Class of '57
January 2007 - B

To Our Classmates, One and All,

The year 2007 has dawned, the year of celebrating our 50th year as graduates of Gustavus Adolphus College.  We propose that we call it a year of giving and sharing, a year of philanthropy and benevolence, a year of generosity and liberality.  You can think of other like synonyms.  And you know where we, as your fundraising chairs for our 1957 Class Anniversary Gift, are going with this line of reasoning.  We are sending an appeal for your serious consideration.

We report to you from an accounting received from Gustavus.  On January 8th the total amount given or pledged for our Class Gift was $246,178.  At first glance that amount might seem low, however, when we break it down, the only area where we don’t measure up to previous 50th anniversary class gifts is in the area of estate gifts.  The Gustavus Heritage Partnership was established in 1988 to thank and recognize alumni and friends who have included the College in their estate plans.  We want you all to consider how valuable a gift like that can be.  We now have seven members of our class who are members and our goal is 15. 

The Class of 1957 Endowed Scholarship is on track with $19,950, a little more than $5,000 left to reach our goal of $25,000.  In every category, of our 182 total class active donors, we have heard from 76, which is 41.8 percent.  Our goal is 100 percent.  What do you think?  Can we do it?  Of course we can.  We encourage you who have not pledged to join us in a generous three-year pledge.  And, are there those who would like to add to the gift already given?!     

Perhaps some of you have not received a call as yet.  If so, let us know.  It is fun chatting with classmates we’ve discovered; and, we’ve found getting to know you better over the phone is most rewarding.  We know from having called that there are many who are still thoughtfully considering their gift and so we look forward to good things from the Class of 1957.  THANK YOU to those of you who have already given.  We rejoice over your generosity.   If, perchance, you have forgotten to mention matching gifts, i.e. matching company plans or Thrivent, let the Gustavus Fund Office know (1-866-487-3863).

We are excited to meet you all within just a few months, MAY 25-27!

Roger Anderson                           Judy Lund Erdman

623-214-9779                               651-488-8442