Class of ’57
January 2011

Dear Classmates,

Happy New Year!

Please bear with me−I finally gave up on my old computer-a PC-and I bought a MAC.  I think once I get the hang of it, I am really going to like it, but so many things are different!  I also have a new email address:  I would love to have you try it out and send me some mail!

As I write this letter, it is snowing out.  Earlier the flakes were huge, but now they have gotten smaller.  No shortage of the white stuff this year, that is for sure!

I am so glad that I get Christmas cards from some of you.  The news I received from Gustavus about classmates was nothing!  Oh well.  Hope you don’t mind if I add some news of my own.

I did go to Christmas in Christ Chapel this year.  All I can say is that it was spectacular!  The theme was “A Renaissance Nativity.”  There were huge banners of renaissance art depicting the Christmas story hung around the Chapel.  As each part of the story was being told, these paintings were lit.  The music was beautiful.  A good mixture of old and new.  The friend that was with me also sang at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival with me.  Needless to say−we were thrilled when they sang a verse of one of the songs we did, followed by a Jazz ensemble doing it in Jazz form.  Of course the service ended with G. Winston Cassler’s arrangement of “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”  I can sing that song anywhere and anytime with no problem, but I can’t get thru it when I’m there, with that arrangement, the beautiful chapel, the choirs soaring, the brass singing out−and me−dissolving into tears!  Uff Da!  I guess that is part of the whole experience for me.  I hope all of you have a chance to go to this wonderful service sometime.  It is well worth the drive.

I could not go to St. Lucia Day this year, but I hear it was very nice.  I have heard that Phyllis Holmberg Olsson, Judy Lund Erdman, and Sharon Johnson Eddy were there.  I could not go because the LARKS (Ladies group I direct) sang for a program in St. Paul.  It kept about nine of us who usually go to Lucia Day from taking part this year.  Never mind, they sold out right away as usual.  (And I did not get a chance to have a taste of Lutefisk this year either!!!)

Every once in a while I have a chance to have an email chat with some of you.  Ginny Field Cable says that her husband is (or has by now) building his third airplane.  This one is a two-seater so she will be able to fly with him too.  They, along with Gayla Manuel Clemons, took a cruise on the Chesapeake Bay this year to celebrate turning 75.  I can say that because most of us did just that−turn 75 I mean!

Marcy Rhyne Herr is such a busy lady.  She does a lot of babysitting with her grandkids and loves it−and she also plays a lot of tennis.  She takes advantage of many things that happen at Princeton because she does not live far from there at all.

I do see Barb Carlson Glenzinski at Minnesota Orchestra Coffee Concerts once in a while.  I know that she goes to the Twin Cities Gustie Breakfasts downtown Minneapolis once in a while.  I must say that I have never been, but they do sound interesting.

Ann Russell Johnson went on a trip to Alaska with son, Lowell, and family.  They traveled in a motor home and saw beautiful scenery and lots of animals.  Ann lives in Texas.

Barb Jungas Loewen sent a card with many wonderful pictures of their adventures over the year.  The pictures included New Mexico, California, Arkansas, and one of their driveway full of deer!  (I saw a dead one in the road by my house today!)

Roxanne McLaughlin Mellema and husband, Dale, head south to Texas in the winter time.  They also had a vacation in Springfield, MO.

Glenn and Lois (Larson) Mauston planned to come to Minnesota for Christmas, but didn’t make it.  They communicated with their family via SKYPE.  (I have seen that done and it is amazing!)

Nancy Reiter Grimes had a VERY busy year.  She said her kids put an ad in the paper stating that Nancy Grimes is 75!  Ha!  Now the whole world knows it Nancy!  But we knew it too.  She also did a lot of traveling during the year.

Gary and Joyce (Kirkvold) Knoll celebrated their 75 years with a two-day stay in New York City and taking a Norwegian Cruise line to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Bar Harbor, Boston, Newport, and back to NYC.  Sounds like a great time!

Bev Bloomquist Todaro is busy as ever in her new state of Washington.  Aside from the trip she took with the five of us this summer (Nancy Reiter Grimes, Vada Peterson Carlson, Judy Lund Erdman, Marcy Rhyne Herr, and me) she took a trip to New Zealand and Australia.  She works in a Hospice program and plays tennis too.

Jean Bernard Wimberly sent a picture of her and her family at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola.  Her daughter’s husband is the commanding officer.  Great to see her!

