage, Alaska with their daughter, Mary and her family. That sounds like fun. I don’t think it was as cold up there as it was here. She reminisced about our days at Gustavus and the fun we had practice teaching. She said she was glad Gustavus was smaller in those days and I am too.

Gaylene Carlson Drew lives in Edgerton, WI. Her family was with her for Christmas. Bob ʼ56 and Bette Kocourek Villesvik live in Stillwater. (I had to look up the spelling of your maiden name Bette! Ha!)

Patsy Truhn Schumacher still lives in Camarillo, CA. I wish she lived closer! She sent me a pair of toasty slippers for Christmas and I have worn them MANY times.

Dale and Roxanne (McLaughlin) Mellema spent Christmas in Michigan and then left the next day for Texas for the winter. Good timing. Michigan is having a tough winter like we are!

Marian Hennix Gabel spends her winters in The Villages in Florida. She helped move Barb Carlson Glenzinski into a senior apartment complex in Golden Valley before she left this year.

Ann Russell Johnson had another scare with cancer but has weathered the storm and is doing well. She and other friends went on a Caribbean Cruise last February and are looking forward to doing it again this year. She lives in Denton, TX.

Roger and Marilyn (Johnson) Bertelsen have gone to Florida for the rest of the winter. Rog had some health issues this fall, but trust all is well and you are out on the golf course now.

I do have some sad news to report — our class has lost two members, Jerry Knight and Glenn Leaf. We extend our sympathy to their families.

Jerry died on November 7, 2013. He served in the United States Army Reserves and for 42 years, he worked as a production manager at Owens-Illionis, Inc. and then Inland. He enjoyed coaching a local softball team, fishing, golf, bowling and he loved watching sports, especially the Minnesota Twins and Gophers. He is survived by his wife Marsha, daughter Barb (and family) and a brother Jim ’55.

Glenn died on December 13, 2013. He attended Augustana Theological Seminary and was an ordained pastor serving parishes in Port Byron, DeKalb and Olney, Illinois. He also served on the Minnesota Synod staff and at the time of his death was serving as an interim minister at Faith Lutheran, in Swanberg. He is survived by his wife, Patricia Lundeen, three stepchildren and their families and three siblings including Earl ʼ51 and Carol ʼ53.

Finally, a word about the Gustavus Annual Fund. We currently have 48 donors for a total of $11,201. If you’re one of the 48 donors, we thank you! Please remember Gustavus in your yearly giving, we’re behind last year and could really use your help.

Well, I think that is it. I hope that by the next Author Day, which Gustavus Library Associates has in April, we’ll find some of this snow gone and maybe some of you will be in attendance. I hope so.

Now it is grab some supper and off to bells and choir.

Till next time,

Marlys Mattson Nelson


Campus News

Gustavus Ensembles Travel

As many students head home for Touring Break, Gustie musicians were on their annual music tours.  Concert touring provides an opportunity to perform a concert program numerous times, fostering a deeper artistic understanding and expression of the music.  This year the Gustavus Wind Orchestra toured internationally to Eastern Europe, and the Gustavus Choir toured the Upper Midwest.  Both ensembles had their home concerts in Christ Chapel on Feb. 15..

Exploring Luther’s Reformation and the Nazi Holocaust – Oct. 4-16

Journey on an educational tour of Germany and Poland with Gustavus professor emeritus of Religion Rev. Dr. Darrell Jodock from October 4 to 16, 2014.  The first focus of the trip is on the life and teachings of Martin Luther.  The year 2017 will mark the 500th anniversary of his 95 Theses.  Luther was seeking an academic debate, but the document had an unexpected result.  Visit sites associated with Luther’s life and examine together Luther’s ideas and their ongoing significance.  For more information visit:

Upcoming Events

Phoenix Chapter gathering, The Scottsdale Plaza Resort - Feb. 4

Tucson Chapter gathering, Beck home, - Feb. 6

Feb. Gustie Breakfast – ASI – Feb. 19 – Doug Nimmo, Gustavus Wind Orchestra Tour Recap

Naples, FL Chapter Gathering – March 4

Mar. Gustie Breakfast – ASI – Mar. 19 – Chris Johnson ʼ85, Director, Center for Servant Leadership

Chicago Chapter Gathering – April 29