Judy Lund Erdman is running to basketball games.  Her granddaughters play so she is there.  My son, Keith ʼ86, saw her at a game in Edina and chatted with her.  I have seen Judy quite often.  She came to sing with my Larks for a funeral of a former Lark and friend of Judy’s in December.  I also saw her at a Bend in the River Big Band Concert out in Eden Prairie−also in December.

Judy and I went to a funeral of a classmate of ours the end of December.  Dr. Bill Johnson−our dentist forever−died on December 24.  They were expecting the whole family to come over for Christmas Eve dinner that night.  One sure never knows!  Denny Carlson and Bob Wahman had both gone to the reviewal the night before, but Judy and I saw Buddy Pete (John Peterson) at the funeral.  I had not realized it, but Bill started a ministry in Mexico treating teeth that expanded into building homes and a church and all kinds of other things.  He was quite the guy.

OK−I didn’t use all the Christmas cards, but it is hard to write a newsy letter when I don’t have any news to tell you about.  You really don’t care that I went to CURVES today, etc.  Ha!

I hope this letter finds you all healthy and mobile.  I think it is getting close to the time when we can start looking forward to our 55th class reunion.  More on that in time.

If you think of something you would like to share with us, just shoot me an email.  It doesn’t have to be long, just a short note.  I would love to hear from you.

Marlys Mattson Nelson

Phone:  651-483-5818


Campus News

Gustavus Choir Tour

The Gustavus Choir is embarking on a tour of Italy this month.  The 57 student musicians, under the direction of Greg Aune, are traveling to and singing at various locations in Italy Jan. 13-28.  As is the case with each Gustavus international music tour, it includes an educational component.  The students are learning about the Italian Renaissance in the month-long Cultures of Creativity course taught by Chaplain Brian Johnson ʼ80.  Joining the Gustavus Choir is a companion tour of 15 Gustavus alumni, parents, and friends.

Gustavus Wind Orchestra Tour

Under the direction of Douglas Nimmo, the Gustavus Wind Orchestra will tour Minnesota and Wisconsin between the January Interim and Spring Semester.  All concerts are free and open to the public.

Saturday, Jan. 29, 7 p.m. – Tornstrom Auditorium, Brainerd

Sunday, Jan 30, 3 p.m. – Central High School Auditorium, Duluth

Monday, Jan. 31, 7 p.m. – Wausau East High School, Wasuau, WI

Tuesday, Feb. 1, 8 p.m. – Lawrence University Memorial Chapel, Appleton, WI

Thursday, Feb. 3, 7 p.m. – Schauer Arts and Activities Center, Hartford, WI

Friday, Feb. 4, 7 p.m. – St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Middleton, WI

Saturday, Feb. 5, 7 p.m. – St. John Lutheran Church, Owatonna

The tour will wrap up with a home concert on Saturday, Feb. 12. at 2 p.m. in Christ Chapel.

“Come on You Gusties” Breakfasts

Engage with other alumni and learn something new about your alma mater at the monthly Gustie breakfasts.  New in January was the start of the breakfasts in St. Peter.  Minneapolis breakfasts are the 3rd Wednesday of the month, St. Peter breakfasts are the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

The speaker at both the breakfasts for February will be Tom Crady, vice president for enrollment management.  The Minneapolis breakfast is Wednesday, Feb. 16, 8–9:30 a.m., at the Doubletree Hotel Minneapolis-Park Place, 1500 Park Place Blvd. Cost is $10 at the door.  Reserve your spot by e-mailing the Office of Alumni Relations at or by calling 800-487-8437.

The St. Peter breakfast will be Wednesday, Feb. 9, 7:30–9 a.m. in a campus banquet room in the C. Charles Jackson Campus Center.  Cost is $8 per person, or $15 for two, payable at the door.  Reserve your spot by e-mailing or by calling 507-933-7512.

Upcoming breakfasts include; Kate Knutson, political science professor, in March; and Warren Wunderlich, director of the physical plant, in April.

Chapter Gatherings

This year President and Kris Ohle have many travel dates planned in order to reach out to all of our alumni and bring them an update from the College.  Please mark your calendar if you live in or near one of these locations:

Seattle – January 27 – Pike Brewing Company

Tucson – February 8 – Warren and Donna (Gabbert) Beck ’66 ʼ67 residence

Phoenix – February 10 – Fired Up Grill

Denver – February 11 – Denver Athletic Club

Boston – March 2 – Henrietta’s Table

New York – March 4 – The Birdland Jazz Club

Washington, DC – March 5 – Council of Advancement Support of Education headquarters

Jacksonville, FL – March 26

Orlando – March 28

Tampa – March 29

Naples – March 30

Chicago – April 2